Creating app in Flash CS5 issue!

I've been creating an app in Flash CS5, but already early in the process I encountered a lag issue when I got it on my iPhone4. I've created a simple map, with few colors on it, where it's possible to zoom in/out (pinch) and move the map around using a single finger, when the map is zoomed in.
When I start piching in/out it lags, and when I move the map it lags as well.
I have already tried these things:
- Different fps from 8 to 60
- Fewer colors
- Fewer object
- Converting objects to symbols
- Deleted unwanted layers
- Rendered using both CPU and GPU
- Tried fullscreen view and none fullscreen view
Anyone who has an idea on how to reduce the lag issue?

already early in the process I encountered a lag issue when I got it on my iPhone4.
Surprise, surprise... this is one of the reasons why Apple recommends against using third-party development tools, instead of native ones.
Quoted from Apple's "Thoughts on Flash":
+"We know from painful experience that letting a third party layer of software come between the platform and the developer ultimately results in sub-standard apps and hinders the enhancement and progress of the platform."+
You'd be better off asking in the Adobe developer forums for help with their development software.

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    After many trial/errors and with lots of support from this site, I've decided to start building some tutorials to help people get into the packager. This is the first one and, now I'll work on a usual erros handle tutorial.
    Any comments and/or critics are welcome. /

    It helped me a lot, exept I hav this little problem ..
    I can't select the .p12 file .. it's disabled..

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    I have developed a very simple app in flash cs5 and am ready to upload it to android market. However, users need adobe air to run it. Does anyone know if there is some way to package the app with air? I want to make it as easy as possible for people to run the app. Users will be prompted to download air and I can put this information on the apps page on android market but if there is some way to iclude this in the apk I'd love to know. Can't seem to find information on it on the web.

    Hum, thought so. Usually if there seems to be no answer to something on the web it's not possible!! Thanks.

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    I have a doubt, can we make iPhone apps with flash CS5?

    yes, you can but you can't use apples app store for your app without violating their tos.

  • Creating universal app using flash cs5

    I'm using Flash CS5 and I wanted to create an universal app (iphone + ipad).
    Then I click the "iphone IOS settings"  there is no device menu, so I can't choose the desired devices..
    I dont know why the device menu has disappeared?
    I saw on several video tutorials, that you can simply choose the desired device.
    But then I look at my own project and I click the "iphone IOS settings", I cant find any "device" menu by the "general" tab.
    Does anybody know how I can resolve that problem?

    The iPad support was added later. Get the 11.02 updater here:

  • Creating Apps in Flash that allows connection with any existing LMS

    Hi Everyone,
    I am interested to create e-learning apps using Flash and then output it using AIR to a native extension as an .ipa or .apk format.
    Can you connect with any existing LMS using Actionscript 3.0? I am curious as I have been searching over the web and no-one has posted anything about it.
    Right now for any Adobe e-learning solutions, the prevailing technology is to use Adobe Captivate but the project exceeds what Captivate is capable of.
    Thanks for reading!

    You better check the documentation available on OTN
    There are several options you can setup with pooling.
    hope this helps.

  • Android app in Flash CS5 getting menu to pop up using actionscript

    anyone out there know how to get a menu to pop up in Flash CS5 when coding for an android app.
    Basically I have a nice, simple app that when you press the menu  button  on your phone I want a movie clip to pop up at the bottom of the  screen  that then acts as a menu for the app. When you press the menu  button  again the movie clip disappears. There is some code in the  sample files  in flash cs5 but it won't seem to work for me.
    Has anyone gotten this to work successfully for them.
    This is the code that is in the sample file with flash
    options_mc.visible = false;
    function fl_ExitApplication(event:MouseEvent):void
    stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, fl_OptionsMenuHandler);
    function fl_OptionsMenuHandler(event:KeyboardEvent):void
        if((event.keyCode == 95) || (event.keyCode == Keyboard.MENU))
            if(options_mc.visible == false){
                options_mc.visible = true;
                options_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ExitApplication);
            } else if(options_mc.visible == true){
                options_mc.visible = false;
                options_mc.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ExitApplication);
    This code is supposed to make the menu popup and when clicked you exit the app.
    I want someting similar to hppen without the movie clip making the app exit. My movie clip has other little buttons that make different information appear as you click on each one.
    Any advice is much appreciated. have app ready to go apart from this one little error.

