Creating a Form Template Questions

Can I create a form? Meaning, can I create a document that has blanks (underscored blank spaces) that I can later edit to contain information/answers?
i.e. Name: ______ Address: _______
Then, if I can what is the best way to make it so that it is done in columns? I know I can set the document or section to have multiple columns but how do I control what content goes where? I would like to have the Address in the above example at the center of the page and all the blanks start and end exactly the same. Am I being clear? Basically four columns, the second and fourth being blanks as described.
I will need the form to create descriptions of projects while keeping the same format/layout for all projects. I would like to create the template now and just use that template, editing the content or filling in blanks.

If you have Acrobat Pro and open a pdf that looks like a form (could be created in Filemaker, Word, etc.), there is a command to auto-recognize the fields and make a fillable pdf form. It worked like a charm for a form that I printed to a pdf from FileMaker Pro.
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  • Help with creating a FORM Newbie Question

    I have created a FORM which is inserted into the database. I am a little bit confused to acquire the data from database when a user clicks on search button to check if this profile is already in the database.
    Please let me know if there is any TUTORIAL which can help me with this project.
    Thanks in advance to everyone.

    I'm not sure I can give you too much help based on this limited information.
    I assume you created an Insert Record form with the Devloper Toolbox's Insert Record Form Wizard. I'm not sure if you are wanting a separeate search page where the user can check if a profile is already there before they try to fill out the form or if you want the page with the form on it to check and see if a user with that profile exists before it inserts the form info into the database.
    If you want a separate search page for checking profiles, you would need to hand code that page with a form to allow the person to check the profile by entering a value and then your code would query the database to see if there was a match. You could probably use the Custom Form Wizard to do some of that.
    If you want the page with the form on it to check and see if a user with that profile exists before it inserts the form info into the database, you would need to create a Custom Trigger on the Insert Record page. This Custom Trigger would need to be set to execute BEFORE the Insert operation. You would need to hand code the Custom Trigger to check the database for matching profiles and throw an error if it finds a matching one.
    Unfortunately, both these options require some hand PHP coding. For info on how to add Custom Triggers with ADDT, read the documentation provided with the ADDT software. Search the forums and tutorial pages for more detailed help.

  • Creating Well-Formed XML Question

    I need to create an xml document in a specific format. I've created a test case using the scott/tiger schema. Here's what I need:
    (repeat until all names exhausted for that department)
    (repeat until all departments and employees are exhausted)
    Here's the script as I've created it:
    set serveroutput on
    cursor myDept is
    select deptno from scott.dept;
    eachDept myDept%ROWTYPE;
    cursor myEmp is
    select * from scott.emp where
    deptNo = eachDept.deptNo;
    eachEmp myEmp%ROWTYPE;
    targetDoc dbms_xmldom.domdocument;
    root dbms_xmldom.domelement;
    sourceDoc dbms_xmldom.domdocument;
    elem dbms_xmldom.domelement;
    firstTarget XMLType := xmlType('<ALL_DEPARTMENTS/>');
    firstXML XMLType;
    secondXML XMLType;
    targetDoc := dbms_xmldom.newDomDocument(firstTarget);
    root := dbms_xmldom.getDocumentElement(targetDoc);
    open myDept;
    fetch myDept into eachDept;
    Exit when myDept%NOTFOUND;
    xmlelement("LOCATION",loc)) into firstXML from scott.dept
    where deptno = eachDept.deptNo;
    sourceDoc := dbms_xmldom.newdomdocument(firstXML);
    elem := dbms_xmldom.getDocumentElement(sourceDoc);
    elem := dbms_xmldom.makeElement(dbms_xmldom.importnode(targetDoc,dbms_xmlDom.makeNode(elem),true));
    elem := dbms_xmldom.makeElement(dbms_xmldom.appendChild(dbms_xmldom.makeNode(root),DBMS_xmldom.makeNode(elem)));
    Open myEmp;
    fetch myEmp into eachEmp;
    Exit when myEmp%NOTFOUND;
    select xmlelement("NAME",ename,
    into secondXML
    empNo = eachEmp.empNo;
    sourceDoc := dbms_xmldom.newdomdocument(secondXML);
    elem := dbms_xmldom.getdocumentelement(sourceDoc);
    elem := dbms_xmldom.makeelement(dbms_xmldom.importnode(targetDoc, dbms_xmldom.makenode(elem),true));
    elem := dbms_xmldom.makeElement(dbms_xmldom.appendchild(dbms_xmldom.makeNode(root), dbms_xmldom.makenode(elem)));
    end loop;
    close myEmp;
    end loop;
    close myDept;
    dbms_output.put_line('XML = '||FirstTarget.getClobVal());
    The output is:
    How can I get the closing </DEPARTMENT> to fall after all the names associated with that department? I'm sure it's something simple, but I'm just not seeing it.

