Creation of new Plant in productive system

Dear All,
           I have to create 3 new plants. the system is already productive from the last one year.
can anybody guide what will be the effects if i create new plants and send the transport to the production system.
what need to be looked for side effects if any?
pl give your valuable suggestions.
Thanks and regards

If you create new plants - there is no adverse effect but you have to make sure that the plant you create is copying by the existing.
other things if you have any custom reports based on the plant then the new plant should be included, authorization needs to be consider if any basd on the plant,

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  • Manual for creation of new Plant in SAP

    Hi Members,
    I need to test in quality finance related activities, creation of Profit center, Cost center, Standard Heirarchy, etc.. Does anyone help me with the manual for role of Finance guy in creation of new Plant..

    Hi Ravi,
    Please find the below link for steps to create plant with screens.
    BR, Srinivas Salpala

  • New plant in the system

    I want to create a new plant in the system.
    Please tell me the customising steps required to do that.
    Thank you

    1. Definition:
    Enterprise structure->Definition->Logistic gen.->Define...plant
    2. Assignment:
    Enterprise structure->Assignment->Logistic gen.->Assign...plant

  • Customization step for in  New Plant  in production planning.

    Dear Experts,
    Thanks for your continues support from SCN.
    My company having one of the production process unit.
    Already some plants (1000 ) are assign the process order customization. But currently include  one additional plant  ( 1001) for process manufacturing.
    Basically create order type, production scheduler, production scheduling profile these are all the main thing, other wise what are all the assignment to be ensure , create and followed.Kindly send me the customization step for each assignment in our new plant.
    ( order creation to end of the account settlement itself)
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback.

    Hi Anil,
    if all master data configuration is over in the new plant, you can proceed to crteate the required cofiguration for new plant.
    if your production process is similar across all plants then you can simply copy all the required things from your old plants, or if the process is different in the new plant you have to configure the required settings.
    as you asked what are required settings apart from Basically create order type, production scheduler, production scheduling profile these are all the main thing,
    apart from above things. actually the configuration is depends on your Production process which you Follow in your business. as standard process starts from Configuration od SOP And Transfering Demand To MRP and Running MRP then executing the results of mrp in this case we need to configure  SOP And MRP Settings First then remaining Production process configuration.
    can you give the details of your PRoduction process then we can discuss the sequence of required configuration.

  • Delete/Archive Plant in production system

    Hello All,
    As per the Client Bussiness requirement, could anyone explain me how can i delete the plant code in production system.
    as far as i know, i need to:
    close down all purchasing documents
    check the inventory
    deassign the Pur Org, storage locations ETC.
    it would be great if i get all the Standard steps suggest by SAP.

    Hello Venkat,
    As per the standard business functionality it is not advisable to delete the plant completely in database system.
    Because you had lot of master data under plant creation ( E.g. - Material master , Physical inventory data, material document (GR/GI data) etc ) ..
    So, If you are delete the plant code completely there is no past records for that existing master records.
    So, It is advisable to do change the plant code name as " DO NOT USE - NAME (OR) BLOCKED - NAME ) in beginning plant name (SPRO settings) ..
    For these plant code changes to Do Not use -prerequisite checking are
    1. There is Nill stock in MB52 -Stock Avl.
    2. MB5L Valuated inventory on GL  ( Nill inventory valuated )
    3. "MB5T In-transit inventory " There is no stock in transit movement and stocks
    After checking these above pre-requisite please following this below step for plant deletion..
    1.  "OX10 Add ""DO NOT USE"" at the beginning of the plant name."
    2.  "OX17 Delete plant assignment to purchasing org"
    3.  "OVX6 Delete plant assignment to sales org"
    4.  "OMS2 Remove Qty/value updating by material type "
    Hereafter your plant is completely deleted in your database..Without affecting any existing functionality in business process.
    Hope it would be useful..
    With Regards,

  • Creation of new plant and the impact of business

    Hi to all
    i am creating a new plant, and would like to know the impact of the plant, what are the changes to be made in the customization, i want to know what are the chages required, and let me know after unit testing and integration testing what activity to be performed, as i am at go live stage and in the production client how to extended the master data,  what is data migration how it can be done,
    thanking you

