Creating your own theme-templates for printing?

Can I create my own theme-templates for printing?

No, iTunes printing is quite simple and only works off it's own templates. If you want to customise templates you'd be better advised to look at on of the specialised cover printing programs that are available. DiskLabel is one that springs to mind.

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  • How to create your own theme?

    Is it possible to create your own theme for use with iDVD?
    I know there are some commercially available (e.g., but what tools are needed to create your own?

    Actually, DVDSP has the ability to do everything that iDVD can do and much much more. The idea is to author your own themes in DVDSP, not use pre-made off the shelf ones... if you want cookie cutter design, go with iDVD. Even with the tutorials below, you are still limited on what you can do... that is a limitation built into the application itself. Perhaps a future version may change all that, but with added flexibility also comes added complexity. Some prefer keeping things simple.
    Here is the complete iDVD 5 tutorial list:
    Part 1: Basic Custom Button Creation
    Part 2: More on Custom Buttons and Highlights
    Part 3: Creating Motion Buttons and Motion Masks
    Part 4: Changing highlight colors on buttons
    Part 5: Creating custom drop zones

  • How do I create my own favorite template for DVD slideshows? I used to be able to select this from pulldown menu, but cannot now do so. I am directed straight to templates, which take more memory. I have a large slideshow, and need all the space I can get

    First, how do I create my own favorite theme template for DVD slideshows? I used to be able to select this from pulldown menu, but cannot now do so. I am directed straight to already existing themes, which take more memory. I have a large slideshow, and need all the space I can get. I just want to use a picture as my DVD cover, and then insert a slideshow. Also, when I try to burn my 8.5gb double sided slideshow, all that burns is the music. It is a large slideshow, a memorial on the life of my now deceased brother. This means a lot to me and to my family, and I am having so much trouble trying to burn it. I have gone into Project View and selected appropriately. The bar shows I have room to burn this DVD, but it does not burn.  I have burned so many DVDs in the past, but this one just will not burn. I am so confused at this point. I will say this is the first 8.5gb I have attempted to create and burn. My specs list a 7.7gb or 4.7gb as operable....but there are no 7.7gb dvds. I had to purchase 8.5gb. Help? What am I doing wrong? I have spent so much time on this, and just cannot figure it out.

    Final Cut is a separate, higher end video editor.  The pro version of iMovie.
    Give iPhoto a look at for creating the slideshow.  It's easy to assemble the photos in an album in iPhoto, put them in the order you want and then make a slideshow of them.  You can select from various themes and transitions between slides and add music from your iTunes library.
    When you have the slidshow as you want use the Export button at the bottom of the iPhoto window and export with Size = Medium or Large.
    Save the resulting Quicktime movie file in your Movies folder.
    Next, open iDVD, choose your theme and drag the QT movie file into the menu window being careful to avoid any drop zones.
    Then follow this workflow to help assure the best qualty video DVD:
    Once you have the project as you want it save it as a disk image via the File ➙ Save as Disk Image  menu option. This will separate the encoding process from the burn process. 
    To check the encoding mount the disk image, launch DVD Player and play it.  If it plays OK with DVD Player the encoding is good.
    Then burn to disk with Disk Utility or Toast at the slowest speed available (2x-4x) to assure the best burn quality.  Always use top quality media:  Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums.
    The reason I suggest iPhoto is that I find it much easier to use than iMovie (except for the older iMovie 6 HD version).  Personal preferences showing here.

  • Can you create your own Themes

    Please help I'm new to iweb and I'm trying to figure out who to create my own theme, complete with my own color palette, fonts etc? I maintain my sororities website and everything has to be pink and green but I would like for our site to have the professional look iweb provides without all of the hassel of custom coding. I just need a few text pages, calendar, photo album, etc. Feel free to check out our current site if will help you point me in the right direction.
    thanks in advance.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. To create a complete theme with all the different pages takes considerable coding knowledge.
    I think it would be more expedient to start with a blank page of the white theme and add your shapes, colors, photos, etc. that you want to use. Be careful regarding use of non web safe fonts. If you do it can change how the site looks when viewed by visitors on PCs which might not have that font on their machine. See the following regarding web safe fonts:
    Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents

  • How do you create your own theme?

    I'm into astronomy and I'd like to create my own theme on my phone (6300) for when I'm at a dark site.  We use red light only at dark sites because white light ruins your night vision for longer.  How can I create a red-based colour theme/wallpaper/text etc?

    Actually, the .nth files used as themes for S40 phones such as the 6300 are very simple and you don't really need any software other than a text editor to create them.
    These .nth files are in fact renamed .zip files. Rename one back to a .zip file, unzip it and look at the structure. At the core of it you have a simple XML file describing the various aspects of the theme. If any media (wallpaper, screensaver, ringtone etc.) is referred to in the XML file it'll be bundled in the archive along with the XML.
    Make any changes you want, zip the lot up again, rename it as a .nth file and you're done.
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  • Sharepoint foundation create your own theme

    I was wondering.. We recently had a visit from a person who have giving us a presentation of Sharepoint in our company. 
    That person was talking about the free version of Sharepoint -> Sharepoint Foundation and he told us that it was possible just like the normal Sharepoint version to develop an own theme. 
    I have been searching alot over the internet the past days but did not really found where i was looking for. My main job is developing websites (PHP, HTML, Javascript & jQuery, CSS, ...) so i could make a business theme to use in the Sharepoint enviroment.
    But since there is no Design Manager in the foundation version i was wondering how i could link that self made theme to the foundation version? 
    This person who was here for the presentation even gave us some examples of foundation enviroments where they have completely changed the look & feel and style (metro style i.e.) and i was wondering how they have done that with the Sharepoint Foundation? 
    Can someone help me on the way?

