CS4 How to disable anti alias when pasting from Illustrator to Photoshop?

I'm trying to paste vector artwork from Illustrator into Photoshop but it seems no matter what I do Photoshop anti aliases the illustration. Is there a way to keep this from happening?
The whole point of making the art in Illustrator was to keep the edges clean and the colors limited.
Your suggestions are much appreciated.

In Illustator >> Object >> Rasterize >> Anti-aliasing>> None
Copy and paste this into Photoshop.
Illustrator >> File >> Export >> psd >>turn off anti alias

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  • Color changes when pasting from Illustrator to Photoshop

    I have set both PS and Illustrator (both latest versions) to "North America Web/Internet".
    Both documents are RGB and have the sRGB IEC61966-1 profile.
    When I copy a square in Illustrator and paste it into PS
    RGB 19,78,110 (the color in Illustrator) changes to RGB 18,78,109.
    It doesn't matter whether I paste it as pixel, smart object or shape layer. The sampled color differs from that in Illustrator.
    Doesn't anyone have a solution to this?
    It's really unnerving when you do web mockups in Illustrator and then copy/paste to PS for image creation.

    This topic is similar to a post today in Mac Photoshop forum. When you copy+paste an Illustrator object with 3D effect from a RGB Illustrator file into an RGB Photoshop document, you get a quite an extreme color de-saturation (looked like a bright blue going dull from RGB to CMYK). Only occurs with active 3D effect. If you Expand Appearance, Flatten Transparency or Rasterize, then the original color is maintained.

  • Is it possible to preserve the layer name when I copy and paste from Illustrator into Photoshop?

    Is it possible to preserve the layer name when I copy and paste from Illustrator into Photoshop?
    At the moment it just appears as "Vector Smart Object" in Photoshop and I have to take another step and change the layer name.
    Thank you!

    Not that I know. PS doesn't care for these kinds of things and uses its own naming system.

  • Pasting from Illustrator to Photoshop is a frustrating experience

    If you paste something from Illustrator to Photoshop, its size won't be at 100%. Why the heck? And why is the "Keep aspect ratio" in Photoshop turned off by default? I have to click that every single time when pasting from Illustrator.
    And why would Photoshop not start ignoring crap outside a mask. I mask stuff in Illustrator for a reason. I want the bounding box to be the mask, not the extent of its contents.
    How hard could it be to finally fix this? How many more versions with more useless new features to be shoved down our throats?

    Hello. Check this settings:
    Preferences > Units and Rulers > Screen Resolutions: 72 pixels/Inch, Point/Pica Size: PostScript;
    Image > Image size > Resolution: 72 pixels/Inch;
    File > Document Setup > Preset > Custom > Line Art and Text Resolution: 72ppi, Gradient and Mesh Resolution: 72ppi;
    Effect > Document Raster Effect Settings > Resolution: 72ppi;

  • Copy & Paste From Illustrator to Photoshop not matching document size

    I just recently reformated my computer and I've been having an issue with copy and paste from Illustrator to Photoshop. Before I could copy a 2"x2" vector box from Illustrator into photoshop making a new document and the size and resolution would match. That is the new document would say 2"x2" at 300 ppi in photoshop and the preset would read "clipboard". I would then hit ok and paste and it would match perfectly. Now since I've reformated, photoshop always creates a new document with the wrong size regardless of the settings I enter in Illustrator or photoshop. I have document raster and effects set at 300 ppi in Illustrator and I have the new document set at 300 in photoshop, but it always transfers the 2"x2" box as some other size no matter what resolution I change it too. Again this used to work before so I'm assuming there is some setting I forgot about. Does anyone know? The main issue is the clipboard preset is not matching the document size, its almost as if Illustartor is telling photoshop it's a different resolution when it's not. Copying to 72 ppi seems to have no issue, which makes me think Illustrator just isn't sending it out at 300 ppi, but I don't know why as I have the document set at 300 ppi.

    Have you found an answer that wasn't posted here yet? I have the same issue.

  • Is there a reason why I can't copy and paste from Illustrator to Photoshop

    Before the last update, I was able to copy and paste from Illustrator to Photoshop, and now I can't. Which really suck. Is there a new way I would have to do it?

    I'm not privy to what impact the latest update my have had, but I believe Photoshop still has "its own" clipboard, and there may still be a tendency under certain conditions for it to become inaccessible from/to the rest of the system. Reboot everything and try again.

  • How to preserve and keep 2 Pantones from Illustrator, via Photoshop, to InDesign?

