Creation of Report+Form pages

HI all,
In [Building an application using APEX OBE|] when create the app, creates pages too, and one of them (well, 2) is a Report+Form.
I tried to search this in my actual application created. But I only found, Form, and Report, but not both.
There are some way to automatize the creation of this 2 pages, like Application Wizard does?

GiuseppeL wrote:
There are some way to automatize the creation of this 2 pages, like Application Wizard does?Yes. From the application home page click Create Page > Form > Form on a Table with Report, then follow the wizard.

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  • Highlighting currently selected row in a Report-Form page

    I have a page with Report - Form layout. On the top of the page there is a classical report (not IR). When the user click a row then I display a detail form below it. It would be nice if I could highlight the row the user clicked last time, to indicate to which row the detail data below the report belongs to. Did any body do something similar?
    Regards, Tamas

    It's relatively simple to achieve this—without JavaScript—using a named column report template and CSS:
    We'll assume a page item (or items) already exists for receiving the master row primary key value(s). In the example this is P27_DEPTNO. Give the master report region a static ID for use in CSS selectors. Here this is department.
    If the master primary key value(s) are used as links in the report, then [column link] columns need to be created to replace them in the report attributes.
    Create a named column report template as required by your report query, including an HTML ID attribute for the report row element that contains column references to the primary key value(s). Replace column references in the row template for any primary key link columns with the [column link]s created previously. In the example, [column link] (ref #4#) replaces DEPTNO (ref #1#) as we need to reference the original DEPTNO value in the row ID:
    Row Template
    <tr id="dept-#1#">
      <td class="t17data">#4#</td>
      <td class="t17data">#2#</td>
      <td class="t17data">#3#</td>
    </tr>We then just need to use the selected P27_DEPTNO value via substitution in a page HTML Header to create a descendant selector that will apply a highlight to the cells in the currently selected row (along with some others to make it easier to select the row):
    <style type="text/css">
    /* Make the whole table cell a link target */
    #department td {
      padding: 0;
    #department td a:link {
      display: block;
      padding: 2px 8px;
    /* Universal Selector sucks */
      font-size: 9pt;
    /* Highlight the selected row */
    #department tr#dept-&P27_DEPTNO. td {
      background-color: #eee;

  • Hide/Show Create button on a report/form page

    Hi, I included one form and the related report on one page.
    When I create a new record, it will show in the report below.
    I make the ID column as the link, which assign the ID to the ID item in the form. DML will do the rest work for display.
    However I got a issue. when I click the edit button for one row, the create button doesn't disappear. Although it has a condition of "VALUE OF ITEM IS NULL". I un-hidden the ID item and it do have value when I edit some row.
    Is this because of some refreshing reason or...?
    Your help will be great appreciated.
    Edited by: Gadfly on 2009-3-16 下午8:02

    BTW, this hide/show pattern of 'KEY VALUE is null' works well when I use two pages(one form and one report.)

  • Report & Form Page

    I have 2 pages one is showing list from employee table and another is for editing the record. It navigates properly fetch & inserts the data.
    Now, in employee table we have column ename_upper ...where I wrote UPPER(:P1_ENAME) and default value as X
    if we do not specify the default value it gives me error ename_upper is null. whereas we already taken upper of ename. It gets saved and comes to main page where employee list is displayed. This ename_upper shows ANON*****
    Whereas it should show the upper of ename. When we navigate to edit page again without modification just save it is shows the data what we expect.
    Is that we are missing any steps? Secondly we have tabular detail on the same page. How can populate primary key value at add row click?
    Bipin Ganar

    It would be helpful if you could let us know following details :-)
    How you have created the 'tabular detail'? Using 'Master Detail' form? If so, what is your master table and detail table?As I understood, your master table is 'employee' and detail table is 'passport'?
    While creating Master-Detail form, APEX asks for "PK source" of both the Master and Detail tables. What you have entered there? Any trigger/sequence or ?
    Empno is not getting into his passport detail
    Are you displaying 'Empno' in 'passport' tabular form?
    Generally APEX 'defaults' the value of 'master PK column' in 'detail tabular form'. In your case, If you edit 'tabular form report'-> Report Attributes -> column Attributes for 'empno'. Here under "Tabular Form Element" section, you can see 'default type' as 'item (application or page)' and 'Default' as 'master_pk_item' (e.g. P1_EMPNO). If these 'default' settings are not there, then set these values accordingly.

