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Hi Expert.
I created a report layout in crystal report that I will be attaching in an add-on program which is a document type for report viewing via PLD.  However, as i was setting up my layout in the report layout manager, I cannot point my layout in the document addon that I created.
Is there a way to add my addon in the list of modules in the report layout manager?

No it is not possible.
What you can do: import you crystal layout as "normal report" and active the menu when you would like to print out the document. You can pass parameters, and show the print preview. then you can click on print button via code.

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  • Sales quote layout rows doubled in crystal report layout

    Dear All,
    Sales quote layout rows doubled in crystal report layout.
    In sales quote layout the rows are doubled. Even in the standard layout. If the quote contains only two rows. Then it is doubled as 4 rows in the crystal report layout.
    It is happening in the particular database. Other database are working fine. I request you people to help me to overcome this issue.

    Hi Siva,
    If this is regarding CR in SAP B1 then please repost to the SAP Business One Application space.

  • Huge delay in Printing Crystal Report Layout

    Good Day Experts,
    I am experiencing big delays when printing a document that makes use of a Crystal Report Layout Design.
    For example,
    The Sales Quote is set to automatically print when added by the user.
    When clicking 'Add', SAP freezes up and only about 30 seconds later does the printer finally print the document.
    During that time, the user cannot use SAP at all.
    The layout does have a lot of fields and a few formulas here and there.
    Logically, I am thinking that that is the reason for the delay, as SAP needs to calculate and populate those fields.
    Is there any other way that I could speed up this process? Or if you know what might be causing this speed issue?
    Your assistance will be appreciated,

    Hi Dario,
    Pl Try the Below Threads and Ref SAP Notes Provided by NagaRajan.

  • Purchase Order Crystal Report Layout Error

    The stock Crystal Report Layout for Purchase Orders is giving me the following error:
    A subscript must be between 1 and the size of the array.
    Details: errorKind
    Error in File POR20002 {b89f97ad-bf1f-447b-8bb4-b3d2e5219269}
    Error in formula N_Decimal_Places:
    '// To get the length of decimals
    A subscript must be between 1 and the size of the array.
    Details: errorKind
    I looked in the Crystal Reports Formula fields and could not find N_Decimal_Places.
    Has any one else had the problem with the PO layout that comes with Business One?  If so, how did you fix it?

    Couldn't find how to copy the PO layout over using copy express.
    I did compare the RDOC fields for POR20002 in both databases and they are Identical. 
    In Crystal Reports, I did a formula search for N_Decimal_Places and it found nothing.  Then I did a search for 'length' in all formulas and it finds length in N_Decimal_Places.  When I double click on N_Decimal_Places it clears the screen and never shows the formula. This happens in both layouts for my test database and SBODemoUS.
    Again, SBODemoUS works correctly and AAA_TEST give the error.

  • Importing Crystal Report layout for customer statements

    I have imported a crystal report layout to use for the customer statements when running them from the ageing report.  The problem is even if we only select one business partner in the ageing report, when we print preview the statement it displays statements for all business partners - this is because in the crystal report there are no parameters.  I know that when you import a layout like this for other documents you need to use for example, {ORDR.DocEntry}={[email protected]} as the parameter however the customer statements don't have a docentry.  When I look at the system statement layout (collection layout), when you run the report you get an ADO.NET (XML) connection prompt.  Is it possible to use the crystal layout i have for the customer statements but for only the customer(s) showing on the ageing report?
    Many thanks,

    So just to make it clear,
    you want an overview of open invoices from 1 customer.
    If so, try this in crystal reports :
    Create a parameter field (field explorer)
    Name : CardName
    Type : String
    Value : Static
    do not select a value field (none)
    press ok.
    Select expert
    Create new
    Starts with
    type this : {?CardName}
    press add
    Click formula editor and make it look like this :
    {OINV.DocStatus} = "o" and
    {OINV.CardName} startswith {?CardName}

  • Set As Default Crystal Report Layout in SAP B1 8.8 PL13

    I want to Set As Default a Crystal Report Layout. I know you can do that in Layout Desginer - Selection Criteria, but SAP B1 8.8 PL 13 has only a Manage Layout button in the Layout Desginer window which links to the Report and Layout Manager. There is no Set As Default button.
    Where can you select which layout to be default in PL13?

    If you want to Set as Default particular PLD then Open that Form
    For. Example
    Sales Ar > A/R Invocies (Item) document
    Then Click on PLD icon ans select your crystal report as Default by Set as Defaul button.
    King Kevin

  • Crystal Report Layout asking for Login Info

    I have modified the Delivery Note Crystal Report Layout for Business One by clicking the Edit button on the Report and Layout Manager for Delivery Note (Items).  I then saved my modifications to a file.  Finally, I go into Business One and import the Layout for Delivery Note (Items).  When I preview the Layout it asks me for login information then continues to fail.  How dow I make it so I can print the Delivery without having to constantly log in?

