Creative 5.1 Digital [Application Probl

Hi i have a roblem.
I can`t install Application form CD . When Cd is in the dri've Windows give me a information like that :
Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audio card on your system.
Please ensure that your Sound Blaster hardware is properly installed before running this Setup program.
Setup will now exit.
Wat to do ?
Sorry for my bad English Message Edited by Esc on 06-26-2006 07:04 PM

uninstall first your current driver then reboot,, wait till it prompts you to provide the di'ver cd then insert the cd...
check if your device is detected-go to device manager and see if it is listed if not remove your soundcard clean the contacts and put it back...
now check if its already detected

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  • Creative Cloud Packager: moving application shortcuts ?

    hello, I'm using Creative Cloud Packager to deploy applications on windows x64 (from an education enterprise agreement) is there an embedded way to specify a different folder where the shortcuts shoud be created? currently they're all in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu and I'd like them to be in let's say C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\adobe
    I'd rather not use a script to do that (I'm deploying through sccm, and with the exception program + the main package I'd like to avoid another step that could fail during the deployment)
    I didn't see anything related in the documentation, but maybe I missed something, please point me in the right direction,

    Download and Install Adobe Application Manager, launch it and let it update itself.  Then you should be able to close Application Manager and open Creative Cloud Packager.  That worked for me

  • Cannot Install Creative cloud OR Adobe Application Manager on brand new install of Windows 7 64bit

    Here is where I've been today...
    I started out this process formatting my C drive (a 120gb SSD),
    then I reinstalled windows 7 64bit  from scratch
    then I ran ALL of the updates "Windows Update" suggessted
    then I installed google chrome
    then I logged into creative cloud and whent to the download center and I think I clicked on like Adobe Acrobat XI pro or I might have clicked on the actual "Creative Cloud" download
    then I opened the installer and it got to about here:
    And then it popped up with this "Sorry, there seems to be a problem with the download process (Error code: A12E5). For troubleshooting tips, please visit our customer support page.":
    Then I I tried what I thought was the next best second option.... I downloaded the Adobe Application Manager ("ApplicationManager7.0_all"). After the successful download of said installer
    Then I ran the installer and told it to unpack it's gear on my desktop. It sort of did, but before it was done it gave me this error: "a problem occurred while extracting some files. check available space on your computer and write privileges on destination folder":
    Then I tried to run the akward result of the "failed" extraction (see pic below):
    Which just so happened to have a healthy looking setup file in it:
    So naturally I ran the setup file and got this error "we've encountered the following issues installer failed to initialize. please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem" which gave me two options "Get Support Advisor" or "quit":
    Guess what I did next... I clicked "Get Support advisor"
    Downloaded the windows version... install seemed to go alright and then after this I ran the software package and sure enough I found out that the system is doing great no errors were found!~ Sweet! "inspection could not identify any issues. Please contact Adobe Support for further Assistance." and as it sugessted Iwent over to and poked around for quite a while and gave up
    A diffrent thread ( seemed to suggest that it was the downloading of the installer that was causing the issue. So I tried downloading the installer from every possible source that I can find... Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer "IE" 11, I searched despratly for a way to turn off the "Download manager" and all of this has been to no avail!
    I tried a few other things which I cannot recall (I think one of them was downloading it through mozilla which had a little more promise.) and I think I also tried what was suggested in this thread: ""
    Here is a quote from that thread:
    1.Baljeet S. Juneja, 
    Jun 6, 2013 1:30 PM   in reply to Shawn4545
    Hi Shawn, Are you on MAC or Win ?
    Try this :
    Rename OOBE folder to OOBE_old located :
    Win 7 64 bit  : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\
    Win 7 32 bit : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe
    MAC:  Macintosh HD/Library/Applciation support/Adobe/
    Delete opm.db file located at :
    Win  7 :C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
    MAC : ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe
    Then try to install AAM again, it should install without any issues.
    This process was what I THINK what produced the "Adobe Application Manager" Icon on my desktop!
    which I then clicked hopefully!
    It then began to update "OH BOY!!!"
    Then I was greated with the still stark reality that I was wrong to have silly hopes... and it coldly told my boyish heart "We encountered the following issues: Sorry, there seems to be a problem with the download process (Error Code: A12E5). For troubleshooting tips, please visit our customer support page."
    I've tried just about everything I know how to try... I need this software up an running or my job is on the line YIKES!
    Please help! God bless you for doing so!

    >a 120gb SSD
    Your 1st message also said "check available space"
    I don't use SSD drives, but my C drive has Win7 64bit Pro + CS5 Master Collection + MS Office Pro + "misc" small programs and files + all my MS Office documents in My Documents folder... and I use 71Gig
    Your 120Gig SSD should be plenty large... EXCEPT... I have NO IDEA how much space is used for temporary files during download + install
    Otherwise, you may need to contact Adobe chat... Next link has a "Chat Now" button near the bottom

  • Creative Suite CS5.5 applications will no longer initialise

    I have been using Adobe Creative Suite (Design Standard) CS5.5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard via monthly subscription since last August with no problems. On Saturday I was working on a project using InDesign and PhotoShop, then on Sunday morning I tried to start work again but found that non of the Creative Suite applications (InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator) will launch. All freeze soon after the "Initialising" splash screen appears. These screens (together with the watch time symbol) remain like that until I force quit them.  Bridge and Acrobat still work, as do all other applications.   I have no idea how to solve this problem and can't understand what has caused it.
    Adobe Support have been completely unhelpful and have left me completely in the lurch.
    If anybody can offer any advice, I would be extremely grateful!  I have a big deadline coming up so urgently need to fix this!

