Creating inbound delivery for the purchase order line items

Hi Experts,
Please let me know how can I create inbound delivery for the purchase order line items?  Say, I have a purchase order with 5 line items in it.  I wanted to create an inbound delivery for only 2 line items at this point of time.  Which SAP Standard transaction I have to use and what all  data I need to populate?  I would appreciate any help on this and will reward the right answer.  Please let me know.
Thank you in advance.
with regards,
Muthu Ganapathy.

While creating the inbound delivery (VL31N), intially all the items will be shown, see the advance shipping notfication - from the vendor for which he has send confirmation & rest items you can delete simply & save. & next time when the vendor sends rest advance shipping notifcation (confirmation), you can receive them.
Hope this answers your query.

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  • How to create one inbound delivery for multiple purchase order?

    Hi Experts,
    Please let me know how can I create one inbound delivery for multiple purchasing documents(PO or SA)? 
    Is there a configuration needed for this?  If yes, please let me know the configuration to make this happen.
    Appreciate your help on this.  Right answers will be rewarded.
    Thank you.
    with regards,
    Muthu Ganapathy.

    my situation is:
    - a WM managed warehouse, society A;
    - a HU managed warehouse (without WM), society B;
    - a purchasing process of HU from society A towards society B.
    Society B have a scheduling agreement; when a delivery schedule appears, in society A born a sales order and a delivery. After the registration of the delivery good issue, an idoc transfer information for inbound delivery creation.
    This process is ok without WM, but with a WM managed warehouse the idoc has the following problem:
    "V51VP - item was not found - process cancelled".
    Can you help me to transfer these HU?

  • How to Find Out The Production Order Number For The Sales Order Line Items

    Hi All,
    I want to know the number of production orders for each sales order line item. I know the sales order number .Can anyone tell me how the tables can be linked to get all the production order numbers for each sales order line item.

    I think it depends on your configuration. But check fields KDAUF and KDPOS in table AUFK.  or in table AFPO.
    Rich HEilman

  • Availability Check at Multiple Plants for the Sales Order line Item.

    Hi Friends,
    We are having two plants, Plant A and Plant B. Plant A is used to issue the orders to the vendors and stock them, while Plant B is used to manufacture the Product and Stock.
    When we create the sales order, we want to check the Current Stock Plus Incomming Purchase order stock for plant A and also check current stock plus Production orders in plant B.
    for ex if the current stock is 100 in Plant A and No physical stock in Plant B but there are some production orders for 400 Qty which will be ready in 1 week.
    If i create a sales order for 500 qty which is scheduled for delivery 10 days later.  then we want to commit to the customer ( Looking at both the plants stock situation )  the system should check the stock availability for both the plants and automatically create two different line items , Line item 1 for plant A and line item 2 for plant b.
    I know there is a user exit for Multiple plant selection USEREXIT_PLANT_SELECTION  in program RV03VFZZ. The Description of the USer exit says ( This user exit may be used to provide a list of plants for which availability is to be checked)  But we have never used this one. Will this user exit do exactly what i want ??
    Did any of you, have used the above User exit in your implementations ? If so please let me know whats the purpose of this user exit
    Your reply is much appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

    I dont know about the userexit which you are referring about
    But this is not available in R3 The system makes a Availability Check only in the plant which has got determined in the item details shipping tab and stops there
    The same is available in APO
    If there are 2 plants say 1000 and 2000
    In sales order the plant determined is 1000 and there is no stock
    In R3 system stops there
    But in APO  system checks the plant 2000 and if stocks are available it creates an STO in the background automatically from 2000 to 1000 if configured accordingly
    Even if the material is maintained in 10 plants the system will make a  Availability Check at all 10 plants and act accordingly

  • Updating delivery date on Purchase order line items

    I am using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to create purchase order. It is creating fine except I want the delivery date on line item to be overwritten instead of system determining from MRP view of material on each line item.
    I am passing delivery date to DELIVERY_DATE parameter of POSCHEDULE  table of the BAPI, but instead of taking the value that I passed it is calculating from material master.
    Is there any other parameter for BAPI that I need to set ?
    Please suggest me a solution.

    Thank You!
    My problem is solved regarding DELIVERY_DATE but I am getting new problem .
    I am getting error message
    "Control indicators for controlling area UPS do not exist"
    when I use BAPI BAPI_PO_CREATE1 . 'UPS' is the new controlling area that in which I am creating the Purchase order.
    Please suggest me some solution.

