Crystal Report ActiveX viewer 11 not installing on windows 7 64 bit

Hi We have a web application which calls Crystal reports. If the Active doesnot exits on the user machine it tries to download it and intall. This works find on Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit. But on Windows 7 64 bit the activex is not getting installed.
Any help will be appreciated.

Crystal Reports 11 is not supported on WIN 7. Update to CR XI R2 (11.5) using the directions here:
Where did all the Crystal Reports XI R1 and R2 fixes go?
Then, see this blog:…
- Ludek
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  • Crystal Report Activex Viewer Control

    <p>&#160;</p><p>Our users are prompted to download: Crystal Report Activex Viewer Control -- when trying to view reports. Since they do not have Admin rights on their PC, they are unable to install this Activex Control. Is there a setup file available someplace that can deployed to the user&#39;s pc that would intsall the activex control?</p><p>Any help would be appreciated.</p><p> Thanks,</p><p>Anupam</p>
    Manual installation
    To manually install the ActiveX Viewer on the client computer:
    1. Copy the file from the server to the client computer, and extract its contents to a temporary folder.
    2. Move the files Crviewer.dll, Crviewer9.dll, Sviewhlp.dll, and Swebrs.dll to the System32 folder. Keep this folder visible.
    3. On the Start menu, click Run. The Run dialog box appears.
    4. In the Open box, type âu20ACu0153regsvr32âu20AC and then drag and drop the Crviewer.dll file icon from the System32 folder onto the Run dialog box.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the files Crviewer9.dll, Sviewhlp.dll, and Swebrs.dll.
    But I haven't tried it myself yet. I have so much crystal stuff on my PC. I'm going to set up a virtual PC that has never had crystal and see if it works.

  • Get Crystal Report XI R2 to work on 64 bit OS (win 2K3) web ActiveX viewer

    Can anyone help me with the issue below, I have been working on this issue for long time and have intensively researched the internet and tried out few solutions but non worked for me.
    I am working on an application that was build with a classic ASP and VB6 COMs. The COMs load rpt file, this would be the report template, then it loads a recordset into the rpt file and gets displayed on the web page using ActiveX viewer. There are few activities done by the COMs, varying from changing formulas, updating header and footer, suppressing sections to loading data. We are using crystal report XI release 2 with SP4 and application works fully ok on Windows XP and Windows 2003 on the 32 bit OS. Now we are trying to deploy the application on a 64 bit environment and we realise that we can only do this on 64 bit in a 32 bit mode. As we have VB COMs and they can only work on a 32 bit system. So I have done the following in order to enable our application to work and for the reports to run.
    1)     Configure the IIS server to run in worker process isolation mode<br>
    2)      Enabling the 32bit mode by running this command <br>
    cscript.exe adsutil.vbs set W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32BitAppOnWin64 TRUE<br>
    3)     Install our COM application and give the required permission <br>
    4)     Install ASP files with rpt files and give the required permission<br>
    With few attempts I managed to run our application on the 64 bit system using the 32 bit mode, but few reports still fails to display.
    I am unable to run and/or view crystal reports on a windows 2003 64 bit system.  I have turned on the 32 bit mode so I am able to run COM objects and I am able to run my application and view crystal reports but some reports still fails with no error message. The failed reports display the crystal viewer with no data no page but only the top bar with crystal controls e.g. export, move pages etc.
    I run the same application pointing to the same database as my 64 bit (32 bit mode) environment and run the reports with some data and it worked fine, so I saved the report and tried viewing on my 64 bit environment with simple crystal preview page. Unfortunately it was same result as report came back blank in the viewer with no pages even though if I open that report the crystal application it will show me data saved with it. I have to say on my windows 2003 32 bit system that was fully working, I needed to turn on isolation mode in IIS 6 (i.e. turn off worker processor mode) in order to get all my reports working, otherwise I would get the exact same issue that I have with the 64 bit system. However in my 64 bit system I canu2019t turn on isolation mode, as the 32 bit mode option requires the IIS to be set with worker processor mode or none of the COMs will work.
    So please could you help with any suggestion, or solution if possible.
    Many Thanks

