Creative Cloud- Renewing License with Activation Code

Creative Cloud is telling me that my license needs to be renewed. I renewed it a week ago. I have  MacBook Pro and I have redeemed my activation code for creative cloud already, but nothing seems to recognize that. Not the application on my commuter or the website. I tried to redeem my redemption code but the message that pops up says "Ooop! that redemption code has already been activated!" Which is clearly not the case.

Hi Jaz,
Please refer to the help document below to fix this issue:
Creative Cloud Help | "Renew your subscription" window appears when you launch a Creative Cloud application
You may also refer to the threads below where this issue has been addressed:
Renew Subscription Error Creative Cloud
Re: "Renew your Subscription"

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    If you are on windows computer, Open Task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys
    Locate and end all Adobe related processes, like Creative Cloud, Core sync, AAM update notifier, Acrobat updater, AdobeArm, Acrotray, Adobe installer.
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    what is error code 50?

    Try to end all Adobe background processes and then update it
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    Hi all.
    I'm trying to find a solution for preventing clients that buy an application so install it above the limit in contract that it was bought original.
    Some clients buy our Oracle Application and for reasons that we cannot control they install more copies and have more users using it then what is in the contract.
    I'm looking for solutions that can limit either the number of clients connected on that application at any given time, or can limit how many terminals will be connected on it at any given time.
    Can I limit it by the number of users or by the number of terminals or both?
    How are others taking control on not so nice clients that buy a 10 users version but end up using for 20 or 30 users without paying the upgrade for the application?
    Thank you

    The only comment I would make to Adobe on this matter is as follows:
    Whatever licensing scheme you come up with, keep it simple so it actually works.
    Fully disclose the details of your protection schemes to the customer before purchase.
    Sure, we're small fish, but Adobe lost all interest that we may have had in using PDFs for web data-input when we very quickly demonstrated to ourselves (using the absolutely-most-current versions of Acrobat and Reader) that the technology was completely un-reliable when Reader was used, and it was unreliable because of errors in the license-control routines.  Furthermore, these were issues that we had been given no cause to expect.
    The "rights" that Adobe seemed to be trying to enforce here also make no business sense:  either you have sold me the "right" to create fillable PDF forms for web-form use, within the "ordinary" context of Acrobat/Reader, for as many such form-files as I may care to make, or you have not sold me anything at all.  Sure, we all understand the Gillette Principle ("give 'em the handle, sell 'em the blades"), but at the end of the day the customer has to come away with a clean-shaven face.  That is what the customer is paying money to get, and if your efforts to obtain revenue defeat its "fitness to a particular purpose," then you are doing something very wrong.

  • I was given complimentary 12 month access to Creative Cloud, but cannot find the code to redeem it, help please?

    The complimentary access was given to me by my University, sent by email. Only a pdf was included which stated I had to sign in to the redeem page first, then I would get another email with the code. It hasn't turned up and it's already been more than 24 hours. Any help would be really appreciated!

    You have 20 Gb of space allocated to you. It symbolizes that you have an active CC. You just need to download the creative cloud & activate it with this Email ID of yours.
    CC  mostly asks for serial number if:
    1. There is no CC registered to the ID with which you had signed.
    2. There are entries of Adobe in Host files of the computer.
    3. The activation count has exceeded.
    In you case most probably it should be reason no.2 if you have already download CC.
    To download use : Creative Cloud Help | Install, update, or uninstall apps
    Please refer to:
    Creative Cloud applications ask for serial number
    Re: Invalid serial number?

  • 2 creative cloud accounts and maximum activations exceeded

    We have 2 creative cloud accounts (enabling us to use on 4 computers - per conversation with adobe rep) and still get maximum activations exceeded error and request to login every time launching apps... Please help as I cannot use PS until this is rectified.

    Hi kimballroundy,
    Apologies for the inconvience caused, I would like to clarify your doubts here:
    2 creative cloud accounts and maximum activations exceeded
    What do we have to do to make sure that we can get what we are paying for?
    You can install and use the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud on two computers at once, as long as the same person is logging in to both machines and using the products with the same ID. You will have access to both the Mac OS and Windows versions, so if you have a Mac at home and a PC at work, for instance, you can install your applications on both. See the product license agreements page for more information.
    Which is 2 Creative Cloud accounts, to run on 4 computers?
    Same as Above. So Ideally you can run 4 computers.
    If you still have some doubts, please feel free to ask, I shall be happy to help

  • Photoshop 13.1 for Creative Cloud Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7

    So, Lion won't let me deactivate, so I can't use the updates that I just bought with signing up for the Cloud, so I tried installing on my Mountain Lion Macbook and this is what I get...
    Photoshop 13.1 for Creative Cloud
    Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7
    Please Help, somebody!
    Spent about an hour with Adobe Tech support just trying to figure out why I couldn't deactivate my product, only to find I had to close the chat room and the advice still didn't work.
    Very frustrated, here!  I have no updates on either computer, now!