  • Updating delivery date on Purchase order line items  Urgent

    I have same problem with update the Delivery date in ME22N transaction. I have used BAPI_PO_CHANGE function module. but it does not working properly. Can anybody please send the sample code.
    my maild id is [email protected]
    it_POSCHDULE-PO_ITEM = '10'. "PO item number
    it_POSCHDULE-DELIVERY_DATE = '08/28/2007'. "changed delivery date
    append it_POSCHDULE.
    IT_POSCHDULEX-PO_ITEMX = 'X'. "PO item number
    IT_POSCHDULEX-DELIVERY_DATE = 'X'. "changed delivery date
    IT_POSCHDULEX-SCHED_LINEX = 'X'. "schedule line
    append IT_POSCHDULEX.
    PURCHASEORDER = '4500232997'
    RETURN = return
    is any more parameters i have to pass for update the delivery date

    This is my code.
    it_POSCHDULE-PO_ITEM = '00010'. "PO item number
    it_POSCHDULE-DELIVERY_DATE = '08.28.2007'. "changed delivery date
    it_POSCHDULE-SCHED_LINE = '0001'.
    append it_POSCHDULE.
    it_poschdulex-po_item = '00010'.
    IT_POSCHDULEX-PO_ITEMX = 'X'. "PO item number
    IT_POSCHDULEX-DELIVERY_DATE = 'X'. "changed delivery date
    IT_POSCHDULEX-SCHED_LINEX = 'X'. "schedule line
    append IT_POSCHDULEX.
    PURCHASEORDER = '4500002299'
    RETURN = return
    commit work.
    and messages in RETURN are
    TYPE     ID     NUMBER     MESSAGE
    I          0     Changing of PO using Enjoy BAPI unsuccessful 
    E     MEPO     0     Purchase order still contains faulty items
    I     VD     345     Date 08.28.2007 period D is not valid
    E     6     70     Enter a quantity
    E     MEPO     43     Please enter an order quantity

  • How to delete or activate the deletion flag for the sales order line item

    Hi All,
    I  have one Cust order & with referance to that cust order one production order is created . The production order user has done the Goods issue with 261 movement type  & GR wi 101 before 4 months back , & he has reverse  the GR  with 102 on todays date . but in materila master the  variable prize is maintain thats why it is showing  a differance in the cost .
    User want to delete the Production order as well as the custemer order From MDO4 , So we have make the Production order TECO & save , it is gone form the MD04 but the Custumer order still there . It is not allow us to cancell or reject . We have tried to maintain the reason for rejection but it showing the message that you can not activate the deletion flag for the order .
    Could you please Help me to find out the way how can i delete the custemer order ?
    Thanks In advance

    W ehave Settele that order & then activate the deletion flag for the order & then cancel the sales order.

  • Which table stores the condition values of a purchase order line item?

    Please let me know the table that stores the condition values of purchase order line items(when we click on conditions tab after selecting an item then we can see the condition types and there is a corresponding condition value for that condition type.
    My requirement is to get the actual price for a purchase order line item(it can be seen in the last line and it is calculated after considering all the condition types) and display this value in a custom report.

    Hi Ravindra
    You can find the conditions data for PO in TAble KONV.
    KONV-KSCH is the condition type
    KONV-KWERT is  the cond value
    KONV-KNUMH is the condition doc no. which is there in EKKO field KNUMH.
    So u have to make a link between KONV-KNUMH and EKKO-KNUMH.

  • Posting multiple invoices against single purchase order line item

    We receive invoices on completion of certain milestones and Goods receipt is done when the final lot of material is delivered.  For example the purchase order may be to deliver 1 quantity of Machine.  Material is supplied in bits like Gear Box, Engine and body.  Invoice is received when Gear Box, Engine is supplied. Final invoicing is received on completion of delivery (taking into account what has already been delivered)
    Goods Receipt in SAP needs to be posted only once when complete machinery is delivered (the tracking for different parts delivered is done outside SAP).  However, the multiple invoice needs to be posted in SAP referring to same PO item (Please note PO quantity for complete assembled material is only 1).
    This needs to be treated as material and not service in SAP.  Can you please suggest how to book multiple invoices for same purchase order line item?

    Hi Charan
    Thanks for your reply.  However, both the options are not feasible.  Invoices can be received in different periods, sometimes over different months or years, hence needs to be booked immediately.
    Also, i cannot create material master for each component as the quantity for the final material is only 1.
    Any other alternatives?

  • Reg purchase order line item numbering

    Hi All ,
      Is  there any customization setting or possibility of cahanging the Purchase order line item number when the PO is created from the Purchase requisation , normally if the PO is created directly I am able to change the line item number as desired but if is created from a PR this is not allowed , please let me know any possibility of changing this .
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Mallikharjun,
    You can modify the Line Item numbering at IMG>MM>Purchasing>Purchase Requisition>Define Document Types.
    Here you can change the column ItmInt. which determines the line item number intervals.
    Hope it helps.

  • Restrict purchase order line item selection in MEMASSPO

    How to restrict in authorizations of role which purchase order line item can be selected by user in the memasspo.
    I have a scenario where Business wants that no user should be allowed to select all the Purchase Order line items rather should be displayed sub set of the entire purchase Order line items while attempting to do mass change in the PO created.
    Thanks & Regards,

    The mass transaction is meant to change many POs and their items at one time.
    The user can not change anything with mass which he cannot do in ME22N.
    if he can do it in ME22N, why should he not be able to do it in MEMASSPO?
    Based on what criteria should a item be restricted from a change in your special case, how do you define your subset?

