CRM 5.0, PCUI and Webclient texts

This is my first post so I apologise if I break any conventions.  Can anybody recommend a decent book or books for the above?  We are currently in implementation on CRM 5.0 as part of local government (to be used as an interaction centre), and all the books I've seen to read up on things seem to be for CRM 4.0 still.  Am I better off waiting until the new versions of the books come out, or are version 4.0 and 5.0 similar enough for me to get a book based on CRM 4.0?
Andrew G.

Hi Ravela,
I tried it. But not resolved yet. I have IE7.0 installed and CRM 5.0 is of SP 09. I am not sure if this is compatible. Any inputs would be appreciated. I checked in the PAM but it says for IE7.0 EP7.0 should be of SP10 (min). But am trying it from Backend am not able to resolve it.

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  • PCUI and IC Webclient

    Hi members,
    I'm planning to get into CRM technical. i would really appreciate if someone could explain in what fields should I concentrate on(as in BSP, ALE.....) and how are the job prospects.
    Are PCUI and IC webclient  both the same?
    Points will be rewarded!

    Hi Sunil,
    If you are good in ABAP and you have a fair bit of understanding on how the Web Technology works then ICWebclient would be a good option to concentrate on. In all future releases IC Webclient would be interface for CRM applications. Knowledge on IC would be good for future.
    PCUI and IC are not the same. The techology they use is the same BSP however functionality wise, and functionally they are different.  Please read through the document available on on PCUI and IC Web. You will get more idea.

  • PCUI and CRM customizing tutorial?

    hi guys, Is anyone know where I can find a tutorial for the PCUI and CRM customizing tutorial?
    Thanks a lot!

    Hello Eric,
    for CRM Customizing I would suggest the <a href="">SAP Best Practices for Customer Relationship Management</a>. For PC-UI you should try to get the PC-UI Book and look at the Weblogs toppic CRM. Please use the SDN Search to find them.

  • PCUI and CIC web client differece?or same?

    crm sale module in pcui and sales module in cic web client are same or different..technical and configuration differences
    can anyone help me out in this..
    thank you,

    Hi raj,
    thank you for the information.
    is there any relation between pcui and other web based applications like internet sales(b2b,b2c e-sales,e-service,e-marketing,,icss) and cic(for call center users) and sap portal(channel partners/b2b-one of the application).
    is there any difference between launching crm_ic directly than from launching it from crm_ic. do i do the setting for cic webclient settings in spro or se80. i think bsp applications for cic webclient are done from se80 and the configuration for cic webclient.please tell me if it is not right.
    where we will generate the url for this cic webclient and internet sales so that the users can use that url and login from anywehre in the world through internet browser.
    thank you,

  • PCUI and Customer H Enhancement

    I am very confused regarding enhancement and how it integrates with PCUI. I tried going through the weblog by Tiest on PCUI and EEW Integration but didnt work.
    In my CRM setup, enhancements were added via SAP IMG
    Customer Relationship Management->Transactions->Basic Settings->Business Add-Ins->Business Add-In for Customer Enhancements at Header Level
    And the fields are appended to structure, CRMT_CUSTOMER_H_EXT. I can see the fields in transaction, CRMD_ORDER but not in PCUI.
    1) How do I make the fields available in PCUI???
    I did another excercise of adding fields to CI_EEW_BUT000 directly and without any additional steps, they are available in PCUI.
    Thanks in advance!!!

    Hi Tiest,
    Still the same. Anyway, here are some of the objects that are generated in EEWB
    Data Element
    In CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C, I entered the following:
    Question: Do I need to enter the Structure in Field Group for ZLEAD_DETAILS? And if yes, how do I find out which is the correct structure??
    As I did a where-use of ZZORGMAN0101, I found the following structures where the field was used.
    I entered one at a time into structure of Field Group, ZLEAD, but still got the same error message...
    Can you help??

  • Importing CRM 4.0 PCUI 602

    Hey !
    I am importing PCUI and getting this error:
    76 / 1125 - Migration of: /
    05.07.2006 16:22:04 WARNING: Object was migrated with WARNINGS: PortalNavigation iView was ignored, no iView based on this PAR file should be created
    Time for object 16 Milliseconds
    This error makes a lot of warnings due the rest of the import like:
    522 / 1125 - Migration of: /
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Page was created successfully!
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 WARNING: IView [portal_content/] was not found, Reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/ [Root exception is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/], not adding it to page
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 WARNING: IView : portal_content/ was not created in pcd, cannot be added to page
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Page layout name is
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 SUCCESS: Object was created successful. page id :, page title : Overview - Orders from Customers
    Time for object 1000 Milliseconds
    Can someone help me out with this?
    Best Regards
    Kristoffer Engh

    This issue is that of a portal. While migrating the Business objects it is not completely done. Please try importing the Business package necessary from this site and to work with it.
    Hope this helps you,

  • Difference Between PCUI and IC

    Hi  Experts ,
           I have been with other Forum area . I  have had an oppurtunity to share with you all .
           The applicaitons  of PCUI and Interaction center are developed usng
    BSP , They are web based .
       only UI In could find is that PCUI is more intuitive than Interaction Center .
    Could  you  share  with  the  importance differnce .
    Thanks and Regards ,

