Creating an offline PDF template for upload and submit

Hi Gurus,
I'm very new to Adobe Interactive forms and will need your advise.
From the tutorials, when we create a offline PDF application that can upload a PDF for submission, we were always given the sample template PDF file provided by the tutorial. (travelrequest.pdf)
Now I need to create my own offline PDF template by myself so I can integrate to my WD program to include uploading the offline PDF template and submitting to backend.
the offline PDF must be editable and save via acrobat reader.
Any further notes or documentations that I can follow up to? Cos most of the doc I found doesn't teach me how to go about creating the PDF template for offline use in the first place...only the backend and WD integration which I already know.
Please help! Thanks!
ps: points will be generously awarded to answers.

Hi Jansen,
As far as I know the WAS 620 only supports to output your Forms and Scripts to PDF Format but they are not interactive.
The Adobe Interactive Forms Solution is only available from WAS 640. You can design your forms either in ABAP transaction SFP or in NWDS(Netweaver Developer Studio) Form Designer.
For craeting forms in WD ABAP, have a look at the links below:
SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
Web Dynpro ABAP

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  • How to create editable PDF template for XML Publisher reports

    I have got a requirement to have some editable fields in one report whose output is in PDF format.
    I tried looking and saw this can be done using the XML Publisher report and using PDF template.
    But I got only Adobe Acrobat Reader and it does not have the facility to create Form fields.. Can you let me know what software I need in order to create the editable PDF Template.
    In the user guide, it didnot mention anything regarding this.
    Can I create editable PDF report using RTF template or do i have to got for PDF template only?
    Any help is appreciated!

    To edit PDF template , u need Acrobat writer, which is not free .
    I am still wondering what is this ?
    "" Can I create editable PDF report using RTF template ?? "".
    What is editable PDF report. ?
    i think what you tried to mention is ,
    can the PDF output from xml publisher is editable ?
    If that is the question , so here is some points,
    If you have Acrobat Writer or prof.edition, you can edit all the PDF documents irrespective of being from where it is generated.
    To make you understand more of XMLP.
    You create RTF template in word, so that , after merging with xml you can have multiple output formats like PDF, XLS, EFT,.....

  • How to create a Templates for Categories and Products In BCC

    Hi All,
    Could you please tell me How to create a Templates for Categories and Products In BCC and how Can I get those Templates details(Categories and Products)in jsp
    If possible can any one send the document or where we find in atg docs

    At product/category/sku level there is a property called template.
    Find the property in ACC/BCC and provide all the values including the URL property.
    In you jsp, you can use this property from product/sku like the way you retrieve any other property from sku/product.
    <dsp:valueof param="product.template.URL" />
    Using that property with <dsp:include> includes that page.

  • PDF Template for XML Report

    We are trying to create a PDF Template for an XML Publisher Report using Adobe Acrobat Profession Version. The PDF Template works fine for one employee but when the start and end body tags are inserted in the template, the concurrent process to submit this reports completes in warning.
    The OPP Log shows the below details
    [6/30/08 1:26:36 PM] [102436:RT20660155] XML Publisher post-processing action complete.
    [6/30/08 1:26:36 PM] [102436:RT20660155] Completed post-processing actions for request 20660155.
    [6/30/08 2:29:59 PM] [OPPServiceThread0] Post-processing request 20660180.
    [6/30/08 2:29:59 PM] [102436:RT20660180] Executing post-processing actions for request 20660180.
    [6/30/08 2:29:59 PM] [102436:RT20660180] Starting XML Publisher post-processing action.
    [6/30/08 2:29:59 PM] [102436:RT20660180]
    Template code: Test123
    Template app: XBOL
    Language: en
    Territory: US
    Output type: PDF
    [6/30/08 2:29:59 PM] [UNEXPECTED] [102436:RT20660180] oracle.apps.fnd.cp.opp.PostProcessorException: XML Publisher output file not created
    at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.opp.XMLPublisherProcessor.process(
    I think this is do which how i am creating the PDF Template. When i am not inserting the repearting group tootips then the PDF Template works abosoultey fine for one employee
    the text inserted in the Toottip for the start of the repeating group - @{rep_field="BODY_START"}@
    Tootip for each repeating row @{rep_field="T1_G1"}@ ,@{rep_field="T1_G2"}@ and so on.
    Tootip for end of the repating group @{rep_field="BODY_END"}@