    Hi Jeff,
    I recently had a similar problem on an 8.82 implementation, having contacted and spoken to SAP Support multiple times these suggested fixes worked:
    The request to login to the database when you open or print preview a Crystal
    report is a known issue. To resolve this, I recommend you go through our Root
    Cause Analysis (RCA) guide. Please see attac hed Note 1676353 on where to find
    this. There are four Cases in this guide (which contain a number of Influences)
    - please go through all Cases and Influences.
    We also tried the following:
    STEP 1:
    Influence 2: Case 2 is to clear all the data for login (e.g. sa and
    password - delete them) and then ticked 'Integrated Security#.
    - Influence
    3: #: Check the current datasource is to update connection.
    - Retest opening
    the system reports on a workstation.
    - If they are still reporting an error
    try the next step
    - STEP 2:
    - Change the datasource location of
    the report from OLE DB to SAP Business One type and leave the
    information blank. Try running the report in Crystal, and then import to SAP.
    And also opened up the Crystal Report via the Edit button in SAP in Reports and Layouts Manager, we then clicked on the database connection and updated all the tables (even though they were the same) and these got the reports needed working. Speaking to SAP it is a known bug and they are releasing a hotfix to resolve it, but try explaining that to a customer !!!
    Hope these help.

  • How to add/create additional page in Crystal Report Layout SAP B1

    I wanna ask about How to add/create additional page in Crystal Report Layout SAP B1 ?
    I want when user print Purchase Order then on last page also print some page like Penalty Clause etc.
    Pls help me to find the solution.
    Thomas Marsetyo

    In your report footer, set it to create a new page before it is printed (In 'Section Expert', select the Report Footer -> 'Paging' tab -> Check 'New Page Before' checkbox). Throw your Terms & Conditions into the Report Footer section.
    If you already have a Report Footer that you want to keep, just split the footer into two sections (Right-click the Report Footer section -> 'Insert Section Below') and follow the same procedure for the newly created section.
         Check this Link

  • Number of Copies in Crystal Report Layout

    Hi all,
    Is it possible to show the number of copy in a Crystal Report layout?
    I mean: I am creating an invoice layout in Crystal Reports for SAP Business One 8.8.
    Customer wants to print always 3 copies, but with the word "Copy" in second and third document.
    I can set the number of printed copies but... is it possible to include a reference of what number of copy is every document?
    Sorry for any language mistake.
    Kind Regards,
    Toni Dorta

    Hi Toni,
    If the customer always prints  3 copies of the Invoice, here is what you could do. You could design your Crystal Report to always print 3 copies. That is, if your Invoice has 1 page, then design your Crystal Report to Print 3 pages every time. On the 2nd and 3rd page, you include the word "Copy" to indicate that they are copies.
    Once you have modified the report, change the No: of Printed copies to 1. This when the customer prints the report, it will always print 3 copies of the report and have the word "Copy" on the 2nd and 3rd invoices.
    Hope this helps.

  • SAP 8.8 Crystal Report layout templates

    I have installed SAP 8.8 this is working fine apart from one thing i don't understand..  maybe i am just being stupid..
    But there are no Crystal report layouts in the system.  Do we have to download these.. surely we don't have to write them all from scratch ???

    Dear Rabie,
    Without the User ID  On Cannot Access the Portal and Cannot Download the Files.

  • Error encountered during generation of default Crystal Report Layout

    Hi Experts,
    I am currently encountering an error on a particular workstation during generation of a default crystal report layout. Is there any SAP note for this or did someone encountered this error already?
    SAP B1 8.81 PL:06 (I think its not a patch issue since the error is occurring on a particular workstation)
    Windows OS: Windows 7
    Actions Taken:
    Run CRRedist2005_x86
    Run CRNET11WIN_EN_200403
    Run crnet11win_en_sp1
    Run crnet11win_en_sp2

    Check SAP note regardless of version and PL.
    1529682 - Crystal report not displayed in Windows 7 OS
    1668274 - Print Draft with Crystal Layout
    Thanks & Regards,

  • How generate a crystal reports layout for Batch Report

    Dear Experts,
    I want to create a crystal reports layout for Batch Report that appears when printing Delivery Note.
    I've tried using [email protected] token but it only works in the delivery note layout itself. The following code at the select expert for this crystal layout doesn't work:
    {ODLN.DocEntry} = {[email protected]}
    Kindly guide me in the above issue. Thanks.

