Creating RFC Destination For UNICODE system From NON-UNICODE system

how can i create RFC Destination For UNICODE system( XI ) From NON-UNICODE (R/3) system.
thanks and regards
Mithlesh Kumar Jha

Check these blogs , Hope u would be getting some idea
Sridhar Reddy

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  • Creat RFC destination for portal

    when i am doing RSPOR_SETUP , i am getting java and abap support package versions are different error message for step 2, i.e creating RFC destination for portal.
    Please send me suggestion regarding this issue.

    is ur BI and Portal SP versions different ?? ....if true ?? make sure they have the same SP
    use this link
    for guidance......

  • Business scenairo for transfering data from Non Sourace system.

    Hi everyone,
    i am looking for sample business scenario for transferring data from non source system.
    If the case study is for any Financial system that will be even great.
    if any one has good Document Please Fwd it to e-mail [email protected]

    hi rk,
    what you means to say something source like flat file, not from r/3 side.
    what exactly you want,plz explain?
    if helped,assign point!

  • Invoice posting for the PO from Non-SAP system

    Dear Friends,
    I have one requirement like from Non-SAP system PO details will be accessed from SAP and after certain calculations Invoice will be posted for the same PO back to SAP.
    Everything needs to be done in Non-SAP system by accessing SAP system.
    There are some BAPI which can be used for the purpose, but I am not able to get the correct BAPIs to get the PO details and Posting the Invoice for PO.
    Please anybody can help me out with the BAPI details.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Use following BAPIs
    BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL - To get Purchase Order details

  • Using BAPI for calling transaction from NON-SAP system

    hi all,
    im new to BAPI , i m working in producton firm we r short of license of SAP, we have given few authourisations to our venders and  we also have implemented HR portal and we r having shortage of license in that too. so my question is that can we use BAPI to reduce the use of SAP on vendors side and also for HR portal? like by using non-sap system on vendors side and for portal we can resolve the issue of licenses..???
    if yes then i want to do it that will be good for my carrer point of view. plzz help me out and give me the simple solution on it. we can not afford to buy the licenses bcoz of financial issues..

    Hi Nilesh,
    Depending on the Scenario you need to decide what BAPI you will use. what solution are you excepting?

  • Extract Tables/views into ECC 5.0 SAP system from Non-SAP system

    I am looking for some inputs on how to set up the following scenario of extracting data stored in tables/views in a non-sap external system into my SAP ECC 5.0 SAP database.
    Currently we are using a middleware between SAP and the external system to fetch data. I would like to get rid of the middleware and set up a scenario to call this non-sap external system and pull data stored in views into our SAP system directly. Is that possible in SAP version 5.0? If yes let me know the steps to be performed... do I need to set up XI ?

    maybe you can access sap data using some connector such as java or .net connector.

  • How to create a RFC destination for extracting data to HANA

    Hello All,
    Could someone help me in providing a document or note on how to create a RFC destination for extracting data from SAP data source to HANA using SAP LT replication server ?
    I am able to create a data base connection while transforming data from non SAP data source,but wasnt able to transform data which is from SAP abap tables .

    Hi Venkatesh,
    In SM59 t.code we create RFC destinations.
    Go thru the video link for creating RFC destinations step by step
    How to setup a trusted RFC connection between SAP systems: a step-by-step guide - YouTube

  • BAPI for calling Z transaction From NON-SAP system

    hi all, am new to BAPI i want to know that can we call any standard or Z transaction from NON-SAP system using BAPI if yes then plz let me know how.???

    BAPI's are not used for calling transactions. They have the same result though, a business partner for example kan be created, and maintained via the GUI, but it can also be done via a BAPI. These BAPI's are created for calling them from (non-) SAP systems since they are remote enabled. However, this means that the calling application / party will have to 'build' some sort of application themselves in order to call these BAPI's from 'outside' of the SAP system.
    The calling application will have to have access to the system, which can be maintained in the remote destination transaction SM59.
    But enough of this, there are lots and lots of posts on SDN about BAPI's, remote destination etc.

