Creating expand/collapse trees in Pages

I'd like to make a list where it's possible to expand or collapse parts of the list. I envision it using the arrows that point down to reveal the expanded list or right to collapse the list and when you click on the arrow it swaps between the two. Is this possible in Pages, or is there another application I should be using. I can't seem to figure out how to do it.
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Omni Outliner does perfectly what You want.

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  • Expand/ Collapse tree funtion does not exist in new appraisals

    Hi all,
    I have been implementing the new objective setting and appraisals system and the old function of expand and collapse tree does not appear in the screen. this function was very useful because it is more user friendly.
    Is it somewhere in configuration or this feature does not exist in the mewer version??
    Should I open a sap message?
    thank you

    Wat is the update?

  • JTree remove expand/collapse cross button...??

    Hi all,
    I have forbidden tree collapsing (by default it is fully expanded),
    and I want to remove expand/collapse cross buttons that actually are used to expand/collapse tree nodes.
    Is it possible and can anyone give me advice how i can do this.
    Thanks in advance.

    I tried extending the BasicTreeUI to return nulls for the collapsed and exapnded icons as shown in the code below. For the most part, it works great! However, one can still expand/collapse the tree by clicking on the point where the vertical and horizontal lines connect.
    I guess some one else will take over from here.
    import java.awt.BorderLayout;
    import javax.swing.Icon;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import javax.swing.JScrollPane;
    import javax.swing.JTree;
    import javax.swing.WindowConstants;
    import javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTreeUI;
    import javax.swing.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode;
    public class Temp extends JFrame {
         private JTree tree = null;
         public Temp() {
         private void initComponents() {
              DefaultMutableTreeNode rootNode =
                   new DefaultMutableTreeNode("User Preferences", true);
              DefaultMutableTreeNode connectionSettingsNode =
                   new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Connection Settings", true);
              DefaultMutableTreeNode sslNode =
                   new DefaultMutableTreeNode("SSL", false);
              DefaultMutableTreeNode firewallNode =
                   new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Firewall", false);
              DefaultMutableTreeNode securityNode =
                   new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Security", true);
              DefaultMutableTreeNode serverCertificatesNode =
                   new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Server Certificates", false);
              DefaultMutableTreeNode clientCertificatesNode =
                   new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Client Certificates", false);
              tree = new JTree(rootNode);
              JScrollPane scroller = new JScrollPane(tree);
              getContentPane().add(scroller, BorderLayout.CENTER);
              tree.setUI(new MyTreeUI());
         public static void main(String args []) {
              new Temp();
         class MyTreeUI extends BasicTreeUI {
              public Icon getCollapsedIcon() {
                   return null;
              public Icon getExpandedIcon() {
                   return null;
    }Sai Pullabhotla

  • TP4 FileExplorer tree: change Folder icon when expanded/collapsed

    I am trying to create a tree similar with FileExplorer from the Demo application. I am trying to use two icons for every node: one for expanded node and another one for collapsed.
    I use a rowDisclosureListener tag
    rowDisclosureListener="#{menuBean.menuRowDisclosureEvent}to fire an expand/collapse event. In a custom method menuRowDisclosureEvent(RowDisclosureEvent disclosureEvent) I retreive the selected node and programatically change the icon. The only thing is that the tree view itself is not refreshed on the same phase cycle. The node icons are refreshed only at the next requests.

    I have also tried to use:
    AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addPartialTarget(tree);Didn't helped

  • Dynamic tree structure (expand/collapse)

    i want to do one tree struc example (expand /collapse)
    using xml;
              |               |                         |           Visakhapatnam
    in the frame at left side tree structure will be there ;when i click world hyperlink and at the right side one forum will come like this;
    country name ---------
    description ---------
    when i enter america and enter submit;the country should come in the left frame;i will refresh left frame when click submit;ofcourse i know that;like wise when i click state hyperlink
    state name ---------
    description ---------
    statename should come under state tree node;
    i will also maintain this info in database also;i am using oracle9i;how can i do this the tree structure;how to approach;if anybody give me any links revelant to this?atleast give me some idea what to do?please dont give me the DOM tutorial or SAX Tutorial cos i already gone through but i didnt get any idea.

