CS5 document won't open

I have a 55-page CS5 document that will not open. I sent it to our local IT help desk, with no luck. Of course, this goes to press tomorrow.
I'm on a Mac.
Any options out there?

Ask in the whatever product forum and be much more specific - exact system info, document details and so on.

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  • Indesign CS5.5 won't open/start after a recent windows 8 update -- how to fix?

    I just had a Windows 8 auto update happen and then my Indesign CS5.5 won't open/start. When I go to open it, it gets to the usual screen but then an error message shows up saying that Windows has encountered a problem and needs to shut the program down, and will notify me if a solution exists. What to do?

    Do you see anything useful in the Event Viewer logs? Have you tired rebooting? Does it start if you log in with a different username?

  • Word documents won't open in Lion

    I installed Lion and now my Word documents won't open. I tried to open them with Pages but that didn't work either. Any suggestions?

    If you upgrade word the documents switch from .doc to .docx

  • Recent update OS10.5 to 10.6 to Lion. Using Pages (4.1) only some documents won't open. At Genius bar loaded new copy Pages; reloaded Lion clean install. Still won't open although will on another computer. What now?

    Pages question: recent update OS10.5 to 10.6 to Lion. Using Pages (4.1) only some documents intermittently
    won't open. At Genius bar loaded new copy Pages; reloaded Lion clean install. Still won't open although will on another computer. On the other Mac (running Lion), saved a copy of a document with a new name and sent it back to first computer. At first it would open, but now it as well as multiple other Pages documents won't open. What now?

    I got Pages to work now- there were two versions, one Universal, and one Intel- by moving the Universal to trash ( although I can't delete it) and moving Intel version to iWorks folder in Applications, it is now working. Doesn't explain why it didn't work though- the other MacBook pro 17 inch that could open all the Pages documents also has two copies of Pages as I see now....
    I still however can't open Numbers documents on the MacBook pro 15 inch.... it is a Universal version of Numbers.

  • Pdf document won't open

    Have a new Intel iMac w/ OS 10.5.2 and a pdf document won't open. I get the message"you can't open the application because it's not supported on this architecture". The pdf document will open if I use Preview. What's the problem? Thanks for any input.

    Have Windows XP.
    I have Adobe 7.0 but cannot open e-mails attachments from Acrobat, Adobe, PDF.
    Tried downloading newer versions. After installing, I click for the next step. Box appears indicating it will not install on a network.
    Than an error message when I click out.
    I have no network.
    How can I successfuly download Adobe Reader, PDF, etc. on Windows XP?

  • HT4942 pages document won't open on ipad or icloud

    I have created a document in pages on my ipad. 
    All of a sudden after switching to another document and then trying to switch back, on my ipad which wasn't connected to the internet at the time, I could no longer open my document in Pages.
    I message popped up saying document won't open.  I tried making a copy of it and the copy had the same error message when I tried to open it. I tried emailling and exporting it in the ipad Pages app but it froze up when trying to do it and didn't work.
    I logged onto icloud and I see the document there but it won't open. I get a message that says "Document Can't be downloaded, please try again"
    Is there any way to recover this document?  It is so frustrating because I can see what I wrote is still there in the thumbnail - but I just can't get the actual document.

    susanjw wrote:
    Having spent many hours on this, I do admit to some frustration and am wondering why it has to be so complicated.
    It isn't complicated if you don't use it. Like Apple.

  • Photoshop cs5.1 won't open pictures

    For about a week and a half now I have been trying to open pictures in Photoshop cs5.1, and they won't open.  They are all JPEG files that I am trying to open, I know it is not the files especially because when I try to create a new document nothing comes up.
    I would really appreciate an answer as soon as possible. -Thanks

    First verify the image is fine, by loading the image in another image editor, there should be a free one included with your OS. If it can read the file with no errors and you can see the image, then the next step it to reset your photoshop preferences. Next is to update your video driver. Can other formats be viewed?

  • Why photoshop cs5.5 won't open on yosemite?