    Does this make sense to anyone?
    So, you have <NAME>KING but the closing tag is two lines down. I am not sure if that is legal. To get the job and hiredate also, this is what I had to do,
    select xmlelement("AllDepartments",
              xmlattributes(d.dname as "DeptName", d.loc as "Location"),
              (select xmlagg(xmlelement("ENames",
                   xmlforest(e.ename as "Ename", e.job as "Job", e.hiredate as "Hiredate")))
                   from emp e
                   where e.deptno = d.deptno     
    )).extract('/*') as deptxml
    from dept d
    and the result is
    <Department DeptName="ACCOUNTING" Location="NEW YORK">
    <Department DeptName="RESEARCH" Location="DALLAS">
    <Department DeptName="SALES" Location="CHICAGO">
    <Department DeptName="OPERATIONS" Location="BOSTON"/>
    Quite different from what you wanted.

  • PDF form template displaying multiple sets of data loaded from xfdf

    I would like to use PDF Forms with data stored in xfdf files.
    Is it possible to create pdf form (template) for displaying and printing multiple sets of data stored in xfdf?
    For example: pdf form contains 2 sets of data. Form field names:  F_1 and F_2.
    I have 7 sets od data. All I need is to create pdf and xfdf that can be displayed in PDF reader and printed
    as document consisting of 4 the same pages containing different data in form fields loaded from xfdf file.
    (something similar to Mail merge in MS Office Word).
    How it would be done? Is it possible to make such pdf, xfdf?
    If yes, where I can find examples (tutorial) of creating such forms, please?
    J. Jas

    It is possible but not just a simple import of data.
    Each form field in the multiple page PDF would need a unique name not repeated on another page of the PDF. Fortunately the Acrobat form standard includes the "template" object and this object can be spawned or used to add a new page with the form fields automatically renamed with a prefix string of the page number and template added to each form field on the new page. So if one were to import a row from your tab delimited file into the template, one could then spawn a new page from the template with the data and rename the fields so there would be no conflict of like named fields.
    A Lesson in Templates for Adobe Acrobat by Dave Wraight
    With newer versions of Acrobat there is a mail merge feature.
    Create PDFs from Word mail merges

  • Downloadable PDF Form Templates

    Are there any templates available for download for Acrobat Pro, other than the ones I see when I go to create a form and I'm asked to choose a template? Specifically, I'm interested in timesheets with different looks. There's one available installed, but I thought there might be other versions available somewhere.

    Another possible resource.
    Just now, "Creating a form template using Adobe LiveCycle Designer" is the featured (at page top) tutorial.
    Be well...

  • Generator Forms Templates

    I am using Designer 10g to generate 10g forms on an urgent application. I want to create a forms template and wondered if there are standard templates or demos that I can use. I'm looking for very basic one with toolbars and basic info about database, module title, username, date etc. I'm sure it wouldn't take long to create one but would be quicker if I can borrow!

    Designer product has a very good online help which comes along with the product.
    For tutorials/demos you could check out the Designer product page at
    Hope this helps.

  • How to create a Custom form Template..

