CRM Table containing IBase GUID and Product GUID

Hi experts,
Could you please give me the table containing IBase GUID and Product GUID.
My requirement is to bring the Warranties in the Ibase relationship tab in IB52 transaction. Warranties should be corresponding
to product(Material) corresponding to the IBase.

Hi ,
My problem is resolved by using  COM_TA_R3_ID table.
Here R3IDENT field will give the product_id of the IBASE and R3MAT_ID will give the product id of the basic material.
By using FM CRM_IBASE_COMP_GET_DETAIL in the field obect_id we will get product id of  IBASE .
Then passing that to R3IDENT field we will get basic product guid from R3MAT_ID field.
then from comm_product table we will get GUID of basic material

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    You need to be even more carefull with parameter transactions.
    If SU24 is not maintained for them, PFCG will pull the proposals from the core transaction (via which the parameters are used in the skip screen feature...). If the core transaction has authority proposals for S_TCODE, then you will get those tcodes and their proposals as well.
    A carefull choice of menu objects (not only limited to Tcodes), taking heed of SU24 defaults and tuning it to meet your needs is the key. But it requires organizational discipline and good training, otherwise rather dont use it for anything other than important objects which you want to control manually only, even if your business roles are a mess.
    You can also restrict the authorizations of the security admins for example (as unpopular as that may sound... to segregate authorization concept development (SU24 etc), role building development (PFCG etc) and user administration (SU01 etc). Object S_USER_TCD also has a field called TCD...
    There are also other objects (as Dipanjan has pointed out) which have TCD as a field of an object which is not S_TCODE. In addition to I_TCODE, Q_TCODE, P_TCODE, see also S_IDOCMONI for example.
    To be honest I have given up on trying to find them all
    The easiest solution is to use the menu and maintain SU24 when the transaction is configured or the application is developed and tested. That is what SAP does as well in SU22. It is more work upfront, but more sustainable in the long run.
    If your users (and auditors) only see the menu (and use the SUIM --> Executable transactions) options, then you can get away with it in the short or even medium term. Latest when someone else need to maintain the roles they will hate it...
    My 2 cents,

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    Looks like you have two userids. Login to SDN using your userid that created the post and assign the points. If you don't see the radio button then change your original post to a question.
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    The implementation guide is the reference that you need to use to do the functional setup while the user guide covers how the navigation of the module/application and tells you how to use it.

  • Significance of IBase, Component and Product ID while creating Change Reque

    When we create a change request via SOLMAN_WORK_CENTER, we are supposed to provide values for
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    2) Component
    3) Product ID
    Ibase can be defined as the way SAP differentiates in a multiple system (APO, CRM, ECC) environment, the corresponding environment.
    The values corresponding to IBase can be obtained via IB51,52 and 53 tcodes.
    Can the value for IBase obtained via SMSY t code also?
    What does component and Product ID signify?
    Where can we get values for Component and Product ID?
    Is Product ID the same as value we get from menu Option System->Status->Installation Number
    Is it necessary to provide all 3 values (i.e. IBase, Component , Product ID) while creating change request?
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    Ibase can be defined as the way SAP differentiates in a multiple system (APO, CRM, ECC) environment, the corresponding environment.
    The values corresponding to IBase can be obtained via IB51,52 and 53 tcodes.
    Can the value for IBase obtained via SMSY t code also?
    What does component and Product ID signify?
    Product ID is not mandatory. I actually hide it in the CRMD_ORDER screen.
    Where can we get values for Component and Product ID?
    Is Product ID the same as value we get from menu Option System->Status->Installation Number
    Component  - IB52 as you already mentioned
    Product ID - in a customizing table, I've seen it once but can't remember where honestly. As stated, I don't bother with the field
    Is it necessary to provide all 3 values (i.e. IBase, Component , Product ID) while creating change request?
    The iBase and component are mandatory, odd thing is if you enter the component without entering 1 in the iBase, SolMan will fill the 1 in for you.
    If Not, how will SolMan identify which system the change should point to?
    By the logical components assigned to your maintenance project. You can actually have transports for more than one production assigned to your change document. For instance you could have a BI and ECC transport assigned to the sane change document. Your tak list will have the dev, testing and production systems for each logical component assigned.
    Or only value for Ibase is enough?
    I was having this discussion with someone the other day. Since the logical components assigned to the mianteance project really determines what systems you can create transports for, what is the value of the component field? Best I could determine was when you use the Logon on to System action, it points to the one listed in the component field only. other than that, I'm not sure.

  • Table containing both SC and PO number

    Hello experts,
    Can any one among you let me know the table consisiting of both Shopping cart and purchase order number in SRM.
    I appreciate your quick response, and be rewarded with desired points.

