Creating multi-page PDF from Page Tiles

Trying to save out a page-tiled Illustrator document to multi page PDF. The "Create Multi-Page PDF from Page Tiles" is ghosted/disabled when I save out as PDF; and printing to PDF doesn't size page edges properly. I've followed all directions and re-created new docs to see if I can get this to work, no luck.
Is there a trick I'm missing? Using Illustrator CS3 13.0.2 Mac, Acrobat 8.1.3. Thanks!

This would be hard to answer but you must be missing something the question is what are you doing and how is the document set up and then the really important question what are doing wrong. Which I know you want us to tell you but without knowing what that is we cannot tell you what not to do.
If there is something you can tell that might give us a clue perhaps we can help.

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  • Unable to mark the box 'create Multi-page PDF from page tiles' when saving to pdf-file

    I am running Illustrator CS3 on a Mac OSX 10.5.8
    I want to print a very large illustrator-file (1000 mm x 900 mm) across mutliple pages of A4-paper (5 x 5 sheets of A4-paper) by saving the file as a multi-page pdf file.
    I first followed the instructions provided here:
    When I then tried to save the file: -> File -> Save as -> 'choose .pdf from drop-down menu'
    I get to this menu:
    I am unable to mark the box that says: 'Create multi-page pdf from page tiles'. I have made a red arrow pointing to the box I want to mark.
    I have tried changing the other drop-down menus inside this menu, to see if the box I want to mark could become available, but without any luck.
    I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I would be grateful if anyone could help me set my settings right to allow me to create such a multi-page pdf-file.
    Thanks in advance for your help

    Your ps file should be good, the problem likely resides elswehere. Maybe in your acrobat install, distillers settings. what error did distiller give?
    Mine ran good and got a multi page document, here is a screenshot to help you troubleshoot.
    On mac go to system preferences / print and fax / and change your default printer if you have another option. I know sounds like this should not help, but there are problems like Illustrator for example not making .pdfs if you do not have a printer chosen or an old or corrupt .ppd assigned.

  • Can I use Automator to create a multi-page PDF from a selection of images?

    Well can I? I have looked at Preview extensively but found no option to create a multi-page document from all open images. I can create single-page PDF's easily, but that's not what I want.
    Does it make a difference if they are TIFF, JPEG, etc?

    Take a look at
    It will create a multi – page .pdf from a folder of .jpgs. I am ** guessing ** it will work with .tiffs.
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  • How to create a 4 page pdf from images - each page should open at same size

    How do I create a 4 page pdf (from 4 images - all the same size) that opens each page at  full page size?
    Thank you so much.
    My goal is to create multi page pdfs that are created from images (scans of old brochures).  I receive images (scans of pages) all at the same size.
    I have been able to create the 4 pdfs (each opens at full page size) and merge into 1 pdf.  When I open that final pdf, I  see a column of 4 pages, page 1 image being larger than the remaining 3. When I  click on the left, page 1, icon,  I get the full page.  When I click on icons for pages 2 - 4, I get nothing.  The only way I can get the other pages in a full page view is to adjust the scaling after left icon is selected.  That is not what I want.
    How I created the files.
    I can either create pdf pages using Photoshop, or using Acrobat Pro itself through:
    File> Create PDF> From File and adding each of the images.  I then, for each, choose Properties> Initial View> Fit Page> Save. Then I use File> Combine> Merge Files into Single PDF> Save.
    Then I open the multi page pdf.
    I appreciate any help.
    Thank you,

    It seems to me what you want to do is create one document which a combination of all four  and then one page of each.
    To create a Document with 4 pages combined in to one PDF.  open the first in a Series the to Edit menu and click on add pages click on next document (browse to document first) the choose attach to to end of document or add to  end of document. Repeat until you get all images added. They will end up (or should ) center in center of their own page. Save this document with a new name for now.
    Next go back to Photo shop and reduce size of images to fit desired sheet of paper (8-1/2 by 11, 8-1/2 by 14, whatever) place them side by side and row by row so you have 4 images on one page.
    now save as Pdf.
    now decide which you want to swap to the Thumbnails (the 4 on one page, or 4 individual pages.  I would use the thumbnails and make each a button that references the page in the document you save as a 4 page pdf that applies.
    Then on that page write a line saying click each illustration to see full size image (you might have to write this line while in Photoshop) then save this as PDF file
    Try out. You might have to use some javascript controls to do this. But I am not experienced in JavaScript to do this. I'm sure it cane be done.
    But note you will have to save both documents with the Thumbnails and the four page and Thumbnail page in a folder and send to prospect
    If you want just four separate pages in one Pdf just do first two paragraphs above