  • Audigy ES Digital out probl

    Hi, im trying to hook my Kinyo d565 speakers and decoder up to the digital out on my audigy soundcard.
    Now first off, the decoder has 3 inputs - analogue stero, digital RCA(coaxial), and digital optical.
    i've tried doing everything in audioHQ to get any sound out of my speakers (they work fine when i just use the line out on the sound card and the stereo input on my decoder).
    i've connected the digital out on the soundcard to the optical in on the decoder using a 3.5mm to toslink optical digital cable.
    i have no idea why im not getting any sound at all. is it my cable? - do i need to get a 3.5mm mono to RCA cable?
    any help would be greatly appreciated
    i've tried all the things like selected 2 speaker output, disabling decoding of ac3 etc etc....

    These articles should help explain what is going on:

  • Installing Adobe Creative Suite to Shared Applications folder

    I have a client asking to install Creative Suite to a shared application folder on the server. Can you anyone with some experience on this provide any feedback on performance, issues, stability etc? Is it even doable with Creative Suite to host it on the server, without using Home Directories?

    If it can even be done performance is going to be devastated because of the fact that everything that "runs" need to be loaded over the network as opposed to from the local hard drive. If you think it takes too long for Photoshop to open now, you ain't seen nothing yet.
    Without actually trying it first hand I can say it's not likely to be easy. Simply running the installer on the server definitely won't work. Creative Suite isn't a simple drag and drop install. There are a lot of shared components that get installed into locations other than the Applications folder and the clients won't know where to find them.
    I hate to think the worst but the only reason I could even suspect wanting to do this would be to utilize a single licensed copy amongst multiple users which would be a license violation. I'd be wary.

  • Creative Cloud ToS breaks application interop

    I'm noticing that every update comes with another 'accept ToS' prompt and if you haven't accepted and launch from another app or from the context menu from a file, the application launch workflow breaks.
    New updates trigger ToS.
    Launch Premiere and accept.
    Do some work, select a sequence and attempt to replace with an After Effects composition.
    After Effects launches into ToS and after accepting, the context of the launch is lost and I'm just presented with the app. Now, the originating application expects a return pointer to the generated AEP file, so it offlines the media when it doesn't get one. This severely breaks my workflow and causes a lot of frustration given the speed at which apps are updated.
    Another thing that causes this issue is rebooting. CC Desktop does not automatically sign in nor does it pop up on launch to remind you you haven't signed in. This also breaks workflows as the context is lost at the sign in window on app launch.
    I know the workaround is to launch all apps after update and to remember to sign in on reboot, but those manual steps suck and asking customers to launch every app in the suite to ensure the ToS is signed (when it's likely going to be updated again in a few days) is unacceptable for a premium service.
    I'd love to at least know this is being tracked - I know no comment can be made about unreleased functionality, but I'm pretty tired of the behavior.

    got it installed.
    Didn't have to uninstall all the software this time..
    And I got a clue to where Adobe may be having problems.  I think they have an old library that has broken code for accessing profiles in Windows.
    Ran the cleaner for CS6 & Creative cloud.
    it then lists all the CS6 and CC Apps including CC Desktop.. I chose that but got a :
    "Was cleaned with errors" message
    GREAT.. even the cleaner is broke!!!
    but unlike other tools tells me where the LOG file is... EXCEPT.
    Instead of c:\Users\Tim.Domain\... rest of path where it was
    The error lists c:\Users\Tim~1~DOM\.. rest of path.
    Well \Tim~1~DOM is a left over folder from a previous profile... that is actually nearly empty.  Yet Adobe's error used it not the correct profile in the Error.
    So imagine that certain other calls are also using busted Profile calls. that grab simular profies vs the correct one..  BUSTED INSTALLER!!
    after the Cleaner was run for only CC Desktop.. I was then able to download and install the current version from Adobe.
    Code that grabs the wrong profile path is going to cause problems....