    Hi Ludek
    Let me clarify a bit about the issue we been have:<br>
    For example we have report-1.rpt and report-2.rpt, both are very similar and in fact report-2 have a little bit more information than report-1. So when I install our application on a webserver in Windows 2003 32 bit system, with Crystal Report XI R2 developer edition + SP4, both reports work perfectly fine and application save the report and show it on the crystal report ActivesX viewer. So I made copy of report-1.rpt and report2.rpt with data and kept it a side.
    Now I install our application that is the asp files and COM objects on a 64 bit windows 2003 and turned on the 32 bit mode to enable our COMs to work. I then run our application pointing it to the same database I used with the other OS, and I tried to run report-1.rpt and report-2.rpt, so report-1.rpt has failed with the viewer showing but no pages and only the controls. However, the report-2.rpt worked fine with data showing ok. So I copied the 2 reports I generated from the other OS and pointed my view report asp page to these rpt files, again same result report-1.rpt failed and report-2.rpt worked ok.
    So I guess what I am trying to say is we are using the exact same COMs on both OS and to generate on both reports, also pointing to the same database using the same connection string. The result is one report is failing on the 64 bit machine.
    Now when I try to export/save the report-1.rpt, the report that come with no pages, I get the error below, this is the same error I get if I try to move to different pages.
    <br><br>CRAXDRT Error Occured on Server.70 : Permission denied
    Please let me know if I can provide more information.
    Many thanks

  • Barcode not displaying/printing in Crystal Report java viewer

    We have written a Crystal report (in Developer XI release 2 with service pack 4 installed) which produces barcode labels.  The barcodes are Code 39 barcodes and are generated by printing the string \*data_field\* in a Code 39 barcode font.  The asterisk is the character used for the Code 39 start/stop sequence in the barcode font.
    In Developer everything works fine and prints out and scans correctly. When we make the report available to our end users in the Crystal Reports java viewer all we get where the barcode should appear is white space on screen or when we print.  (The rest of the report behaves correctly). 
    We have tried a few things and have found that if both asterisks or the starting or ending asterisk is left in a different font (i.e. not the barcode font) then the rest of the string displays and prints in the barcode font.  (unfortunately without bot asterisks you don't get a scanable barcode).
    Has anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this?
    (In case it might be relevant the barcode font we are using is this one:

    Hello Ludek,
                    I have found that the issue is caused by the bold attributes of my field.
                    You can try the following and you should encounter the same issue:
                                    - Create a Report
                                    - Create a formula with many characters
                                    - Put you field in Times New Roman bold 8.
                    The following Font Size in  Times New Roman are in issue: 5 u2013 8 u2013 11- 14
                    The following Font Size in  Arial are in issue: 8 u2013 11 u2013 12 u2013 14
    Thank you.
    Edited by: Charles Gagnon on May 2, 2011 5:38 PM

  • Crystal Reports 2008 viewer, print function, Comunication error

    I installed cr2008 on a web server and isntalled sp0
    if I bring up a reprot in smartviewer from a client it works and I can print
    once I installed sp1, sp2 and or sp3 for crystal reports 2008 the print button in crystal reports viewer gives an error when I click the print button.
    If I remove and re-isntall cr2008 and just installed sp0 the print button works again
    Is there a fix to make the print button work in crystal reports smart viewer once sp1 or above have been installed
    thank you

    Translating the error message on bablefish I get:
    Mistake with the store of the data bank information. Mistake in the file Report {C6512421-348A-4621-B1ED-895D28646A0A} .rpt
    Which I'm sure is not 100% accurate, but it gives a good hint. As well, because of this:
    "Do I need to install an additional / diffrent runtime than 2008 Runtime"
    I wonder how you installed the CR 12 runtime on that computer? For more info on CR runtimes, see [this|] wiki.
    If my suggestion above does not help, make sure the Win\temp directory can be accessed buy the application. Crystal Reports runtime needs to write and read files from the temp directory.

  • Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Failed to open document

    Yesterday I created a report in Visual Studio 2008 with about 20 subreports, each subreport containing a single aggregate query (i.e count or sum). I then saved the report file. Hours later when I attempted to reopen the report in Visual Studio I recived the message box "Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Failed to open document". The report file was completely unusable - it could not be opened for editting.
    Today I repeated the process twice (once ith multiple subreports and once with all aggregate queries combined in a single subreport), only to have the new report files become unusable with the same error message. I am completely shocked at this behaviour from Crystal Reports. I have now spent 10+ hours with no usable report. I realy need a fix for this ASAP!!! Any suggestions would be greatlhy appreciated.

    Hi Jeff,
    Just wanted to confirm you were on SP1.
    I've found that these types of error are usually due to corrupt system files or sometimes even Anti-virus software denying access. If there is no error it's not CR corrupting the file.
    Look in your AV logs to see if it's logging anything.
    Another possibility is with MS pushing out patches they can also cause problems. I've see them change permissions on our dependencies that can cause problems.
    Sorry I can't be specific but without seeing your report or any details you'll have to determine at which step in the report it stops working.
    Can you save any reports now?
    Steps to debug, create a new report with no subreports and save it. Then re-open, if that works then start adding one subreport and then save/open. It may be something related to either the subreports or the number of subreports.
    You could try doing a repair install of VS and SP1.
    Was this working at one time or is this something new, do you have other reports that are similar that have problems?
    You need to debug the report and find out what is causing it to be corrupted. Try adding the 20th subreport and then delete it also.

  • Error from the seagate Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer

    Hi guys,
    I get the following message when I running a report application based on Web. The Message is as following:
    The Error Message was Error detected by database DLL from Seagate Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer
    Internet Explorer has encountered a problem wiht an add-on and needs to close.
    the following add-on is running when this problem occured
    Add-on Name:   CRview.dll
    Company Name: Crystal Decision, Inc
    Description: Crystal Viewer for ActiveX
    I think the crystal is old version , the IE is version 7
    Thank you very much

    OK, an upgrade of Oracle causes Crystal Reports to throw "Error detected by database DLL". It may very well be that version 8 report will not be able to run that version of Oracle. E.g.; version 8 of CR will not run Oracle 10 g for sure...
    Something to look at; can you run the report in the CR 8 designer when connecting to that updated version of Oracle?
    You'll have to locate the platforms.txt file for CR 8 and see what version of Oracle it supported. I do not have a link or even an idea of where that may be as CR 8 has been out of support for soooo long.

  • ITunes 11.1.4 will not install properly - windows 8.1, 64 bit.  My only way to recover is to restore my system.  iTunes functions properly.  When will Apply provide a workable update?

    iTunes 11.1.4 will not install properly - windows 8.1, 64 bit.  The only way I have found to recover is to restore my system.  I have unistalled/reintalled iTunes two times.  No success.  iTunes functions properly (following system restore).  When is Apply expected to provide a workable update?

    Uninstall your existing copy of iTunes. Delete any copies of the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64Setup.exe) installer files from your downloads areas for your web browsers and download a fresh copy of the iTunes installer from the Apple website:
    (The current build of the installer was changed a few days ago, which fixed the bulk of the reports of MSVCR80.dll/R6034/APSDaemon.exe/Error-7/AMDS-could-not-start trouble ... but the build number on the installer was not changed. So we're trying to make sure you do the reinstall using a "new good" installer instead of an "old bad".)
    Does the install with the new copy of the installer go through properly? If so, does that clear up the error message?
    If you still have the same error messages cropping up, then try the procedures from the following user tip:
    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates

  • Seagate Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer error '80043ac4'

