Creating DVD from Premiere 8

I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ100 camara to take full 1080 high definition video. I then load the clips into Premiere 8, edit and write the result to a standard DVD. Is the resulting DVD in high definition? If not, is there any advantage in taking the movie in high definition if the final output will be to a DVD disc? If I record in 1080 HD and then write the output to Blu-Ray will the result be in high definition?

As John T. points out, for true HD, you will want to author and burn a BD (Blu-ray Disc).
Now, many newer BD players will enhance an SD DVD, for playback on an HD TV. They have up-rezzing chips, designed to do a good job of this up-rezzing. I have been surprised at how good my SD DVD-Videos look with such BD players and my large screen TV's. Those chips are wonderful, and do an amazing job - still, the material is not HD, and will pale compared to HD to BD.
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  • Newbie Question - Creating DVD from Premiere to Encore with 2 audio tracks

    Hello and thanks for your time,
    I'm pretty new to all this but seem to be getting the hang of things pretty well but one problem I'm having I can't seem to find an answer to.
    In Premiere I am creating a dvd of a football game, i have the video with an audio track of the crowd and another audio track of the commentary.  These are all edited together fine and work well.  I then use the dynamic link to send the sequence to Encore and that's where the problem occurs.
    I can't seem to get both audio tracks to appear in Encore?  Any suggetions or tips on where I might find an answer?
    cheers for the help and time

    This is not a cure to the issue, but is a workaround. It's the "old-fashioned" way that things were done before DL.
    Export your Sequence as elemental streams, i.e. video-only and audio-only. Import your video-only file into Encore as a Timeline, and teh audio-only file as an Asset. From Project Panel, drag the audio to the appropriate timeline. Done.
    Now, exactly what you choose for your Export and even how you do this will depend on your Project in PrPro and also your source Assets. For SD material, I'd choose DV-AVI Type II video-only (no multiplexing), and for the Audio 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV. If you have a version of PrPro prior to CS4, just Export Movie (settings above) for the Video and Export>Movie (or AME) for the Audio (settings above). Just make sure that the Export Video is checked for the DV-AVI, but the Export Audio is not. Change these two checkboxes for the Audio.
    Now, for DL not working, as it should, what is the format of your source Audio? Do you have any Channel-mapping used? Does your Audio Mixer Panel show everything right there? Do you have one Audio Track either Muted, or Bypassed. Look in Audio Mixer, to make sure you do not have one Track Solo'ed.
    Also, what version are you using, CS3, or CS4? Note: for CS4, you will use AME for the Exporting in the first part of the post.
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  • Is there a way to create DVDs from movies made in iMovie on the iPad?

    Is there a way to create DVDs from movies made in iMovie on the iPad?  I have a PC.  Thanks

    King_Penguin wrote:
    There are third-party browser apps that have settings within them to identify themselves as full browsers e.g. Atomic Web, and I believe the iCab Mobile browser also does (I don't have it so i can't check)
    iCab indeed does allow for that

  • Receive 'runtime error: Unknown exception' w/99% processed when creating DVD from movie

    I have tried several times to create a DVD of a movie with several Scene (w/Stop) Markers only to receive 'runtime error: Unknown exception' with 99% completion.
    I'm using Adobe Premiere Element 11 ver 11.0 (20120901.B261.425551).
    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate w/SP1 on a Dell XPS M1530 w/4GB Memory
    I have created DVDs in the past with little or no problems.
    Would appreciate any help with my problem.

    Thanks for the additional information.
    Typically, if you are doing a multi movie Timeline and you want the viewer to be able to navigate to a specific movie followed by return to main menu, then:
    Main Menu Marker at beginning of movie 1 and Stop Marker at end of movie 1....then gap of at least 12 frames...Main Menu Marker at beginning of movie 2 and Stop Marker at end of movie 2....and so on. But for the last, remember no Stop Marker at the end of that last Movie on the Timeline.
    With those 25 .mts video clips, are you sure that you want or need all those return to main menu possibilities.... a scene marker at the beginning of each and a stop marker at the end of each for a return to menu after each of the 25 video clips? Especially if these are small video clips.
    Large project...
    Keep in mind that the DVD disc 4.7 GB/120 minutes is in reality 4.3 GB capacity. So as you can tell my the program's lowering of the Bitrate (8.00 to 7.97 Mbps), the program is trying to make the fit by lowering the bitrate. Depending on how your troubleshooting goes, you may want to start thinking about DVD Double Layer Disc (8.5 GB/240 min) if your project gets much larger. In the case of the DVD double layer, 8.5 GB is in reality 7.3 GB. Typically, lower the Bitrate, the lesser is the Quality of the end product. So you do not want to force the program to lower the Bitrate to low to make the fit.
    As for the Timeline - + slider to which I referred...
    In the above screenshot, please note in the right side of the Premiere Elements 11 Timeline (Expert view)...from left to right at that location,
    the Render Button
    the icon named "Fit to Visible Timeline
    the icon named Zoom Out ( - ) which is related to the slider to its right
    the icon named Zoom In ( +) which is related to the slider to its left
    That slider is moved by either of those icons or by moving the circular button of the slider with the mouse curser.
    We will be watching for further developments.