    XML Data
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version -->
    Further when i tried using the Template Viewer of XML Publisher Desktop with the above XML File and the template i created in Adobe Acrobat Professional (i am mailing the template to [email protected]) , i got the following error
    [070808_093926007][][STATEMENT] MergerEngine.modify : template forms value is being changed......
    [070808_093926007][][STATEMENT] MergerEngine.modify(String, String, String) block ::: FieldName -> Start , FieldValue ->
    [070808_093926007][][STATEMENT] MergerEngine.modify(String, String, String) block ::: FieldName -> End , FieldValue ->
    [070808_093926038][][STATEMENT] MergerEngine.modify(String, String, String) block ::: FieldName -> EMPLOYER , FieldValue -> HGL
    [070808_093926054][][STATEMENT] MergerEngine.modify : template forms value is changed......
    [070808_093926054][][EXCEPTION] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 >= 0
         at java.util.Vector.elementAt(Unknown Source)
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.pdf.RepeatEngine.getGapBetweenGroups(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.pdf.RepeatEngine.<init>(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.pdf.RepeatEngine.<init>(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.processRepeatableFields(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.processRepeatableFields(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.process(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.process(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.runner.PDFFormRunThread.runFormProcessor(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.runner.PDFFormRunThread.runFormProcessor(
    [070808_093926054][][STATEMENT] <--- before calling createContents() --->
    [070808_093926086][][STATEMENT] <--- before calling addFontInfoToResources() --->
    [070808_093926086][][EXCEPTION] oracle.apps.xdo.template.pdf.exception.FatalException: page Key can't be found to duplicate page......
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.pdf.RepeatEngine.getDupPageKey(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.pdf.RepeatEngine.composePages(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.processRepeatableFields(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.processRepeatableFields(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.process(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FormProcessor.process(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.runner.PDFFormRunThread.runFormProcessor(
         at oracle.apps.xdo.runner.PDFFormRunThread.runFormProcessor(
    End of Process.
    Time: 0.251 sec.
    FO Formatting failed.

  • Template for uploading account trial balance

                Is there any template for uploading trial balance of chart of accounts  in SAP Business One.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Go in Financial > Financial Reprt Template > Choose balance Sheet
    Create new template and Assign a Name
    Click on "Generate Std Chart Of Account"
    Update > Ok
    Same for other template

  • Creating Parameters in RTF Template for BI Publisher Report

    I have created Parameters in my BI Publisher Report and in SQL query. But i need to create same parameters in RTF Template , so that when i publish this report in dashboard , parameters will be visible. Can you please tell me how to create Parameters in RTF Template for BI Publisher Report ? I am not finding option. Please let me know .
    Thanks in advance

    all the parameter's value will be there in your xml .
    just you need to add parameter heading and corresponding xml tag name to get the parameter value on the report.
    if u dont have you can try like below
    Declare Parameter in RTF Template
    Before you use the parameter in the RTF template file you need to declare it first. You can do so by having the following syntax.
    <[email protected]:%parameter_name%?>
    Note: where %parameter_name% is the parameter name that you have created at the BI Publisher Server UI.
    Here is an example:
    <[email protected]:param1?>
    Use it in RTF Template!
    Once it’s declared in the RTF template you can start using it as the same way you use the variable. You need to just add ‘$’ prefix in front of the parameter name. Here is the example:
    The above example would print the parameter value in the report output. If you want to use this value in your condition or calculation you can simply use it as ‘$param1’. Yes, it’s that simple.
    If you are not sure if and how the parameter values are passed to the report when you run the report you can use this command in your RTF template, which will return all the parameter values passed to the RTF template at the runtime.

  • Creating your own theme-templates for printing?

    Can I create my own theme-templates for printing?

    No, iTunes printing is quite simple and only works off it's own templates. If you want to customise templates you'd be better advised to look at on of the specialised cover printing programs that are available. DiskLabel is one that springs to mind.

  • Measure Formulae for Uploadable and Data collection report

    I have query related to application of measure Formula for Uploadable and Data collection report.
    Consider a scenario where i use a MDX query to create a data collection report and I map these columns from these reports to an rowsource using a loader file. Can I use measure formula feature like onchange to work with Uploadable and Data colection reports such that changes to any one column should take effect in another column.

    IOP uploadable reports are used for sending data to the server in batch. They are coupled to the IOP model via a rowsource. You have a lot of flexibility with the spreadsheet you build for staging the upload. It's really just a function of how crafty you are with vb. Cascading changes from one column to another can be easily accomplished this way.
    Onchange formulas are for something else. They are part of the model definition and are used for describing how to cascade changes between IOP data blocks.