    Website slows down when users are running reports. Users start getting errors when running any crystal report. After sometime main page itself stops loading and only static html is visible. Following is one of the errors users see:
    Seagate Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer error '80043ac4'
    Invalid directory.
    /opera_mort2/report/AlwaysRequiredSteps.asp, line 54
    Other errors seen on reporting site at that time are
    Active Server pages error 'ASP 0115'
    Unexpected error
    A trappable error (C00000005) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.
    authentication and network errors.
    Rebooting the Web Server temporarily fixes the issue however the error recurs again after a day or two. We are seeing this problem in both our PROD and DR server. There was no change done to either of these boxes recently.
    Also at this pint IIS was crashing. Microsoft Support analyzed the crash dumps created from IIS and came up with the following:
    "All the memory dumps captured showed the same DLL that was accessing corrupted memory. This same DLL would also be the one that had originally written to those addresses. The DLL was craxdrt.dll from Crystal Reports 8.0 ActiveX Designer, which was version from 1/28/2000. This DLL should be updated to see if this issue has already been fixed. Other options are to recycle IIS more frequently and move to a new version of Crystal Reports."
    Here is a detailed analysis from Microsoft Support:
    The issue appears to be heap corruption. Normally these are difficult to troubleshoot, however, in this case every memory dump that I looked at had the same component involved.
    start end module name
    42b30000 4307f000 craxdrt (export symbols) craxdrt.dll
    Loaded symbol image file: craxdrt.dll
    Image path: C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Report Designer Component\craxdrt.dll
    Image name: craxdrt.dll
    Timestamp: Fri Jan 28 15:16:46 2000 (3892235E)
    CheckSum: 0055446A
    ImageSize: 0054F000
    File version:
    Product version:
    File flags: 22 (Mask 3F) Pre-release Special
    File OS: 40004 NT Win32
    File type: 2.0 Dll
    File date: 00000000.00000000
    Translations: 1009.04b0
    CompanyName: Seagate Software, Inc.
    ProductName: Crystal Reports 8.0 ActiveX Designer.
    InternalName: CRAXDRT
    OriginalFilename: CRAXDRT.DLL
    FileDescription: Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Runtime Support
    LegalCopyright: Copyright (c) 1991-1999 Seagate Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    LegalTrademarks: Copyright (c) 1991-1999 Seagate Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Comments: Crystal Reports for Visual Basic
    This component is from the year 2000 and needs to be updated. I searched our old cases and found several where old version of this component caused the same heap corruption.
    Please help as this is a production issue. Please let me know if you need any more information.
    thanks and regards
    sudatta soman

    Something must have changed. Were any patches or auto updates done to the OS?
    CR 8.0 has been out of the support cycle for some time now.
    As Microsoft suggested please log in and download the patches for CR 8.0 from:
    If that does not resolve the issue the only option will be to schedule sn IIS restart each night.

  • How to connect to the Crystal Reports Server XI R2 installed in other machi

    we are 3 people here we have Crystal Reports Server XI R2 installed in one machine and Crystal Repoprts XI  DEsigner ( downloaded trial version) in all the machines ,
    in my machine only Crystal Repoprts XI  DEsigner ( downloaded trial version) is installed , how to connect to the Crystal Reports Server XI R2 which is installed in other machine

    thankyou for your  response,
    my problem here is as soon as i open CR Designer , and if i  click on either New Report,Blank Report, or  standard report wizard  it is saying "failed to create database connection"
    on which ever thing i click it is telling the same "failed to create database connection" i created the user DSN properly , i could not create System DSN i dont know why.
    can u please guide me
    and one more thing on the machine where CR server is installed , on the same machine designer is also installed (i think u was telling the same) .  my question is how the server will know about the CR Designer installed in my machine.

  • Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Design and Runtime Library 11.5

    Hai to all,
                I'm new in crystal report 11.5, my task is desig time i just create a blank report during runtime programaticaly create Fieldobject,Blob object and so on, i came to know this is the right (Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Design and Runtime Library 11.5) dll but, i dont know how to write the code. Experts please post simple code, i tried this site but there is no code related my task, experts please help me.
    Softwares am using:
    Visual studio 2005, 2.0, SQL server 2005 and crystal report 11.5
    Edited by: winseelan j on Aug 21, 2008 4:03 PM