    I have designed a 3D illustration in Illustrator (version 15.0.2), this illustration need to be printed for a magazine cover and I want to use 2 pantone colours for it.
    The 2 pantone colours are assigned form the Swatch Palette.
    The image is in CMYK (file > document colour mode > CMYK).
    The illustration is in 3D and the text has been convereted in outline. But I have not expanded the appareance of any element.
    I want to add more depht to the illustration and Photoshop seems the best solution for shadows and visually looks better.
    Plus InDesign can manage Photoshops files with Effects very nicely.
    [I find difficult and problematic to import Illustrators files with added Effects in InDesign, it leaves always a white background around the image and I don't know how to get rid of that.]
    How do I import the image in Photoshop (version 10.0.2) and keep the pantone?
    If I export/import the image as .psd format the files gest converted in CMYK automatically.
    In the Swatch Panel (next to the pantones I want to use) I see two square boxex the first has a round gray circle (I don’t know what this means), the second has 4 triangles (this I believe means CMYK).
    In the Separation Preview panel (if I click Overprint Preview) I have listed the 4 CMYK colours and the 2 pantones but if I turn off the 5 CMYK eyes I only see the white artboard, it’s like if the pantone are not assigned.
    After adding the shadows in Photoshop I need to import the file from Photoshop to InDesign and the final file need to be transparent because there's a backround at the bottom and a box of text in between the background and the illustration.
    I could place the bacground and the text in photoshop no problem for that...
    The questions are how do I import the 3D file from Illustrator, keep the pantone and add the Photoshop shadow?
    Hope anyone can help me as I'm going to press soon...
    Please feel free to ask me anything else if need to answer the questions.
    Many many thanks in advance if you can help me.

    This first image is the file in ID with High Quality Display on
    This is with Overprint Preview and that what I aming for, roughly, for the final. [I'm not sure what is the purpose of overprint preview in ID].
    This is the 3 plates of Black and two pantones
    This is the plate of Black plate
    This is the Pantone 812 c plate
    and finally this is the Pantone 8201 c plate
    Hope this can help to get the best solution

  • Washed out graphics when pasting from Illustrator

    Has any one else seen this?
    When I paste graphics from Illustrator CS3, whether they are bitmap or vector, they look washed out in Pages - almost like there's a slight transparency.

    the .png is the best file format that Pages uses.
    To interchange artwork with Adobe applications, the clipboard is technically not the correct workflow. Between Adobe applications, use the clipboard to interchange artwork. Between Adobe applications and non-Adobe applications, use the normal file export functions of Adobe applications and file import functions of the system supported in non-Adobe applications.
    Colour managed and resolution independent artwork in Adobe Illustrator should be saved to disk in Adobe PDF using Adobe Illustrator's save function. The saved PDF should then be placed into Apple Pages. This way the appearance in Adobe Illustrator and the appearance in Apple Pages should be identical, or else there is a bug in the system PDF support.
    The difference you are seeing is due to a difference in colour management settings between Adobe Illustrator that uses internal settings and Apple Pages that uses system settings. When you interchange over the clipboard, you are interchange vector objects and raster objects with colourant values in percentages, but you are not interchanging information about the colours those colourants should form. When you save out PDF from Adobe Illustrator, the mapping of colours to the colours they should form is embedded into the PDF as ICCBased colour specifications. The PDF is now self-contained and independent of the colour management settings in the application where it was originally created.
    When you try to compensate for changes in saturation, hue or lightness that occurs in an object interchanged via the clipboard, you are trying to do manually what the colour management system should do automatically, provided the ICC profiles and the rendering intents related to them are known to the importing application, in this case Apple Pages.

  • Wrong color in Photoshop when pasting from Illustrator

    I have what seems to be an issue with Illustrator CC 2014 edition (have tried CS6 as well). The problem occurs in InDesign as well.
    The problem is that a color shift occurs when I Copy something to Photoshop from Illustrator. The color profiles are all synced across all Adobe apps and I'm using sRGB as RGB and Coated FOGRA39 as CMYK. The RGB values are identical but the colors are different even though the profiles are synchronized, and double and triple checked! No proofing is activated.
    See the images for the color shift that occurs. The same shift also occurs when I save something from illustrator as a jpeg for example. This leads me to believe that there is something in Illustrator and Indesign that's not working as intended and that Photoshop is the correct one.
    More info:
    Windows 7 x64 w/ Geforce GTX 970
    A Spyder 4Pro-calibrated Asus P246 (when I use the Windows default profile this doesn't occur. I have even tried the default profile from ASUS and the same thing as with my own profile occurs)
    Reinstalled the complete CC suite twice.
    Tried with a different graphics card and the current calibrated profile - same thing
    I have 3 screens and the problem occur on all three with three different monitor icc profiles. But the color shift is more apparent om the ASUS since it's a wide gamut monitor perhaps?
    In Photoshop layer panel, color picker etc. the colors reflect the ones in Illustrator but the image in itself is a different color. Perhaps the PS layer panel isn't color managed?
    The RGB colors used in the screenshots are 0 255 0.
    Would be very grateful if someone could help me in the right direction so that I can enjoy synced colours. =)

    I solved the problem.
    Seems that for some reason the synchronized settings from Bridge CC did not stick! So I changed all the settings to North American General Purpose 2, applied and opened the applications, and then back again to my modified Europe Prepress 3 and - voila! Now all the colors are correct across the Adobe applications!
    Note to self: always try the easiest possible solutions first...

