Creation of Sales Delivery with reference to Sales Order

Hi SAP Team,
I tried making a Delivery with reference to Sales Order. Though in Item Category detemination of Delivery configuration, a separate
Item Category has been configured, but still System picks up the one in Sales Order. Is there a way to get different Item Category at Delivery level.
Also, for Subitems a different Item Category is proposed, but still it follows the same behaviour, which is at header level.
Is there any way to change it.

Maintain the required values in the T.Code "0184".
Or follow the path:
SPRO>Logistics Execution>Shipping>Deliveries>Define Item Category Determination in Deliveries.
You have maintained the similar values for your delivery type same as sales order type that were maintained in "VOV4" T.Code.
So that it getting the item category same as the sales order.
Change the values here,so that new item categories will be appeared in delivery.

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  • Can we create outbound delivery with reference of purchase order

    Hi All,
    can we create outbound delivery with reference of purchase order?

    dear friend,
    as far as i know you can create it with the following references:
    -to sales order;
    -to STO;
    -to subcontract order;
    -to project;
    -without any ref
    are you talking about stock transport order ?

  • Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order

    Hi experts,
    I want to create Inbound delivery with refernce to Purchase Order. But I want to create item wise. For example If one purchase order is there with 10 line items. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50......100.
    If I am showing report for Purchase Order with select option and if I select first 5 line items 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 then my program should be create one Inbound delivery for selected line items only. I have tried BDC for Tcode VL31N, but its not worked. Is there any Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order for selected line items????????

    For creating a delivery wrt PO u 1st need to have a sales order i guess.

  • Creation of Outbound delivery with respect to sales order

    Hi Gurus,
    I am an Abaper.
    I have a requirement to create outbound delivery with respect to sales order.
    Currently I have the purchase order details.  
    My coordinator has given me a logic.
    From the Purchase order, we have to get the Purchase requisition.
    From Purchase requisition, we have to get the sales order.
    From the sales order, we have to create the outbound delivery.
    Please explain me how to creaet the outbound delivery with respect to sales order.
    Also, how to get the PR from PO and SO from PR.
    Thanks in advance.
    Balaji. R

    Hi balaji,
    I will add the abap code since you are a ABAPER.
    1. To get the Pur. Req. from PO
    Note that PO_NO and PO_LINE_ITEM are variables.
           Select VEBLN VBELP  into (EBKN-VBELN,EBKN-VBELP)
           from EKPO inner join  EBKN on EKPOBANFN = EBKNBANFN
    2. And using VL01N you can create the relevant outbound delivery. Use above sales order for this. And record a BDC and write the code.
    Hope this will useful
    Thanks & BR

  • Creation of Inbound Delivery with reference from PO

            I use this FM-BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE for creation of inbound delivery.  Delivery date is  same  Actual GR date means it's working fine. But i give less than or greater than Actual GR date  means it shows following error,
              'Acknowledgment for PO item 10028 00010 contains date variance'
        Please tell me how to correct this error.Otherwise tell me correct FM/BAPI to create inbound delivery with reference from PO

    Hi Anjaneya,
                My business process is,(In MM side)
         I create one purchase order(me21n) mention Delivery Date is 24.08.2011 and Delivery Qty is 20 etc......And raise the po to vendor.
       In vendor side, check the po details and perform confirmation process i.e creation of inbound delivery using FM BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE. I give the following  inputs,
              IS_INB_DELIVERY_HEADER -DELIV_DATE  = 26.08.2011
            IT_INB_DELIVERY_DETAIL-PO_NUMBER = 0000010028
             IT_INB_DELIVERY_DETAIL -PO_ITEM  = 00010
    If run this FM shows the following error
           '      Acknowledgment for PO item 0000010028 00010 contains date variance'
                    Please tell me how to correct this error.