    People Centric UI (PCUI)
    People Centric User Interface provides a framework for developing web applications. This framework is based on the Business Server Page (BSP) technology and uses Model-View-Controller (MVC) programming model. PCUI developed applications can be easily integrated into SAP portals. Ease of use and excellent design principles makes PCUI a very helpful framework for developing stable, scalable and intuitive pattern based web applications.
    PCUI is NOT intended as a general UI framework for all SAP customers. It is limited to CRM. Everything else is unsupported by SAP,even if shipped with others solutions like mySAP ERP.
    Interaction Centre (IC)
    IC is basically related to telesales, telemarketing, customer service, and call center management functionality that allows you to leverage IC (along with the Web) as your main touch point for all marketing, sales, and service interactions with your customers. It allows you to find out how your call center agents can execute call lists, qualify leads, update customer data, create orders, and process service requests and complaints. Evaluate the differences among service orders, service tickets, cases, and complaints. Get tips for your managers about how to save time by using IC to monitor call lists, review email and telephone queues, and evaluate service levels. Hear how your colleagues route and handle inbound e-mails and Web forms in IC and how they dispatch and escalate services to agents. Gain insights into how to automate your peripheral call center duties to allow your agents to perform more strategic activities. IC is not a framework for development but its already developed nd u just need some configuration.

  • New To PCUI and Portal

    Dear All
    I am  a CRM consultant and I am new to Portal and PCUI.
    Could you help understand the relationship between CRM, PCUI and Portal.
    Also could you guide me or send some relevant material.
    You can send the material at <removed by SAP Community Network Moderator>

    Hello Tarang,
    please check out the links to:
    - Configuring the Business Package for SAP CRM 5.0 SP01 (EN)
    - PCUI Book for CRM 5.0 (PC-UI Cookbook)
    in the Topic: Links to CRM Documentation.

  • PCUI and GUI?

    Hi Guru’s
    What’s the Difference between PCUI and GUI?
    In which scenario we are using PCUI
    Mahesh Kumar
    [email protected]

    Hi Mahesh,
    The PCUI is nothing but peoplecentric user interface the latest UI which SAP for CRM application where in the look and feel and navigation are much better than the old GUI interface.
    PCUI  will give the flexibility to work on the various CRM Transactions which is linked to EP Enterprise portal  ( netweaver component)
    EP is nothing but the common webpage to access various SAP applications useing the single sing on functionality you can access to different sap systems like SAPR/3 ,CRM,BI,APO systems  Etc
    You can use and see  the   PCUI application view can be accessed useing tcode SE 80 from CRM 4.0,5.0 and can see the floor plan and can select the view and open any pcui view to work on .
    Now SAP has recently launched the SAP CRM UI 2007 which is Web based BSP application which is build on  MVC architecture concept with new look and feel with flexibility to use  
    please do reward points if helpful
    Dinaker vikas K

  • CRM Migration from Zos and DB2 to Unix and UDB

    We will be migrating our CRM application from mainframe and DB2 to a Unix environment with UDB.
    Do you have any experience and/or guidelines ?

    Hi Ronny,
    I guess the right forum to post this question is SAP CRM: Webclient UI - Framework
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Use VBA and Excel to open Dreamweaver HTML (CS5), find and replace text, save and close

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    I have the VBA written but do not know how to open, close and save the code view of the ####.html files. Please ... and thank you...
    [email protected]

    This is actually the code view of file ####.html that I wish to find and replace programmatically where #### is a four digit number cataloguing each painting.... In 1995 I thought this was clever... maybe not so clever now :>)) Thank you for whatever you can do Rob!
    h2. "Name####"
    Oils on acrylic foundation commercial canvas - . xx X xx (inches) Started
    Back of the Painting In Progress </p> </body> </html>
    Warmest regards,
    Phil the Forecaster, and

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    i have an Iphone 4S and the text i send to a friend with a galaxy 4s he is not receiving. Any help?

    Then it's sending as SMS and not iMessage (that's good) so deleting the contact probably didn't help. It also seems iMessage isn't redirecting his texts as he's not used and apple device on the account previously. Can he receive a picture message from you instead? Does he receive texts from other  apple devices? (iPhones,pods/pads) try sending a text through Verizon online using your account on a web browser. If it is also blocked then it confirms the issue is with his device, well at least points you there rather than guessing if it's yours or his or both. There's some ideas, let me know- Joe
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  • HT4623 my iPhone can call out and receive text messages and emails but is not receiving any incoming calls

    my Iphone can call ut and receive text/email messages but is not receiving incoming calls.  What is your thought?

    Hi Baileyfour,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The articles below may be able to help you with this issue.
    Click on the link to see more details and screenshots. 
    iPhone: Can't hear through the receiver or speakers
    There are two places where vibrations can be set.
    One is the Settings > Sounds
    The other area is Settings > Notifications
    If you have an app set to Alert, it may have a vibration set for it.
    iOS: Understanding Notifications
    Information about Notifications settings can also be found in the iPhone User Guide (pages 131, 132)
    I hope this information helps ....
    Have a great day!
    - Judy

  • Anchor tag error, also copy and pasting text comes up "null"

    After the recent update I am receiving anchor tag errors telling me to start with an alphabetic letter, which I was. Also no longer lets me copy and paste text onto a page, instead it says "null". Any ideas on a fix ?

    I don't see a closing </body> tag in your code.  There's an opening tag, but no closing tag, hence unbalanced.

  • My iphone 4S stopped receiving and sending text messges. Help!

    My iphone 4S stopped receiving and sending text messges. Help!

    Hi J.A. Curie!
    Here is an article that can help you troubleshoot this issue:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    Thanks for coming to the Apple Support Communities!

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