Creative Suite programs won't launch anymore

I bought my Creative Suite Standard CS6 and it worked fine for three weeks. Suddenly it won't launch any of the programs. I've tried reinstalling the discs, but it still wont work. Additional information: I'm using Windows 7. I bought the Student/Teacher version and have registered it with Adobe.

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  • IPhone 3rd party apps won't launch anymore!

    After updating the iPhone software to 3.1, a host of 3rd-party apps won't launch anymore (appear for 1 second, then revert back to the apps icons page).
    I've tried upgrading to iTunes 9, uninstalling then reinstalling ALL apps on the iPhone via iTunes, hard rebooting my iPhone, restarting my iMac, etc etc, but nothing works.
    On a iPhone 3Gs page on the Forums, I saw many others having similar difficulties and blaming it on the XX upgrade. One solution proposed there was to download a free app from the App Store and install it. Tried that, and it didn't work for me.
    I hope Apple will give this attention, because it's basically disabled my iPhone's business-sensitive functionalities (like 1Password) on the eve of a 2week business trip ... and on business trips, I don't have my iMac with me! >:-(
    In case it helps the OS is showing as 3.1 (7C144) on my device.

    I may have a solution to your problem. I updated to Firmware 3.1 today and couldn´t open any application i downloaded. I seems the updated version of iTunes handles apps a little different from before. When you connect your iPhone and it pops up in iTunes, right click on it to enter your configuration area (for the iPhone). At the top bar you have a row of options like music, pictures, podcast and somewhere in the middle you have the option "Programs". Click on that and you will see a list of all the programs you have downloaded in iTunes. Unfortunatly you have to recheck all the boxes at the left side of the program you want to be synched to your iPhone. Check these boxes and click "Apply" at the bottom right and iTunes will now transfer them to your iPhone. Easy breasy when you know how to do.
    Best of luck, Cheers!

  • How can I get my Creative Suite programs to open with error 148:3?

    I bought Creative Suite Jan 21, 2010 and have never had a problem with this. I was having computer problems, so I took my computer to a repair shop. After bringing it home today, I can not open any of the Creative Suite programs. I get an error code 148:3. I reads licensing for this produce has stopped working. I need help please!

    Hi Brenda Dziedzic,
    Kindly try the below mentioned links.
    WIN :
    MAC :
    Atul Saini

  • My Creative Cloud App won't launch

    My Creative Cloud App won't launch I'm seeing other posts of the same problem that are unanswered. Is there an issue with cloud today?

    I'm having a similar problem. CC is greyed out and has no content when selected, meaning I have no access to my type kit font library. I've uninstalled CC and reinstalled CC. I've followed another course of action which is to trash the opm.db file (username > Library > Application Support > Adobe > OOBE > opm.db) which was advised from another forum, followed by a reinstall again. No joy... any help would be much appreciated

  • Programs won't launch & finder crashing after recent software updates

    Finder and most programs won't launch after a software update. I was able to run Cocktail and repair permissions. I've restarted a few times, and ran disk utility from the start up disk to no avail.
    Any suggestions?

  • Microsoft Office X- won't launch anymore

    I have Microsoft Office X- All of a sudden my Microsoft Office Apps won't launch anymore. They report an error yet if I open a document it will launch Microsoft Word or PowerPoint just fine.
    I have tried to replace the Microsoft Office X from a Super Duper back up but it also is still failing to launch.
    I am guessing "launch services" is goofed up. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
    Thank you,

    I don't think it is an Intel based problem. I have a G5 iMac and a legal old MS office v.X upgrade on top of office 2001 version. Worked fine until a few weeks ago except for a few years needing to keep current with the latest XML free MS converter. Repaired disk/permissions. Dug out all of the app/preferences from my user/library. Reinstalled and it checked with MS mothership. However, still crashes on launch. I think perhaps the most recent OSX security update?

  • Programs won't launch since 10.4.10 upgrade

    Anybody out there?
    Since upgrading to 10.4.10, several programs won't launch. MS Word, Disk Utility, Adobe Acrobat, and others. Safari is just plain gone.
    I'm no whiz, but I'm not a novice either. My intel-based iMac did not have any system disks when I got it from Apple (don't ask me why).
    I would think I could just download a copy of Safari, but all I can find is upgrades and they won't install.
    Q: How do I reinstall Safari? How do I get system disks?

    He's already indicated that he solved the problem the same way you did. For both posters, get a bootable, external HD, and make a bootable backup/clone before updating. That allows you to revert to the previous good state without having to reinstall everything. Then, peruse these
    and adopt the necessary habits to mitigate what happened to you.
    For jjstruyf. Since you're new to Macs, peruse Switching from Windows to Mac OS X and Basic Tutorials on using a Mac.

  • Cannot open my creative suite programs

    I have had a problem and have been cleaning up my files, somewhere i must have removed an important Adobe program file and now none of my creative suite programs will open. I have tried to re-instal from disc but have had a lot of troubkle as the instilation manager was missing as well. I have now managed to get it to re-instal and it is doing this as i type but it would only let me up load a trial version. I'm not good at this stuff and I dont know what is going on???

    Run the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool, reinstall again. Also refer to this:
    Sign in or activation errors

  • Creative Suite programs will not load. Keeps popping up that I need to purchase, when I already have

    I can not load any of my creative suite programs. A window pops up wanting me to buy the software, which I already have

    click help>activate and enter your serial number.