    Initailly set xerces.jar (parser, freeware download from apache site) to calss path
    dbf = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    db = dbf.newDocumentBuilder();
    mapDocument = db.newDocument();
    Element worldElement = mapDocument.createElement("WORLD");
    Element indiaElement = mapDocument.createElement("INDIA");
    Element andhraElement = mapDocument.createElement("ANDHRA");
    Element vishakhaElement = mapDocument.createElement("VISHKHA");
    Element upElement = mapDocument.createElement("UP");
    //lly do for usaELement
    //finally add indiaElemebnt and usaElement to worldElement                    
    }catch(FactoryConfigurationError fce){
    }catch(ParserConfigurationException pce){
    I think this u need

  • Macking button to expand the tree and collapse tree and another to add node

    macking button to expand the tree and collapse tree and another to add node and saving the changes in the database ( this is problem)
    and finally delete node from database
    so what is proper code for those buttons
    thanks my mail is :
    [email protected]

    Use the ftree package's functions
    code to expand all nodes:
    PROCEDURE explose_tree IS
    node    ftree.node;
    htree   ITEM;
    state   varchar2(30);
       -- search the tree ID --
       htree := Find_Item('BL_TREE.TREE_1');
        -- search the root --
           node  := Ftree.Find_Tree_Node(htree, '');
        -- expand all nodes --
       WHILE NOT Ftree.ID_NULL(node) LOOP
          state := Ftree.Get_Tree_Node_Property(htree, node, Ftree.NODE_STATE);
          IF state = Ftree.COLLAPSED_NODE THEN
            Ftree.Set_Tree_Node_Property(htree, node, Ftree.NODE_STATE, Ftree.EXPANDED_NODE);
          END IF;
          node := Ftree.Find_Tree_Node(htree, '', ftree.find_NEXT,Ftree.NODE_LABEL,'', node);
       END LOOP;
    END;and to collapse all nodes:
    PROCEDURE Implose_tree IS
       node   ftree.node;
       htree  ITEM;
       state  varchar2(30);
       -- search the root ID --
       htree := Find_Item('BL_TREE.TREE_1'); 
       -- search the root --
       node  := Ftree.Find_Tree_Node(htree, '');  
       -- Collapse all nodes --
       WHILE NOT ftree.ID_NULL(node) LOOP
         state := Ftree.Get_Tree_Node_Property(htree, node, Ftree.NODE_STATE);
         IF state = Ftree.EXPANDED_NODE THEN
          Ftree.Set_Tree_Node_Property(htree, node, Ftree.NODE_STATE, Ftree.COLLAPSED_NODE);
         END IF;
        node := Ftree.Find_Tree_Node(htree, '', Ftree.FIND_NEXT,Ftree.NODE_LABEL, '', node);
       END LOOP;
    END; Francois

  • Vertical scroll up/down when expand or collapse tree items

    Hi everyone, I'm newbie in adobe flex. Is it possible to makes vertical scroll position automatically scroll up and down when tree component expand/collapse?
    I would like to make automatically scroll position likes in tree of windows explorer. Any idea to makes it work?
    Gus Leo

    Yeah!!!after trial and error with this issue i find some logic to makes vertical scroll down automatically likes windos explorer.
    I'm attach some code with about this issue and hopes this will be useful for other developer.
    Put the code on ItemOpen on tree component
    private function onItemOpen(event:TreeEvent):void{
                   //rowHeight is default height of tree and +2 is my own logic, because they have a space between a tree
                        var _rowHeight:int = int(event.currentTarget.rowHeight) + 2;
                        var posX:int = int(event.currentTarget.mouseY);
                        var _maxHeight:int = myTree.height;
                        var itemCount:int = int(event.item.children.length);
                        //cheking the current position and calculation of droping index
                        if (((itemCount*_rowHeight) + posX) > _maxHeight){
                            var _currpos:int = posX + _rowHeight;
                            var _heightCount:int = _rowHeight;//default height count is the _rowHeight
                            for (var i:int = 0;i<itemCount;i++){
                                _currpos = _currpos + _rowHeight;
                                _heightCount = _heightCount + _rowHeight;
                                //if the the count of height itemschild > than the tree height so stop to add scrollposition
                                if (_maxHeight < _heightCount ){
                                }else if (_maxHeight < _currpos){
                                    myTree.verticalScrollPosition = myTree.verticalScrollPosition + 1;
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  • Tree on page 0

    I have created a tree on page 0. The tree works as a navigation menu common for the entire application. My problem is that if I click on any of the buttons 'Collapse All', 'Expand All' or 'Reset Tree', the current page loses focus. Is there a way to have HTML DB return the control to the "lost page" after having processed the tree request on page 0?

    HÃ¥kan - On page zero, edit the buttons that you mentioned. Go to the Optional URL Redirect section and where the Page value is 0, change it to &APP_PAGE_ID. (with that trailing period).