  • How do I make a DVD from Premiere CC if I don't have Encore?

    I need to create a DVD screener for a client from Premiere CC, but can't seem to find Encore among the CC software. How do I make a DVD?

    Moving to Encore forum
    CS5-thru-CC PPro/Encore tutorial list will help
    The bottom section of the link above has several Adobe links, and other information, on downloading Premiere Pro CS6 and the bundled Encore CS6, and the TWO ADDED downloads for the Encore library content, to author a DVD or BluRay... and the tutorial list includes learning how to use Encore... pay particular attention to the picture in reply 3 at this link -

  • Creating DVD from digital camcorder

    My question was almost answered before.
    I want to create a DVD from my camcorder using a mini DV Cassette.
    If I use the idvd and go automatic I get no scene selections on my DVD.
    If I go from camcorder to imovie to idvd I get a several different scenes while watching the DVD.
    In imovie - my movie is separated by day.
    Let me cut to the chase.
    Can I create a DVD that will allow me to watch the DVD straight through without stopping automatically between scenes and will allow me to select clips/scenes by DAY.

    Copy the .img file to your Desktop and mount it by double clicking on it..
    Launch Disk Utility and select the disk image in DU's left hand pane.
    Select Burm from the Images menu.
    Insert a DVD disk and select the slowest burn rate possible in order to produce the best quality burned DVD.
    Then burn to disk with Disk Utility or Toast at the slowest speed available (2x-4x) to assure the best burn quality.  Always use top quality media:  Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums.

  • Create DVD from iPhoto slideshow i created?

    How do I create a DVD from a Slideshow residing in IPHOTO?

    1. Export it. This makes a QuickTime movie of it.
    2. Select an app to author the DVD - iDVD if you have iy, Toast or similar
    3. Create a DVD project in that app
    4. Add the movie to the project
    5. Burn it.

  • Fastest way to create DVD from HD

    I would like to compile and render a single layer DVD from multiple .M2V files.
    The DVD threshold of 4.7GB is required as most projectors here in Asia can not handle multi-layer DVD.
    Is there another way to go about compiling and rendering that will decrease processing time? Another format? A modular methodology?
    Our processing time using to create M2V files using Compressor is taking more than 8 hours. All advice welcomed!

    You need faster hardware. A Powerbook G4 is going to take a long time no matter what you do. Time to upgrade - time is money.

  • Request Advice for creating DVDs from 7.5 gig file sizes

    [using dvdstudio 3]
    I’m looking for advice for home DVD project i'm working on. I want to create a DVD from video that has been captured to my computer using iMovieHD, and have completed my wanted edits for two clips. They are about an hour-plus each. When exporting the two clips separately (Sharing, in iMovie terms), the file sizes are about 7.5 Gig each at full quality,and I understand I’m going to have to cut some corners in the process to get both on one DVD and I’m even willing to have two DVDs, but still need to know the best way to decrease the file size for each one. The audio should remain as 16 bit 44.1 Khz, Stereo.
    I’m wondering what the best method to achieve an optimum quality DVD is. Again, I realize I’ll have to compress the video at the loss of quality (i.e., “cut corners”) to make the DVDs.
    In my previous experiences, I’ve retained the larger file size all the way up through the authoring process in DVD Studio letting it build a 7.5 gig dvd format (VIDEO_TS). Then, I used DVDx2One to compress it down to 4.5. The end result was pretty good and I never had any troubles per say. However, this project is important to me and I want to make the best quality I can. What would you do differently?
    Here are my software tools that I use interchangeably for previous projects; copying, authoring, editing, etc:
    -> iMovieHD 4x – used to capture the video.
    -> DVD Studio 3 - to author and build my dvd session
    -> ffmpegx - as a video conversion and compression tool
    -> DVDX2one to recompress DVD formatted (VIDEO_TS).
    Thanks very much for your tips!