    You are using the wrong SDK in this case. You cannot use ADO.NET (crdb_adoplus.dll) with the RDC. It would not recognise it. RDC only supports classic ADO (crdb_oledb.dll). Report Creation APi and the RDC was designed for Visual Basic 6.0.
    To do what you are trying to do you would have to use the Report Application Server (RAS) in .NET to create your reports.
    I recommend starting by creating a simple application with the report created in the Crystal Report designer using ADO.NET(XML) driver and Visual Studio .NET code to pass the dataset at runtime so you are familiar with the code and properties before trying to create the full report in code with RAS.
    You will find more information and samples in the Developer's Library:
    The samples are at:
    Look for "VB_Web_Data_DataSets".
    If you create a dataset you want in Visual Studio .NET, you can write it to XML or and XML Schema and use that to create the report.
            'From a dataset, create an XML file to use creating a new report
            'using the full path to the .xml file, include the schema
            dataSet.WriteXml("C:\Temp\myReportData.xml", XmlWriteMode.WriteSchema)
            'Or create a schema to use building a report
    Once you have the report format the way you want it, you can use the Report Application Server Samples from the Developer's Help to give you direction in building your report at runtime:

  • Photoshop elements 11 not installing in windows 7 x32

    photoshop elements 11 not installing in windows 7 x32
    downloads ok then on install it gets to almost the end and a message appears can not continue and it uninstalls itself.

    Hello, thank you for your prompt reply. I have downloaded  v12 of Photoshop Elements and installed to my Win 7 x64 machine and its working like a charm. Perhaps v11 did not like the spec of my x32 machine.
    Thank you again from a satisfied customer.
    Regards William.
    Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014 09:58:25 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: photoshop elements 11 not installing in windows 7 x32
        Re: photoshop elements 11 not installing in windows 7 x32
        created by Bill Hunt in Photoshop Elements - View the full discussion
    Can you list your computer hardware specs.? Special attention needs to be paid to the I/O (Input & Output), or the HDD's (Hard Disk Drives), their size, speed, amount of free-space, etc.Are you attempting to do the installation to the default location, or to a custom location? Good luck, and let us know a bit more please.
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  • Excel viewer not installed problem

    Dear all,
    i am getting error message  "excel viewer not installed"  with error code UMC030  .
    Getting this error message when running a report under management cockpit walls.
    Any help?

    ok its sorted

  • HP UFT 12.02 not installing on Windows 7 Service Pack 1

    HP UFT 12.02 is not installing on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. But the Install Guide says it supports and recommends Windows 7 Service Pack 1 as the Operating System.

    Hey Hello Dear,
       Please upgrade UR windows 7 Service pack to Service pack 2.
       from my knowledge for SQL SERVER 2012 it requires Windows 7 service pack.
       And before installing SQL server 2012 Plz activate .NET framework for that,
       Put UR windows 7 Format CD then,
       Run Command prompt as Administrator and paste following cmd in that
    DISM.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:c:\net35 /LimitAccess
    it will take 2 min. after that restart your PC and try to install SQL server 2012.
    Note: Before installing SQL SERVER again format UR PC/lapy once.
    After this if it gives error while installation then plz change ur setup and try again.
    This will be helpful.
    Best of Luck

  • Error Crystal report When viewed through SAP B1

    Dear Experts
    SAP B1 8.8 PL 16,SQL 2008
    I am facing error (Unable to retrive data from database)(Vendor code-156) while accessing Crystal report from client machine throgh SAP B1.I have imported Crystal report through manage layout.The crystal reported is in shared in SAP server B1 SHR folder.I am able to access data from crystal report when viewed otherwise.When accessed crsytal report through SAP b1 on SAP Server crystal report is working fine.
    Thanks & Regrds
    Saurabh Lamba

    Hi Saurabh Lamba,
    Go To Administration / System Initialisation / Authorisation / General Authorisation & Set Authorisation for user.
    If you have to Set Authorisation for user allready then follow this steps.
    1.Restore Database as Test Company.
    2.Export Report From Live Company.
    3.Import this Report in Test Company as different name.
    4.Export Report from Test Company have you Imported as deifferent name.
    5.Again Import this Report in Live company as different name
    I don't know what's the logic behind it.
    Srujal Patel

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