    Ok this problem gets even weirder!! The code above kind of works. What I mean by that is in the exact same app the menu might pop up once every so often. Seriously, some times it works after I run the app for about 30 seconds and some times it doesn't work at all.
    Has anyone heard of this before? It's getting very frustrating.

  • IOS in App purchases - Flash CS5.5

    It seems that apple are now stopping the submission of Lite version apps that would normally be submitted in order to tempt the buyer into getting the full version.
    It seems they want developers to use the 'In App Purchase' to unlock functionality of an App which I think is probably a good idea but I'm not sure if any of this is supported using Flash CS5.5/Air for IOS? To be honest I don't even know where to start to impliment such a thing.
    Any idea???

    My app just got rejected specifically because of
    section 2.9 in Apples App Submission guidelines
    2.9: Apps that are “beta”, “demo”, “trial”, or “test” versions will be rejected
    Basically no  more "LITE."
    they want me to use  in app purchases instead of saying " You will need to purchase the paid version to get this level"
    .. i noticed that many other apps get around this by just putting annoying ads in the FREE version and the full version has no adds.
    Hope this helps

  • Jarsigner finding .p12 certs created by flash cs5 as 'wrong format' ??

    I have created an app using flash cs5 and a self signed cert using flash cs5
    I now must decompile the app, change the app id and recompile it.
    Then sign it using jarsigner.
    The problem I have is that when I point jarsigner to the cert I used it says that it is not formatted right.
    I know I am missing something, but what?
    Using any other cert will result in not being able to update my app.  This is bad I know but it is my last resort before unpublishing my paid app and publishing it again.
    A lesser option would be for me to reload an old flash extension for air ( probably released early in the air for android pre release ).  But I can not find it.
    Any help is much needed and thank you in advance.

    A .cer file doesn't include the private key, just the certificate that contains the public key.
    I suspect the problem is that you need to specify the alias for the private key in the keystore (which can contain more than one). Unfortunately, when AIR creates a cert, it doesn't assign this value, so you have to use the default for whatever tool you are working with. For jarsigner, this seems to be the distinguished name assigned to the cert/key, which is basically the values you used to create the cert, concatenated together.
    For example, I was able to sign a jar file with a self-signed cert/key pair generated with ADT using the following command:
    jarsigner -keystore file:\\\c:\certs\foo.p12 -storepass passwoord -storetype pkcs12 sudoku.jar "cn=charles ward,ou=learning resources,o=adobe systems\, inc.,c=us"
    That last, long bit in ""s is the alias. If I don't use it, then I get the same error you are reporting.
    I was also able to import the same keystore into a new Java keystore with the following command:
    keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore c:\certs\foo.p12 -srcstoretype pkcs12

  • Can I create pedometer app with Flash?

    I have used eclipse before, but first time to create app in flash. Can I make a pedometer app for Anroid and iPhone? Is there any related tutorial on web? Thanks a lot.

    You can use Flash CS6 (and CS5.5) to create mobile apps. I don't know any specific pedometer tutorial, but do a search for gyroscope native extention for Air ( and geolocation (

  • Please help: Nook Tablet app development with AIR/Flash CS5.5?

    I developed my first-ever iOS app using Flash CS5.5 (the app has stability issues, addressed in a separate thread).  Next on the list is Android deployment.
    Can anyone indicate if Flash CS5.5 can be used to develop Android apps for the Nook Tablet?  My problem is that the Android-based guidance I've read tells you to take your Android device and configure it for "USB Debugging."  The Nook Tablet has no such setting, unlike many other Android phones and tablets.  Basically, I need current step-by-step guidance on Android development, plus any guidance on anything different that needs to be done for the Nook Tablet.  Thank you for any advice.

    Hi, I can confirm that you can develop apps for the NOOK color and tablet. You must use Air 2.6 since the device is pre loaded with that version of air.
    Some devices dont support USB debugging, like my kindle fire however a more painful way of doing it is to publish out an apk and then manually load it on to your device either through a file manager of some sort or by emailing yourself the file and then installing it. Be sure to enable your device to accept unknown source files.
    I recently published a couple of apps to the NOOK store that I had only tested on an HTC phone and the kindle fire and they both passed the test so I believe the NOOK seems to behave very similar to most android devices and the kindle fire, same dimensions at least as the KF.