    For Classic scenario,ou can pass the Line Item GUID (CRMD_ORDERADM_I) of the shopping cart to the table BBP_PDBEI ( field GUID) and get the PO details.
    All the SC details can be seen in table CRMD_ORDERADM_H(Header) and CRMD_ORDERADM_I(Item).
    You can also use the FM 's:
    Shopping Cart: BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL.
    IF you are on ECS,then the local PO and SC details can be found in the tables CRMD_ORDERADM_H(Header) and CRMD_ORDERADM_I(Item).
    Do reward points for  useful answers.

  • Crm tables for sales group and sales office

    Hello CRM Experts,
    Can any one plz. help me to find Tables for Sales Group and Sales office.
    It will be really helpful if the above fields have relation to the Business Partner.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Radek,
    I feel the table which you have given is the right table but in my scenario we have created sales office and sales group(in org structure) independently in CRM, so now we need to find these values from the table independently as well as with relation to BP the table which you have provided can be used for second scenario but if we want to fetch the values of all sales office and sales group which table i have to use.
    One more problem for second scenario is in BP we cant able to see the sales ofice & group values which we defined in CRM, if we can save BP with sales office and group values then only we can use the table which you have given
    Highly appreciable for your replies.

  • What is a table containing sales order and the contract it refers to

    I have a following problem (ECC6.0):
    A sales order is created in VA03 and referenced to a contract. I need to locate the table or tables (or FM) which contains the information of the sales order number and the contract number.
    Problem with VA03 is that I can see both numbers in the document flow screen; i.e. sales order ( is xxxxx and the Preced.Doc field contains the contract number. However, this is only an ALV view. I cannot get anywhere from the program SAPMV75F.
    I have checked table VBAK and it contains most of dat but not the link itself as it has any sales document. I need to have an entry containing the link between a given sales order (+item) and the contract.
    Instead of creating with "Create with reference" and select Contract (which you need to refer to),  the system is defined so that contract is used with a hierarchy customer. Debugging of creating did not help as the linking was conducted in the background without activation of debugging screen. I'm not an SD and no experience with contract.
    Help is highly appreciated,

    The field VBAK-GUEBG is used for valid from and valid to date,
    you can find the Preceding and Subsequent sales and distribution document under table 'VBFA'.
    under SMOD, you can find below exit use for Contract data modification:
    V45W0001 Function module exit for copying sales header data into
    This enhancement contains the user exit:
    -   EXIT_SAPLV45W_001
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  • Table names for Purchase and Production Details

    Hi Gurus,
    I want to create a report for list of purchased materials, materials under production and finished materials from Bill of Material..
    Can any body tell me the table names..
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Arun,
    These are the tables related to the material under production:
    AUFK     Production order headers
    AFIH     Maintenance order header
    AUFM     Goods movement for prod. order
    AFKO     Order header data PP orders
    AFPO     Order item
    RESB     Order componenten     
    AFVC     Order operations
    AFVV     Quantities/dates/values in the operation
    AFVU     User fields of the operation
    AFFL     Work order sequence
    AFFH     PRT assignment data for the work order(routing)
    JSTO     Status profile
    JEST     Object status
    AFRU     Order completion confirmations
    These are the tables related to purchase:
    EKKO     Purchase document
    EKPO     Purchase document (item level)
    EINA     Purchase info record (main data)
    EINE     Purchase info record (organisational data)
    EBAN     Purchase requisition
    EBKN     Purchase Requisition Account Assignment
    These are the table related to the finished material related with BOM.
    STKO     BOM - header
    STPO     BOM - item
    STAS     BOMs - Item Selection
    STPN     BOMs - follow-up control
    STPU     BOM - sub-item
    STZU     Permanent BOM data
    PLMZ     Allocation of BOM - items to operations
    MAST     Material to BOM link
    KDST     Sales order to BOM link
    Hope this will help.

  • Which table contains the Workcenter and the operation line of an order

    Does someone knows in which table I can found the link between the operation defined in a maintenance order and the workcenter? If there is no direct link in a table, is there a function allowing me to do it?
    Kind regards

    AFVC and AFVV contain most of the operation data.
    The link is:
    See [here|] for more PM/CS tables

  • I would like to read a file and display the results in a table containing both strings and numbers?

    I just need a simple way of doing this as at the moment, i read one line at the time containing strings and numbers, whenever i convert this line to an array i loose the strings, if i want to display it, it displays as a group of lines while i would like to display it as a table with column headers. The file is an .xls worksheet.
    Any suggestions?

    Look at attach vi.
    If this is not what you need please clarify.
    With ActiveX you can Open Excel, interact with it (read and write values to cells...
    But if you can read it this way, I think it's easier.
    Hope this helps,
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  • Where is the iOS6 version of the iPad User Guide and /or guide for the new version of Maps?

    Yesterday I installed iOS6 along with 4 updates one of which was the User Guide, as I recall.   But my user guide till has iOS5  Maps guidance so must be the old guide.  How do I download the iOS6 UserGuide and new Maps guidance? Thanks

    There doesn't seem to be one for iPad yet. There is an iOS 6 guide for iPhone. They are virtually the same.

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