  • Problems setting up a Creative Inspire 5500 Digital 5.1 System

    Hello! I've had a problem ever since i've owned my Inspire 5500 Digital system whereby I havent had any functionality from the decoder at all. I have only managed toget it working with my pc however the sound played fine (after a lot of tweaking using the Creative software bundled with my soundcard) however I havent been able to connect any other devices to it, they just dont work! Even playing music on the pc, I cant use the decoder volume control etc. Therefore my dillema is as follows, I have recently built a brand new pc and want to reconnect the Inspire's (correctly this time!), I have the following soundcard: X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Soundcard with the following outputs on the back of the card:
    Line Out (Green)Line Out 2 (Black)Line Out 3 (Orange)Optical
    Below is a breakdown of inputs/outputs of the Inspire 5500 Digital hardware: Decoder Audio Outputs Front (Green hole)Rear (Black hole)Center/subwoofer (orange hole) Decoder Audio Inputs Analog Line In CoaxialOptical Other Sockets DIN Now im going to list whats on the back of the subwoofer: Power Supply4 pin AC power input Satellite Speakers Inputs Front left socket for front left speaker Front right socket for front right speakerRear left socket for rear left speakerRear right socket for rear right speakerCenter socket for centre speaker Audio Inputs Front (Green)Black (Rear)Orange (Centre/subwoofer) Other SocketsDIN Now im going to list the leads that I have that came with the set (so in theory there should be sufficient equipment to get decoder functionality): x 4 Pin Mains lead x Line In Cable with the three heads on each end (green, Black and Orange) x DIN Cable x Optical Cable(Obviously all the satellite speakers have their own leads that plug into the corresponding ports on the back of the subwoofer) The last set up, I had the following:
    The 4 pin mains lead plugged into the back of the subwoofer (this is correct as this is the only mains input)
    Satellites connections into their corresponding holes
    The DIN lead connected the woofer to the decoder
    the Line-In lead ran from my soundcard to the back of the decoder
    Where can I possibly be going wrong? The decoder powered up and played pc music however I couldnt control the volume from the decoder. I tried connecting my ps2 (with optical out enabled in the ps2 settings) with an optical lead running from the back of my ps2 into the optical input on the back of the decoder but it didnt work either!
    If anyone could please help and give me a step by step guide to simply putting the right wires in the right places, that would be fantastic. Its really doing my head in!!
    Thanks again!

    Try connecting Your three connections fom your sound card (green/black /orange) directly into your subwoofer inputs (green/black/orange), then, of course, your five speakers into the appropriate outputs on your subwoofer. I have the same setup except, I am using the X-FI Elite Pro which has a built in decoder, and I believe yours does too. Now, you can also look at the top of this page and click on "support". then choose "product documentation", then go through the product finder, then click on the download link, and after agreeing to the terms, choose to save the download to a location of your choice on your hard dri've. now if you just click to open the file it might not load properly, so just in case, right click the folder, and choose "Properties", and on the "general" tab click the tab at the bottom that says "Unblock" button, then click OK, this manual will give you every detailed way?to hook up your speaker system. I hope this helped. Good luck!

  • Creative Cloud - Illustrator and Application Manager

    I have purchased an anuual subsrciption to Creative Cloud.  I alreayd have Photoshop installed and that appears to be working.  In trying to install other programs for use such as Illustrator, I am getting an error message when Application Manager launches.  See images of the messages below.

    Genuine Verification failure downloading or installing
    Error 1321 or 1309
    And in case of doubt simply run these and start from scratch:
    Acrobat Cleaner Tool
    Creative Suite Cleaner Tool

  • Hello I can not configure the subscription to creative cloud , that the applications appear in shareware me ?

    I have an annual subscription to creative cloud but applications appear in shareware me , as I can configure my products ?

    Johant9 please see Sign in, activation, or connection errors | CS5.5 and later for information on how to resolve the connection error preventing your membership from authorizing.

  • Creative Cloud vs Digital Publishing Suite

    Hello. I started with a Creative Cloud Membership and have now added the Digital Publishing, Professional Edition. Can I cancel my Creative Cloud Membership now? Or do I have to have both?

    Thanks I already did that for 29 bucks for first 12 months.
    However I am having real trouble downloading apps from creative cloud especially Lightroom and acro XI.  Lightroom says it cant find msvcr.dll and acro XI just does not load, period.  I have placing mscvr.dll in every file including system32, WOW, and the app itself but still nothing.  It probably needs somthing to be twseaked in the win registry but I am not that technical.

  • Creative Cloud loses installed applications.

    I installed Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge using Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud has lost Lightroom 3 times and Photoshop twice over the last four months. The home screen shows that the application was installed but they don't show up on the Apps screen so updates are not shown.

    Without proper system info and otehr technical details nobody can even guess.

  • Creative Cloud not showing applications after recent update

    Creative Cloud is no longer showing any applications after the recent update.  I have rebooted and still nothing. 
    I am using Windows 7 x64.

    Hi m3w_pokemon,
    When you launch CC desktop are the panels blank. If yes then navigate to C/users/User name/Appdata/Local/Adobe/OOBE/opm.db and trash it.
    Sign in with your Adobe id and the apps shoud be visible.
    Romit Sinha

  • Mac creative cloud client and application manager hang up

    I have tried several times to download lightroom using my creative cloud account and each time, the computer attempts to open the creative cloud client and/or the application manager program which proceeded to attempt to open, to no avail. 

    I have the same problem in Windows.
    Application manager starts the download then says  download corrupt try again later.
    Trying latter doesn't help.
    I also cant download the trial version of Lightroom direct from Adobe to try and install it without application manager.  The trial download link doesn't work.

Maybe you are looking for