Creating PDF from File, missing Settings

Acrobat Professional. 6.0.
I never used Acrobats "Create PDF from file", as in my MS Office 2000 there was "Acrobat - Convert to Adobe PDF" menu item with the possibility to change joboptions settings.
My current MS Office 2007 now has its own PDF convertor only, so I tried the Acrobats feature "Create PDF from file". It works, but the Settings button is grayed out with all Office file types. I didnt find a way how to access Acrobats settings, so I tried by first opening Distiller and changing the options there. Nothing happened, the output from Acrobat has always the same file size and quality. Of course I could make PDF out from Office by printing to Adobe PDF printer, but how with other file types which are not Office types.
Thanks for suggestions, i.e. for showing me what I eventually didnt consider.

As I and Bernd tried to say. AA6 does not support OFFICE 2007. The fact that you have PDF Maker from AA6 working in WORD 2007 is surprising. Since it is not a normal or supported operation, we have no idea what to tell you. It should not even be working. You are the first one I have ever heard say that they have the AA6 PDF Maker (create PDF is the way it shows up) working in OFFICE 2007!
Thus, I may misunderstand. But I am trying to tell you that none of us have experience with the configuration. Adobe will also tell you to simply upgrade. Unfortunately, that leaves you on your own to experiment. If you have questions along the way based on your observations, we would be glad to try to help, but don't expect too much.

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  • Can't Create PDF "from file" using any MS Office files

    Acrobat 8.1.1 Pro. (OS = XP), as part of the CS3 premium edition.
    I can no longer get Acrobat to recognize any of the MS Office applications extensions (.doc, .ppt, etc...) for use with either Create PDF "From File" or when using the Combine Files feature to Merge or Package. The extensions are no longer even listed as an option in the dialog box, or in the Preference settings under "Convert to PDF".
    FYI- I can still use the PDF Maker functionality from within the MS Office application to create a PDF.
    Any Idea what could have happened, or more importantly how to fix?
    I have re-installed the Acrobat 8 application, and the problem still exists.
    I'm truly puzzled.

    I get this with my PC and I ran detect-repair and reinstalled. Some PDF's I can open and other's I cannot. I can send the email to a cohort and they can open fine.
    "Can't create file: Right-click the folder you want to create the file in and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder"
    Any ideas would be great.

  • Why did my Acrobat 9 stop being able to create PDFs from files?

    Howdy folks- my first foray here.
    I have a copy of acrobat pro 9 which I installed and used uneventfully for the last few years (windows 7). I hadn't used it in the last few months.
    Yesterday when I tried to create a new PDF from file (word doc, per usual) it gave me an error after 'opening the program the file was created in'. then it said PDFmaker or something like that wasnt working, did i want to run in repair mode?
    I said yes, waited about a half hour for it to do its repair thing, and it still didnt work. restarted twice. tried repairing again and restarting. same errors. then i uninstalled and reinstalled acrobat 9, and it still gives the same error, asking me to run in repair mode.
    i really need to be able to convert doc to PDF and there is no way i can afford a new copy. does anyone have any idea of how i can make this work again?

    Sounds like you upgraded (or maybe just updated) your Office. If you updated to OFFICE 2010, then you will have to open the file in WORD and print to the Adobe PDF printer. PDF Maker for AA 9 is not compatible with OFFICE 2010.
    If you are talking about OFFICE 2007 or earlier, and OFFICE update may have disabled the PDF Maker macro. In that case, you have to open WORD and go to the oddins option and activate the PDF Maker option. It might be possible to get the feature back by opening Acrobat and using Help>Repair to repair your installation.

  • Creating PDF from File is creating poor image quality.

