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Hi to all, i tried searching for a similar problem iam currently experiencing but couldn't find any.
I have just installed a new Creative Audigy 4 sound card to replace my onboard AC'97 sound card. I have disabled the onboard sound card from the Bios, and also uninstalled the relevant drivers. I then installed the sound card in the PCI slot and started installing the drivers, so far so good. After completing the installation, I went to configure the soundcard, equalisers and stuff so as to arrange the sound, but after a few minutes the computer hangs up and gives me a brief Blue screen and restarts immediately after. Could it be the PCI slot ? or could it be a conflict ? I am not sure, any help would be appreciated.
My Specs:
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
2 GB RAM (Corsair)
ATI Radeon X800PRO (256MB)
Windows XP PRO SP2.
and hopefully a Creative Audigy 4 soundcard

I'm having the very same problem. Along with that I can't seem to install the latest driver form the Creative site. I get the stop sign and "You have previously installed drivers without rebooting. Please reboot and try the install again" or something to that effect. I try rebooting and it still does the same thing. I not sure if it's a conflict between my onboard AC97 because I uninstalled the drivers for it. PLEASE help. Very frutrating. Can't play my Flight Sim as I like. Keeps rebooting.

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  • Creative Audigy 4 Pro probl

    <SPAN>I have the speaker system Sven HT-485 and sound card Creative Audigy 4 Pro. As to me correctly to connect all this through the external module of the sound card that worked normally. And I connect that, but through a coaxial and optical there is no sound. And when I connect to the most sound card through AUX a sound is, but a stereo. And how to me to achieve 5. Or it is impossible? Help, very much I ask! Thanks

    tim55555 wrote:
    <SPAN>I have the speaker system Sven HT-485 and sound card Creative Audigy 4 Pro. As to me correctly to connect all this through the external module of the sound card that worked normally. And I connect that, but through a coaxial and optical there is no sound. And when I connect to the most sound card through AUX a sound is, but a stereo. And how to me to achieve 5. Or it is impossible? Help, very much I ask! Thanks
    Speaker configurations are made on Speaker Settings -panel (can be runned from Surround Mixer too).
    Perhaps on Speaker Settings -> digital output only may help when you connect through digital output. There is also utility called CTPanel you may want to check out.

  • Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook install probl

    Lets start off with the system owned:
    Acer Aspire 9920G, Windows Vista Home Premium x86 32bit, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7500 (2.2GHz/FSB: 800MHz/4MB L2 cache), 4GB DDR II RAM (2x 2GB), 2x 250GB (5400rpm S-ATA), NVIDIA GeForce 8600M-GT 280MB TC.
    With a realtek onboard HD soundcard.
    Now here's the problem:
    I purchased the Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook last monday, went home and read the instructions.
    I made sure to disable and uninstall the onboard card before hand and then pushed the card into the PCMCIA slot and press cancel on the automatic driver search vista gives me, afterwards starting the installation of the vista drivers that i downloaded seeing a small sticker on the box notified me that the installation cd would only work on XP.
    Mind you, this is on a clean install, i reinstalled the whole system in the weekend and made a full backup that can be put back in less then 40 minutes in case something would go wrong.
    Anyway, next thing i know after starting the install the system freezes entirely at the point where the installation says: "Updating windows drivers".
    Hard reboot is the following action ofcourse, system freezes up and refuses to boot only giving me all the nifty blue lights and a black screen.
    I pull out the zs notebook and reboot, works fine, however the second i push in the zs notebook the whole system freezes and i have to pull the plug yet again to force it to reboot.
    Only action left is putting the backup back and everything works fine again and now i can actually push in the zs notebook card again without the system crashing.
    I have tried multiple things after that reinstall so far with multiple results:
    - Installing the drivers listed for vista in the drivers section: install freezes, have to reset by cutting the power, but i can reboot with the card still in the laptop, however its not installed at all nor are any programs installed.
    - Installing with daniel's drivers: install freezes, cut power to reset and laptop refuses to boot with the zs notebook card in the slot and when in windows the card is pushed in the laptop freezes up yet again.
    - Installing either of both drivers in safe mode results in a normal correct install: no freezing or crashing however the second i boot up in normal mode the laptop freezes before loading windows and the power has to be cut yet again.
    So far every time this is fixed by using the recovery backup i made to have everything to normal again.
    Probable cause that i was able to find:
    If i install in safe mode the onboard sound card doesnt get loaded at all, then the installation of the zs notebook runs correctly.
    However, in normal mode even if i disable and uninstall the drivers for the onboard card when the install runs it triesto install both the "Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)" drivers for the audigy zs notebook, but it also tries to reinstall the realtek onboard, and i have no clue how to get rid of that since there is no option to disable the onboard soundcard through the bios at all.
    Either way, the only time the laptop actually freezes is when the "Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)" gets installed.
    If that process doesnt manage to install itself the system doesnt crash, but doesnt see the ZS notebook card either.
    Any ideas of random throughts that might help me solve this problem
    Also, sorry for the long post, but i tried to make everything as complete and detailed as possible because i really want this fixed seeing i own both an older 5. creative sound set and a logitech z5500 with THX and would like to be able to run both on my laptop when i am at home.
    Either way if i end up not being able to fix this i might end up swapping in the audigy 2 zs notebook for the x-fi xtreme audio notebook, problem there is though that it does not have THX and that i'll aslo have to seperatly buy the docking cable.
    With regards,
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    Thank you for the reply split0,
    as for the informati've post, thank you for the compliment, i tend to not open a thread at all unless i have spent enough time on the problem and searched around enough for solutions, and after that i only post if it has enough info regarding everything in inside the thread.
    In regard to the known incompatibility list, unfortunatly this is one of the things i checked beforehand already.
    The PCMCIA adapter in my laptop is a Texas Instruments PCI-8x2/7x2/6x2 CardBus-controller.
    Which is one of the most common controllers and should normally not cause any troubles at all, also in another thread on this forum i found a differant driver for it, i even tried that with no result sadly.
    At the moment personally i am thinking the whole problem lies within not being able to uninstall the onboard sound card to full extent somehow, and while i posted here i also have all this info in a direct message sent to creative, and even acer for that matter.
    In hopes of some kind of solution for this so i can keep my hopes up for not having to return the card itself.
    What bugs me is that there is option at all to disable the onboard sound through the bios.
    Because right now whenever i install the ZS notebook card it checks hardware for the onboard first installing it again, then setting priority for the zs notebook.
    This is what seems to result in the crashes through a conflict in drivers in my idea, but thats just a hunch which i cant do anything about currently in regard to testing unless someone has an idea for me to try.
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  • Creative Audigy Platinum Installation Help with Pentium 4 3.2GHz HT Enab

    Dear Fellows,I have recently upgraded to a new Pentium 4 machine. The config is as follows:Pentium 4 3.2eGHz MB cache HT (Hyper-Threading Enabled)Intel Original 865GBF MainboardGB Kingston DDR 400MHz RAM20GB SATA WD HDDSound Blaster Audigy PlatinumATI RADEON 8500 DV 64MBThe problem I am facing is with Audigy Platinum. Once I install the operating system (Win XP) and move to the installation of Creative Audigy Platinum Sound card. All the applications are installed and the system hangs while updating *drivers*. I restarted but it corrupts the whole operating system conflicting with Display Driver, Mainboard driver as well as Windows. CD/DVD Rom also disappear. I then reinstalled operating system again. I would like to request for help and solving this issue and I dont want to get rid of Creative Audigy. I have heard complaints with Hyper-threading technology but I disabled it and the same problem occured. I tried everything e.g. latest drivers from Creative website, BIOS updates, Driver updates etc etc. The problem starts once the drivers are to be updated for Creative Audigy Platinum.Anticipating your response soon.Regards,

    Hi Jeremy,
    I would like to thank you for your kind assistance with my problem.
    Heres the good news, I finally managed to install and run my Creative Audigy Platinum perfectly.
    Credit goes to your assitance and support.
    For your info, I would like you to know what I really did.
    I have an Intel Genuine 865GBF mainboard. I installed clean copy of Windows XP (SP) and downloaded and installed latest Chipset INF utility from Intel website. I guess this utility tells the mainboard what kind of hardware is configured on the board.
    Please note that I did not add any PCI card except the AGP graphics card.
    After finishing Windows XP, I installed the Creative Audigy Card in a different PCI slot. When windows started, it detected the sound card installed.
    I simply ran the driver and programs from the Creative CD and it installed perfectly. I then updated the drivers downloaded from the Sound Blaster site in correct order.
    After finishing with Creative Audigy Platinum installation. I installed other hardware devices, service packs, AV and applications.
    Its the third day and everything is running well.
    I just wrote the steps if someone else faces the same problem, he/she can sort it out the same way.
    Thanks again for your help.
    Best regards,