  • Report, Form, and Data Component portlets go to error page

    I am able to add Report Form and Data Component portlets to my page, but when I click on the define button it takes me to my error page.
    Have I missed configuring something?

    hello friends,
    thanks for replly,
    i m using command noe after table node in main window, but i want display the data below the main window , it is diplaying  new page as required but only missing data below the main window.
    to be more clear i want to print all the window in first page then only go for next page , so is there any condition or parmeter in main window to go next page only agfter completion of first page.
    dont worry abt points.

  • Page/Report/Form Name

    Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me which view would have the page/report/form name stored?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Annie,
    You can check for Apex views by running:
    SELECT DISTINCT APEX_VIEW_NAME FROM APEX_DICTIONARY ORDER BY 1Hopefully, the names should be sufficient to determine the views you need. Once you have found one (eg, APEX_APPLICATION_PAGES), you can do a SELECT on it

  • Form on a Table with Report, 2 Pages

    I have a view and i am using this to create a page as follows for insert/update/delete .
    (1) create application from scratch
    (2) on page 1 using wizard choice "Form on a Table with Report, 2 Pages"
    (3) Follows the screens and create the 2 page where first page is a report and when i click on edit(in my case) it goes to next page for insert/update/delete.Everything like insert/update/delete works fine .
    Now this view has say three columns
    (1) element_type_id
    (2) element_name
    (3) yesnoflag
    changing element_name and yesnoflag column is ok but then i need to have element_type_id corresponding to the element_name from some other table.
    How should i get the element_type_id corresponding to the element_name .so when i create a new record it goes to page 2 and i can provide LOV for element_name and enter into yesnoflag, how can i get the element_type_id populated corresponding to the element_name entered.
    Also in my application i have name element_type_id as primary key .I am not sure if thats a good idea or should i make element_name as primary key ?
    please help.

    hey rui--
    by "adjust your html", i simply meant that you should look at your page, think about the html that's being used, and adjust it as necessary to make your data wrap as desired. now that i'm pretty sure i understand your issue, i can tell you the adjustment. you're saying that your form shows your long column "correctly" with data broken up onto separate lines by carriage returns or linefeeds. when you display that same data in your report, those carriage returns ( chr(13) ) and/or linefeeds ( chr(10) ) aren't observed. that's because they don't mean much in regular html. two ways to approach this would be:
    a) replace your carriage returns with explicit <br> tags to get the breaks that you want...
    select test_id, replace(test_description,chr(13)) test_desc from my_table;
    b) wrap your column with <pre> tags to preserve all the original formatting of your data...
    select test_id, '<pre>'||test_description||'</pre>' test_desc from my_table;
    ...and you could, of course, do option B in your report row template if you'd like.
    hope this helps,

  • More than one column retrieved in "report and form" page

    let's see if anybody can help me with this... i'm sure it's a stupid problem but i really don't know how to solve it.
    when i create a new application with APEX, i want to add a "report and form" page. i select the table where de data is, and then click on add page. then i go to the page definition for the form that just has been created but there's no option for selecting more than one column as the link column...
    i mean, i want to show a report with all the columns from the table and then, by selecting one of them, the form should display that column but the problem is that the primary key of the table is formed by 6 columns and i always receive the "more than one column retrieved" message as it's trying to retrieve the information using only one column. is there any way to make the link column be composed by 6 or 7 columns??

