Creation of a new order type

Which are the impact on FI-CO module of the creation of a new order type to create a sales order?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Emanuela,
When production is based on sales order ( i.e Product cost by Sales order) in this scenario
sales order is created as a cost object.
This sales order is referenced when we create Cost estimate structure in CK51N
In this way sales order is integrated with Product cost controlling in CO module.
If your question is not answered, then give specific details about your requirement.
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  • Creating a new order type in OM

    Hi dear
    I have to create a new order type in order management.
    Once the order is booked, the inventory should decrease automatically without passing through "Release Sales Orders", "Transact Move Orders" and "Shipping Transactions".
    After the line status is closed, i can generate the invoice for the order through the autoinvoice master program in receivables.
    Can somebody explain me how to create such an order type?

    Thx a lot for ur help dr.
    I have activated the material transaction interface and now the stock quantity has decreased.
    I just wish to confirm some points in the creation of the new Order Type.
    I have done the following setups:
    Order Category: Mixed
    Transaction type code: Order
    Fulfillment Flow: Order Flow - Generic
    Line workflow assignment: BO Line - Inventory Interface
    Default return line type: Credit Only Line
    Default order line type: BO Line - Inventory Interface
    Plz confirm if the setups parameters are ok especially the Default return line type: Credit Only Line
    Thanks a lot dr.

  • Impact of new order type Creation.

    Greetings all SD experts,
    Currently, there's a new request in my company to create a new Sales Order Type via VOV8. Correct me if I'm wrong here but by creating a new order type, we need to also look into the item category assignment as well as the schedule line and the sales area permitted for the new order type.
    Aside from that, I believe I need to look into the SIS aspect as well the subsequent delivery and billing type ( whether using back the existing types or there's a need for a new creation ).
    My queries are as following :
    1 ) What will be the impact for a creation of new sales order type  besides those mentioned above?
    2 ) And are there any impact in other modules that I should take note of ?
    3  ) What are the subsequents config/settings that I need to look upon creating a new sales order type ?
    4 ) What will be things that I need to take note of if there's a need to create new delivery and billing type ?
    Sorry for the amount of queries above but your valuable input will be greatly appreciated here.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Warmest Regards,

    Hi Edie,
    To add / create a new Sales Doc type, u need to do the following config. Also if you are in Support project and you want add this it is always advisible to take reference data from the customer.
    Config required is:
    Assign Sales Document to Sales Area
    Item category determination
    Assign Document Pricing procedure
    Determine pricing procedure
    Assign Output Types
    Assign Incompletion Log
    Assign Partner determination procedure
    Maintain copy control Sales docs to Sales Doc’s & Sales Doc’s to Billing
    Maintain copy control Sales docs to Delivery
    Free Goods  / Material Listing
    Update Groups for LIS
    Scheduling With Route Schedule For Sales Document Type
    all these above assignments need to be done.
    4. You dnt need to create a new delivery and billing type, u can use the existing ones only
    Revert back for any clarifications.
    REward if it helps

  • New order type creation ?

    While creating a new order type what points we need to remember ? And what information we need to get from the user.
    As per my knowledge i can create the order type as
    01) Define order types
    02) Order type dependent parameters
    03) Define number range to the order
    04) Scheduling parameter
    05) Conformation parameters for order.
    Other than this is there any other points we need to consider.
    Please guide me.

    Hi Mastan,
    Added to experts suggestion also refer the below.
    Production Order Type Selection - ERP Operations - SCN Wiki
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Authorization to new order type

    I have created one new order type-zpos. For this users have asked the authorization for the below activities for the user id's.
    zpos order creation : users x,y,z
    zpos order release : user  A.
    ZPOS order release (user status).
    Please guide me what information i need to provide to the Basis person to provide the authorization on these activities.

    Hi Mastan,
    C_AFKO_AWK - Plant for order type of order - For the user give the details of which plant and order type he is authorized to Basis.
    C_AFKO_AWA -  Authorization for Production order type/activity
    01 - Indicates create order
    02 - change order
    03 - display order
    For users x,y,z give 01 create authorization and for user A give change authorization 02 if on creation order is not released.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • New order types effects on COPA

    Hello all,
    My business are creating a new Order type for a particular sales organisation and distribution type, they want me to investigate what  configuration changes do we need perform in COPA for the smooth creation and transacitons of the new order type (If at all any config changes are required). Kindly advice if you know the solution.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Ajay,
    Did you mean to say there is no need  to include new SALES ORDER TYPES in order to appear in COPA ? I
    have similar scenario where we created new sales order types & data from new order types are not flowing to COPA ( Specifically table CE11000).
    Appreciate your reply,

  • What is the need of creating New order type in PO

    Dear Experts,
                 I have a doubt in MM, what is the need of creating New Order Types?  Please explain with Business scenario.  Thanking you,

    Hi Elangovan
    Whenever you have a doubt like this...
    --- just verify the config settings for your parameter (order type here).
    ---Also check whether authorizations can be given for this ?
    ---Do you need it for specific analysis ? Are there standard reports/listings available ?
    So, some of the uses of order type are:
    1) What are the parameters controlled by order type ?
    It controls the number ranges and screen layouts etc. So, if you want to have different set of number ranges and different screen settings, then you may need a new order type.
    2) Authorizations can be controlled with order type.
    3) You can also use it in analysis/listings
    Best regards

  • New order type for a purchase order similar tu UB.