    Here is an useful blog to create custom themes in SharePoint 2013 using Color palettes and Font Schemes, and uploading them to the Themes Gallery.
    Hope this is useful :)
    Cheers, Keerth
    Keerth R

  • A Rough Guide to creating your own theme

    Here is a brief overview of how to create a new theme by editing the Creator default theme:
    // Gregory


  • Creating Parameters in RTF Template for BI Publisher Report

    I have created Parameters in my BI Publisher Report and in SQL query. But i need to create same parameters in RTF Template , so that when i publish this report in dashboard , parameters will be visible. Can you please tell me how to create Parameters in RTF Template for BI Publisher Report ? I am not finding option. Please let me know .
    Thanks in advance

    all the parameter's value will be there in your xml .
    just you need to add parameter heading and corresponding xml tag name to get the parameter value on the report.
    if u dont have you can try like below
    Declare Parameter in RTF Template
    Before you use the parameter in the RTF template file you need to declare it first. You can do so by having the following syntax.
    <[email protected]:%parameter_name%?>
    Note: where %parameter_name% is the parameter name that you have created at the BI Publisher Server UI.
    Here is an example:
    <[email protected]:param1?>
    Use it in RTF Template!
    Once it’s declared in the RTF template you can start using it as the same way you use the variable. You need to just add ‘$’ prefix in front of the parameter name. Here is the example:
    The above example would print the parameter value in the report output. If you want to use this value in your condition or calculation you can simply use it as ‘$param1’. Yes, it’s that simple.
    If you are not sure if and how the parameter values are passed to the report when you run the report you can use this command in your RTF template, which will return all the parameter values passed to the RTF template at the runtime.

  • Can you save your own theme and button set up so I can use the same format

    Can you save your own theme and button set up, so I can use this same format for similar content. I want to keep the button content and the theme the same without having to create it everytime? I am trying to streamline the process for multiple dvd's with the same menu and buttons but different content. Does that make sense?

    I am only new to this caper too, but I am pretty sure you can save a theme as a favourite by pressing the "save theme as favourite" button under file. If you have edited an existing theme but don't want to lose it, make sure you untick the replace existing button.

  • Template for print

    Hello, colleagues!
    I would like to set default template for printing.
    Admin guide says:
    4. Configure the Flash print and export templates:
      a. Select the Default Template from the drop-down list to the left.
    Additional Flash print templates can be implemented using the add-on manager.
    page 41 (pdf:51)
    There is option browsing for files in add-on manager, file with template for print named:, after trying to load this file manager says:
    floder name must begin with the prefix 'add-on'
    I can't add my own template, so I can't choose my own template as default in Print/Export Preferences.
    Best regards.

    Hi Alex,
    Do you mean that they are not available to select or that the settings from your template are not being read?
    I browsed t hrough some project notes from a recent project and I noticed a bug where the templates were not being imported correctly. You need to check your template before import and then do the same afterwards - this will tell you if the issue is occuring.
    If it is then raise an OSS message.
    Best regards,

  • Provide "standard" size-based templates for printing

    When I print a group of photos from MS Explorer, it gives me the option, very simply, of several page formats in terms of 4x5's, 5x6's, 8x10's, wallets, etc. and the page is optimized to print those. Can you setup some templates to match what Explorer does? I'm not a professional photographer, I don't print contact sheets, but I do want to easily print photos that I will cut-down from LR.
    Running Vista Ultimate.

    You can create your own usng Add Preset. Change the template to your liking and save.
    Don Ricklin, MacBook 1.83Ghz Duo 2 Core running 10.4.10 & Win XP, Pentax *ist D

  • Is there a way to create your own contact group

    Is there a way to create your own group contact list

    Not exactly your own app store, but close.  Apple has an App Store Volume Purchasing Program for Business >
    It allows you to purchase apps in any quantity you desire and pay using a company credit card.  You will receive a spreadsheet of redeem codes which you distribute to your emloyees.  The program guide has complete information >

  • Create your own graphics using Project ROME!

    Hi Romans,
    Ever want to add your own logo or graphic to your creations? Maybe you want to design a brand logo for your business or a festive turkey for your Thanksgiving cards and invitations.
    Learn more about creating vector graphics using Project ROME. Here are two tutorials on vector graphics: and And, one interesting thing to note, you can even create your own custom shapes using the paint brush tool.
    Let us know if you've enjoyed creating vector graphics in Project ROME, and if you had any trouble. We'd like to shape Project ROME with you in mind for the future!
    Forum Moderator

    Thanks for the praise! Did you have a chance to create your own graphic after watching this video? Please do and let us know your thoughts on this feature. Was it easy after the tutorial? Were there any problems you incountered?
    Thanks again,
    Forum Moderator

  • New iWeb theme templates for sale

    I thought I saw several new iWeb theme templates for sale several weeks ago about the time the 1.1 themes came out. They were priced at around $12 or $15 dollars or so. Anyone know where they are?

    Hi Chuck!
    It's been a long time since I've seen you around! Welcome back.
    Suzanne Boben is the queen of the iWeb templates. She sells her custom created templates on her website:
    Take a look. Hope it's what you were looking for. I know she's been busy with her latest creation "Aerolite". Good luck.

  • Component integration: Control framework / create your own gui controls

    Does anyone know where to find documentation about creating your own gui controls, like cl_gui_picture.
    For example we would like to make a zcl_gui_movie !!!
    Kind regards
    Keld Gregersen

    Hi Keld,
    Check out /people/thomas.jung3/blog/2004/09/01/using-net-windows-controls-in-the-abap-control-framework
    I have been able to create and use my own control in the SAP GUI - but I'm still trying to figure out how to handle any events raised by that control.
    If all you need to do is use the control to display something (like a movie!) it should work...
    If you can get some form of event processing working PLEASE let me know!!!

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