    APEX can handle 2 primary key for one table (if you are using the automated fetch row and the automated process row).
    In your case, you'll have to create your own "fetch process (page rendering)" and "DML process (page processing)".
    Homepage :
    InSum Solutions' blog :

  • Portal Forms / Reports / Dynamic Pages slow to compile

    We are running Portal and RDBMS Since applying the 30985 patchset we are finding that compiling existing or new applications takes nearly 5 minutes.
    The applications themselves run fine - Does anyone have any suggestions ?
    Thanks in advance

    Generating the form /report/dynamic page is taking 5 plus minutes i.e. making a change -
    Once the application is compiled it runs fine.

  • Creation of Mail Forms -- From HTML page

    Hi all,
    I have a basic question wrt the creation of MAIL FORMS in SAP CRM.
    Our client creates Email communication content in HTML format. And the requirement is to use these HTML files for creation of Mail Forms (on a very frequent basis)
    While creating Mail Forms there is an Option to UPLOAD HTML file. Can we upload HTML files to create the MAIL FORMS
    We tried doing the same but the files after upload got distorted and the result was not as desired. Should the HTML file exist in a defined format before upload in SAP CRM mail form?

    Hi Surabh,
    Use HTML codes in notepad. Use the notepad to upload the file and create mail form. You should follow W3C standard. Refer note 1131645.
    BR, Sathish R

  • How to build a Report/Form sharing the same page and do multiple Updates

    Hi, I´m building and APEX application (V4.2). Customer is demanding a report/form with the ability to do multiples Updates with only one click. For example, they check multiples "check box" for Aprpove and then only one click for  "Apply Changes".
    Thanks in advance,
    Luis E Contreras

    Hi Luis,
    If I understand you correctly you want to check a number of rows for approval and update their status. The jQuery function used looks for checked checkboxes. In your case that will correspond with an update on the IND_PROBACION column. You can simply log the PK column value of each checked row:
    var pkS = $('.uReportStandard input[type=checkbox]:checked').map(
       function() {
       return $(this).parent().parent().find('td[headers="PK"] input').val();
    You need to replace PK with the actual column name of your primary key column, or rowid for that matter.
    In your submit process you can simply set each IND_PROBACION to your apporval value for each pk stored in the P!_PKS item.
    If you need further assistence, please set up an example on

  • The edit Link on my report form opens the page to create a new record.

    For some reason my applications edit link on the report form is opening a new blank entry instead of pulling the data that needs edited from that row. I just have a basic report and form. Where can I check this Edit button to see if it is linking to the existing data?

    I found my problem my select statement had the primary key column removed some how.

  • Issues in editing a PK column from FORM page

    I am creating interactive report and a form on a table T1 with columns A (this is the PK column),B,C, etc.. In the creation wizard I chose "Existing Trigger" for populating my PK column values for both the pages as in my case, USER will be giving/populating these values. Now in the form page, I change the 'Display type' of PK column A from 'Hidden and Protected' to 'Text field' because user has to use this column in form page, for creation and editing jobs.
    Now, while creating a record, I have no issues, but while 'editing' the 'A' item from form page, the form gives errors like (ORA-20505: Error in DML) and (ORA-01403: no data found) and does not allow to edit this PK column. Any workaround? Please help.

    On edit page, under processes region you will find various processes active on this page. Edit process which do DML operation on table T. On edit process page you will find 3 check boxes: Insert, Update and Delete. de-select the update checkbox and create ur own process. As the PK is editable, create one hidden item (say PX_A) on page which will preserve the value of the column A before editing. This will help editing the table row which is identified uniquely by column A only.

