Creative Diagnostics & AutoUpdate Don't W

Ok, now this is getting rediculous!
Two weeks ago I updated Windows XP to SP2. My 3 year old SB Li've 5. soundcard and/or the related software totally trashed the SP2 update so badly that I just went out and bought a new hard dri've and reloaded everything, except the SB Li've 5. for fear that it would just hose up my system again.
So I bought a new Audigy 2 ZS Gamer soudcard and proceeded with the install, using the disk that came in the box. I used the disk that came in the box because the instructions clearly said to and I planned to use the AutoUpdate after the initial install.
The install seemed to go relati'vely smoothly, although it's still irritating that Creative still discretely loads all those AOL shortcuts and other misc crap that you don't want on your system. But I loaded everthing, full install just like the instructions said. After getting acquainted and making sure things generally worked, I figured I'd wrap up the install by running Creative Diagnostics and then do and AutoUpdate.
Creative Diagnostics doesn't work. As quite a few others have mentioned (for which I haven't seen an answer that works), the Creative Diagnostics screen comes up and says hit "Next" to proceed -------well there is NO "Next: button. I can hit the Diagnose tab and it says hit "Start" to proceed-------but there is NO "Start" button. It doesn't work.
So naturally I assumed that the box disk must have contained outdated software and proceeded to try to do an AutoUpdate. Of course, you immediately realize that the Creative website forces you to shutdown all primary security features of SP 2 (i.e. shut off popup blockers and enable auto download of Acti'veX features. After so doing, the AutoUpdate says it can't do an AutoUpdate because "a component is corrupted"! Well no sh-t Sherlock........ the corrupted component is the Creative Diagnostics!
So now after pulling out my Audigy 2 ZS soundcard and reinserting it to make sure its properly inserted and uninstalling/reinstalling the disk software two more times, the Creative Diagnostics still doesn't work and the AutoUpdate still doesn't work.
Any ideas? Do I just need to download all the updates manually and install them and will that make the Creative Diagnostics work? And then will I be able to use the AutoUpdate thereafter?
Has Creative updated any of its drivers and software for SP 2? It seems like Microsoft gave companies a lot of advance notice.
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Thanks for the response.
With respect to the Diagnostics, the normal setting on my LCD is 024 x 768 which also happens to be its nati've resolution and its highest resolution. I had already tried change to the resolution lower but still no buttons. But I did fiure it out. I normally nave my Display DPI setting on Large Size(20 DPI) so I switched it to Normal Size (96 DPI) and now all the buttons on the Diagnostic screen are available and it works just fine. (For others having trouble getting the buttons to show, they may have the same large size font setting I for XP systems go to Contol Panel, Appearance and Themes, Display icon, Settings tab, Advanced button, General should see the drop down menu in the Display portion of screen to change the DPI of your screen fonts).
Regarding the AutoUpdate issue, your link was not quite the answer, but even better, it was in fact the key clue to the solution that I never ever would have found in a million years!!! Sweet! I know that doesn't make sense so I'll try to explain, since it could impact others.
I started to follow the instructions in your link and I was examining the 2 Creative Acti'veX items. I right clicked on each Creative Acti'veX icon to look at the properties. I then clicked on the Dependency Tab and saw that both Creative Acti'veX items were dependent on an item that made no sense whatsoever to me---- "Sonic\ Components....") and that item showed as "corrupted". I figured out that the corrupted item was from Sonic MyDVD OEM version 4.5 which came with and was installed recently with my new DVD R RW /CD R RW. Sonic MYDVD is software for home movie making stuff. I think the reason the Cretai've Acti'veX items showed it as dependent is because the MyDVD software is useful for hooking your camcorder up to a USB port and then editing/making a movie. Since, the MyDVD software must make your computer look as it has an acti've USB port at all times it screwed up the Creative AutoUpdate since the AutoUpdate clearly states to hook up all hardware that is using a USB port! I guess that is why it showed as dependent.
At any rate, since I'll likely never use the Sonic MyDVD (at least not the OEM slim version), I quickly uninstalled the software and then removed the 2 Creative Acti'veX icons as the link suggested. I then retried AutoUpdate and it works like a champ!!!!
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    Sorry for the aggression of my message but in my opinion, this is not the attitude that company should use.
    I'm sure that I amn't the only one that will never back to buy product from a company that had a problem before with her products..
    especially when buying product form KNOWN BRAND - to be sure to future support and reliability.
    You can do a lot of things - from starting to debug your drivers or even improve your software section - the current state needs to change!
    [color="#ff0000"]<span class="blackClass">PS:?<span class="blackClass">I <span class="blackClass">save <span class="blackClass">mirror <span class="blackClass">of <span class="blackClass">this <span class="blackClass">thread <span class="blackClass">for <span class="blackClass">any <span class="blackClass">case (delete.. etc.).
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    well i just posted twice about the P7800. Turns out the cable they send you is made for their Creative Sound cards, so if you want one to work with any other 7.1 Sound card you need to call them and order it, The cable they send you has 3 jacks. Center/Sub, Front and rear, or somethig or other, But it doesnt have teh side speakers, the Blue plug. Call their Customer Service.

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    The licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must reinstall or call support.
    I have run through all suggestions I could find in this forum and others with no luck. Including this article:
    I have restarted the FLEXnet Licensing server but still get error when I attempt to open any cs3 app.
    All CS3 programs were running fine until last week on Vista. Please help!

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    Been trying to figure this one for?weeks. I have the Fatality Xfi attached to the Logitech Z5500 speakers via digital optical cable. In Windows Vista if I click on Playback Devices, it shows Speakers Creative SB X-Fi(Speakers) or SPDIF Out Creative SB X-FI(Ready). While sounds are playing the green bars up and down next to Speakers to show that it's getting sound.
    My problem is this. If I click on mute on the little speaker icon in the lower right side of the task bar, it shows the circle with the line throught indicating that sound is muted. However the sounds is still playing. Also if I adjust the sound up and down with the slider in their it doesn't affect the sound level at all. If I click on mixer I CAN change the sounds of the various applications it shows in there, though it's kind of weird.
    Also since I can adjust the sound with the main volume slider, I also cannot use the Volume Up/Volume Down or Mute button on my Logitech Illuminated Keyboard.
    Been playing around with alot. Seems like it has something to do with the optical connection to my speakers? If I switch the default Playback Device to SPDIF Out, I get some sounds but not all, it does however let me use the Main Volume Slider and Mute button.
    I just want to use the main volume slider with the speakers. What am I doing wrong? Is this a driver issue? I've searched the web high and low looking for a solution. Even though I found quite a few people with the same issue nobody has presented me with a solution. Any ideas?
    Any help would be greatly appreciatted.

    That's a bummer. I'd rather have the sliders than DTS or DDL. Guess I'll connect it with the analog. I so use the PC as a HTPC but my video card (Radeon HD4870) sends sound and video via HDMI to my LEDtv so I don't need the optical cable for the speakers. I just use it to reduce wire clutter. Thanks for the input.

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    Try turning on CMSS.

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    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
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