  • How to create a new document type for PO and Requisition

    Hi All
    Can you please help me with the steps of creating a new document type for PO and PR. Also the steps that need to be update for the procure pay cycle to work properly. 
    Once the document type is been created. I want to create the PO referecing the new PR and PO document type.I am new in MM.
    Thanks, Ros

    1. You can create new PR and PO docu types at the following path:
    For PR docu type:
    First you need to create number range for docu type or you can use existing number range also. The path for creation of no. range is
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Requisition->Define Number Ranges
    Then create PR docu type at below path and assign no. range to PR docu type here only
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Requisition->Define Document Types
    For PO docu type:
    Follow same procedure as mentioned for PR docu type. Path is
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Define Number Ranges
    SPRO>Materials Management>Purchasing->Purchase Order->Define Document Types
    If you want to create PO referencing new PR docu type, link the PR docu type to PO docu type at below path:
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Requisition->Define Document Types--> Link purchase requisition - document type

  • How can I Create a Client Configuration File for RemoteApp and Desktop Connection with Server 2012?

    I have a working RDS RemoteApp site and looking to test out the feature in Windows 7 Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
    I came across this link: Create a Client Configuration File for RemoteApp and Desktop Connection and I believe this is what I need to do first, but these instructions are for
    Server 2008, and I'm running 2012.
    Any suggestions or tips on how I can begin testing this with Server 2012?

    You can manually enter the path to the 2012 feed and it will connect and download the RemoteApps and Desktop connections.
    If you need a sample .wcx file I have posted one here a couple of times.  If you want I will look for it and post a link.
    I tried adding my URL's below, these are sample links that work for me right now for when I log into the web page, but neither of these work.  And I'm not sure what I would need to do with or how to create a .wcx file.
    When I type in my URL of:, I get redirected to:

  • How can I add a new Template to My Templates in Pages? I've read most of the discussions on the subject but it doesn't work for me. By the time I reach the Templates folder, I only see templates for Numbers and not for Pages. Need help, please.  Thanks

    How can I add a new Template to My Templates in Pages? I've read most of the discussions on the subject but it doesn't work for me. By the time I reach the Templates folder, I only see templates for Numbers and not for Pages. Need help, please.  Thanks

    Si vous avez utilisé la commande Save As Template depuis Pages, il y a forcément un dossier
    iWork > Pages
    contenant Templates > My Templates
    comme il y a un dossier
    iWork > Numbers
    contenant Templates > My Templates
    Depuis le Finder, tapez cmd + f
    puis configurez la recherche comme sur cette recopie d'écran.
    puis lancez la recherche.
    Ainsi, vous allez trouver vos modèles personnalisés dans leur dossier.
    Chez moi, il y en a une kyrielle en dehors des dossiers standards parce que je renomme wxcvb.template quasiment tous mes documents Pages et wxcvb.nmbtemplate à peu près tous mes documents Numbers.
    Ainsi, quand je travaille sur un document, je ne suis pas ralenti par Autosave.
    Désolé mais je ne répondrai plus avant demain.
    Pour moi il est temps de dormir.
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France)  mercredi 23 janvier 2011 22:39:28
    iMac 21”5, i7, 2.8 GHz, 4 Gbytes, 1 Tbytes, mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7.2
    My iDisk is : <>
    Please : Search for questions similar to your own before submitting them to the community

  • Create withholding tax data subsequently for reconciled and open items in c

    Hi All,
    Mine is a US co code and I have a  vendor for which invoice and payment documents are posted. After posting the invoice i found that the vendor is subjected to classic withholding tax which i did not calculate when posting invoice, making payments.
    Now i have changed the vendor master data with relevant withholding tax details.
    I know the program RFWT0020 allows us to create withholding tax data subsequently for reconciled and open items in cases where vendors or customers become liable for withholding tax with a tax rate of 0 %.
    It is not working out for me.
    Can any body help me on this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear all,
    by se38 --> report documentation, You can read carefully the following:
    The auxiliary program makes it possible to convert both classic and extended withholding tax data. However, with classic withholding tax, ONLY VENDOR data can be converted.
    In addition, the program enables the withholding tax code to be changed for reconciled and open items with existing withholding tax data. For this, the tax rate of the existing withholding tax data as well as the tax rate of the new withholding tax code must be 0%. The new withholding tax codes are taken from the customer or vendor master data. In the case of extended withholding tax, the withholding tax code is only changed if the related withholding tax categories are the same.  The withholding tax base amount is not changed by this procedure.
    Recreating or changing the withholding tax data requires that the program first be executed for INVOICES and then executed for PAYMENTS in a subsequent step.
    I hope this helps You.