    Hi Jeff - is the iMovie file in QT format?
    If so, you need to compress it to MPEG2 - you don't need to suffer too much of a quality loss by doing so - how long (in minutes) is the video?
    You should also encode the audio to AC3 - this will save loads of space as AC3 is about a tenth the size of a .aiff.
    ffmpeg will create the MPEG for you, but so will DVDSP (as indeed will Quicktime). In your applications folder you should find 'A.Pack' which will handle the audio conversion as well.
    The exact encoding parameters you use will depend on the nature of the footage that you have got - it's more than just squeezing it to fit - you need to account for fades, pans, zooms and fast action as well. Some parts can have a lower bitrate applied than others, and this is where a tool such as Compressor comes in handy. DVDSP will encode the footage as you work, or when you build if you want it to - this is also a reasonable option if you have nothing else available, or if you are new to the whole thing.
    The best workflow is to go from iMovie to a compression tool to create your MPEG2 file. Take the associated .aiff file and encode to to Dolby Digital (AC3). Import both the MPEG2 and the AC3 file into DVDSP and you should be able to get the entire project to less than 4.37GB (the maximum capacity of a DVD-R).

  • Any onboard software to create DVD from ppt file?

    Hi Folks,
    I am wanting to create a universal DVD from a Power Point presentation I created for family members.  It is a collection of mostly static photos in a memorial I created.  Do I have any onboard software in my HP Pavilion dv6 to accomplish this (without having to go slide-by-slide and adding sound, two annimations, etc)?

    Welcome to the HP Forum!
    Jim54929 wrote:
    Hi Folks,
    I am wanting to create a universal DVD from a Power Point presentation I created for family members.  It is a collection of mostly static photos in a memorial I created.  Do I have any onboard software in my HP Pavilion dv6 to accomplish this (without having to go slide-by-slide and adding sound, two annimations, etc)?
    Hi Jim54929,
    It would help greatly if you were to identify your dv6 notebook PC with more than just the series name. Look at my signature to see how I identified my Pavillion notebook. Include all alphanumeric characters.  Also include the installed operating system when you reply to this post.
    Kind regards,
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  • Burning DVD from premiere pro timeline

    Is it possible to burn a project from premiere pro timeline directly to DVD without encore?

    >trying to get as much info as possible.
    Here Tutorials
    A "crash course"
    A Video Primer for Premiere
    Premiere Tutorials
    CS5 Premiere Pro Tutorials
    CS5 Tutorials
    PPro Wiki
    Tutorial HD to SD w/CS4
    Premiere Pro Wiki
    Exporting to DVD tml
    And ml
    Color correction
    Photo Scaling for Video
    -Too Large = Crash
    After Effects Tutorials
    Encore Tutorial
    And more Encore
    Surround Sound
    CS5 User Guides - online and PDF (right click PDF link to save PDF to your hard drive) -and-html.html
    Run as Administrator

  • Can you export created videos from Premiere Pro Trial to youtube?

    Is it posible to export a created video from a trial of Premiere Pro to social media networks such as youtube or vimeo?


  • Cannot creat dvd from imovie

    pls. assist cannot create idvd from imovie project as it hangs the application on the point of renderring audio files...
    what is whrong had been done whithin imovie project then?

    I know this is after the fact but apparently apple is very aware of this issue. Here's an informative link:
    (3) G4 PM's/(3) S-Drives/Sony TRV900/Nikons/6FWHD's/PS7/iLife06/FCPHD/DVDSP/etc.   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   My ichatav AIM account is: SDMacuser1 (Please use Text chat prior to video)

  • Is anybody out there using iMovie/iDvd to create Dvds from a digital camera

    In a post yesterday I already described the problems I have with iLife.
    But problems can be solved. My question is : Is anybody using iLife
    to burn a dvd from the tape of a digi cam with titel and chapter markers
    or is that not possible. No long descriptions necessary.

    Yes. I'm stringing video clips from my digital camera together, with titles, to make into a chaptered DVD.
    It's not going well. iDVD08 doesn't recognize the titles I put in in iMovie08. iMovie08 won't allow me to place chapter markers (that I've found--if there's a way, please correct me!), and won't allow me to export short movies any higher than Mobile resolution, even though it's made from the same clips as the 2 hour that did export at Large resolution. Are you having these problems as well? Where is your other post (I'm new to the forum)?

  • Creating DVD from iMovie in Premiere Elements 10

    I've created an imovie (.mov file) of about 9 minutes only to find no DVD feature is pn my new mac to burn it to disc.  I found on this forum idvd is no longer supplied.
    I already have PE10 for Mac so tried to use that.  It keeps hanging when it gets to 5% burn and is telling me .wmv files are preferred?   How can that be?
    Any ideas? 

    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac? How do I get it and how do I install it?
    To burn a DVD with iDVD from the latest version of iMovie, you have to export the movie using the Export button and select 480p as the size. Open iDVD and start a new project, then drag that exported movie file into the iDVD menu window, avoiding any drop zones you see.

Maybe you are looking for

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