    When I combine files to one PDF I am receiving terrible image quality. I'm importing PNG's and I set my preferences to maximum PNG quality.

    asv wrote:
    I tried to "print" my file to the Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer and control the image settings from there, but it keeps failing.
    when you say "it keeps failing" what does this mean?  Do you get any error message or messages?
    The best way to create any pdf file from Microsoft Office package is to print to the pdf file as you have already tried.  If this fails for any reasons you can save the file in PPT or any Office packages as PDF as long as you have the latest versions of Office - 2007, 2010, or 2013.  For Office 2007 you had to download an Add-in from Microsoft website to "Save as" pdf but 2010 and 2013 are automatic.
    Hope this helps.

  • Can't create PDF from Word file

    I may be missing some functionality or that functionality may not exist.
    I'm running Acrobat Pro 9.2 and MS Word 2004 (11.5) on OSX Leopard 10.5.8. I want to create a PDF from a Word file but NOT using the Print dialog. I want to either create it in Acrobat using File > Create PDF > From File or create it from within Word using the Acrobat menu/toolbar. This is so that it will end up as a tagged PDF.
    However, I don't have an Acrobat menu or toolbar in Word. I thought Acrobat was supposed to have installed these into MS Office when I installed Acrobat. And when within Acrobat if I select File > Create PDF > From File and choose a Word file, I get a message "Acrobat could not open 'filename.doc' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged". This happens for all Word files.
    Looking in Acrobat > About Adobe Plug-Ins... under Convert2AdobePDF it says 'Loaded: no'.
    Are these two methods of converting Word files to PDFs something that can only be done in the Windows version of Acrobat? Or is there a plug-in or update I can download to install this missing functionality?
    Thanks for your help,

    Keep your Office2004. But Office 2008 does have a way to create PDF's from within  the word and excel Programs.
    It works better than through the AdobePDF Printer, or through the Apple Print menus save as PDF. (Unless you have X.6.x Snow leopard)
    One thing it gets around is a long standing Problem Acrobat has had with word and excel since Word 6.0.1.a/Excel 5.0.1a. Acrobat doesn't know how to interpert Word Page section Breaks. Chopping up a word/excel document in to multiple PDFs that have to be merged back together. MS came up with their own PDF Converter that gets around that problem.

  • Can't create PDF from most MS Office files, or combine

    After behaving nicely for months, Acrobat suddenly won't create PDFs, either from the Acrobat menu or (for most) from right-clicking in Explorer. If I try File> Create PDF> From File, the dialog says it's looking for 'all supported formats' but doesn't show any of the files in the folder (not even .TXTs). It'll create a PDF from the right-click menu in Explorer, for only a very a few file types (for example, .docx but not .doc), and it won't do a Combine Files, either from Explorer or from the program, for any filetypes (says 'cannot convert file' on all filetypes).
    This worked fine up til today and I have the same setup at work (AA 9 Pro and Office 2010) where it works fine. Tried doing a 'Repair' but no change. Starting to panic here. What went south? Thanks for any clues!

    I said to print as a check, not to forget PDF Maker. The print is a temporary work around while you resolve the issue, partiuclarly if you are under time pressure. With versions before AA9, PDF Maker was simply a front end for the printer and when the printer was checked things might fail. So you get some trouble shooting of where the problem is. If you do not want to troubleshoot to see if everything is broken, that is fine.
    The updates and repairs are other steps to take. A reinstall is typically a last resort and should include deletion of the Acrobat folder and running a cleaner on the registry after the uninstall.
    Generally, if the PDF Maker in WORD does not work, then none of the other options to right click and create a PDF or creating a PDF directly in WORD will not work either. The whole point is to trace down to what is the major problem. Often folks have problems because the PDF Maker is not being recognized in WORD and has to be activated, but you have the icon and that suggests things should work.
    Your next step is to check the job settings file. Be sure you have access to the job settings file. You will usually get an error message if this access is denied for some reason and posting the error is helpful.

