Creating an xdp file from flex/java application

I have an application in Flex 4  and As 3.When I click a button in flex application I have to generate a file in java with
extension xdp.When I try this locally(Run as java application) the file is generating  correctly.When i compile the applic
ation and try it, the file is not writing correctly.Do someone have any idea about creating an xdp file from flex application?
i am using blazeds to connect java and flex4.When i opens the file in notepad the file is writing correctly.There is only problem in openig an xdp file...
please help me.


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  • How to create a exe file from a Java application

    i have developed an application in java,now i want to distribute it to my client, for this i need to build a .exe file out of this application.
    i already have a jar file ,now can i convert a jar file to a exe file.
    im trying this out with JSmooth project but im getting it right, so can anyone help me .
    vishal j

    if u use dos to run your app like
    "java myapp"
    u can create a shortcut link
    in target wright java remove the path
    just leave the file name without the extension,
    like this Target: "java myapp"
    when u click on appy u'll c that java gets its full path, thats fine
    that works 4 me, ofcourse ur client needs to have JRE or JDK.

  • How to create a .exe file for a java application

    Hi, I want to create a .exe file for a java application I am developing so that I can schedule it to run at a particular time using Windows Scheduler on WinNT. Is there any way to accomplish this? Or is there any other way in which a Java application can be scheduled to run at a particular time on Windows everyday?

    Create a .bat file and run that. Just have, in the .bat file:
    java YourClassName Alternatively, you can use javaw YourClassName (without *.bat, just put it into Windows Scheduler like suggested above).
    using javaw won't pop up any window...

  • How to create windows executable file from a java file. Please help.

    For my project I developed the codes in Java. It is working well with java run time environment. But without that I can not run it. I need to create a exe file (windows executable file) from the java source code. If you have any idea please share it with me.
    Even if you know it very lightly, please help with what you know. That would be a big help for me.
    Thank you very much.

    Does anybody know how to read a manual?
    Matt Richardson
    Certified LabVIEW Developer
    MSR Consulting, LLC

  • Is it possible to create triggers in sybase from jdbc (java application)?

    We are in the need to create a triggers in the database (sybase) from JDBC (java application)?
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    Thanks in advance,

    A trigger is NEVER explicitly called, from any environment.
    It is implicitly called when you invoke the operation that it's a trigger for.
    Whether you're using Java or anything else to invoke that operation makes no difference whatsoever.

  • Can you call external exe file from Flex Air Application like notepad.exe

    Im trying to make my Air Application open an External exe file anyone know if this can be done?

    If you want to share code between a flex app and AIR, you
    could isolate the common bits as a swc file and link to the swc
    from both the flex and air project.
    Also, you could have the flex mxml file and air mxml file
    load the same module (which has the same stuff as your original
    flex application) using ModuleLoader.
    Or, you could even load the swf of your flex application
    using SWFLoader in your air mxml file.
    Basically, check out creating flex libraries, modules and
    runtime loading of swfs.

  • How to start a .hlp-file from a java-application?

    This is what I have done so far:
    if(button == helpButton){
                        String helpFile = "help.hlp";
                   catch(IOException e){
                        textArea.append("The helpfile could not be opened." + "\n");
              }When i press the helpButton it throws the IOException. Does anyone know why?

    And a short explanation:
    You can "start" that file by typing it into the shell, but it's still no executable (.com or .exe). The shell will search the registry for the associated application, run its executable and hand over the file to be opened as a command-line argument.
    If you just Runtime.exec the filename, there is no shell that could do this work, and thus the process fails. With "cmd /c" you can invoke a shell session to execute the command.

  • Open a Windows help file from a Java application

    Help!!! Final project due Wednesday. Our project was to re-create the Windows 2k calculator, which we pretty well did, with the exception of accessing the help file. I think I am close but not sure how to deal with the compiled HTML files that Windows uses for its help utilities. The following code makes the calculator itself pop up.
    public void helpFilePopUp ()
    String command = "calc";
    Process child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(command);
    catch (IOException e)
    System.out.println("Object not found.");
    }//end of method
    Thanks in advance A.

    Maybe I didn't understand your problem correctly.
    If you just want to start the windows help with the calculator helpfile then your command should look like
    "WINHLP32.EXE c:\windows\help\calc.hlp" and not "calc".

  • How to execute *.BAT file from  the Java Application

    Hello to all.
    I wants to run *.BAT file form my applicaion.
    Can u give the code of that two-four line,please
    Wating four your replay.
    Yours Friend
    Bhavin Shah.....

    pr = rt.exec("cmd.exe /c start " + yourProgramName)The exec() method executes the command you specify in the argument and returns a process. In this example, it's telling Windows to run "yourProgramName".