  • Creating a SDK (.swc) in Adobe Flash CS5 - Error + Best Practices Questions

    Hello all,
    I'm currently developing a client library for a server-based API which is developed by my company.
    The goal is for the .swc to be usable in both Flash and Flash Builder (any Actionscript environment, really).  So far I've just been creating it in Flash CS5 and have yet to test it in Flash Builder.  It contains a single piece of UI (a login window) but is intended to expose a number of actionscript classes as API interface points to the developer.  The login window is a single Movie Clip placed onto the stage.  I have been testing by simply running the Flash project for the SDK and it works well.
    However, I run into problems when I attempt to use the SWC in other projects (I have the Flash project for the SDK set to create a SWC as well as a SWF)...
    I link the SWC to the other project using the flash compiler settings
    com.mycompany.SDK is a class required for initialization (singleton) and com.mycompany.LoginWindow is the UI window for logging in
    The developer needs to call SDK.Initialize(), which seems to work fine
    When the following code is added I get the below error: addChild(new LoginWindow())
    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: InstanceInfo.
    I take it that the error is a result of an undefined class - but I cannot figure out where InstanceInfo (it is not a class of mine) is being used or how to fix this...

    Found a good example that helped me figure this out.
    Will share the results when complete.

  • Why an imported SWF created in Flash CS5 doesn't works fine?

    perhaps I am not lucky. I find no answer.. perhaps im a noob (daaaah)  please if you can help it would be appreciated!
    I'm new in flash and flash catalyst.. but i'm not bad at all hehe. After publishing a swf from flash CS5 (that works perfect when i preview it) i want to import it in flash catalyst...
    ... i click on import swf and i select my swf. When i execute the project (CTRL+ENTER) in flash catalyst the motion tweens created in Adobe Flash doesn't start
    Even if it works well when i run the SWF from desktop or in Adobe Flash directly

    A detail that could help you guys..
    I used FlashEFF2 in Adobe Flash CS5 (as a Text Effect (it's awesome)) and this effect only starts and works fine in Flash Catalyst. The motions tweens created in Adobe Flash CS5 doesn't starts in Flash Catalyst
    Thanks to read it!

  • Help - not able to add icons in flash cs5.5 ipa

    I have created a ipad app using flash cs5.5 which works great until I try to add the different icon fils sized (29x29, 48x48, etc) to the icon tab.  When I add all of the icons I receive teh below error message.
    Note that I was able to successfully create the .ipa file ONLY when I used just the 48x48 icon.  However, I was unable to load that ipa to apple using the Packager as I received another error message that the Small-File-50 icon needed to be a size of 72x72.
    I have tried to manually add the data to the xml file as well as tried different configurations (standard vs. high setting, iphone and ipad, ipad, etc.)  ,
    I also successfully created the app in 5.0 and was able to upload it to Apple using the packager so I believe the issue is being able to add the icons similar to how 5.0 lets you.  It appears in 5.5 the App Icons for publish directory is not created in the same way so perhaps that is the issue?  I even tried creating my own AppIconsForPublish folder but that did not work either.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you!

    I tried re-installing Java runtime and that did not fix the issue.
    I also loaded a fresh install on my Mac which also has the latest Java runtime and received the same error when I tried a brand-new program.  I used older icons that worked perfectly in the past.
    Has anyone been able to successfully create ipa's with all of the icons included or just the 48 pixel one similar to the issue that I have.
    As noted before when I successfully create the ipa with just the 48 pixel icon then I cannot load it into the apple store using packager.

  • How to make an air for ios enterprise distribution Flash CS5.5?

    Hi, There seems to be only:
    Quick publishing for device testing
    Quick publishing for device debugging
    Deployment - Ad hoc
    Deploymnet - Apple App Store
    How does one do Deployment for in-house Enterprise Apps from Flash CS5.5 with AIR for iOS?

    The plist in step 2 is created so you can download the app onto the device.  This file stands alone, and does NOT need to be included in the app package, but it does need to reside in the same spot on the web server.  Below is an example plist file for an app.  You then access the following link from mobile safari to install:
    <a href="itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=">Tap Here to Install myApp On Your iPhone</a>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">
                                                                <string>My App Name</string>

Maybe you are looking for