  • Acrobat 9 Pro - Create PDF from Word doesn't start

    I have Word 2007 and Acrobat 9 Pro installed on Windows 7. I can print a Word file to PDF, but using Create PDF on the Acrobat toolbar does almost nothing. A dialog opens and asks what to name the file, but when I click Save nothing happens. The PDF Maker doesn't even start.
    When I go into Acrobat and try to Create PDF from File and select a Word file, I see a message about "starting" but then I get "An unexpected error occurred. PDFMaker was unable to produce the Adobe PDF."
    So I essentially have no PDF and no useful error messages to help me find the source of the problem. I've tried repairing the Acrobat installation, and even uninstalling and re-installing, all to no avail. My IT department has tortured me for a few hours trying all the basic stuff, but nothing has helped. I found this problem description in the Adobe Knowledgebase and I followed the steps there, but still nothing. (Yes, I have my name and initials set in Word's personalization settings. That was a dumb bug, wasn't it?)
    Anyone had any ideas? I can create basic PDF by printing, but that doesn't give me a hyperlinked table of contents and other good stuff that I need.
    Thanks for any help!

    Hi Bill,
    Can you tell me a little more about PDF Maker not working in Word? It worked fine for me on my Windows XP machine with Word 2003 and Acrobat 8 (or maybe 9). It sounds like you've had a different experience. I currently have version 9.3.1, but the updater is running right now to update that. Is there another way to install the updates besides with the built-in updater? I don't seem to have control over the order of the updates when I use it.
    I will try turning off features to see what happens. It doesn't look like PDF Maker gets started, though, so I don't know if it's getting far enough to even load the list of what features are on/off.

  • How to not include the path when creating pdf from many html files?

    I use "Merge File into a Single File" to create a pdf file from many html files. However, the generated pdf file have the path information of the html files. I'm wondering how to generate a pdf without the path information.

    Go to CREATE > Create PDF from Web Page > Click the SETTINGS button on the dialog that follows > Uncheck "Place headers and footers on new page".

  • Creating PDF from Office files in Acrobat X for Mac

    Dear All - I just installed the Mac version of Acrobat X (with the newest dot release upgrade).  I was surprised to find (on my installation anyway) that the only way to create a PDF from an Office document is from within Mac Office, using the print command to create an Adobe PDF. 
    There is no way to use Create PDF from the initial screen or the menu bar of Mac Acrobat X to convert an existing .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt, etc. file  - the dropdown list of supported formats doesn't include any of the Office formats.  Nor does dragging an Office file's icon onto Acrobat's icon work.
    I know from the video tutorials on that the Windows version of the Acrobat X product does support direct conversion of Office files without having to open them first in Office.  Is there something screwy with my particular installation, or is the exclusion of Office conversion in the Acrobat application (as opposed to through Office) a "feature" of the Mac version for some reason?
    Many thanks.

    That's a good question, but I don't have a definitive answer. I know that Adobe has claimed to be working on providing PDFMaker capabilities (at least partially) for the Mac, but we haven't seen anything yet. PDFMaker was dropped as of version 9, but even before then, it was considerably less capable than the Windows version.
    I believe there are techincal limitations on the Mac that prevent them from integrating it with Microsoft Office products. I know that on WIndows, Office needs to be installed for PDFMaker to work, so Acrobat (PDFMaker) relies in part on MS Office functionality. If the same APIs aren't available on the Mac, there's not a lot they can do apart from implementing a conversion process that does not rely on MS Office, which sounds to me like a considerable undertaking.

  • File, create PDF, from web page, entire site...questions

    I am new to adobe, is this the proper forum for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for macintosh?  I think yes...
    Created a PDF from:  File, create PDF, from web page, entire site.
    Is there a way to print this without the background color?  If you printed from a browser, you could choose not to print the back ground color.  I know exactly the color.
    Is there a way to make this PDF look like the web, with no page breakes?  I have tried various things, but the page breaks are always displayed.
    Is there a way to create bookmarks on somthing other than the title tag in the web site?  The title tag is an SEO 1 sentence summary of the page, which makes for very long book mark names.
    Thanks for your help.