  • Expand / Collapse a View -- How can i control it

    Our component has 5 pages and each page has its set of fields and validations. (some are required fields).
    This works fine if all pages are Visible.
    But if user collapse one of the page then none of the logic written for that page gets executed, in other words in a page is collapsed CRM just ignores it completely.
    Because of this users are able to create transaction with incomplete data.
    Is there a way to make a page permanent, so that user can never collapse it. (Collapse / Expand functionality will not work)
    How do you recommend to solve this problem

    Is there a way to deactivate Expand/Collapse button ?
    We never want user to click on that, i guess it might require JavaScript but will appreciate if somebody can provide some insight on this.
    I found below article but couldnt understand how i can implement for my requirement.

  • How to Expand/Collapse Select Option Tray

    I have a View in which I have dynamically created a select-option Tray and then added select-options within the Tray using:
    DATA lr_cost_ctr            TYPE REF TO data.
    DATA lr_interfacecontroller TYPE REF TO iwci_wdr_select_options.
    DATA lr_select_options      TYPE REF TO if_wd_select_options.
    * Initialise the selection screen.
      lr_interfacecontroller = wd_this->wd_cpifc_select_options_search( ).
      lr_select_options =
               lr_interfacecontroller->init_selection_screen( ).
    * Add a tray.
        i_id           = 'TRY_ACCT_***'
        i_block_type   = if_wd_select_options=>mc_block_type_tray
        i_title        = 'Account Assignment' ).
    * Add a Select Option.
      lr_cost_ctr = lr_select_options->create_range_table( 'KOSTL' ).
        i_id              = 'COST_CTR'
        i_within_block    = 'TRY_ACCT_***'
        it_result         = lr_cost_ctr ).
    This works fine, but how do I dynamically expand and collapse the select-option Tray ?  There are plenty of examples for expanding/collapsing normal Trays by binding the "expanded" attribute at design time or dynamically.  But with a Tray created as a select-option block I do not have a reference to the Tray.
    I have searched high and low but cannot find how to do this.
    I don't want to create the Tray at design time because there will be select-options above and within the Tray.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks & regards,

    My Approch is:
    ---Initially set the webBean property in processReq
    ---On Button click navigate to the same page n set the webBean properties..
    put var in session.
    pageContext.forwardImmediatelyToCurrentPage(null, true, null);
    ---in process req get teh value of var from session.
    if(pageContext.getSessionValue(var)!= null)
    Hope it will helps..:)
    ---We cant modify the webBean properties in processformReq and processformdata.
    Meher Irk

  • Show 'Expand'/'Collapse' Icon in Tray

    Hi All,
              I have done the following configuration in the portal and the result is confusing, can you please help me understand why?
    1. I have created 2 pages, first is a standard portal page and second a webdynpro page in a test folder
    2. copied a standard SAP iView to the test folder and added it to both the pages as a delta link
    3. opened the iview property from the std. page and set the "Show u2018Expandu2019/u2019Collapseu2019 Icon in Tray" property to NO
    4. opened the iview property from the webdynpro page and set the "Show u2018Expandu2019/u2019Collapseu2019 Icon in Tray" property to NO
    When i preview the standard page the iView appears without the "Expand/Collapse" icon, but when i preview the webdynpro page the iview appears with the "Expand/Collapse" icon.

    Hi Raghu,
                   Our portal version is 7.01 SPS15.
    Hi All,
             Any suggestions?
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  • Expand/Contract Tree Issue

    Hi all,
    I have a tree, which is a collection of all the pages in my application. I am using 2 level tabs as well. I want my tree to expand only that node page which is currently being clicked from the tab i.e when i click the tab in two level tabs, the page with the current node should open and rest all gets collapsed. Pls help.
    With Regards,
    Sunil Bhatia

    Hi all,
    Strange that noone has replied to this forum, anyways can anyone just let me know, is it possible or impossible to do this?
    I just want that when a tab gets clicked, then there should be 2 request set in my code i.e CONTRACT, CONTRACT_ALL and EXPAND, TAB_NAME which will open my tree. These are working fine individually, but when i try to set 2 requests simultaneously, it doesnt renders. Pls do help me.
    Sunil Bhatia

  • Expand/Collapse functionality in Survey

    Dear Experts,
    We have build survey Form using Survey Builder. The survey Form has 4
    sections , in each section 5 questions & its relevant answer
    options are there.
    We are using the standard CSS style sheet : CRM_SVY_OPP_WINLOSS.CSS. Out
    put displays standard HTML page with out Expand & Collapse
    functionality at section & Questional level.
    Client required expand and collapse functionality to view the entire
    survey form in one page which allows the user to navigate to required
    question .
    For that we are tring to change Static Survey XSLT, however system is
    not allowed to edit XSLT file .
    Please suggest ,how can we enable the expand & Collapse
    functionality for our surveys in Survey Buider ?

