CRM 7.0 / IS-U: adding custom fields to Business agreement for replication

Hello Experts!
We're working on replication of custom fields from IS-U to CRM 7.0.
Can you help me with clarification of my understanding of these questions..?
1) CRM/IS-U mapping tables for buag_main:
Business Agreement(BUAG_MAIN) is a BO in CRM that corresponds to CRM table CRMM_BUAG and to Contract account in IS-U table FKKVKP.
Table FKKVKP were enhanced with some z-fields,
so we are going to enhance corresponding CRM table CRMM_BUAG (or CRMM_BUAG_H) with that new fields..
But we see that these CRM and IS-U tables have far not the same field structures..
So, the question: Which crm and is-u tables i should look, enhance and replicate for Business agreement?
2) Access to Business agreement with possibility to add custom field:
I couldn't find in Web UI where i can directly edit profile of Business Agreement..
I've found just access to assignment block "Business agreement" on Account's profile overview page..(Role ServicePRO; Account details).
There I used AET to add custom field..but I faced with problem when the 1st popup appeared: there was no enhanced object "Business Agreement"..
Also in role "Utilities IC Agent" i've found "business agreement" profile but there I don't see buttons for adding custom fields..
So, the question is: Where I can access Business agreement profile to enhance it with custom fields for replication with IS-U?
3) CRM/IS-U data exchange functions:
I tend to use tcode CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU:
for CRM inbound event of BUAG object  - FM CRM_BUAG_MWX_PROCESS_EXT_STRUC..(as template).
Question: Am I right that it fits my requirement to replicate custom fields from IS-U to CRM?
Please tell me if you need more information..
Looking forward to your answers.
Thank you a lot in advance!
Kind regards,

Hi Gobi,
Thank you for advice. But:
I've created fields not by using AET - I used documentation that Nicolas suggested me above.
I've enhanced tables and structures that were mentioned there with my z-fields for both sides (CRM and ERP).
Also I looked CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU for CRM Inbound BUAG_MAIN - corresponding standard FMs are marked for call.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Kevin
    We have exactly the same problem. Did you solve it? If you did, could you please tell us how you did it? We neither see our field in LBWE. Our field is a Z field from a Z table.
    I hope you could help us. We just have this issue to finish our project.
    Thanks a lot in advanced

  • Adding custom fields on a SC for searching a PO

    Hi Friends,
    I am working on SRM classic Scenario and I have a requirement for which I need to add custom fields on the shopping cart under "CONFIRM GOODS/SERVICES CENTRALLY" on clicking "EXTENDED SEARCH" we get 16 fields for searching a PO.
    The requirement is, user should be able to search a PO using "shopping cart number" and "shopping cart creator".
    As I have looked into some of the enhancements include structures and I find this include  "INCL_EEW_PD_SEARCH_HDR_CSF_PO" may work.
    Can anybody help me in how do I go ahead withthis.

    Hi Arun,
    From what i understood from your query, you want to add fields on the "CONFIRM GOODS/SERVICES CENTRALLY" transaction search screen.
    The fields are 'shopping cart number' and 'shopping cart creator'.
    Please go through the following OSS Note:
    Note 672960 - User-defined fields 2
    I think the structure you should use are:
    If you have defined document-specific fields on header and/or item level, you also have to define them in structures INCL_EEW_PD_HEADER_CSF (for the fields of the header) and INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN DEFINED THERE YET. Consequently, these structures contain the combination of header or item fields of all document-specific fields
    You can also use user-defined fields as search criteria. To do this, you have to set fields XINPUT and XDISPLAY to 'X' in table ET_FIELDS for the fields you want to use in BADI BBP_CUF_BADI_2 in method MODIFY_SCREEN. The fields defined this way are displayed if you choose the 'Extended search' link.
    Hope this helps,

  • Adding custom fields to table view assignment block

    Hi All,
      I want to add two news fields to 'Service Contract Item Level' in 'Object List' assignment block. How can i add these two custom fields to table view assignment block using AET. I have tried to add new fields using AET but there is no business object supports to my requirement.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Nitish,
    As naveen sadid use Cutomer_i object . I guess it will be more appropriate.
    And following link will be helpful for AET creation.
    CRM 7.0 How to --4 Adding Custom Fields With The New Application Enhancement Tool (AET)

  • Adding custom fields to Embedded Search

    Hi All,
    I have read the post [here|How to add custom fields to Embedded Search; about adding custom fields to Embedded Search. I am looking to add Employee Subgroup for use in Talent Management (specifically the STVN SuccessionPlanning component) and wanted to know if anyone can expand on the instructions in the link to add this field.
    It appears to be part of the HRTMC_PERSON search object connector already and while I've done some IMG configuration the field is showing in SuccessionPlanning, but not displaying any data.
    Additionally, I'd be interested in any tips to add information that is not from PA0002 should it be required in the future.
    Many thanks,