    I don't use v9, but what I would do is click the FILE--PRINT option, print to PDF, and enter to print one page (default is first page)

  • Unable to create PDF from Publisher file

    I am able to create .pdf from a .jpg, also from an .xls ... but not from a Publisher document (2007).
    I get a prompt to run in repair mode and I tried that (twice) but the problem is not being corrected.  At one point I had a message about PDFMOUTLOOK and thought I disabled it.   I tried both ways, from inside Publisher, and dire Any help will be greatly appreciated.ctly from Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro ... neither works.
    Below is the log:
    %%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%
    %%[ Error: typecheck; OffendingCommand: xshow ]%%
    %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
    %%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

    Interestingly, "PDFMOUTLOOK" is apparenly related to PDF Maker for Outlook. It has also been suggested to be Malware (not good). That would suggest you may have some corruption. I am not saying you do, but just what is hinted at by a web search.
    In terms of the printing process. The Adobe PDF printer creates a PS file. With Acrotray active, this PS file causes Acrotray to activate Distiller in the background and complete the conversion of the PS file to PDF. That is the basic conversion process used by Acrobat to create PDF files. Distiller is always in the picture, it just may be running in the background. If Acrotray is not active, the process will stall. Since you are seeing a Distiller log screen, your process seems to be working.
    PDF Maker is basically a preprocessor for the Adobe PDF printer. The preprocessor inserts PDF Marks into the PS file that is created to allow the conversion to PDF to include bookmarks, links, etc. My suggestion about PDF Maker (since the print process seems to work) is that there may be something in PDF Maker that is causing the problem. From the web search, it appears it may even be a virus type of aspect that hit your PDF Maker. Again, I am not saying that is the case, only suggesting it as a possibility. If you can create the PDF from the printer, then the basic process of creating PDFs is working and it is then a process of checking out the problems with PDF Maker. For that, I typically suggest turning all of the options off and then adding them back in to see what triggers the problem. You are basically in a trouble shooting mode and need to isolate the problem.

  • Some pictures are removed while creating pdf from MS word

    I have some problems with creating PDF from MS word 2007 file.
    I'm using Acrobat X pro and MS office 2007. My system is windows XP Pro SP3.
    I'm making some documents including many tables and figures. They're created and modified in MS word and when I publish them, I have to convert them in PDF files.
    At first, the body of the document and figures are separated. I converted them individually and insert the figure pdf files to the body pdf files.
    One day, my boss wanted to combine the seperated word file into one file and I did it. There was no problem before I created PDF file.
    There are sample of the PDF.
    This is a part of missing picture. After conversion, another parts are unseen and I can find only this part.
    Sorry that I can't reveal all parts of picture.
    As you see up there, a little part of whole pictures are found (but they are reversed) and another pictures are just missing.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    I don't know about the PC version but in the Mac version if you don't have drawing objects checked in Print and
    in the view menus, when you print to PDF, the images won't be there.
    I would assume there are the same settings in PC even if you Print to PDF printer or what other method available to PC.

  • Getting general error when saving site using "create PDF from"

    I'm using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0.0 for Mac, trying to save websites. This started working fine, but I had to shut down in the middle of a site being saved. Now when I try to save a site  using Web Capture/create PDF from I get a "general error, nothing was saved". What do I need to do, remove, replace, reinstall or whatever to get this feature working again?
    Also can anyone tell me how to set the feature that saves web pages with the headers and footers showing date, time, URL, page title, etc. I often use the print feature (save to PDF) and up until a day or so ago it always saved with those headers and footers. Now they're missing, which is what prompted me to try saving entire sites, above. I remember setting these a long time ago and being able to choose what went on the left, right,header and footer, but I cannot find those settings now.