  • Creative Audigy 2 NX Bit Depth / Sample Rate Prob

    This is my first post to this form
    Down to business: I recently purchased a Creative Audigy 2 NX sound card. I am using it on my laptop (an HP Pavilion zd 7000, which has plenty of power to support the card.) I installed it according to the instructions on the manual, but I have been having some problems with it. I can't seem to set the bit depth and sample rate settings to their proper values.
    The maximum bit depth available from the drop down menu in "Device Control" -> "PCI/USB" tab is 6 bits and the maximum sample rate is 48kHz. I have tried repairing and reinstalling the drivers several times, but it still wont work. The card is connected to my laptop via USB 2.0.
    I looked around in the forms and found out that at least one other person has had the same problem but no solution was posted. If anyone knows of a way to resolve this issue I would appreciate the input!
    Here are my system specs:
    HP Pavilion zd 7000
    Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz
    GB Ram
    Windows XP Prof. SP 2
    -cmsleimanMessage Edited by cmsleiman on -27-2004 09:38 PM

    Well, I am new to high-end sound cards, and I may be misinterpreting the terminology, but the sound card is supposed to be a 24bit/96kHz card.
    I am under the impression that one should be able to set the output quality of the card to 24bits of depth and a 96kHz sample rate, despite the speaker setting that one may be using, to decode good quality audio streams (say an audio cd or the dolby digital audio of a dvd movie.) I can currently achieve this only on 2. speaker systems (or when i set the speaker setting of the card to 2.) Otherwise the maximum bit depth/sample rate I can set the card output to is a sample rate of 48kHz and a bit depth of 6bits.
    Am I mistaken in thinking that if I am playing a good quality audio stream I should be able to raise the output quality of the card to that which it is advertised and claims to have?

  • Creative Audigy 2 and Windows Vista: Sound volume turns down when I try to turn it

    I have a strange problem with my audio in Vista. I have a Creative Audigy 2 and Creative 6700 speakers. My full system specification is below but please note I did not have this issue in my previous Vista build - its only happening since I did a reinstall. Anyway, when I swich on the speakers using the remote control unit for the 6700 speakers the sound comes on but then it turns down. I have to then increase the volume by a large amount for it to start playing sound again and then turn it down to listening volume. This issue is not application specific - it happens in everything: Winamp, WMP, games, etc etc?I'm using [color="#000000"]Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Driver 2.2.0002 and I've tried reinstall several times. I've tried doing diagnostic startup etc using msconfig in case something was conflicting and its still happening.
    Has anyone got any ideas whats going on?Many thanks for your help!?System specifications:?MSI K8N SLI (MS-785 v..0) nForce4 Rev. A3
    BIOS Phoenix Technologies 6.00PG
    AMD FX-60 with Thermalright Ultra-20 Heatsink &?Scythe?20mm fan
    Bus speed: 20MHz, Multiplier: x.0, Core Speed: 22 MHz
    Corsair 2Gb: 2x Gb PC3200 RAM 28 bit dual channel mode & T command rate (2.5-3-3-8) with Thermaltake heatsinks
    XFX 8800 GTS 640Mb XXX Edition
    Hauppauge Nova T-500 dual tuner digital TV card
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 500Gb
    Optiarc AD-770S SATA DVD Writer
    Xclio X2S4P4 750WModular SLi U-Quiet PSU
    Lian Li PC-A0A aluminum case
    Dell E228WFP (Two in dual display)
    Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000
    Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard
    Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit Edition?Message Edited by DistortedVision on 05-25-200706:4 PM

    Have you checked the volume button? It might be physically stuck. To determine whether a hardware repair is needed, you need to follow these steps:
    1. Try doing a hard reset:
    Press and hold both the Home button and the Sleep/wake button simultaneously for about 15 seconds and release when the Apple logo appears.
    After that: test the device to see whether the issue is solved.
    2. If the issue is not solved, you should backup the device and restore it as new.
    In that case, use:
    NB: set up as a NEW device because a software issue will be in the backup.
    If the issue persists after restoring as new, you should offer the device for service.
    If you get specific error messages/codes in iTunes when updating/restoring, check this: for causes and solutions
    Good luck

  • Creative audigy 2 (SB0400) + windows 7 x64 compatability issue.

