Credit memos vs Credit memos - Genneral

Dear all
I am confused when I should use Credit memo or Credit memo-General
Anyone tell me the difference between Credit Memo and Credit memo-General. How can I use it each type?
Thank in advance

Hello Tran
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  • Posting a credit against a credit memo in a customers Accounts Receivable f

    Is it possible to post a Credit Card Credit ( refund ) against a customer's credit memo in their Accounts receivable file? We gave a credit card paying customer a credit memo for returning goods and also a credit to their credit card. Our bak now shows a credit card refund coming out of our bank account ( so it is like a negative deposit) I want to post that credit card refund against the credit memo but going thru the normal way of posting a cash payment says SAP will not take a negative deposit as a posting. Points will be awarded.

    The invoice ref field in credit memo posting is related only with the payment terms. The systems determines the payment term from the original invoices.
    This field should be either filled with the original invoice document number or "V".
    If the field is left blank, then the system always takes the payment term for credit memo as "Due immediately"
    I dont thing there is a provision for copying the line item details as per original invoice document.

  • Regarding credit memo and debit memo in AR and AP

    HI All,
    Can any one explan the concepts of the debit memo and credit memo in AR and AP with example.
    So that i can understand the exact logic when it's in payble or receivables

    Hi Sujeet,
    In AP
    Suppose we [Company] have ordered for 100 items.
    Suppier bring only 90 items but the PO is of 100 items and supplier said he can't give more items.
    So what we can do we can ask the suppier to raise a credit Memo in case the supplier is not ready for this then we can raise a Debit Memo againt the supplier.
    because we have to match invoice with PO [Match Options]
    In AR it is just opposite.

  • Regarding credit memo and debit memo

    Hi Friends
    In how many ways we can create credit memo and debit memo?
    plz reply
    thanks in advance

    Hi Venkata,
    Credit memo is billing document type.
    You can create it with the refrence of
    Credit memo request,
    Refused delivery return

  • Credit Memo and Debit Memo extraction by extractor

    I've to extract data from 2lis_13_vditm datasource.
    Let us say if credit memo and debit memos are coming from this then key figure values are going to be multiplied with -1 for credit memo and debit memo will come +ve values correct?

    This may be helpful.
    use the same Invoice Script/smartform for Credit/debit memo's
    Output type : RD00
    ScriptForm Name : RVINVOICE01
    Driver Program Name : RVADIN01
    smartform name : LB_BIL_INVOICE
    Smartform Driver Pgm: RLB_INVOICE
    Reward points if useful.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Difference between Rebate Credit Memo and Credit Memo

    Dear Experts,
    Can an

    Credit Memo:
    Credit Memo issued for the price difference or if over billed . Credit memo always assoicated with Quantity and price.
    Rebate Credit Memo:
    Rebate credit memo is issued for the accruals ( Discount amount disbursed to the customers based on agreement).
    Rebate credit memo cannot be created manually in VA01. Accrual amount is calculated by the system based on the settle periods maintained in the rebate aggreement however accrual amt can be changed manually in Aggreement.
    Contact for further clarifications

  • Header Billing Plan - credit memo and debit memo

    I have the following scenario here.
    I have a billing plan order (BP) - with header billing plan.
    I have three lines in the billing plan
    1) $5000 ...FAZ (Billing Request)
    2) $10000...L2 (Debit Memo)
    3) $3000...G2 (Credit Memo).
    Once i go to VF04,
    I have all three billing due. However, only billing type FAZ has the header conditions (PR00, AZWR, TAXES) populated and net value $5000. (Populated against AZWR)
    Both L2 and G2 have no header conditions populated and the net value is 0.
    The copy control is set up the same for all and all have same document pricing procedure (A).
    Is it something basic I'm missing or is there anything else I have to do?
    Or pls let me know the process for debit memo / credit memo with a billing plan.
    Pls respond ASAP as we have the Proof of Concept scheduled sooner.
    Helpful answers will be rewarded promptly!
    Thank You,

      I think that basys of this process is not correct: the purpose of billing plan is to define different invoicing schedules, typically for businesses working with projects, and on top of that, billing plan is the only standard way to manage advance payment and automatically determine the settlement of the advance payments on final invoices.
    For this, in my opinion it's not correct entering in the billing plan items with Credit Memo or Debit Memo request. You should have only andvance payment items and invoice items (document category = M).
    In a common invoicing process, you can have the following steps:
    - Down payment request (FAZ);
    - Invoice (F1) reduced by the downpayment amount (if that is the case);
    Then you can create a Credit Memo request, against the Invoice, if for some-reason you have to revert back something to the customer; or you can create a Debit Memo request if you have recharge the customer with reference to a document already invoiced. I think that invoice type G2 and D2 should not be "planned" steps in an invoicing process. On top of that, it's not advisable creating Credit Memo requests with reference to an invoice containing downpayment clearing item, as it would lead to incorrect postings into accounting.
    Hope to be useful.
    Best regards,