  • How to insert an username from the login page to the form page

    Hi friends,
    I created one database apex application in which it consist of three pages...
    1)login page----->1
    2)form page along with report page(in same page) i.e. i created a report region within a form region
    3)form page(this page appears when i click the edit option in my previous report page
    (i.e.) my 3rd form page depends upon my 2nd report page, as soon after i click the edit option of each and every row in my report which is in 2nd page it has to go to the corresponding 3rd form page for making an updations in each and every row...
    I have created my above listed applications....
    But the scenario for me is since the login page contains two fields, that is
    user name:
    so i will be giving my name in the user name and also respective PW for accessing to my 2nd and 3rd page in my application...
    Since my 2nd form page consist of following fields like
    *) user name---------->
    *) assigned to
    *) status
    *) start date
    *) priority
    so my requirement over here is soon after i logging into my application through the user name and PW into second page, while coming to the second form page
    my user name field in my 2nd form page has to get inserted automatically with the user name that i have entered in the login page...
    example: my user_name in login page is :harry
    after going into the second form page with the user name "harry"
    the field of my 2nd form page "username" has to get automatically generated with the name "harry"
    Whether it is possible friends to do this in my application....i doesn't have any idea of it...Kindly help me friends to solve my scenario...please explain each and every steps in detailed manner...
    Since the user_name: harry, is of I got from the admin side as a developer for the workspace......
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Karthik,
    I made the following changes that you said, but there is just a one change in it...
    You told these changes
    Source Used: always, replacing any existing values in session state.
    Source Type: Database column
    Source value or expression: (respective column name)
    and in Default: u need to give-----> &APP_USER.(exactly the same including the full stop)....
    Thanks for your help Patel....I just worked and inserting for me in table of the corresponding user name who login.....

  • Problem with new DB app, report+form, report works great, form says ORA-01403: no data found

    I have a new table, the PK is a varchar2(5) column, when I allow the default query in the report to do its work, I get all the expected data.  when I click on the edit icon (pencil), I get an error screen indicating ORA-01403: no data found.  I'm hosed!  This was generated by the app!  no changes were made to anything in the app, except to turn off tabs at create time.  I even left the default name.
    My ARF is hitting the right table with the PK column, but finds nothing.  I have the "success" message showing me the PK value.  What could be going on here, and how can it be addressed?  Today is the 1st time I have seen this matter.
    I'm running 4.22 as the workspace admin, I have other apps that work fine (to expectation), my browser is FF22, though I plan a downgrade to 18.  Our DB is

    Jorge, thanks for your attention to my problem, I appreciate any insights, although there is a little clarification I can offer.  Also, if you can, please remind me the tags to use in my text that would properly set off the code snippets or prior message content?
    [you wrote]
    You said you have a "success" message showing you the PK value. Can you elaborate on this?
    The form page, under the ARF, allows for the display of a "success" message and a "failure" message.  I have seen my "success" message appear, but it didn't show my key field as a brought-back value (which I told it to include), and I think now this is not relevant any longer.  I found that there was a link on the report attributes page between #ROWID# and a P2_ROWID that was incorrect (probably from an earlier stage of dev in the app), and I changed this to my key field, and this altered the outcome of the ARF action.  This leads to ....
    [you wrote]
    Can you see the correct PK value in the URL? Does the item parameter match what you expect (correct page item and value)? Perhaps share that full URL here?
    I have expected values in my URL.  The URL does show my key value (tail end of URL underlined here):
    [you wrote]
    Debug the page and see which process, item or step is actually failing. You could be running some other process on the form page and that could be what actually fails.  Treat it as if the ARF works correctly and see what else could be happening.
    I can add the detail that my 1st message was based on testing with a table where I set the PK as data type VARCHAR2, but in more testing on the actual app (whose URL piece is above) I am using a PK which is CHAR.
    The result of the debug effort is that APEX has built its own query for pulling back the row in the ARF, and it is joining on my PK field to an APEX item P_ROWID which I don't think I created.  Nor does it appear to offer me any avenue for correcting it.    debug snippet:    where "VCODE" = :p_rowid; end;

Maybe you are looking for