  • Receiving IDocs from non-SAP system ...

    Hello guys,
    I have problem with implementing IDoc-XI-IDoc scenario. The sender system is a subsystem (non-SAP system) sending IDocs but XI is not able to receive them. I thing the IDoc metadata can not be found.
    Logical system name of the sender is IF6020DEV. I registered the system in SLD. In Integration Directory I imported the Bussines System IF6020DEV to my scenario and I created communication channel of type Sender IDoc Adapter in it.
    In IDX2 I created new port called IF6020DEV and I copied needed metadata into the port. But it doesn't work. Probably I don't do it right because I'm beginner with SAP XI.
    Could you give me any advice how to configure XI for receiving IDocs from non-SAP system?
    Thank you in advance!

    Thank you very much. The issue described in refered discussion is almost same issue what I'm solving. Unfortunetally the described solution dosn't work for me.
    The sender system still returns following error. I know you probably won't understand it because you don't know the subsystem, but maybe you could get some idea what is wrong.
    05/29/09 16:09:19.482 idoup2 Logon...
    05/29/09 16:09:19.482 idoup2 RfcOpenEx (TRACE=1 CLIENT=110 USER=xxxxxx LANG=D LCHECK=1 GWHOST=xxxxxx GWSERV=3361 ASHOST=xxxxxxx SYSNR=61 PASSWD=<password>)
    05/29/09 16:09:19.529 idoup2 Logon RfcOpenEx result=1
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 Call to (IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS) failed (3)
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 Handle=1
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 key............:
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 status.........:
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 message........:IDoc-Adapter Eingang: Der Absenderport ist initial
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 internal status:
    05/29/09 16:09:19.607 idoup2 idoc_upload failed with rc=(3), try(2)
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 key............:IDoc-Adapter Eingang: Der Absend
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 status.........:EXCEPTION SYSTEM_FAILURE RAISED
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 message........:IDoc-Adapter Eingang: Der Absenderport ist initial
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 internal status:
    05/29/09 16:09:20.607 idoup2 idoc_upload failed with rc=(18), try(1)
    05/29/09 16:09:21.607 idoup2 Logoff...

  • Steps to create  rfc destination

    what are the steps to create rfc destination

    Follow the following steps :
    1. Create RFC destination for both the systems on CRM and R/3 in SM59.
    2. Create the logical systems and assign clients to logical system in SALE transaction both on CRM and R/3.
    3. Create a user in the R/3 table CRMCONSUM with the name CRM.
    4. Maintain the Middlware Parameter tables on CRM : Table SMOFPARSFA:
    Create an entry for following parameter entry:
    Key - R3A_COMMON
    Value - R/3 logical system
    5. Maintain the parameter tables on R/3 system : CRMRFCPAR, CRMPAROLTP
    Create new entry with following data:
    User - CRM
    Object name - *
    RFC Destination - RFC destination for CRM
    Load types - All Load Types
    In Queue flag - X
    Send XML – No XML
    Create the following parameter entry:
    User - CRM
    Value - Name of the CRM logical system
    6. Create Sites and attach subscriptions in Admin Console : Tcode SMOEAC
    Create a Site as CRM and another as R/3. Attach the required subscriptions to the R/3 site.
    7. Register the queues in SMQR and SMQS transactions.
    PS : For detailed steps refer the Middlware Base Customizings(CR500 and CR100)

  • No defineded RFC destination for global trade service----urgency!!!!

    how can i resolve this problem for [<b>STOP]</b> Message, just on one sever, not connect any other R/3 system, when i execute mb1c,input  a material information, and try to save the input messages , the system pop up the [<b>stop</b>] error:
        <b> no defineded RFC destination for global trade service</b>
    my system enviroment is:
        win2003 server + db2 8.2 + sap ecc5

    When you post an R/3 material document, the processing terminates with a system message indicating that no RFC destination has been maintained for Global Trade Services GTS.
    This system message is unjustified since SAP GTS has not actually been activated.
    This is caused by a program error.
    Please read the notes-825448, and do the necessary corrections.
    Hope this helps you out.