  • Paste from Illustrator to Photoshop, I cannot see the pasted object

    Sorry for this dumb question but I have tried everything I can think of before asking this question.  I have a single grouped object in Illustrator and I select the object and "Copy".  Then I open up a new photoshop project and choose "Paste".  Then I get four questions:
    Smart Object, Pixles, Path and Shape Layer to choose from.  No matter which one I choose I get a large box with an X.  I cannot see the object just the box that is x'd out.  This must mean something but I cannot figure it out.  When I place it dissapears.
    Please what is the secret to pasting objects into Windows Photoshop CS4?
    Thanks, Brent

    Magically, pasting started working.  Maybe, my computer was running out of memory or something.
    Thanks for your helpful answer.

  • Why do colors slightly change when copying from Illustrator to Photoshop?

    I want to copy a object from Illustrator and paste it into a Photoshop document with the same color mode and profile.
    When I use the Eyedropper Tool on the pasted object in Photoshop the color seems to be slightly off.
    Both the Illustrator and the Photoshop document have their Color Mode set to RGB
    Both Applications are using synchronized color settings.
    This also happens when the object is dragged or Placed. It does not happen when copying from Photoshop to Illustrator.
    Could there be a problem with my color management settings? What actually happens to the color information, when it is copied from one application to another?
    Thanks for any help.

    Why the heck are people still using these nonsensical hexadecimal HTML numbers?
    Since some decades we got used to describe RGB values by decimal numbers 0...255.
    Both your value sets are practically the same, but how they were converted from one
    to the other, that requires an investigation, how Adobe workflows are distributed
    between California and Bangalore.
    Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann

  • Pasting from Illustrator to Photoshop doesn't maintain aspect ratio

    I have vector artwork that is not aligned to a pixel grid in Illustrator. In CS5, I would be able to paste the vector object as a smart object into Photoshop file that was larger than the illustrator image and resize larger while holding shift to keep the ratio the same.
    However with Creative Cloud, if I have a square in Illustrator that happens to be 17.3px by 17.3, then paste to Photoshop in a file that has a larger canvas than the paste, I get uneven horizontal and vertical ratios (width = 18; height = 17). It seems to overestimate the width and make it appear fatter horizontally (which is the wrong aspect ratio). This is very noticeable when vector objects (like perfect circles and small icons) get scaled up in Photoshop.
    I have tried unchecking and checking "Snap Vector Tools and transforms to Pixel Grid" but this doesn't seem to fix it.
    The only way I've been able to get this ratio to be kept is to create a new document with the size automatically changed to clipboard dimensions (which are the desired 17x17). When you paste as smart object, it now uses the correct aspect ratio.

    When you paste an object into Photoshop take a look at your options bar to see if the Maintain Aspect Ratio button is checked. I'm guessing that it isn't which is why Illustrator objects are being pasted at different heights and widths. As you can see in the image below, a perfect circle from Illustrator is being placed in Photoshop at 100.05% and 99.44%. By checking the link button between the two percentages the numbers get locked to the same percentage so that the object is pasted in at the correct dimensions.

  • Pasting from Illustrator to Photoshop has become more complicated and unpredictable-why?

    I've been using Illustrator and Photoshop together for years, drawing in AI and pasting the results into PS. For some reason now, with AI 17.1, an unannounced change has been made, as far as I can tell: I have to be aware of the resolution settings in Illustrator-something I never had to pay attention to before-and, before I can paste the AI image from the clipboard into PS I need to adjust-manually- the size and resolution settings in the PS dialogue from the default setting (72dpi) to something resembling the units (pixels v. inches) and the resolution (300dpi) of the AI  vector image. But I thought vector art was resolution-independent? Oddly, I don't need to specify a size, just the units. I'm willing to believe that this may solve a problem or resolve an issue. So what is the problem or issue? I can't find bugger-all in the "New features" about it. What's going on? I'm on an iMac w/ 16GB RAM, running Mavericks 10.9.2. AI CC 17.1, PS CC 14.2.1.

    I changed the AI File Handling and Clipboard settings as suggested. I even tried changing the "Preserve" settings at the bottom. No change in the cut-paste procedure in Photoshop. One peculiarity I noticed: with an AI image on the clipboard, I open a "new" canvas file in PS to receive the image. The new file shows dimensions in pixels (accurate pixel dimensions, according to AI) and dpi at 72. If I change the dpi to 300 first, then change the units to inches (or centimeters), what I get is a tiny, proportional 300 dpi space into which the actual AI image won't fit. But if I change the PS canvas dimensions first,  to inches, THEN change the dpi to 300, the process works and the canvas is the correct size. So even though I have deliberately set the AI Document settings at "High" or "Custom" (300dpi) resolution-something I never had to do before- the clipboard is telling PS 72dpi instead. Why isn't Photoshop reading the actual dimensions off the clipboard? Or why isn't the clipboard getting them from AI? Hardware or OS problem? Clipboard problem?

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    nobody can help me ?

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    How to disable autostart (application) when managed server restart ?
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    I don't find in weblogic.

    I agree with Faisal. When you shutdown your WL server while the application is running, the thing is when you start your server again, it would automatically start the application with it. Now if the application was down when you shutdown the server, it _the application_ won't start with the server.
    So it depends on the application last state, when you start your server.

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