    Hi Eperts,
    I would like to seek a help from you regarding creating a custom form template on custom BO. could you guide me where i have gone wrong in successfully creating a Print form. I am in dead need of this particular solution for a client. It is hampering my entire scenario......
    1. I had created a Custom BO and I am trying to preview the created form on the OIF screen.
    2. I had created a form on above of the custom BO. This created form and form group is activated and configured as of needed by opening it through ALD (Adobe Life Cycle Designer).
    3. I had created a BAC element with some scoping questions and activated it. After activating it i had deployed the Business configuration.
    4. my solution got updated with the created and deployed BAC elements and i had done scoping for those elements to make my created form available.
    5. I can see my form template in Form Template maitaince under Application user managment WOC. I had made it to be available for all users and published.
    6. All the above steps are done success fully with no errors.
    7. When i accessed my custom BO and tried to preview the created form i am unable to view it and i am seeing the following window.
    Could you help me out in solving this or send me across any detailed document regarding this what you had done previously.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable help...
    Hanu K

    It looks like system didn't identify the form template. So please check if the required configuration for "Preview" modal dialog is done properly. In the SDK documentation, refer to section " Create a Preview Button for a Print Form"
    If you have already done the steps mentioned in the section, but still facing the issue then let me know.
    Best regards,

  • Hello there, I am creating a database of all our companies press contacts. I would like to create a form that would act as the front end and feed the database which is obviously the back end. The database is in Access 2013. My question is to whether this

    Hello there, I am creating a database of all our companies press contacts. I would like to create a form that would act as the front end and feed the database which is obviously the back end. The database is in Access 2013. My question is to whether this is indeed possible?

    This forum thread appears to point towards the problem.
    Re: Unable to Switch Audio Sync Settings

  • Using data from a spreadsheet, how can I create multiple completed PDFs from a form template?

    Note that I am completely new to adobe acrobat.
    I have a form template for a completion certificate for students who take a summer workshop where I'm working. It includes data such as their name and the program they completed. I have all the necessary information for each student in an excel spread sheet. Rather than sit here and enter data into the form 300+ times, I want to automate the process. I'd like to be able to specify the spread sheet and either have acrobat just print out all 300, or save them as seperate files so I can print them easily.
    Thanks for the help!

    Thanks for the response! I'd be interested in writing a script for it (I've actually been researching it a bit already). I'm completely new to Javascript (and scripting) but have a fair level of experience with c/c++ so I feel it shouldn't be too bad. I'll ask here for now, just let me know if I should ask a new question on the scripting forum instead.
    I've looked at the Acrobat JavaScript API Reference ( a bit but am having trouble finding a way to read the spreadsheet's data in (I was planning on using a csv file). I found Doc.importTextData(), which can parse a tab delimited file and from the sounds of it fill in the forms automatically (though I would much prefer a c style file interface that lets me write the parsing logic). Every time I try to call importTextData it returns -1 though, which means "Warning: User Canceled File Select". When I call it direct from the JavaScript Debug Console I just get a -1, but when I have it execute when I save I get "NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.". I did a bit of research on that and modified my script to look like:
    Autofill = app.trustedFunction(
        function ()
            var result = this.importTextData("test.csv", 0);
            return result;
    I've also tried running Acrobat as an administrator, but I still get the same error. I could just not be understanding privileges correctly.
    My overall plan was:
        for each row in the spreadsheet
            - read the row in from the file
            - fill out the fields in the PDF using the read data
            - save the file with a new file name.
    If there is a better method to do this, just let me know.
    Thanks again for your time!

  • How do I change template designs once a form has been created using another template design?

    How do I change template designs once a form has been created using another template design?

    I talked to a service Representative and he told me there isn't a function to change a form using one template to a different template. For example, I used template for "Accommodation registration" and wanted to change it to "admissions application." I was hoping I could just select a "Change template" rather than having to copy/paste everything to the new template. But that's what i had to do. Maybe the next version of this software will make it easier to change design templates.

  • Can I add forms I've created to the Templates tab?

    I currently have 44 'base forms' that I then duplicate to create the forms for each event, however because there is no filing structure in My Forms, I now have well over 100 forms in there!
    We'll soon be using FormsCentral Team and those forms will multiply dramatically.
    It would be great if either:
    a) There was a folder/filing structure in My Forms
    b) I could save and organise the base forms to Templates and remove the Adobe designed ones
    I love Adobe Forms - it's changed the way we do things so much, but this is a real concern as it will soon be utterly overwhelming to manage the forms I have.
    Hope you can help!