  • Adopt BOM item in purchase order line item

    Hello Friends,
    I have a requirement in which i need to show a material bom components in the purchase order line item(its not an subcontracting PO).
    Please help me in this, any user exit or enhancement, badi available to do this?

    Please see the below link

  • How to creat deadlock for the purchase order in SAP Workflow

    How to creat deadlock for the purchase order in SAP Workflow

    Hi Ben,
    Are you using FM "CONVERT_DATE_TO_EXTERNAL" before passing delivery date?  If not, use FM like this, before passing the date to BAPI_PO_CREATE1 and it might work
      DATA: vf_doc_date(10),
                 internal_date TYPE d.
         vf_doc_date = sy-datum.              "Document date.
         internal_date = vf_doc_date.
          date_internal            = internal_date
          date_external            = vf_doc_date
          date_internal_is_invalid = 1
          OTHERS                   = 2.

  • How to set up automatic payment for the purchase order

    Hi, All,
    I have one question how to set up automatically payment for the Rent Office purchase Order?
    There is the requirement from the client. They want to create one kind of purchase order for the Office Rent, then pay the fees in the certain time of every month to the vendor for the rent fees without any invoice. Whatu2019s the normal solution for this kind of purchase order? Is it ERS? Or something else?
    Please give me the details and business flow. Also please tell me how to setup in the SAP and T-code.
    Thanks in advance

    Either you can set up ERS or you can pay directly from the FI side.
    Evaluated receipt settlement must be flagged in the purchase order item.
    The vendor must be flagged as being subject to ERS in the vendor master record.
    The goods receipt must refer to a purchase order.
    Goods-receipt-based Invoice Verification must be defined for the purchase order item.
    A tax code must have been maintained in the purchase order item.
    The order price of the materials may not be an estimated price.
    If you flag a vendor as being subject to ERS, the system sets the ERS indicator as a default in each item when you create a purchase order for the vendor. You can prevent this happening for certain vendors by flagging the info record for the material and the vendor as not being subject to ERS.
    In Purchasing, you can delete the default ERS indicator in a purchase order item.
    Choose Logistics Invoice Verification ® Automatic Settlement ® Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS).
    The selection screen appears.
    You can use the following criteria to narrow down selection of the transactions to be settled:
    Company code
    Goods receipt posting date
    Goods receipt document
    Fiscal year of the goods receipt
    Purchase order and order item
    You can define the selection criteria for the invoice documents by:
    Purchase order
    Purchase order item
    Goods receipt document
    Credit memo
    Choose  Execute.
    The system issues a log for Evaluated Receipt Settlement, which displays the following:
    In line with your selection criteria, the system displays all the order items that were settled (or if you are working in test mode, which would have been settled).
    Could not be settled
    In line with your selection criteria, the system displays all order items for which ERS is defined but could not be settled. It also lists the reasons.
    If the system reports being unable to invoice a transaction, you should exclude the transaction from ERS to avoid it being included in the log the next time ERS is run.
    Select the item and choose Exclude from ERS.
    The system also generates and possibly sends a message to inform the vendor(s) about the transaction settled, depending on the settings in Customizing.
    You can display the following environment information for the order items selected. To do this, choose Goto ®:
    Display purchase order
    Display invoice
    Display material document
    Display long text

  • In Purchase Order Line item Maintaining Serial Numbers for Material Codes

    Dear Gurus,
    We have a business process in legacy system for Purchase Order like in PO line item, Material code with description, Quantity, unit of Measurement, Serial Number Start and Serial Number End is maintained, for example for Material code when we enter the data AXMLN00001 in Serial Number Start column, if the Qty 500 is maintained, by default system will calculate AXMLN00500 in Serial Number End column. 
    We understand that in standard SAP we donu2019t have this option of maintaining Serial Number Start and End in Purchase order Line item. Please let us know how this can be mapped and is it advisable to create two Z fields in EKPO table or else can we make any development.
    Suppose if this is not possible in SAP for PO then in Banks if we want to place a order for Cheque books how we can maintain Start and End Serial Numbers to print in cheque books.
    Also client is not agreeing to maintain manually Serial numbers in item text.

    When the PO Item was created say for example Material had Valuation category "Y" and latter you wanted to change the category to "Y". Now system would have check for all open PO's etc...based on this you must have set Deletion Indicator to this Line Item to allow valuation category change in material master. Now when this Item got created in the table level (EKPO), system updates the valuation category "Y". Currently this valuation category is not active so it would not allow you to perform removal of deletion indicator as program cannot automatically nor you have an option to manually update the valuation category to this Item.

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