  • Criticality in recording Credit memo and debit memo using SAPGUI -ECATT

    Hi all,
    The challenging task for you all guys once again.
    Whenever I am recording credit memo or debit memo using SAPGUI(ECATT) driver,I am facing the following troubles.I need all your suggestions to over come it.
    1.Depending on the invoice number the number of lineitems in the items-overview will differ.My situation is like,I have to select the lineitem which is editable[All are not editable,only few are editable] among the items available and I have to change values and I have to record those values.
    2.Since,the number of lineitems is varying depending upon invoice,I am not able to detect which one is editable or not.Everytime the position of the lineitem  will change,as the number of lineitems is changing everytime.
    [Please note that SAPGUI is more sensitive to location].
    So,I need help how to overcome this situation by SAPGUI
    recording (or) Is there anyway of controlling the recording or identifying the item which is editable through ABAP code.
    Please suggest on this.

    Are you sure you are making a testcase, not an interface? Then a BAPI or IDOC would be more suitable.
    If you are really interested in a flexible recording, then you have to split this into multiple recordings.
    Make one recording for memo creation.
    Make one for line editing. Use button 'item on top' to place desired line into first screen line.
    Between the two executions you can place some abap for identifying changeable lines - ask your consultants for rules.
    Second recording can be used (in a loop) for all line changes.
    Maybe there are other ways, would be nice to know.

  • Idocs to create credit memo and debit memo

      I need your expertise in creating credit memos and debit memos in sap using idocs.
    I am working on integration between third party system and sap using web methods.
    My requirement is to create credit memos and debit memos in sap using idocs.
    Could you please help me with the message types for the credit and debit memos.

    Hi VJ,
    thank you very much.
    Is it possible to create credit memo without any reference to document in SAP.Because the third party system only sends very small amount of data
    (customer number, amount, paymentmethod, date).
    Can i be able to create the credit memo with the above information
    Please help me..

  • Diff bet credit memo and credit memo request

    Can any one tell the difference between Credit Memo and Credit Memo Request
    Thanks in advance

    Below is the information on crdit memo request.
    Definition: A credit memo request is a sales document used in complaints processing to request credit for a customer.
    Use: If the price calculated for the customer was too high (for example, with the wrong scaled prices or because a discount was forgotten), you can create a credit memo request. The credit memo request can be automatically blocked for checking. Once it has been approved, you can remove the block.The system uses the credit memo request to create a credit memo.
    Structure: A credit memo request is another type of sales document like a standard order. For more information on sales documents, see Working with Sales Documents.A credit memo request starts the billing process.
    Below mentioned is the information on Credit Memo.
    Definition: The term credit memo always refers to a credit memo from the vendor. Therefore, posting a credit memo always leads to a debit posting on the vendor account.
    Use: As in the case of invoices, credit memos refer to purchase orders or goods receipts. They are used to correct the purchase order history if the quantity invoiced was too high, for example, if an invoice was too high or if part of the quantity was returned.
    When you post a credit memo, the total quantity in the purchase order history is reduced by the credit memo quantity.
    If you do not want the total quantity invoiced to be reduced, you must post the credit memo as a subsequent credit.
    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information and please assign points.

  • Sapscript for Debit Memo and Credit Memo

    I want to create the debit memo and credit memo scripts.
    I am not getting the standard scripts and output type so that i can modify it and according to my requirement.
    Please let me know the standard sapscripts for the credit memo and debit memo.

    use the same Invoice Script/smartform for Credit/debit memo's
    Output type         : RD00
    ScriptForm Name     : RVINVOICE01
    Driver Program Name : RVADIN01
    smartform name      : LB_BIL_INVOICE
    Smartform Driver Pgm: RLB_INVOICE

  • Debit memo and credit memo rule

    may i know why there is debit memo like bank transfer(debit memo), returned debit memo, check debit memo
    and credit memo like check credit memo through bank
    in posting rule.
    what is the meaning of debit memo and credit memo in posting rule of electronic banking.