    Well, after downloading Applejack, I am completely confused. I'm not sure I understand what will happen if I do any of these steps: see 3a.. "clean out all cache files including the Launch Services database and any cached User Pictures". What kinds of things will I lose? Can I choose only the Acrobat cache files?  I don't want to have to spend hours or days resetting things as I'm in the middle of a project with a close deadline. I also don't really understand fully what will happen with all the other things they discuss.  The instructions say (I just copied and pasted these):
    3.  Auto mode: You can let the script run through its tasks automatically by typing 'applejack auto'. If you want the machine to automatically restart at the end of its tasks, use 'applejack auto restart'. You can also tell the computer to shut down automatically at the end by using the command line 'applejack auto shutdown'.
    3a. Deep Auto mode: If you want to let AppleJack clean out all cache files, including the Launch Services database and any cached User Pictures, use 'applejack AUTO' instead. Use this if you still have problems booting after running AppleJack already.
    4.  Interactive mode: To run through just one task, or to run the script manually, type 'applejack' and then choose tasks from the menu. Running the script in interactive mode has the benefit of giving you options for working with user level cache and preference files, not just the default system level caches and preferences. To select an option, type the highlighted number or letter associated with the action, and then hit return. Whenever you enter a choice in AppleJack, you will need to hit return for that choice to take effect.
    4.  Corrupted preference files are moved into a directory that will mirror the original preference directory, with (Corrupt) added to the directory name. For example, corrupt preferences files found in ~/Library/Preferences will be moved to ~/Library/Preferences (Corrupt). After running AppleJack, you'll probably want to take a look at them (and most likely throw out those folders). As of version 1.4.2, AppleJack now creates a copy of the directory tree inside the (Corrupt) folder so that if any files were deeply nested inside the original preference folder, they will be placed in an identical directory hierarchy in the new (Corrupt) folder. This way, if for any reason you would want to move a preference file back, you know where it should go.
    6.  AppleJack has a primitive logging mechanism. It writes a journal of most of its activity to /var/log/AppleJack.log. AppleJack will automatically reset the log the next time you run it, if the file should ever reach a size somewhat over 500k.

  • Acrobat 8.1 Crashing when creating PDF from webpage
    I have been trying to create a PDF from the above URL using Acrobat 8.1 using the "Create PDF from Web Page" function.  The Download Status form opens and shows the progress as files are downloaded and converted.  However Acrobat 8.1 always crashes before completing the task.  Acrobat 5.0 successfully completes the task although the formatting leaves a lot to be desired but that's another issue.
    I've tried various values for settings such as processing 1 level or getting entire site but the crash is consistent.
    I have also tried a couple of other machines in the office with the same crashed result.
    Can anybody suggest why Acrobat 8.1 would fail to render this URL into a PDF and what would cause it to crash so consistently?  Is there an alternate method of creating a PDF from this URL aside from loading it into Word and printing to a PDF?
    Any clues appreciated!

    The problem is likely that the web page does not conform to standard HTML. AA8 crashed on me also. You can print the file from your browser. The only thing that would be missing would be the 3 links near the bottom and they are easy to add.

  • How to include non web pages to the "Create PDF from Web Page" feature?

    In Acrobat Pro (v. 10), when I use the "Create PDF from Web Page" feature, it works great for html pages, but it skips non-html links (doc, pdf, ppt, xls, etc). I need Acrobat Pro to convert those files and put them in the order as well. I don't see an option for this in settings. Is there ANY way I can do this? This is for an archiving purpose and I have 10,000 plus files to convert. Please help.

    This is a question i'm trying to answer too. My issue is that I have a PDF file which itself contains links to both DOC and PDF files. The end result is that I need one consolidated PDF containing all the linked files (in order).
    I can run the "create from web page" on this PDF file, and it'll download them, but not convert them. It just adds them as "jumbled" text to the end of the document. I need it to download, convert, and then append them.
    So, as isunshine3 asked above, any way to have Adobe convert the files that it finds linked when running the "create from web page"?

Maybe you are looking for