    Hi there,
    As an SD consultant, these are the things you need to take care.
    Assign the plant to the company code in OX18.
    You need to assign the new plant to the sales org / distribution channel in OVX6.
    Then assign the shipping point to plant in OVXC. If WH is active for your plant, then assign warehouse WH to plant & storage location in LE assignment.
    Reg the master data, you need to assign the material master to the new plant. Also maintain the MRP profiles, plant specific data in the MM01.
    Maintain the shipping point determination in OVL2 & storage loc determination in OVL3 (OVL3 if required)
    Check with MM, PP & FI if they need to maintain any plant specific configs. There are some configs from their end for sure. For eg for production orders, purchase orders, movement types etc.
    Reg the testing, you need to ensure that plant gets proposed automatically when a new sales order is created. Also maintain the relevent plant specific condition records.
    Similarly when PGI is done, it should update the transfer postings in MM & FI w.r.t plant.
    Even tough your project is in final stages, you have to do a regrious testing when a new plant is created. Testing cannot be compromised for time lines. It will lead to serious production issues if tsting is not properly done.

  • Creation a new plant by copying

    Dear all,
    I working in a project where we need to merge on plant to a new company code.
    I believe that can be solve with Tcode EC02, which actually will copy all characteristics from that plant to the new one under a different company code, won't it?
    This basically means that also all the information related to procedures (like release procedure), Output types for inventory management, etc, etc will be copied, meaning that we wont have to do any new development?
    I assume we will still need to do some customizing like MRP Controllers and so on, or this transaction will also copy all tables?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your confirmation,

    Hi Suraj,
    That basically means that unless we decide to create any new development/customizing everything will be exactly copy as from the original settings, am I correct?
    My question comes due to the project where I'm working now. Customer basically wants to close one company code and take everything to another Company Code, therefore we will need to replicate everything as it is now (Plants, SLocations, Controlling Areas, Sales Orgs, etc).
    My assumption is that when we create new plants with reference from the old one, also all values under tables will be copied, so we won't have to spend time in customizing, and we will be able to focus on other activities that may require customizing or more work.
    Could you please advice me on that point?
    Thanks a lot for yor time!

  • Creation of New Plant

    Inputs reqd to create the Plant........
    Our company have only 2 modules FICO and MM Module and Version used is SAP 4.7
    I tried to create the Plant
    1. Define Plant BU35
    2. EC02 -> copied Old Plant BU01 (old plant) to BU35
    3. checked Assignment for Plant to Comp code (already assigned) but found the error "Valuation area missing in T001W -> Save again"
    In OMWD Valuation area is not listed to codify the valuation group.
    Please give me the Steps to create Plant with the related parameter to maintain Inventory management and Physical Inventory.

    check following link

  • Automate Creation of new items in EBS

    Hey everyone -
    Just a question ,
    we want to automate creation of new items in our system.
    Our view is something like -
    1. user GUI to request a new item, according to predefined templates.
    2. Users fill a few fields of information.
    3. Item manager gets notified and approves item is needed.
    4. Automation to run batch and create everything relevant. (org assignment, item KFF, category assignments, BOMs etc). As much automation as possible, we can map template behaviour, variety is small.
    I was wondering if there is any product supporting such behaviour.
    I looked into Oracle's APC, and it seems like it doesnt do enough. Besides as far as I noticed it relies mostly on Item Catalog attributes which we don't. Also Im not sure if this product is "alive" coz oracle bought AGILE for PLM.
    Does anyone know of a product that supports creation of new items and is flexible to fit our needs?
    We want to make sure we're not missing something before we develop custom code for that.

    This is prom PIM to Oracle
    I have done an interface which creates an item in master and child .Which assighns category set on iots level controls .It inserts item into all active subinventories.
    It notifies the end user with email any item already exits and error .
    Regarding templates.
    it assigs compatible templates at master and org leve.These are predefined and are not validated in program
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  • Steps Of Creating New PLANT..