    Hi Jules,
    Sorry to hear about your difficulties.
    My recommendation would be
    - Uninstall PS via Mac HD > Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers (Mac OS X)
    - Create a new user with Admin rights, log out of your current account and into the newly created one
    - Reinstall Photoshop CS6 via Adobe Application Manager
    - Try to update to 13.1 using Help > Updates in Photoshop CS6

  • Gift app with activation code

    why when I gifting app with activation code not appear in other party and I need to do license transfer to user?So diffcult. So how he would activate the app.<br><br>Also I gift some one BerryBuzz and when he try to unlock the app with activation code &quot;that I recive from the developer email&quot; which need me to enter the site in order to transfer the licene from my PIN to gift party<br>

    It seems that no sloution

  • What does this mean:Photoshop 13.1.2 for Creative Cloud Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7

    What does this mean:Photoshop 13.1.2 for Creative Cloud Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7
    I found the manual update, which worked! 5604

    Hi Barbara,
    For failed 13.1.2 update error U44M1P7, Please refer to the solution mentioned in the following threads :

  • Creative Cloud update fails with "the download appears to be corrupted" when tried through our company's firewall, but succeeds if the computer is taken outside the firewall

    Creative Cloud update fails with "the download appears to be corrupted" when tried through our company's firewall, but succeeds if the computer is taken outside the firewall. The IT guys have opened up the ports and URL's specified in the Adobe documentation.  I have also captured the network traffic of both the failed and successful downloads for IT to examine (using Little Snitch), however they can find nothing to account for the problem.  Adobe just seems to "give up and die" after about 2-3 minutes.  Why is this?  How can I or IT fix this?
    Can I send the above log files to someone familiar with these issues for examination?

    Hi Gveo,
    Please follow the article: Creative Cloud Help | About Creative Cloud Packager which will help you to get your issue fixed.
    Ratandeep Arora

  • On OSX when updating Creative Cloud I get an Error code: A12E1, How do I resolve this?

    On OSX when updating Creative Cloud I get an Error code: A12E1, How do I resolve this?

    It's well known issue and all the greatest minds in Adobe working on it since August 2012
    Check this thread.

  • I have a account and when i want to install adobe creative cloud i got a error code 62 what can i do?

    i have a account and when i want to install adobe creative cloud i got a error code 62 what can i do?

    Error 62

  • Creative cloud failed to update error code: 1

    free trial of creative cloud failed to update error code: 1  so I couldn't use the creative cloud. Please help, thanks a lot!!

    Hi jadyyuk,
    Please try the solution mentioned in the KB :

  • Free webinar: Creative Cloud for Photography with Ps CC and Lr5

    Creative Cloud for Photography with Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5
    Friday, June 21, 2013 | 12:00 PM PT
    Presented by: Julieanne Kost
    Join Julieanne Kost, Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist, as she demonstrates new features in Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, as well as sharing and collaboration features of Adobe Creative Cloud. In this Ask A Pro session, you will:
    Learn how Creative Cloud brings additional capabilities to your workflow with Sync Settings, Sync Fonts, and sharing with Creative Cloud
    See new features in Photoshop CC to enable more advanced sharpening than ever before with all-new Smart Sharpen, intelligent upsampling, and Camera Shake Reduction.
    Learn how to perfect your images using the new Upright and Advanced Healing Brush in Adobe Camera Raw 8 and Lightroom 5
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  • Creative cloud starts only with white background, so I can´t install anything. My system-Windows 8.1-

    Since today my Creative Cloud starts only with white background and nothing else. I reinstalled it two times, but the Problem still excists.
    Thx for help

    Please try this--
    1. Quit the CC Desktop application by clicking on the 'Tools' icon (top-right) and choosing quit from the drop-down.
    2. Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData*\Local\Adobe  and rename OOBE folder to OOBE.old.
    Launch CC Desktop application again.
    *AppData is a hidden folder.
    Let me know the outcome.

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