    I would like to know if it is possible to create a new order type for a purchase order. This new order type should work as a UB order type but "plant" and "storage location" should be indicated by default and shouldn't be changed.
    How should I proceed?
    Thanks in advance.

    The problem is that If I specify default values for each user (plant and storage location) It will always propose these values when using different order types. This can't be.
    Isn't there any other solution in standard sap?
    Edited by: LUIS ÁLVAREZ on Apr 26, 2010 11:25 AM

  • New order Type setup in Oracle Apps 11i

    Hello All,
    I setup a new order type for a new organization. When i want to select 'Invoice Source' for the order line type in 'Transaction Types', I see nothing in the list of values.
    The Invoice Source is already defined and is working for other order types for existing organization units.

    Thanks for your response.
    A transaction type (INV) is already defined in AR. This is what is assigned to an existing organization. I set up a new org and am trying to create a new order type for this org.
    Here is what I am doing:
    1) In order Management--Setup , created a new Transaction Type (New_Line). Transaction Type Code is Line, order Category is Order. The Sales Document Type defaulted to 'Sales Order'
    2) Then i defined a Transaction Type (New_Order) and assigned the Line Flow (order type --->New_Order, Line Type-->New_Line, Process Name ->Line Flow - Generic)
    I am running into two issues.
    1)  Can't assign the Invoice Source to the New Line Type I just defined; and
    2) When I book an order, I get "No workflow assigned ..." Error.
    Am I missing anything,

  • Creating new order type in OPJH

    Dear friends,
       I wants to create new order type for my process order in t.code OPJH.
    While creating so, i have given order category as "40" (for process order) & Order type as PI01. But system says that the key "PI01" already exist. But in the order type overview screen the system is NOT listing PI01 in the selection list ( If i press F4).
    Could any guide , how to create order type for process order?
    Any help will be awarded

    Hi friends,
    Thanks..I have found solution. Instead of OPJH, we have to look into CORN for process order.

  • New order type.

    Dear all,
    We have created a new order type. When we use the new order type, for the sale order item, in the condition tab, for the respective condition type, no gl account is showing against the account key. We are able to see the account key. If we use another order type, we are able to see the gl account tab in the condition tab.
    What would be the issue? Please suggest.

    As and when u create the new order type(copying frm the existing (OR)).When u try to save the new order type.System will prompt for the (Whether copy controls fields from (OR) to new order type should be done or not.
      If u say yes system will copy all the control to the new order type from the old one.
    If u say no system will not copy.
      In your situation also u have not specified yes while copying controls.And the g/l accounts are not copied from (OR) to new order document type.
      Try to do it again..
    Or else if u want to rectify it (Go to VTAA) t.code this is the copy control for (Sales document to sales document) and in that go to the new entries and specify your new document type and maintain all the copy controls.
      Then only u r issue will be resolved.
    If satisfied with my answer pls issue points to me....

  • Steps to create a new order type

    could someone plz tell me how to create a new order type and what other things i should look into to make it work.

    Hi sri
    if you want to go for new order type then copy standard into Z doc type. for example (OR to ZOR) , because there are tables which are assigned to the doc type internally  that get copied when you copy from standard .
    If your requirement is for same sort of doc type with diff changes suggestions is go for  (OR to ZOR)
    Now when you copy form standard to Z doc type , you need to configure as per your requirement in the VOV4  also

  • Sales Order creation of adding new condition type to Item

    Hi Expert,
    The sales order has been created and need to add new condition type (Z601) to the first item(10). While adding the condition I am getting warning message like
    "Item 000030 exists already; the entry will be ignored".
    Where item 030 will be the last item.
    I have cheked but it's a standard report SAPFV45P, we can't modify. Please let me know can we set any field in the sales order so that we wont be getting this message.

             If you would like to add the Condition Type automatically for a specific Item based on some condition (Lets say, Item Category), then you can code a Pricing Routine in VOFM Transaction and it will be automatically assigned.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Venkat Phani Prasad Konduri

  • Blocking creation of particular sales order type

    HI  ,
    I initially my sales order type was ZMF , so many sales order are open  , as of now I want to block the creation one new sales order of type ZMF,
    Please guide me

    Hi Sunaina,
    Simply go to the details of ur doc. type (i.e in Define Sales Doc. types in SPRO) & put "X" in the "Sales Document Block" field on the top right of the order type.
    This will block d usage of this particlar doc type.
    Hope it helps. Plz close the thread if answered.

  • Creation of Group for Order type

    Dear All,
    I have created the stage wise order
    types ,now I am trying to create a group for each order
    type, while doing this I maintained  text &
    no.range for the same,
    but system is not creating new group,
    it replaced the existing group.(OPJH )
    please guide me to solve this difficulty
    Thanks in advance
    Vijay Mankar

    Hi Vijay,
    1. To create a new group "F6" now type the description and the number interval. Now hit enter. New group is created
    2. You need to select the new Number Range Group by selecting the check box on the left side of the group.
    3. Place your cursor on the Order type decsription and use "F2" to select the line.
    4. Now you need to hit the "Element/Group" icon or F5 in key board to assign the order type to the number range group.
    Save the changes now. Number ranges are generally not transported, so you need to do this directly in the client where it is needed.
    Hope this steps will help you in understanding how this has to be done. Reward your points,

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