  • Create Delivery with reference to Sales Orders

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to create a program which extracts sales orders - schedule lines and check in hand inventory for a schedule line which is due to delivery and further create a delivery and do PGI (all the activities through the program automatically).
    Challenge is that I have to check availability in batches and the batch should not be split to meet the delivery.
    My scenario is as below.
    Sales order - 01234.
        Item 1 ----> Total Ordered quantity ---> 20
            Schedule line 1 -----> Quantity -----> 10 (delivery is due today)
            Schedule line 2 -----> Quantity -----> 10 (delivery is due today)
    E.g. In hand inventory in batches:
    Batch 1 ----> 30
    Batch 2 ----> 10
    Batch 3 ----> 50
    In this case Batch 2 is meeting my requirement, so that I can proceed to deliver Schedule line 1 with Quantity 10.
    I have referred some BAPIs and FMs but none has a provision to provide batch as the input (along with sales order and Item and quantities).
    Is it possible to propose batch number while creating delivery by using any BAPI / FM. Appreciate your help

    You can pass Sales Order Batch in REQUEST -BATCH Table of BAPI BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC.

  • Creation of inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order

           Everyone on the Forum, I have an inbound delivery (ASN), z that programmatically
    (1) (2) I will develop, I found two modules function, BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE and BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE_31I. The two modules operate to create inbound delivery, only
    the first mark me an error and the second error don't mark me, but not validates me any data
    the purchase order. The error I marked in the function call function 'ME_CONFIRMATION_READ_AVIS'
    If I can help with this issue or tell me the difference between one and another.
    Thank you.

    if you want to have you can use the FM ALM_ME_GOODSMVT_CREATE
    hope it helps

  • Create outbound delivery with reference to purchase order

    I've created new plant and when i make purchase order i cant see the PO in VL10B, and there for i cant create outbound delivery.
    In the PO in Item Detail there is no shipping category.
    What i need to do ?
    Thank you.

    Step1: In SPRO - Materials Management - Purchasing - Purchase Order - Set up Stock Transport Order - Define Shipping Data for Plants.
    Define the Customer number, Sales Org, Distribution channel and Division for the Plant.
    The Customer you are assigning for the Plant has to be created in the System to create the outbound delivery.
    Step2: In SPRO - Materials Management - Purchasing - Purchase Order - Set up Stock Transport Order - Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule.
        Then Assign the PO type and the supplying plant to the Delivery Type which is NL (for inter company) and Checking Rule.

  • Create inbound delivery with reference to purchase orders

    I´d like to create inbound deliveries using BAPI or transactions like vl10x (for outbound deliveries) for different purchase orders, items and quantities.
    Does anyone know the way to do it?
    Thank you in advance
    Best regards

    Is there only that transaction to create inbound deliveries??
    We want to do a load a file and create inbound deliveries. I was looking for bapi mass transactions, but I don´t know if the only way is to create a batch input of transaction VL31n.

  • BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order - VL01N

    Hi Everybody,
           We are in ECC 5.0 version.
           I want to create a enhancement for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to a Sales Order.
           Is any BAPI available for this ?
           Any input on this will be very much helpfull.
           Please suggest any BAPI available for this, or should I go for BDC using VL01N or VL04 ?
           Thanks in advance.

    Hi Nagarajan,
    The BAPI BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC meets your requirement. You can create delivery with reference to sales order.
    The below is the sample code...
      data:lt_request      like bapideliciousrequest
                                    occurs 0 with header line,
           lt_createditems like bapideliciouscreateditems
                                    occurs 0 with header line,
           lt_return       like bapiret2
                                    occurs 0 with header line.
        lt_request-document_type      = 'A'.
        lt_request-document_numb      = vbeln.
        lt_request-document_item      = posnr.
      lt_request-material           = matnr.
      lt_request-plant              = werks.
      lt_request-stge_loc           = lgort.
      lt_request-quantity_base__uom = base_uom_qty.
      lt_request-delivery_date      = sy-datum.
      append lt_request.
        DELIVERY_EXTEND       =
        TECHN_CONTROL         =
          request               = lt_request
          createditems          = lt_createditems
          return                = lt_return.
      loop at lt_return where type = 'A'
                          or  type = 'E'.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
    Use the BAPI for Commit
        call function 'BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT'
                  wait = 'H'.