  • Uploading data from non sap system to sap system

    hi to all experts,
    my requirement is to upload data into the sap system from non sap system . the data is in  a flat file ,but the problem is that  in the flat file all the field lengths and fields are not in order or same as sap system. How to upload the data into sap system ....

    the data is in a flat file,but the problem is that in the flat file all the field lengths and fields are not in order or same as sap system.
    If the data is in excel sheet use this FM.
          FILENAME                      = P_FILE
          I_BEGIN_COL                   = 1
          I_BEGIN_ROW                   = 1
          I_END_COL                     = 17
          I_END_ROW                     = 3000
          INTERN                        = itab
      UPLOAD_OLE                    = 2
      OTHERS                        = 3
    It will read the data from excel sheet column wise and then store it in ITAB. you can change the order after reading the file.
    In case of Text file use FM  GUI_UPLOAD.
    You can change the order of the fileds after reading it from file, but the length and all you have to make compatible to SAP standard fields.

  • Getting problem when creating RFC Destination on XI system

    I m trying to create RFC Destination on XI system using sm59 tcode. In technical setting tab at  Target Host field, i gave SAP  ECC server IP address. and in Logon Tab I gave Login parameters for SAP ECC server  (Client 400, User : 05 & Password for user 05). Current user and Unencrypted Password fields are unchecked. also Logon Scree is also unchecked in Security Option.
    Problem is, when i click on Remote logon tab, It shows me Logon screen with client 000, User : 04 (which is XI system's user name) and Password. so it doesn't take given login setting for ECC system and if i tried this thing more than 3 times, ECC server block my pwd.
    Please suggest me the required solution
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi ritesh
    First check if the user exists in ths system. Check the password especially. Because the password space (Number of characters)in SM59 screen is more than password character in SU01 screen.Check the password.
    Secondly, Check if you have given the proper client in the destination box of SM59.
    Check for the unicode test also.
    If possible change the user type as service user.
    When everything is perfect am sure the rfc connection should be fine...

  • Problem in Fetching data using RFC FM from NON SAP system

    Hi All,
    Need help from experts on data transfer using RFC from a non SAP system/database. I have creasted the destination in sm59.
    I have created a function module too which has an import parameter as a query and export parameter as an internal table.
    No when i test run this function module it returns some entries. But when I call this FM in a program it throws a dump 'rfc_external_abort' .  Here is what the call to FM looks like in my program. Please guide me on this.
    Thanks in advance,
    DATA : lv_query TYPE string,
           it_gddbdata TYPE ZC9_TAB_SOLMAN_XI_RFC.
        in_sql_query       = lv_query
       ET_GDDB_DATA       = it_gddbdata

    your question..
    DATA : lv_query TYPE string,
    it_gddbdata TYPE ZC9_TAB_SOLMAN_XI_RFC.
    in_sql_query = lv_query
    ET_GDDB_DATA = it_gddbdata
    you are telling that you are fetching the data  from non sap system  using RFC function module.. how it is canot fetch the data from non SAP system using RFC FM alone.. you have to use the concept BAPI.. it will work..
    I hope this will help  you..

  • Want to create RFC FM for Getting data in CRM from R/3

    I have made the RFC connection in CRM system , now I want to make RFC FM for getting data from R/3 'MARD' table into CRM, If any one help me how to do this.
    From CRM system I will pass Plant & material no to FM and I need Storage location & Storage Bin from R/3 MARD table in CRM.

    Dear Bobby,
    You would create a FM in SE37 select 'Remote Enabled Module' radio-button in attributes tab of Function Builder.
    Select matnr werks LGORT LGPBE
               from MARD
               into ET_MARD
               where matnr = i_matnr
               and  werks = i_werks.
    matnr is material number
    werks is plant
    LGORT is storage location
    LGPBE is storage bin
    Hope this will help.

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