  • AS) export single page PDFs from multi-artboards

    I'm not exactly sure where my new problem lies. I'm trying to save out single page PDFs from an Illustrator CS4 document with multiple artboards. Each artboard should become a PDF. I can get a multi page PDF, but when it saves single page files, I get white PDFs with error messages on them (I think it is saving .ai files with a .pdf extension).
    this is where I am now (simplified, of course):
    tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
    set docName to name of current document
    set itemNumber to 1
    tell application "Finder" to set fileLoc to path to desktop as string
    set pageCount to (count artboards in document docName)
    tell current document
    set allPlacedItems to placed items
    repeat with h from 1 to (count of allPlacedItems)
    set thisPlacedItem to item h of allPlacedItems
    tell thisPlacedItem to embed
    end repeat
    set allTextItems to text frames
    repeat with j from 1 to (count of allTextItems)
    set thisTextItem to item j of allTextItems
    tell thisTextItem to convert to paths
    end repeat
    end tell
    repeat with i from 1 to pageCount
    set pdfSaveOptions to {class:PDF save options, pdfXstandard:PDFX None, compatibility:Acrobat 6, preserve editability:false, generate thumbnails:false, optimization:false, acrobat layers:false, artboard range:i, view pdf:false, color downsampling:0, color resample:nodownsample, color compression:none, grayscale downsampling:0, grayscale resample:nodownsample, grayscale compression:none, monochrome downsampling:0, monochrome resample:nodownsample, monochrome compression:none, compress art:false, trim marks:false, registration marks:false, color bars:false, page info:false, page marks style:Roman, trim mark weight:trimmarkweight025, offset:6.0, bleed link:true, bleed offset:{0, 0, 0, 0}, color conversion id:none, color destination id:none, color profile id:include all profiles, trapped:false, font subset threshold:50.0}
    set pdfName to docName & "TEST" & itemNumber & ".pdf"
    set destFile to (fileLoc & pdfName) as string
    save document 1 in file destFile as pdf with options pdfSaveOptions
    set itemNumber to (itemNumber + 1)
    end repeat
    close current document without saving
    end tell

    // Save the artboards to PDF.
    var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
    var original_filename =;
    // alert ( )
    // Get the folder location
    var destFolder = Folder.selectDialog('Select the folder to save the PDF files to:');
    // Get the number of artboards to export from a dialogue
    var total =  myDoc.artboards.length
    //     Number.selectDialogue('Total Number of Files to be made')
    if (destFolder) {
         for (i=0; i<total; i++)
              var destFile = new File(destFolder+original_filename+"_"+i);          //     Assign incrementing filenames
              var pdfSaveOptions = new PDFSaveOptions();
              pdfSaveOptions.viewAfterSaving = false;          //     Don't want to see these fles in Reader
              pdfSaveOptions.SaveMultipleArtboards = true;
              var range = new String();
              range = (i+1).toString();
              pdfSaveOptions.artboardRange= range;     //     not Assign incrementing page range
              myDoc.saveAs (destFile,  pdfSaveOptions);     
    I've run this script on the 3 art board document the Adobe sample scripts create. It's a just different coloured star on each artboard.
    This script appears to work in as far as I get 3 files with just one artboard showing when I open the files in Adobe Reader. Problem is when I open them in AI, I can see all the artwork is still there and even more stranger is the fact that the numbers are still 1,2,3 whereas in Reader it's just page i showing as page 1 each time.
    This could be a problem when the application I'm writing generates an image structure from the files if it sticks the excess data onto the GPU (not sure if it will or not). If it includes all the data, also it just makes the Application footprint bigger by a 8 MB or so of unnecessary baggage. An issue for a 'light weight' app.
    I noticed the export ExportArtboardsPhotoshop.jsx script has this line:
    psdExportOptions.saveMultipleArtboards = true;
    It works in that context but in PDF context it only works in terms of what Reader shows not what exists in the files. Good one Adobe… Makes me wonder what the Multiple art boards method did before AI had multiple art boards. How was AI dividing the objects?!
    Also I really need a SaveAsCopy (non-existent I think) method or I'll have to keep reopening the original file and then doing SaveAs.
    Back to manual duplicating files in finder, batch renaming, opening them all and deleting excess. Or export to PSD and get my dimensions right or just oversized (I can always down sample in the app)…
    This is truly a painful exercise!

  • How can I create an accessible PDF using Pages?

    I am interested in being able to use Pages (and actually also Keynote) to produce accessible PDF documents, ideally following the PDF/UA standard.
    Government agencies require that electronic is created and shared in an accessible fashion.
    I know it is possible to create accessible PDF (or well-tagged PDF) in Microsoft Word - but only on Windows unfortunately. I could also use OpenOffice, but to be honestly I find Pages is the more productive tool for me.
    Any pointers as to whether and how to create accessible PDF from Pages would be more than welcome....

    Hi there, I suppose I didn't make myself very clear. I am working for a regional organization for persons with disabilities and we create publications that are accessible to various kinds of disability, i.e. deaf, blind, etc. We convert ordinary reports to accessible text for the benefit of the blind. There are programs/apps that provide sound/voices that will 'read' the text. Acrobat PDF has such a feature called 'Readable PDF', which if composed properly via tagging, etc, will be converted and saved as 'readable PDF'. You can do this using In-Design. But I am also looking at the possibilities for Pages (I like this program a lot because it's easy) but I am not sure if there are tagging features here that will allow be to prepare the report as a 'Readable PDF' file. Thanks!