  • Creation of Delivery with ref to Sales order

       I am trying to create the Delivery with reference to Sales Order using BAPI  -  BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS.
    At the of execution , i am getting the error No instance of object type OutboundDelivery has been created. External reference:.
    I have entered the sales order details in table parameter SALES_ORDER_ITEMS of BAPI. (Number range for Deliveries are internal)
    Can you please suggest me what could be the reason ?

    Yes, copy controls are maintained for sales order type and delivery type in SPRO settings. The code as below.
    loop at t_vbap into ts_vbap.
          t_order-REF_DOC         = ts_vbap-vbeln.
          t_order-REF_ITEM        = ts_vbap-posnr.
          t_order-DLV_QTY         = ts_vbap-KWMENG.
          t_order-SALES_UNIT      = ts_vbap-VRKME.
          t_order-SALES_UNIT_ISO  = ts_vbap-VRKME.
          t_order-DELIV_NUMB = '0084000156'.
          append   t_order.
    *DESTINATION logsys
         SHIP_POINT              = '0010'
         DUE_DATE                = DUE_DATE
        DEBUG_FLG               = 'X'
         delivery                = lf_vbeln
         num_deliveries          = lf_num
         sales_order_items  = t_order
         deliveries                = lt_deli
         created_items         = lt_itm
         return                     = lt_return
    Can you suggest me.

  • BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order

    Dear all,
    I'm on R/3 4.6B platform and to develop an RFC for outbound Delivery creation instead of using the standard VL01N transaction.
    I've review BAPI for Outbound Delivery Creation with reference to Sales Order - VL01N thread which suggest BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC .
    However, in 4.6B, that function module doesn't exist. Appreciate any suggestion and or workaround.
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    Edited by: Steven Khoo on Mar 25, 2010 7:14 AM

    Not required anymore

  • Error During Delivery creation with reference to Sales order

    Hi all,
    I am confused while creating delivery order with reference to sales order as this error *" Number of copying routine for table VBKD is missing in Table TVCPL"* is coming again and again.
    I have perhaps made all possible things in VTLA ( Copy sales doc to delivery doc) but still i m finding it difficult to remove it
    Please guide me in it.

    You will need to make assignment from So item to Delivery item please check if copy control is maintained at item level. Also make sure that Copy controls are maintianed for the billing document from the SO & Delivery both as this would be the next step.

  • Delivery note with reference to sales order - 0 quantity items

    Hi all,
    our system allows items with quantity 0 to be created in delivery notes with reference to sales orders.
    This happens when some items in a sales order are out of stock while others are availiable. The unavailable items are included in the delivery note, but have quantity 0.
    The requirement is to eliminate this behavior and to create delivery notes with availiable items only.
    I would be grateful for any advice how to realise this.
    Best regards, Andreas

    Make the necessary configuration i.e. Check quantity 0 field value should be maintained as B in the respective delivery item category using transaction 0VLP.

  • Creation of production order with reference to sales order

    dear all guru's,
                       i m having a requirement of creating production order with ref to sales order but without changing my old strategy of make to stock.

    For the purpose of creation of production order with reference to sales order while maintaing MTS strategy you need to maintain Make to stock strategy 40 in strategy group in MRP-3 View of Material Master.
    This is the only Make-to-Stock Strategy which enables you create Production Order against both Sales order as well as Demand / PIR.
    So if your strategy group is already 40 then you need not change it.
    However if you are using any other Make-to - Stock strategy like 10, 11 etc. then it is not possible to create Production Order against Sales Order since they dont consider Sales Order in planning.So you need to change them and set strategy group as 40.
    Hope this helps.
    Revert if you have any doubt.
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