    Thank you for using FormsCentral.  You have two good ideas.  Idea a is already in, you could vote on it here,  You could add your idea b as well,  To add a new idea click "Create an idea" under "Actions" in the top right.
    Thank you for your good ideas,

  • I opened Adobe Acrobate XI Standard to create a form.  I then selected From Template, which took me to Adobe FormsCentral Online.  However, I think the form is an HTML web form.  All I wanted was a regular PDF form that I could email my co-workers for an

    I opened Adobe Acrobate XI Standard to create a form.  I then selected From Template, which took me to Adobe FormsCentral Online.  However, I think the form is an HTML web form.  All I wanted was a regular PDF form that I could email my co-workers for an internal project we're colletively working on.  Now I see that FormsCentral is going away and I can't get my doc to save as a PDF without an upgrade?  Help

    You should be able to log into the online Formscentral Acrobat XI air app and see your doc there. From there you would need to save it out as a PDF without a submit button to have it continue to work past July. If you don't see your online form(s) please let me know the adobeID you use to log into the service as well as the form name that is missing and I will look into it for you.

  • I need to create a form on my website that viewers fill out and send to me on my iWeb created website. Is there a template or widget that can create fill-in forms?

    I need to create a form that viewers can fill-in and send back to me from my website.  I created the website in iWeb and would like a template or theme that has the form creator included.  It there a widget?  Sorry, I'm a novice.

    If you want to raise your web design skill level above that of the average iWeb user, you can try creating your own. The actual form layout is fairly easy if you use CSS to style it since the amount of HTML is minimal now that table layouts are a thing of the past.
    Here's some examples of forms created in iWeb...
    The formmail.php script is probably the hardest part to get your head around and the example provided in the download on the above page uses a very simple one along with a formmail-thank.php.
    Nowadays we need to consider mobile device users more and more so forms need to have the special inputs required to launch the various types of keyboard on these devices.
    Here's an example of a form which responds to browser/device width. On mobile devices, the
    jQuery UI Datepicker disappears to be replaced by the mobile version.
    For those of you who don't have a mobile device to test it on, this page also has illustrations of the various keyboard types and the alternative date pickers...

  • Create project from template failed with "badly formed pathname" error message

    I am trying to create a project from a custom template, but I am getting the following error message prompt:
    LabWindows/CVI could not create
    because of an error: Badly formed pathname
    However, when I checked the target project directory, I see the project files are copied correctly.  I don't know if there is something missing from our custom templates?  Of, if there is something wrong with our custom template?
    I am using LabWindows/9.0
    Thank you.

    Hi Peggy,
    Did I understand you correctly that the files for the new project appear to have been created, but the error dialog still shows? In addition to Wolfgang's suggestions, take a look at the help section on New Project and File Templates. This describes everything that should be needed to create a custom template. Also, try to create a new, very basic custom template and make sure that you can use it successfully. If you can, start adding in the functionality of the original template, and test along the way. Hopefully either this new one will work once you finish, or you will see at which point it is breaking, and we can debug from there.
    Best Regards,
    John M
    National Instruments
    Applications Engineer

  • Numbers Question - How to create an input template to summary spreadsheet

    I've done this type of sheet in excel and access years ago, but have no clue on how to do it in numbers. Example, I have a spreadsheet that summarizes specific actions for specific individuals in a specific event over the course of many events. What I want to do is create an input template that populates the summary spreadsheet so I can update on the fly such as from my iPad while at the event. I'll use a soccer game as an example. My summary spreadsheet captures goals, shots and assists for each player for each game and sums it up for a season. For capturing multiple stats at a game (event), select the (action) from a radius button or drop down from a pre-defined cell content (e.g. goal or assist), Then pick the player who performed the action from a pre-defined cell content drop down. Hit an execute button and the data populates the spreadsheet behind it, or something similar to this. Does anyone have any ideas on how this front end input template could be executed in Numbers? I currently manually track this manually and its a pain, would love to drop this into the iPad and do it on the fly. Maybe numbers is'nt the right tool? Thanks

    Might try that one on the Numbers Forum here

Maybe you are looking for