    Hell everyone, I am experiencing an issue with my sound card " the creative audigy 2 (SB0400) model " . I am running running windows 7 x64 bit with all latest security patches and updated drivers where available. However, when using the provided drivers from windows update (WDM), I experience a pause when listening to any type of music files ie: mp3,flac,ogg just to name a few and when playback on several media players, it freezes the sound + mediaplayer for a minute or two, then it will play onward. Also when not playing any media files, I have noticed a crackel pop every so often from my speakers, which can be annoying as well.
    Now, I have uninstalled the drivers provided by windows 7 update via " Start button > Computer > Manage " and selected Device Manager Then Sound , Video and Game Controllers and Right clicking on Creative SB Audigy 2 (wdm)? and choosing uninstall making sure the box is checked to also "Delete the driver software for this device" And did a reboot afterwards. After the reboot I have now downloaded the current driver pack from Creative Labs website SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_8_00. It has installed successfully other than the fact that it has detected a previous driver (by windows updates), which I had " thought " it was deleted by windows 7. Now after i have installed the SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_8_00 driver, when going to the speaker icon in the windows 7 tray area and selecting sounds I am annoyed by a message box saying: Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems: Speakers (Createi've SB Audigy 2 (wdm) )? Would you like to disable the Driver Enhancements for this device ?.
    First of all, Why would I want to disable the " Driver Enhancements " for my SB0400 card when the card is supported for it. Are these issues be fixed, if so, please point me to the rigth direction for the proper support for my device. ?:angry:
    Also, I have been noticeing when playing any type of media file mostly all formats out there the sound will just RANDOMLY stop and freeze.
    computer spec:
    ECS Kn-sli lite vA.0
    AMD 4600 X2
    EVGA 9800GT's
    4 GB Kingston Hyper X ram DDR
    60 GB WD Caviar HD
    60 GB Maxtor HD
    500 GB Hitachi HD
    Creative Audigy 2 Value (SB0400) PCI Card.

    Not one, **bleep** reply !. Wow. Where is the support ?

  • Is Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum Sound Cardcompatible with Yamaha Keyboards? (XG sound

    I have an Yamaha PSR -550 keyboard that can generate Yamaha XG sound forms in addition to General Midi. Now I want to buy a sound card that is 00% compatible with this key board so that I can connect it to computer.
    Are Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum/ Platinum pro sound cards compatible with Yamaha keyboards (especially when it comes to reproducing XG sounds)?
    Thanks for your time

    I have an Yamaha PSR -550 keyboard that can generate Yamaha XG sound forms in addition to General Midi. Now I want to buy a sound card that is 00% compatible with this key board so that I can connect it to computer.
    Are Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum/ Platinum pro sound cards compatible with Yamaha keyboards (especially when it comes to reproducing XG sounds)?
    Thanks for your time

  • Replacement for Inspire 5700 + Creative Audigy Platinum

    for many years I have been using a combination of a Creative Audigy Platinum soundcard with a Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 speaker system. I am very pleased with the quality, compatibility and easy-to-useness of this system. For games and music, I let the soundcard do the decoding and send the bits via digital connection to the Inspire system, which I set to 5.1 DIN. For DVDs, I send everything via SPDIF and let the Inspire do the decoding, either DTS or Dolby digital. Works just perfectly.
    Only problem: if everything works according to the plan, I will move from Europe to the States in two months and stay there for - 3 years. Because desktop computers and probably also my Inspire 5700 system are quite tricky to ship, I decided to buy a laptop here and buy another speaker system by creative after I have a arrived in the states. Full of anticipation I checked this site to choose my future system and ... was struck by shock:
    I couldn't find any system which offered the same features as the Digital 5700! All modern systems lack digital input, leave alone an external decoder and have primitive wire-remotes instead of real remotes! Why has this kind of great system disappeared? Of course you cannot buy the good old 5700 anymore, which leaves me with a great problem of how to organize a system which offers similar quality and features.
    I originally planned to connect my laptop (ASUS A8JS) via S/PDIF to the new inspire 5.1 speaker set, which would then do the job of decoding digital audiostreams coming from DVDs. But well, since the new Inspire sets neither support S/PDIF nor offer external decoding, that idea has been flushed down the toilet
    What do you recommend instead? I guess I will need a USB Sound Blaster in combo with an inspire speaker set. What will provide the same quality to what I had? What are the drawbacks of not having digital connections any more? How can I control sound levels of the subwoofer, center and rearspeakers, if there is no external decoder anymore? Only via software?
    Thank you very much for any advice!
    - spitfire