    I have photoshop cs5.5 (installed on a macbook air running on yosemite), it had been working perfectly and suddenly it won't open. I get a message: "install flash player" (already done, as well as having installed the java se6 /2014 runtime and installed and uninstalled photoshop itself several times) but the only thing I see is that never-ending spinning color wheel. I've been through many threads and forums but haven't found a solution to it. It's worth mentioning that it only happens with photoshop, as i'm able to work fine with other adobe apps (illustrator, in design, bridge,etc)
    Does anyone know what might have happened and a possible solution?

    Without proper system info such as what Mac and what version of OSX nobody can say much and the logs from your Log Viewer would also help. Well, whatever. As a start run teh cleaner tool and reinstal lthe software.
    Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6

  • Scanned documents won't open in pages.

    I have an HP Photosmart D110. I have tried scanning and saving to documents with tiff, jpeg and pdf but when I open pages the documents are greyed out and won't open. I am using Mac OS X version 10.6.8. I am new to Macs and am not tecnical, please help.

    The HP scanners usually save to certain default folders which may not have read/write privileges.
    Look in the scanner panel and you will see that you can choose to save to another location. Choose your documents folder or desktop.
    But I think you are actually trying to open the scans from the Open dialog. Open is for Pages or other WP documents, not for images.
    You import the scans by either dragging them into Pages or by going Menu > Insert > Choose…

  • QuickTime Player Document won't open

    I tried opening it a few times and checked permissions, (I think they're set right) and QuickTime won't open my QuickTime Player Documents. The end part is .ml20.
    Any advice?

    "checked permissions, (I think they're set right) "
    Do you actually mean you checked your QT MIME settings? Asking because you really don't check permissions to set anything.
    Repairing permissions involes the following:
    Save and/or quit your applications & doucuments
    Go to Applications>Utilities Folder
    Click Disk Utility
    Click the Volumn (HD) that you want to check.
    Click the Repair Disk Permissions button. (Don't worry about verifying)
    At the bottom of window when the repairs have finished, you will see the “most important thing”:
    Permission Repairs Complete
    The previliges have been repaired or completed on the selected volumn.
    Restart your computer.

  • Hp windows 7 64-bit documents won't open

    I have gotten a new computer and my documents are all their but when I try to open them they won't open. How do I go about getting them open

    Most likely the files are not associated to the default programs. What type of files you are trying to open?..If they are microsoft word or MS excel then you'll need microsoft office installed in the computer.
    To fix the problem for other files you can try few things..
    i. First make sure all windows updates are up to date. If there are any updates pending then install them.
    ii. Then open HP Support Assitant and check if there are any pending updates from HP.
    Using HP Support Assistant
    iii. If after running all the updates the problem still persists then can follow the steps from the link below or directly run the file listed there..
    Set File Associations Through Default Programs
    If you have HP Support Assistant installed on the computer(The Blue Question Mark) then open it ==> Complete all pending Updates & Tuneups==> Restart and Check. It may solve your problem
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
    **Click on “Kudos” Star if you think this reply helped** Or Mark it as "Solved" if issue got fixed.

  • Mavericks Pages 5 documents won't open

    I upgraded to Mavericks a few days ago. I have documents that were created in Pages ’09 that will no longer open. (Some will, and I don’t know what the difference is) When I try to open one, it either opens, no problem, or I get the message “The required index.xml file is missing”. This message is in a rectangle with an icon representative of Pages ’09 (the inkwell). Since it has this icon, I’m assuming that I was trying to open it in the ’09 version, which is what I intended to do. Since this didn’t work, I tried to “open with Pages.app (4.0.5)” and got the same message. I’m a little afraid to try to open it in Pages 5, since I’ve heard rumors that this could ruin the document. I’m at a loss, and, like everybody else, I have important documents that I need access to. After I upgraded I had both Pages ’09 and Pages 5 on my dock, instead of one of them being in the applications folder. I have looked briefly at pages 5 and determined that I prefer ’09. They are both still in my dock but I never open Pages 5. I’m using an iMac with 10.9.4. All my documents are in Pages ’09 and I want to open them in Pages ’09. What to do?