    hi elina,
    Debit Memo - It is a sales document used in complaints processing to request a debit memo for a customer. If the prices calculated for the customer were too low, for example, calculated with the wrong scaled prices, you can create a debit memo request. The debit memo request can be blocked so that it can be checked. When it has been approved, you can remove the block. It is like a standard order. The system uses the debit memo request to create a debit memo.
    Credit Memo - A transaction that reduces Amounts Receivable from a customer is a credit memo. For eg. The customer could return damaged goods. A debit memo is a transaction that reduces Amounts Payable to a vendor because, you send damaged goods back to your vendor.
    Credit memo request is a sales document used in complaints processing to request a credit memo for a customer. If the price calculated for the customer is too high, for example, because the wrong scale prices were used or a discount was forgotten, you can create a credit memo request. The credit memo request is blocked for further processing so that it can be checked. If the request is approved, you can remove the block. The system uses the credit memo request to create a credit memo. FB75 or FB70
    To create Credit / Debit Memo request:
    - Use the same procedure that you use for Creating Sales Orders i.d T Code VA01
    - Give Order Type as CR for Credit Memo and DR for Debit Memo reuest
    While creating the request you have to enter Customer Number, Reason for the request. and Material and its quantity. Once the credit or debit memo request is released you can create credit or debit memo. The credit memo request will be automatically blocked for checking with Billing Block 08 (to check credit memo) & 09 (to check debit memo) for the sales order type “CR”

  • Report to identify invoices, debit memos and credit memos

    Just enquiring if there is a report in SAP that will identify all invoices debit memos and credit memos issued within a particular date range.
    Thank you.

    You can try VF05 as Navaneet indicated and also you can try VF05N (for only the header details), if you are using ECC 6.0
    If you have VF05N, then you can tick 'Biling Documents in FI'. It will give you the billing docs for a date range and the ones that have been released to accounting....
    Hope this helps
    Mukund S
    Edited by: MukundHS on Jul 26, 2010 6:52 AM

  • Unable to cancel LIV or perform Credit memo/Subsequent Credit

    I have a PO (with commitment from year 2008) that was created in 2008 and LIV in 2009.
    But was unable to cancel LIV or perform credit memo/subsequent credit in 2009, error message indicating that budget exceed year 2008 appear.
    Is there any way i can proceed to cancel this LIV or do a credit memo?
    I have tried to carry the commitment back from 2009 to 2008, still cannot.
    Appreciate if any expert can advise, thanks!

    If you deactivate availability control then you can spend as much as you want on purchasing. The released budget and budget have no control on spend amount. When you activate the availability control (yearwise) by that time there should be released budget equal to that of spent amount.
    Generally for some projects (specific to particular coding mask) we remove availabity control and for general projects we put it.

  • Debit memo and Credit memo

    Dear Expert,
    I always confused on Debit memo and Credit memo...especially the business scenario behind and how it is reflecting in SAP system.
    Let's take this example:
    e.g the Price in the main Invoice is lesser than the actual price, and the difference needs to be recovered from the customer.
    My analysis:
    "The invoice is lesser than the actual price", Means Product should cost 100 USD, but we billed customer only in 80 USD, there are 20 USD difference.  Customer should pay us the rest 20 USD.  So our Account receiivable should be increased. So we need create Debit memo to customer and ask them to pay the money.  Customer received the Debit memo, they will create credit memo and send it to us said they will pay the money.
    Am i understanding correct???  Please kindly share in case you have better simple example. Thank you very much.

    Your understanding on the subject is absolutely correct.
    Let me share an another example with you for debit memo.
    These manufacturer of nuts and bolts. Previously they have 100 nuts in one pack, but then they changed it to 120. But the order which was already made for 10 pkts delivered 1200 nuts instead of 1000. So they require to raises Debit memo.
    But, these Debit memo generally avoid, b'coz people take at most care in creating a invoice. And people do like to pay when they are receiving end.
    Where as, Credit memo can be result of return or complaint of defect or less quantities delivered.
    Well, their behavior is control by SD document categ at billing doc type (Tcode VOFA)
    - P is for Debit Memo (L2)
    - O is for Credit Memo (G2)
    These SD document category classify for the different types of documents that you can process in the sales and distribution system (for example: quotations, sales orders, deliveries, and invoices). So, these determines how the system stores and keeps track of document data. It enables the system to provide you with status information about delivery processing, billing, and documents that are used for reference (for example, inquiries and quotations).
    So, if we summaries it,
    Credit memo - Created to reduce the amount of an existing vendor payable, or customer receivable.
    Debit memo - Used to recover costs from another department or faculty. May also be used to correct an incorrectly posted entry.
    Hope this suffice your requirement.
    Thanks & Regards

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