    Thank you very much for your helpful replies! Future looks much brighter now
    Where have you found the Audigy 2 NX? On their webpage, creative only list the USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor or the Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External as USB-solutions. Since I don't need the video editing capability, the Audigy 2 ZS would probably be quite an overkill. Still, the price difference between Audigy ($250) and Life! ($50) is ... drastic! Besides the video stuff and some connections, what else is the Life! solution missing? Does it have poor quality? Is there no real 3D sound, just some kind of upmixing? It's not very clear from the specifications.
    The Logitech Z-5500 Digital looks very promising, too. A consequent improvement of the Inspire D-5700, just by the competition I may go for that one, but probably still need an external soundcard for 3D-sound in games.
    I am not exactly an expert considering connections. So, my laptop will already have digital S/PDIF built into the headphone plug. Just from the look, I'd say this is the same kind of plug which is called "Analog/Digital-Out" on my old Audigy sound card. Now, the logitech system supports digital optical or digital coaxial as source input. Will this work with the S/PDIF headphone out, or would it require the DIN connection you mentionned? Could this be easily solved by buying an adaptor?
    Looking at the picture showing the connections of the SB Life! I again am not clear at all what kind of connections there are ( ). Is there anything compatible with the Logitech system? I guess it's no question the Audigy2 ZS is equipped with the required connections.
    So, to summarize my question: could I digitally connect either my laptop or the SB Live! 24-bit external with the Logitech Z-5500, so that the latter would take care of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS sound, while the sound blaster would provide EAX and 3D sound for games?
    I have also seen that Creative Labs still offers an external decoder with a lot of connection possibilities. It's just no longer part of a speaker system, but rather a standalone product: the Creative Decoder DDTS-100 for $30. Together with a good speaker system, this may be an alternative to the logitech solution, in terms of enabling to plug in other devices than just a computer (another thing I really loved about my old system).
    Well, again thank you very much for your advice!
    - spitfire

  • Creative Audigy 2 Zs + Atheros AR8121

    Hello, I got myself a Creative Audigy 2 Zs and it's working perfectly, but during high network load if I use WASAPI or ASIO with the card, I get a bsod in ~5-5mins. The BSOD is pointing to my Atheros AR82 driver LE62x64.sys. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Minidumps tell me that the problem is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and as said, probably caused by LE62x64.sys. Enabling my integrated HDA audio and using WASAPI with it, there are no BSODs under high network load. Also, if I use DirectSound with the card and stress my network, no bsods. I have all the latest drivers and the OS is Windows 7 64-bit. Regards, Jani

    i think i know the answer, as i had the same problem myself when trying to use my regular PC mic with the front Mic-In on my Paltinum Pro. apparently, these smaller mics (like on your headset) don't work with the powered jack on the front. the the front panel Mic-In requires a "dynamic" microphone to pick up the signal- (but the back panel mic-in is designed for the smaller mics). once i got a dynamic mic for the front panel it works great. you can pick them up at most electronic stores from anwhere from $5 on up. Good luck!
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  • Flash player 11.3 to 11.7.700.169 crash my sound card Creative audigy LS 5.1

    flash player 11.3 to 11.7.700.169 crash my sound card Creative audigy LS 5.1, I Updated the sound card drivers, I run Windows XP pro, dirextx 9C 3GO ram, since winxp don't detected more then 3 GO over 4ram, I have a Nvidia video card but the video is not the issue here the audio is, ever since i updated flash player to 11.3 my sound keep crashing and no updated so far fix anything, I even tried to lower to 16 bit 48 mhz as suggested and that din't fix anything, I keep crash, also the only way to foix it I must manualy empty the temporary internet files and the temp files otherwise not even a reboot work, after i empty those files I need to reboot and the sound get back, I even tried to use the flash uninstall program before installing any updated, nothing work, i still get my sound card to crash...anyone know how to fix this issue? .I hope this will be fix soon, thank you.

    As I say on my previous e-mail the problem started when I install the 10.3, and I did updated it every time there was an update t'ill now 11.7.700.169.
    The problem started to happend only after I download flash player 11.3 , and still remain even after all the update to 11.7.700.169.
    I can watch video the sound is good on firefox 20, that it not the problem here, the problem is after I have use flash player on blog or youtube , after I close the browser the sound card crash on all my device crash, I can't play mp3, or avi, the only sound I still can hear are the waves sound of windows.
    I updated my sound card drivers, I even tried uninstall flash player using the program they sugess to download to uninstall flash player device.
    I even try running the computer few days to see if my sound card was going to crash, I wasn't able to look any youtube video then, it was telling me I had to install the latess flash player device plugin to watch them,  but everything was running fine with out any problem , my sound card never crash then, on the mean time flash player did an updated so I download it, and right after it was install the same sound card problem start to happend all over again.
    If I open my browser to watch a video on youtube or I go to a blog with webcam, right after I close the browser "wich is firefox 20 since I also updated firefox everytime to make sure it's not the problem"  The sound card crash, and the only way to make it work again is to before I reboot, I need to empty the temporary internet files manualy and the temp files, other wise even if I reboot the sound card won't work, if i don't empty those files, the problem remain.
    I don't really understand how this happend and why, but I know that it's after I install the flash player  that all my sound card problem started to happend.
    Now I would gladly go with out flash player if I could still blog or look youtube, this way the problem was solved for me, but I can, and it's very annoying to go to all this process everytime to get back my sound.
    Thank you.