    I required Steps of creating new plant in the system
    If anybody having Document then mail me on
    [email protected]

    Dear Parmar
    Follow the IMG Path to create a new plant
    Enterprise Structure --> Definition --> Logistics-General --> Define, copy, delete, check plant.
    Once you created plant here, you have to assign to company code.  So select next to "Definition", "Assignment" will be there.  Choose this and select Logistics-General.
    Here you have to assign the plant to your company code, Business Area. 
    The next step is that you have to assign the plant to sales area.  Select OVX6 and assign.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Strategy 82----How to stop creation of New Production Order

    Hi All,
    My client is facing problem with the material which having Strategy 82- Assembly to Order,  As when they make a sales order  , w,.r.t that a Production order is made automatically by system,. User complete the production process and deliver this material , now when ever the Sales user change "Credit Block: in that particular sales order again a New production order created to this sales order, How to control his creation of new Production order? As if new production Order create it brakes the link between Sales order and the previous Production order which is already in delivered status.
    Your Prompt response will be appreciated.

    HI ,
    I am closing this thread , as I know how to got a control on trhis, As of behaviour, startegy 82 says every time u change in sales order it will create a new Production order during saving, if the previous order is not been in ONLY REL status.   So the only option to control this is in S.O ,change the Item category to "CN" i.e NO MRP when if required there has been any modification to S .O.  In std SAP system item catageory has to be congiured , in SPRO SALES we can do the necessary settings.

  • Creation of a new plant

    Hi Gurus,
    While creating a new plant in real time, is advisable to copy a standard plant or define a new plant ? Please give reasons.
    When a plant is copied what are the various parameters that are copied to the target plant ?
    Thanks & regards,

    SAP recommends creation of plant by copying. Generally when a new plant is created it should be copied from any of the existing plant which functions similar to the new plant.
    The reason for this is when creating we may miss to update all the required configuration and all the configuration tables with links would not get updated. This also reduces time of setting plant as you need to just change/add configuration where ever required in the new plant.
    But if you are a fresher trying to test in your test system... create it in create method so that you will understand in the hardway as what all needs to be configured, it will be a good learning which you will not forget. Please dont try this when you are working with a client system as this make give you lot of trouble and need lot time to resolve issues.

  • Transaction LS10 - mass creation of WM storage bins - in Production system

    Does someone know, if it is possible to make the Transaction LS10 open in a production environment where the customizing is
    blocked for changes.
    In the reality the users need to have this Transaction for Creating new bins in massive way. Up to now it is job of the IT and then
    release the change request to production. But also the generation of the new bins is only in production system possible, when
    it is open for a short term to create the new bins.
    thanks for you help in advance

    Thanks for your question.  I know LS05.
    I (and the users) want especially use LS10 and create also in Production mew sequences and structures.
    do you know a possibility for this?

  • Feasibility for a new production system in the same environment

    Dear friends,
    Our management has come up with a requirement of expansion of SAP environment to cover up users in a different country for their francise over there. The options we are considering are below:
    1. Implementing a whole new setup ( ECC, EP,BI, PI,Trex).
    2. Expanding the lease lines between the sites in both the countries and providing access to the present setup itself with enhancement in the current hardware configuration.
    or is it a good practice to keep a new Production system in the other country and add a new delivery route for the new production system within the current transport route ? How the license part may be taken care in these cases ?
    Your suggestions are welcomed.
    Many thanks,

    Hi Sujit,
    The answer to this question really depends on whether the new country is going to share much of the same configuration with some tailoring to local laws and requirements.  If the system is going to be the same, then there is now reason to deploy a new system unless you are reaching technical limits for hardware.  For ease of management and usage, then having one system is preferred.  You can then upgrade your network to cope with the increased load and hardware as required. 
    Hope this helps,

  • SAP Production system - SDK Dev New licence key components

    I like to request a new license key for SAP B1 production system.  What should be the components along with SDK Development that i should select in the license key request information?
    Is it mandatory to have at least one professional user license in the Development system?
    SV Reddy

    Hi David,  thanks for the reply
    I heard that instead of using atleast one professional user license for development system we can also use a limited user license to access the internal objects in SAP Business One system.  But I am not sure whether this will work and also the concept of limited user license is specific to each individual modules within the Business one system.i.e. limtied CRM user license, limited Finance user license.  if we use these licenses obviously we have limited access to the objects in the Business One system.  am i right?  ,  please let me know that these limited user licenses will come along with the package of licensing or do we need to purchase them separately?
    SV Reddy

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