  • How to create a positve pay file for ACH and Wire transfers through F110

    Hi All,
    I need to create a positive pay file for ACH and Wire transfers to the bank for auto clearing. For checks we have a standard program (RFCHKE00) to create the positive pay file which creates the output lists after the F110 payment process. Is there any standard SAP program available which creates the Positive pay file (Output list) for ACH and wire transfers through F110.

    Please let your abaper create a 'Z' program using RFCHKE00. For example 'ZRFCHKE00' and use it in the same way as you currently use RFCHKE00 for checks.
    After the program is created, use SE38 and save it as a variant using your own specifications. Thereafter, in F110, when carrying out a payment run, under 'Printout/data medium', enter the program name under "Lists" with the variant. Then click on 'Maintain Variants' and make the necessay specifications there as well.
    Instruct your end-users to enter this program when running ACH and wire transactions through F110.
    Please let us know if this information was helpful.

  • Creating a external content type for Read and Update data from two tables in sqlserver using sharepoint designer

    how to create a external content type for  Read and Update data from two tables in  sqlserver using sharepoint designer 2010
    i created a bcs service using centraladministration site
    i have two tables in sqlserver
    i want to just create a list to display employee details from two tables
    empid firstname deptno location
    and same time update  in two tables

    When I try to create an external content type based on a view (AdventureWorks2012.vSalesPerson) - I can display the data in an external list.  When I attempt to edit it, I get an error:
    External List fails when attached to a SQL view        
    Sorry, something went wrong
    Failed to update a list item for this external list based on the Entity (External Content Type) 'SalesForce' in EntityNamespace 'http://xxxxxxxx'. Details: The query against the database caused an error.
    I can edit the view in SQL Manager, so it seems strange that it fails.
    Any advice would be greatly GREATLY appreciated. 

  • How do I create 2 Recovery partitions: one for Lion and one for Mountain Lion?

    Well that is basically the question:
    How do I create 2 recovery partitions: one for Lion and one for Mountain Lion?
    Reason is that I would like to keep the option to return to Lion, or even better, have a seperate partition for eacht?

    can I access my programs from the other partition, so I can save space ...
    No, as far as I know, each one is completely separate - especially if you're dealing with two different versions of OS's.
    is it possible to safely make an extra partion on a running drive (it is my main computer ...) The disk is large enough ...
    how large would this have to be
    I've personally never done it on a running drive - have read it's possible, but don't want to suggest it since I've never done it and wouldn't be sure about the steps. This is how I got to two partitions on my iMac:
    Originally, I had just one partition with Snow Leopard. I used CCC to clone that to an external drive. Booted into that drive and used DU to partition and erase the internal. I then cloned the new clone back. Also cloned the same thing to the other partition which I then upgraded to Lion. So I had two OS's - SL and Lion. I've now decided to clone my SL to an external drive for occasional use and installed ML on that partition - so now I have Lion and ML.
    There are two ways to get a "fresh" install: either download the OS again and install it on a partition of your choice or, as I've done as well, copy the installer to a safe place so you don't need to download it again. It does include whatever apps/software is included in the OS.  I've designated two smaller partitions on externals as my "fresh" installs of both Lion and ML for emergency or reinstall purposes (this is my way of dealing with not having install DVDs) - I took the time to install it there and then slowly add fresh installs of my important apps (either via download or install CD) - don't bother with the little/less used stuff, a current copy of that can be downloaded if and when I need it. I don't really update those two - that can also be done if/when I need it since that'll always change.
    So, yesterday, I decided I wanted to start fresh with ML - booted into my fresh install of Lion (on external), wiped the SL partition on my internal and installed Lion. Decided to download a fresh copy of the ML installer and installed that. Then ran Software Update. After that, repaired permissions. Then I methodically opened every third party app and checked for updates - installed those where necessary. After all that, I simply copied (drag 'n drop) my entire Documents folder (which contains all my important data,, photos, etc) over from another backup.
    This took a while, but mostly because of the long download times; the installs weren't all that bad. I should be running a really clean system now, especially since nothing was ported over except my Documents folder.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I was running OS10.3.9 with EyeTV 1.8.5 with the 410 hardware. I would program a recording overnight, and power off the mac. The EyeTv software would power on the Mac and the recording would be done. I'd have the mac setup to power down after the rec

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    Hi. I am using org.springframework.scheduling.concurrent.ThreadPo olTaskExecutor which is based on java java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor with a enviornment under load. I see on some cases, that this thread pool throws tasks with reject excepti

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    can i publish an iweb-created site somewhere besides my web.mac account? how? any advice appreciated. pb g4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)