    Hi Luke,
    I am assuming here that your search request fields are based on HRTCM_CENTRALPERSON search template. To enable your search to work on employee subgroup please do the following
    1) Check if the HRTMC_PERSON Template extracts the data from Infotype 0001 via SPRO node 'Define Search Models and Change Pointer' Extraction Class is 'CL_HRTMC_SEARCH_READ_PA_INFTY'.
    2) Via ESH_COCKPIT, goto Template Modeler and select your custom Software Component and press Edit. Goto roadmap step 5 - Define Requests - where all search request fields are defined. Its using these fields Talent search works.
    3) Select the search request e.g. 'SAP_TALENT_NAKISA', it would then show list searchable attributes in below table. Using 'Add' button select path for PERSK so that it can searched.
    It would look like this once selected
    4) In step SPRO 'Define Search Requests and Search Field Names' , define Employee subgroup field with AliasSearchField = PERSK since thats what is defined in roadmap step 5.
    Hope it helps!
    Ricky Shah

  • Adding custom fields  through SE51

    Hi All!
    This is with regards to adding custom fields through Se51 to standard screens.I had added custom field KNVV-ZZKVGR6 to the screen.
    After drawing the text and I/O buttons.When I activate I am getting an syntax error saying Field KNVV-ZZKVGR6 is defined differently in screen (ABAP/4 field,Dictionary field).
    What does this mean.
    Also if i activate with a SAP standard field instead of the custom it is getting activated.
    But for both the ways I could not able to see the output on the actual transaction.Also the new drawings which i am drawing are in brown color(different form the existing one)
    Please advise.

    hi Praneeth,
    what is the program name,screen number you are trying to modify..,and after appending the field <b>ZZKVGR6 to KNVV</b> , now go to table and choose menu <b>Utilities->Data base Utility-></b> now click on  <b>Activate and Adjust the Data base</b>, then try to add the field.
    and are you adding the field from Dictionary (i.e you have option Get From Dictionary in that give KNVV table name it will list the fields, choose zzkvgr6 from it, and place it in your screen.)
    the exit which you are adding should be appropriate one
    or else you won't get the desired results. what is the exit..

  • While adding custom field in urgent change-Create new field button in AET is not coming

    Dear All,
    we have requirement to add some custom fields in urgent change document. while adding custom fields using AET, create new field button is not coming.
    Thanks in advance. points will be awarded.

    Hi Jignesh,
    Thanks for your valueble inputs, it really helped me to understand the process.
    I checked in Web UI configuration for urgent change document as you mentioned but still that button is not coming.
    In transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB, i have created enh. set: Z_ENHANCEMENT_SET.
    Can you tell what to selelect in application and page popup which comes after selecting Enhance component button. Actually i tried but i am not able to add new record in conf.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Adding Custom fields to SRM Item Data tab & Account Assignment Tab

    Hi Everyone,
    We have got a small requirement to add 2 custom fields in SRM Shopping cart.
    Need to add a input field, which should act just like Requisitioner in ECC. ( F4 help ).This will allow to create shopping cart on behalf of some one.
    Need to add input field, which resembles Goods Recipient in ECC ( Free text)
    After adding custom fields, how do i ensure that, it's mapped to right field in ECC.I spent much browsing SRM forum, but couldn't gather much information. I understood that, this involves configuration in SPRO.
    Any information or help in any kind would be really helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Vishnu,
    Take look at this link.
    Add custom field to SC and POWL

  • Adding custom fields to Article Master (MM41/MM42)

    Hi  ,
    I have a requirement of adding custom fields to Basic data of Article creation in MM41 . I appended the fields to
    MARA table using Append structure . I followed the steps given in note 44410 . But i am unable to find an EXIT/BADI
    /ENHANCEMENT to populate the values of custom fields which get triggered during MM41/MM42 .
    But the Exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001 gets triggered only during MM01/MM02 . Kindly guide me to solve this .
    Thanks and Regards,

    Business Requirement:
    As per the client Business critical requirements, additional fields are
    required in the Article Master. This is because the existing fields in
    the Article master are not adequate to capture the data.
    We have referred the SAP Note 925424 (Table MAW1) and 44410 (MARA) for
    Based on the above note 44410, we have added fields in MARA table,
    since Manufacturing
    activities are envisaged in future instead of proceeding with 925424.
    Whether, MAW1 (925424) also to be considered?  
    Since this is very critical requirement from client, we cannot avoid
    and do not have any
    alternate solution.
    These fields will be used in reports and pricing in sales &
    Apart from this, are there any other SAP notes to be referred?
    Is there any restrictions there in length for fields to be used in MARA table .
    By referring note 44410 , i added 20 fields in MARA table, in which some 4 fields are more than 40 characters .
    All custom fields are updated in MM41 and MM42 .
    Shall i proceed by this approach .Kindly guide me on this .
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Adding Custom Fields to FAGLFLEXP Table

    We have a requirement to update WBS Element for Planning related Data. So have added custom field(WBS Element)  in structure CI_FAGLFLEX04.
    The field is visible when I open FAGLFLEXP table, but when I post data The custom field (WBS Element) is not being updated. Could you please let me know the process to update this field?
    Thank you in advance.