  • Running a dos command from a java application

    I'm trying to execute a batch file from a java application. I tried with:
    Process proc=Runtime.getRuntime().exec("fop -fo "+iXmlFoFile+" -
    svg "+SvgFileName);
    }catch (IOException e){System.err.println("Error in conversion of
                               the Xml FO file into Svg file: "+e);}
    and with:
    Process proc=Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd ./c fop
    -fo "+iXmlFoFile+" -svg "+SvgFileName);
    }catch (IOException e){System.err.println("Error in conversion of
                the Xml FO file into Svg file: "+e);}
    but i have a IOException: CreateProcess: .... error=2
    When I try these line to launch a .exe file it works but not with a .bat file.
    I also tried:
    String execstr = "fop -fo "+iXmlFoFile+" -svg "+SvgFileName;
    String [] commandArray = { execstr };
    try {
    } // end try
    catch ( Exception e ) {
    System.out.println( e.getMessage() );
    }// end catch
    but i got the same exception in java.lang.Win32Process.create
    What did i do wrong?

    Your execution string is a bit more that I want to figure out, but here are a couple ideas:
    Is the working directory of any importance? If so you'll need to set that when you do your exec()
    I think I remember reading something about batch files that couldn't be kicked off via this method. Perhaps you need to execute the string "start mybatchfile.bat". Seems like you need to do something like that to get a command interpreter to run your batch file.

  • Executing class files from a Java App dynamically

    Hi!, Is there any way i can execute java .class files from my Java Application dynamically. I know that java uses Dynamic method Invocation. Is that true of class files generated using some other language compiled for the JVM.
    In my case i would like to make a Web browser that interprets HTML and also java applets embeded in them. I would like to use the JRE of the platform execute the applets for me rather than writing the code for my Browser to interpret the class files.
    Thanks in Advance.

    You just need a custom class loader to bring these applets into your JVM.
    Then you can use the methods of java.lang.Class to create an instance of such a class. As soon as you have it, you can just treat it as a regular Applet and invoke init(), stop() etc. appropriately.
    If you want to execute anything else than conventional Applets, you might consider reflection to find out about methods implemented:

  • Possible to create a JAR file from within a java app?

    Is it possible to create a jar file from within a java application?
    Can it be done more elegantly than by spawning-off another
    process with the Runtime and exec() portions of the api?

    Thanks! I was mislead by the API notes for java.util.jar:
    The JarOutputStream class is used to write the contents
    of a JAR file to any output stream.
    I was looking for a class or method to make jar files.
    Seems this is it ;)

  • How I can create a XML file from java Aplication

    How I can create a XML file from java Aplication
    whith have a the following structure
    the password label must be encripted
    accept any suggestion

    Let us assume you have all the data from the jsp form in an java bean object..
    Now you want a xml file. This can be acheived in 2 ways
    1. Write it into a file using classes. Say you have a class with name
    bingo you have a flat file with the xml
    2. Use data binding to do the trick
    will recommend JiBx and Castor for the 2nd option

  • Creating an xml file from java.

    I trying to create an xml file using a java program. I just wondering what is the best way to go about it and what should i use jdom ,xerces sax etc.

    Use JAXP+SAX.
    Here an example:import*;
    // SAX classes.
    import org.xml.sax.*;
    import org.xml.sax.helpers.*;
    //JAXP 1.1
    import javax.xml.parsers.*;
    import javax.xml.transform.*;
    import javax.xml.transform.sax.*;
    // PrintWriter from a Servlet
    PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
    StreamResult streamResult = new StreamResult(out);
    SAXTransformerFactory tf = (SAXTransformerFactory) SAXTransformerFactory.newInstance();
    // SAX2.0 ContentHandler.
    TransformerHandler hd = tf.newTransformerHandler();
    Transformer serializer = hd.getTransformer();
    AttributesImpl atts = new AttributesImpl();
    // USERS tag.
    // USER tags.
    String[] id = {"PWD122","MX787","A4Q45"};
    String[] type = {"customer","manager","employee"};
    String[] desc = {"[email protected]","Jack&Moud","John D'o�"};
    for (int i=0;i<id.length;i++)
    [i]This xml generation program might be the best solution because it uses JAXP 1.1 so it will work under JDK 1.4 or JDK 1.2/1.3 with XALAN2 library (or any XML library JAXP 1.1 compliant). It's also memory-friendly because it doesn't need DOM.
    Hope That Helps                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • How to create and save a file in flex web application ?

          I want to create and save a file form flex web application. Is it possible ?
    I have done some googling and found that its only possible through file referece, which needs some serverside implementation be called.
    Is it not possible with file reference to create and save file directly ?
    Can any one suggest how to over come this.
    Thanks in advance.

    code written with the Flex Builder 3 libraries will certainly run in Flash Player 10. However, what you need is not so much the capabilities of FP10 but the library functionalities of the Flex 4 package. And I think that Flex 4 code will only run in FP10 and not 9 (but haven't tested this as at work we have not yet been permitted to upgrade, so there is not a lot of point going for Flex 4!).

Maybe you are looking for

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