  • My Creative Suite 5 won't recognize In Design Files? I have to open them within the program?

    I have creative suite Design 5 premium and when I click on an Indesign file within Windows XP in My documents, it won't find the program to open the document. IF i open a file directly from the in design software, opens up fine. I've checked file types, In Design 5 is the default, anyone came across this?

    Sounds like you had an earlier version installed and uninstalled it after installing CS5. Easiest fix is to reinstall CS5.

  • Creative Suite Programs not launching

    I just upgraded my PC, to an AMD 5400B, AMD 780chipset, ATI 3870 graphics, 4GB RAM, and Seagate 320GB using the AHCI mode. I updated all the drivers, and service packs, including SP3 for Windows XP pro.
    I install Creative Suite Design Premium 3 without a problem. However when I try to lauch any of the programs to enter the product key code, nothing opens.
    I check the tast manager and it shows the program running under processes, InDesign.exe, or Illistrator.exe, etc but nothing ever opens.
    I did a full erase, reinstalled everything, and same exact problem. No other program is having any issues on the workstation. Any suggestions?

    Yes, please contact Adobe Technical Support. They have experience with this class of problems and will assist you. Phone assistance for installation problems (which this is) is at no charge.
    - Dov

  • Creative Suite CS4 won't install, it detects an error

    I'm trying to reïnstall Illustrator CS4 because it doesn"t start up anymore. But if I try to reïnstall from the Creative Suite disk it hangs and won't install. Running in safe mode I get a message that it detects an error and can't continue with the install. Please help, I need Illustrator to do my work.

    uninstall, clean and then reinstall per, Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6
    if you still have a problem, use a downloaded installation file,
    Downloads available:
    Suites and Programs:  CC | CS6 | CS5.5 | CS5 | CS4 | CS3
    Acrobat:  XI, X | 9,8 | 9 standard
    Premiere Elements:  12 | 11, 10 | 9, 8, 7
    Photoshop Elements:  12 | 11, 10 | 9,8,7
    Lightroom:  5.4 (win) 5.4 (mac) | 5 | 4 | 3
    Captivate:  8 | 7 | 6 | 5
    Contribute:  CS5 | CS4, CS3
    Download and installation help for Adobe links
    Download and installation help for Prodesigntools links are listed on most linked pages.  They are critical; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click a link that does not have those steps listed, open a second window using the Lightroom 3 link to see those 'Important Instructions'.

  • Can't attempt the "crash on launch" fix because Creative Cloud itself won't launch...

    Running Mac OS X Lion on a 2011 MacBook Pro.
    Not only won't any of the apps launch, nothing appears in my menu bar, and the uninstaller won't run either... tried quitting all processes in Activity Monitor and relaunching... no dice.
    Also, the Application Manager has attempted to launch itself several times but just hangs and never does anything.
    Any suggestions?

    Ok ADI-Dallas I would recommend either completing the following steps or contacting our support team to work with them directly.  The steps I am providing are a bit more generic but should give you the greatest chance of success at resolving your current difficulties.
    Attempt to run all available uninstallers in Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers
    Run the CS Cleaner Tool to remove any remaining installation settings - CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3 -
    Archive the Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE folder by renaming to OOBE_OLD
    Reinstall the Adobe Creative Cloud Application from
    Step 4 may not be necessary but since it is unlikely that any of the uninstallers will function it is best to help ensure that this folder, and the files contained within, will not prevent a successful future installation.

  • All Adobe Programs Won't Launch

    I recently bought a copy of Adobe Master Collection CS6 about 3 months ago and all of a sudden none of my Adobe programs will launch. When I click to open the program it will load for about two seconds then a window will pop up saying amtlib.dll is missing from my computer. I need help and this is urgent! I've tried safe mode and everything but NOTHING works, please help as I am desperate!! I am also running Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit with And Intel i7 3820, 16GB of DDR3 SDRAM, one 1TB HHD and an ATI Radeon 7900 series GPU

    Oh and I don't know how to re-install Adobe programs
    You simply run the original installer again after running the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool.

  • Creative Suite Programs not lauching - Updates

    For some reason I could not edit or add to my first post...not sure why...
    Here is my original post:
    "I just upgraded my PC, to an AMD 5400B, AMD 780chipset, ATI 3870 graphics, 4GB RAM, and Seagate 320GB using the AHCI mode. I updated all the drivers, and service packs, including SP3 for Windows XP pro.
    I install Creative Suite Design Premium 3 without a problem. However when I try to lauch any of the programs to enter the product key code, nothing opens.
    I check the tast manager and it shows the program running under processes, InDesign.exe, or Illistrator.exe, etc but nothing ever opens.
    I did a full erase, reinstalled everything, and same exact problem. No other program is having any issues on the workstation. Any suggestions?"
    At first I assumed it must be something with XP SP3, however I discovered that it had something to do with my hard drive settings. I had enabled AHCI instead of IDE mode, I was planning on using some hot swap SATA drives but needed the AHCI enabled. Well long story short with AHCI enabled the programs will not launch so i can't enter the product key code. If I run in IDE mode then the programs launch just fine.
    I'm not sure why this would cause such an issue...

    Please contact Adobe Technical Support and advise them of this problem and your "workaround" for it. I suspect that the problem may have to do with the activation mechanism and it's use of the disk. Our development and support organization should be made aware of this problem.
    - Dov

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