    The procedure isn't so simple. There are several posts on the subject SCN. I suggest research before you start developing.
    Start here:
    However, the most important is: a) Is it really necessary to change the standard? b) There could be a Z table containing the new information and referencing FAGLFLEXP? c) What is the transaction that will keep the data? It has Exit´s for what you need?
    As Vadamalai said below,
    Actually your approach may be wrong, first as an ABAPer should ask to functional team, which transaction and where to insert the fields, it could be header or item level(I am saying example)
    Based on tcode, you need to enhance the table level as well as the screen exit/BADI we need to pass screen to internal programming structure. the structure type will be table type of FAGLFLEXP.

  • Adding custom fields to DB table

    I added custom fields in std DB table using CI_* , activated table using SE14. Now I want to remove the added custom fields , I deleted the CI_* using SE11. It still appears in DB table,  I mean I dont expect to disappear from DB table, when I double click it still takes to structure screen. I deleted include from SE80 also selecting Package, activated and adjusted DB table from SE14 after deletion, but it still appears and when I check the attributes it shows the same package , how to reset the CI_* , bottom line ,I want to make DB table normal as before, because of that I am getting dumps when I execute std DB table related T codes.
    It should be done in easy way but not able to get breakthrough.
    Please let me know your suggestions.

    Hi Sai,
    Try to assign the CI_* structure to $temp,i.e as local object and then activate it first.
    After that, try deleting the local object and adjust the table using SE14.
    If still it does not work, ask your BASIS consultant to do an "Alter table".
    May be that works!
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Adding custom fields in IW41/42/43.

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement of adding custom fields in the order confiramtion screen i.e IW41/42/43.
    i found this user exit CMFU0001: Determine customer-specific screen layout.
    but i am not able to figure out a way to use it.
    has anyone done such an developemnt .
    Kindly help
    Johnson George.

    Try this:
    Go to tcode:CMOD
    Give a name for project,press Create.
    Click on the   enhancement assignments button and add the selected enhancement there and enter and save it. 
    Click on 'Components' button.Double click on EXIT_SAPLCORU_001, double click on 'INCUDE ZXCOCU01'. Write code here.

  • Adding Custom Fields to XD99

    Hey All,
        I am trying to figure out a way to Mass maintain Custom fields(Z fields) in KNA1 using transaction XD99. I did find some material which discussed about adding custom fields to MM17 transaction, but couldnt get any usefull information on XD99.
    Any inputs or suggestions are highly appreciated.

    Please check the following oss note
    Note 414020 - MASS: Customer fields are not mass-maintainable

  • Adding Custom fields to standard  SAP-EBP application

    A functionality requires some custom fields to be added to the standard SAP-SRM EBP ( Manage business partners) application.
    If I copy the whole BBP_VENDOR_CREATE program into a Z-program, and the BBPMAININT internet service to a Z-application, then would it be feasible??
    Which is the best way to add custom fields in a SAP standard EBP application--in the 'Manage business partners' section.

    I don't think it's easily possible to add custom fields to the existing transaction - BBPMAININT.
    For adding customer fields you can refer the SAP OSS not - 672960, but I don't think it will be of much help here.
    <b>Since SAP has not upgraded this transaction - BBPMAININT for a quite long time, you need to do all the logic and validation from your end.</b>
    <u>Better to go for you own Z (custom program) and make your logic accordingly.</u>
    - Atul

  • Adding Custom Fields to XD99, XK99

    I have a requirement to add custom fields to Customer and Vendor master transaction which are mass maintained.
    XD99 and XK99 are the transaction codes. I found notes on adding custom fields to mass maintain MM17, however did not find any solution as of now to add custom fields to XD99 and XK99.
    If anyone has worked on it, kindly provide me details if there is any Badi/User exit/Enhancement point to achieve this.
    Sneha Soni.

    This works well with standard fields, but check [Note 216596 - Include additional fields in mass maintenance|] and [Note 414020 - MASS: Customer fields are not mass-maintainable|]

Maybe you are looking for