    Hello Aks,
    After seeing the ME2ON transaction, what i can suggest you is following:
    --> Display a column in your Grid with the hotspot on it
    --> You can give the icon as a value in the column
    --> Then for the hotspot click you need to display the expanded data i.e. regenerate the grid.
    My suggestion to you would be that if you dont need to edit anything in the grid i.e. dont want have any editable field on the grid, then you should opt for an ALV tree using class CL_GUI_ALV_TREE. The expand collapse functionality is already there and you will be saved from a lot of coding.
    Hope this helps.

  • Expand/Collapse All Version Sets

    PSE 10, Is there a simple way to open all the Version Sets with one set of keystrokes, and having them stay open. I have a lot of version sets built up over time, and I would prefer not having to open each one individually. When I tried doing that on a small batch, as soon as I  changed to a different batch of pics, all of the Sets I had opened, promptly closed. The View > Expand/Collapse All Stacks does not work on the Version Sets.

    Hi Surya
    Create a new HTML region at the top of your page, using No Template and use this as the Source:
    &lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
    function showHideAll(displaystyle)
    var hideIMG = "/i/htmldb/builder/rollup_plus_dgray.gif";
    var showIMG = "/i/htmldb/builder/rollup_minus_dgray.gif";
    var k;
    var r = document.getElementsByTagName("DIV");
    if (r)
       for (k = 0; k &lt; r.length; k++)
         if (r[k].className == 't12Hide')
           r[k].style.display = displaystyle;
    var i = document.getElementsByTagName("IMG");
    if ( i )
      for (k = 0; k &lt; i.length; k++)
        if (i[k].id.substr(0, 5) == 'shIMG')
          i[k].src = (displaystyle == 'block') ? showIMG : hideIMG;
    &lt;a href="javascript:showHideAll('block');"&gt;Show All&lt;/a&gt;
    &lt;a href="javascript:showHideAll('none');"&gt;Hide All&lt;/a&gt;The image names and className (t12Hide) are based on my test page - change these as appropriate for your own page (you may need to do a View Source on the page to check these values).

  • Expand/collapse all regions

    I have 5 show/hide regions on a page. is it possible to Expand/collapse all regions by clicking a "Show/Hide All" link or a button. any ideas are appreciated.

    Hi Surya
    Create a new HTML region at the top of your page, using No Template and use this as the Source:
    &lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;
    function showHideAll(displaystyle)
    var hideIMG = "/i/htmldb/builder/rollup_plus_dgray.gif";
    var showIMG = "/i/htmldb/builder/rollup_minus_dgray.gif";
    var k;
    var r = document.getElementsByTagName("DIV");
    if (r)
       for (k = 0; k &lt; r.length; k++)
         if (r[k].className == 't12Hide')
           r[k].style.display = displaystyle;
    var i = document.getElementsByTagName("IMG");
    if ( i )
      for (k = 0; k &lt; i.length; k++)
        if (i[k].id.substr(0, 5) == 'shIMG')
          i[k].src = (displaystyle == 'block') ? showIMG : hideIMG;
    &lt;a href="javascript:showHideAll('block');"&gt;Show All&lt;/a&gt;
    &lt;a href="javascript:showHideAll('none');"&gt;Hide All&lt;/a&gt;The image names and className (t12Hide) are based on my test page - change these as appropriate for your own page (you may need to do a View Source on the page to check these values).

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    I am in a quandry. I bought LR 1. and never had the chance to put anytime to learn how to use it. I am starting a new, so just got LR 2.2, and would like to do it the most practical and best way. I use an iMac 10.5, with 350 GB int HD, and have 3 Ext

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    Hi Guys, We are working on SRM 4.0 in classic scenario. We have a weird situation where the shopping cart has been completely approved but the status is still in "awaiting approval". We are using teh item based approval badi. Does anybody have an ins

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    Hi DVDSP geniuses and much thanks in advance! I'm getting unwanted colour at the edges of text in buttons in selected and activated states. I'm using a non-layered menu and a greyscale jpeg for background, a greyscale jpeg for overlay with simple col

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    Hey you all, I have done very little Flash design, but have a request from a client to add a bunch of Flash childrens' learning games to their website.  I have enough experience to add the premade ones, but not develop them from scratch of course. Th

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