  • Open multi page pdf specific page in Illustrator CS4 with apple script

    I need to open multi page pdf specific page in Illustrator CS4 with apple script. Is it something like this:
    activate  (open file theTargetFolder as PDF with options …).
    Thank you.

    Muchas Gracias por tu colaboración y excelente script, el que se abra el ESTK no tiene mayor importancia.
    El caso es que Adobe recomienda encarecidamente NO utilizar Illustrator para editar PDFs, por diversas razones, aunque cuando no hay otro remedio o herramienta disponible, o conocida ...
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    luego hay que bajar hasta el final y ver Comunidad y Foros...... (esto puede ser)
    al pulsar aparacen un montón de foros se supone de programas pero en inglés,
    y la última línea es de International Forums,  ya casi hemos llegado)
    pulsamos entonces, y por fin se abren cuatro palabras con idiomas, en una dice: español      (casi no me lo puede creer)
    pincho y llego por fin aquí.
    Muy poca gente sabe de la existencia de este pequeño refugio, si a esta dificultad añadimos la peculiar forma de ser de la gente, ....

  • Canot email in pdf from pages + keynote with iPad air

    I can't email à document in PDF from pages and keynote with iPad air. I reset the iPad an it don't work

    Can you mail the files in any other format at all? Did you try emailing a Pages file as a Pages file or as a Word doc?
    OK. My response was too late. If you can email them in another format, I don't see how the problem could be with the mail app, but I suppose it's possible anyway. I know that you restored the iPad, and this should help, but try resetting all settings.
    Settings>General>Reset>Reset all settings. No data will be lost but all of your settings will have to be entered again.

  • I can't email a PDF from pages on my IPad

    I can't email a PDF from pages on my IPad2.  I had no problem doing this before installing the most recent update.  Any ideas?

    Need more info to troubleshoot. What happens when you try? Any error messages?

  • IPad mail sending one page PDF documet as a picture. This picture is not viewing for other people who email open. this problem is from iBooks and from Pages.  (if I sending one page document from Pages from iPhone is ok - PDF)

    iPad mail sending one page PDF documet as a picture. This picture is not viewing for other people who email open. this problem is from iBooks and from Pages.
    (if I sending one page document from Pages from iPhone is ok - PDF. If I sending one page document from iPad is mistake. )

    Turn off rich text in your email signature. Delete images too, if any.

  • Issue creating a single PDF from MS Word on Mac

    Using Trial Version of Acrobat XI for Mac.  I am having issue creating a single PDF from MS Word on Mac.  Acrobat is creating multiple files splitting up randomly.  Are there any settings to select for ending up with just one PDF fil

    As I mentioned before, I have used the following methods, each resulting the same, split up PDF file.
    File>Save As - Selected PDF from under the Format dropdown menu.
    File>Print>PDF - used Save As PDF
    File>Print>PDF - used Save As Adobe PDF
    With this information, I think I have tried all that you have asked me to do.  Please let me know if I could reach out to a technical consultant or someone else who can help.  Thank you.

  • How do I create a continuous PDF from another application?

    I need help creating a continuous PDF from a Quark Xpress document.
    I was able to achieve this on Photoshop once before (couple months back)
    and now I cannot remember how I did it.

    I think you made a wrong turn somewhere. This is the photoshop Elements forum. If you're asking about full photoshop, you need to go to the relevant forum here:
    Good luck!

  • How do I create a paginated pdf from Indd?

    Can somebody please tell me how to create a paginated pdf from Indesign CC? it used to be so simple to "print a booklet" as a ps, and then distill it. Now I can't seem to do that anymore

    You don't really need to create a paginated PDF if you're sending to a printers to output for you - they should be doing that portion!
    If you need a print out for yourself then Print Booklet should be fine.
    If you need a PDF of it you should be able to get Acrobat from your CC subscription and then that should add the PDF as a printer in your Printer list.
    It's not ideal to "print to pdf" and I don't recommend it as a workflow.
    Instead -  you can use File>Export and choose the right PDF settings for you.
    In Acrobat - you can choose to print a booklet.

  • How to create a fillable PDF from InDesign?

    Hi everybody!
    Hope there's no thread about that... by the way. I have to create a fillable PDF from a InDesign file.
    I try to explain: with ID I'd create a file with text form, tables, images with text forms on them etc.... Now I have to export that in PDF and I want to transform the forms (sorry for the bad english, I'm italian) in fillable ones in PDF. How can I do it?
    Thanks to everyone!

    Export the ID file as an Interactive PDF.
    Open the PDF form in Acrobat XI  and then:
    File > Save As Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools (includes for fill-in & save). . . Your users will be able to fill in the form and save it (assuming they have the later versions of Acrobat Reader).
    Make sure you keep a copy of your original PDF with a different file name as once you've created a Reader Enabled PDF Form you can't change it.

  • Which is the simplest version of acrobat to use to create high quality pdf from a doc file

    which is the simplest version of acrobat to use to create high quality pdf from a doc file

    Acrobat Standard.

Maybe you are looking for

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