  • The problem with Creative Audigy SB0090

    Installed Creative Audigy SB0090.
    Switched off the built-AC97 in the BIOS.
    Do not hear a sound. There is a hiss, and through him to hear the faint sound. Plug speakers SVEN IHOO 5.. Help to understand and [email protected]

    A can not be compatibility problems with Behola TV 505 FM?
    where you can download this version?

  • Creative Audigy 2 NX & ASIO USB DRIVER

    I have a question:
    Does Creative Audigy 2 NX support ASIO USB DRIVER?
    Message Edited by Kuba on 10-30-200603:51 PM

    Got same problem, pls help us
    i'm useing win xp x64

  • Creative Audigy and M-Audio Studiophile LX4 Prob

    I build computers but I hang my head in shame at my knowledge of sound cards in my computer I have an Creative Audigy sound card and I have just purchased the M-Audio Studiophile LX4 2. speaker system.
    I?m having a problem hooking it up as at the moment the sub is running of the left and right inputs. If I plug the sub input into the digital/audio out like I?m supposed to it doesn?t do any thing. I have CMSS enabled so I know it'ss not that.
    Can any one help me?

    ...just use the normal stereo output (green plug) for 2. speakers. Despite the name, there is no separate "sub" input on ANY 2. speakers on the market: they all work with a stereo signal, and the sub channel is separated by a low-pass filter inside the speaker's amp itself.

  • Trouble using Creative Audigy 2 ZS Video editor with an external Dolby / DTS Deco

    I had purchased a Creative Audigy 2 ZS Video editor for following two requirements,
    I wanted to be able to Digitize video from almost any source.<
    And I also wanted to have an external Audio Card that I could share between my Home Desktop / Laptop and let Digital Audio Signal get to my Yamaha Reciever that powers a Bose Home Theater Speaker System.<
    My typical connection setup is,
    Desktop / Laptop >> USB 2.0 Shielded Cable >> Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor >> Optical Out >> LC Optical Cable >> DVD Optical In of Yamaha reciever
    I do not have WinDVD or any other program that can allow SPDIF in Pass Through Mode, so I use VLC as my media player. While playing DVD / other DivX / XVid videos with Dolby / DTS / AC3 audio track I get the option of setting the audio to SPDIF Pass through Mode and that's how I use it.
    It had been working fine for a while (6 months) and then I was not using the card for a while (been busy at work). And since then I'm not able to use this in SPDIF Pass Through Mode any more.
    Each time I select that mode in VLC the player kinda freezes and plays Media File with breaks, making it just un-usable. In case I leave the player audio option to Stereo output?mode it works fine, but I do get only Analogue Audio deli'vered to the External Recei'ver and to say the least, after listening to DTS / Dolby audio this simply doesn't cut it.
    I've already updated the latest drivers from Creative Site, have tried the card with two different Dell Laptops (D820 and D80) and my home desktop. It gives exactly same result in all cases.
    I've not tested DTS Decoding output from the Device itself, 'cause I don't have sufficient cables to take decoded output from the device and send that to the receiver. But in case I opt that option in VLC player The player keeps playing Video without any issues. I can't validate if it's decoding correctly or not, 'cause I don't have cables to connect all that outputs to the receiver.
    Can my problem be related to anything on the Optical connection cable itself?
    If someone could shade some light on this issue that would be really helpful.

    I have the exact same problem and would very much like to know if there are 64bit drivers available.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm trying to figure out how to delete a record from my database. I already have a recordset with my form selected. But when I try to add "Delete Record," I can never seem to figure out why it won't delete anything when I load the page in a browser,

  • FCP X not showing thumbnails in event

    I have an existing project that I've been working on. It's 1080p stuff from Canon DSLR. I woke my Mac Pro 2013 from sleep just now and went to work on it and none of the clips in the Event browser have thumbnails and they aren't "automatically" rende