    I am using version 8.8 SP.00 PL.10
    It is very strange that I cannot get the layout connected to the database as I have followed the same steps for all layouts. It all works fine until I get to the invoice stage and then I cannot make the connection.
    (I dont need to worry about the sales invoice as this was provided at installation point by our vendor)

  • Cannot save Crystal report layout or view new layout of report

    I am trying to make a change to a system crystal report (cust. recievables detailed aging). I had to make the date feild a little wider, so I edited the "system layout" that came with SAP (in my test DB of course), and I go to add-ins>sap business one>save. I get the following error "current user has no permissions for this operation". I am logged in as a superuser and full perm.
    If I "save-as" and save it to a layout in sap....when I go to open the aging with my newly created layout it freezes and asks for DB logon info to connect to my server from crystal. I do not normally have to do this when I preview my reports in the out of the box layouts. WHat am I doing wrong? I am new to crystal.

    The system will not allow me to export the system crystal is grayed out, and it IS a crystal report. HOwever I can open it in crystal, then save it to my desktop, then from INSIDE of SAP in the report and layout manager I import the crystal report I made the changes to from my desktop into SAP and it saves and imports no problems. However when I go to view the report (and this is only the ones I import), it prompts me with the db login for our server to connect, and it is only with that report, once I enter sa credentials it is fine and shows up from there on in, but not if I log out of SAP and back in...then I have to put in my credentials again. Is this something having to do with the report when I make changes to it? I cant have users entering login info each time they run the new aging details report. Please advise what I may be doing wrong when I make changes to a crystal report. It was a very minor change....just moved a feild width.

  • SAP 8.8 Crystal Report Layout problem in client workstation

    Hi Experts,
    We have import crystal report to SAP Business One as Form Layout or AP Invoice. We have already created the token [email protected] so it would automatically be printed and will not ask for the document number. The layout works fine using the server workstation but in the client workstation we cannot proceed with the printing because when we click on the preview button, a login window appears with this details:
    Database Login
    Server Name : gray out or not active
    Database: gray out or not active
    Login ID: active
    Password: active
    We tried to enter the SQL login but fails.
    Is there any components that we need to install in the workstation before it could function the same way as PLD?

    You can try creating the ODBC connection, which is the same as on the server.
    Assuming this is the scenario:
    1. You write the invoice using crystal report on the server
    2. On the server, Control Panel--> ODBC, you have created an ODBC link eg; SAPB1.
    3. The report is connecting to ODBC link and pointing to database OECUS
    On the client workstation, you need to create:
    1. Control Panel--> ODBC, you need to create an ODBC link as on the server.

  • Crystal Report Layout With Prompts SAP BO v8.8

    Forum members,
    I can successfully import a Crystal Report with parameters as a REPORT type into SAP BO 8.8.  But when I attempt to upload the same report as a LAYOUT type, I receive the error, "Missing Parameters" and the import process halts even when I set a value as the default value for the parameters.  I have two questions:
    1.  Does SAP BO v8.8 support Crystal Report parameters in print layouts?  If it does,
    2.  How do I resolve this error message and get this functionality to work?

    I ended up submitting this to SAP support as a bug.  Found that we can successfully print using the preview button first and then printing from that interface but sending the report directly to the printer or pdf generates an error.
    Edited by: Gregg Horwitz on Mar 30, 2010 8:30 AM

  • Crystal Report layout, best practice

    SAP B1 8.81
    I'm having only spotty success with CR layouts and I've experimented quite a bit. What I'd like to do is extensively modify 1 system Crystal Report and then bring it in as a layout, and apply it to AR Item Quote, Order, DN, Invoice, and Return. Does it matter which system document I start with? After I've got a master layout that works for all, what if I need to add small tweaks to a particular document, say a special field that appears in Invoice headers only? How do I do that? These questions aren't addressed in the 'How to Work with CR in SBO' guide.
    Anybody have some global guidelines they'd like to offer that lead to success?

    Hi Cindy
    We have done what you want to do in 8.8 a number of times.  It also works in 8.81 but we have been having similar login issues that other users have reported.
    You use the [email protected] parameter to determine the type of object being printed and use that to suppress fields, sections etc.
    Where there are specific formats required for different object types you can define multiple sections, (eg page headers, group headers, detail lines etc) and show or suppress based on the object type as required.
    This can lead to very messy and complicated reports if there are a lot of differences and so you will need to make a decision as to the tradeoffs between having one huge report which is hard to maintain or a couple of simpler ones.
    Given the load time issues, which seem to be related to the number of subreports etc you might also find some benefit in, for example, having a separate master layout for the documents that dont need to show batches and serial numbers and some of the final details such as downpayments and another layout for documents that need to show everything.  Once again, you need to trade off here.
    We have generally started with the invoice layout as our master since that has everything in it.
    Hope this helps

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