    Having two versions of Pages on your Mac is a royal pain. The correct version of Pages '09 for Mavericks is v4.3. Apple has a downloadable update here. I am current with both, including Pages v5.2.2. Your opening errors may be due to that Pages v4.0.5 running on Mavericks and needing a newer v4.3. Run Disk Utility from /Applications/Utilities after updating Pages ’09 per above, and verify/repair your permissions.
    I have dragged and dropped Pages '09 from /Applications/iWork '09, and Pages v5.2.2 from /Applications onto my Dock, so the icons are adjacent. You should drag and drop each of your Pages Dock icons out on to your Desktop about two inches and release them to remove them from the Dock. Don't worry, these are aliases to the real applications. Now drag/drop each of the Pages applications back onto the Dock as I have done. You will now know exactly where these icons point back to the individual application locations.
    In System Preferences > Security & Privacy (click the gold lock), under Allow apps downloaded from: mine is set to Mac App Store and identified developers. I am wondering if you have FileVault enabled for your boot drive? I have never seen your dialog as posted, so try my settings.
    With both applications installed on your Mac, you can only open Pages ’09 documents as follows, and double-click will always open them in Pages v5+.
    Launch Pages ’09, and open the document via the application File chooser
    Right-click on the ’09 document, and from the Open With sub-menu, select Pages (v4.n)
    Drag and drop the ’09 document onto the Pages ’09 Dock icon.
    Pages v5.2+ will open a Pages ’09 document without asking if you want too. As Pages v5.2+ is about 110 features/functionality less than Pages ’09 v4.3, it will also silently filter content from your ’09 documents as it opens them. This has been a catastrophe for those without backups.
    For forward organizational purposes, I would recommend that you create a custom tag name and color in Finder Preferences for explicit identification of your Pages ’09 documents. You can change this color and tag name in the open document title when you roll over the file name. Then you have both a visual clue to avoid opening these in Pages v5+, and the tag name allows you to use an Finder Window, or Spotlight search on that name to exclusive find Pages ’09 documents. Here is an example of a Finder tag: Pages search:

  • After installing update for Pages 5.0.1 documents won't open

    Was running Pages 4.3 on Maverrick 10.9.1
    I got a notification that an update was available. I clicked to update the application. Pages 5.0.1 was installed. It launches. It seems I can create new documents as well.
    However, I’m unable to open my previous documents. Moreover, I can’t seem to open them with the old Pages version (4.3) either. When I right-click the icon in the dock, the old documents that were open when the update occurs are listed. But I can’t get them on screen.
    Is there a cache to clear? Shall I restart? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    A restart solved the issue.

  • Premiere Pro CS5.5 Won't Open - Mac

    At first I had problems with AE not opening (hanging at "Initializing Media Core") and the dynamic link to some of the composiitons in my PP project, so I called support. I spent an hour and a half with a lady controlling my computer, and my AE problem seemed to disappear. We hung up, and then I opened my PP project again, and the dynamic link 'started' to work, but then PP randomly shut down. And now I have a PP problem...
    I tried reopening and it loaded the project, glitched a little bit on the screen, then it said "Sorry a serious error has occured that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project." Now I get it EVERY time I open a project.
    So I called support again, and after spending 3 hours with a guy, he told me I had to create a new user account and migrate all of my information there, but he said he could offer me no assistance in this area. I must find out for myself. So I followed the instructions here.
    "pick a short user name for your new account. then run the following terminal commands
    sudo mkdir /users/newshortname
    sudo ditto ~ /users/newshortname
    You'll have to enter your admin password (which you won't see) after the first command. that's normal. This will copy your current home directory to /users/newshortname. Then go to system preferences->accounts and create a new account with the short name newshortname. You'll get a popup saying that a home directory by that name already exists and asking if you want to use it. say yes."
    As I figured (after waiting a day for all of my files and preferences to transfer to the new account) I had the same problem. I've tried deactivating, re-installing, removing the media core and then putting it back (with the help of Adobe support), and nothing is working. I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8.
    Someone, please offer some assistance. I have been out of commision from editing for three days now, and I have a bunch of deadlines coming up.
    HELP ME!

    Hi Vinay,
    1. I am using third party plug ins, and I understand that might be causing an issue, but I've also tried opening a new project with nothing in it at all, and that won't open.
    2. Premiere Pro quits after the project loading bar or after I create a new project.
    3. I used a lot of files! mov, mts, psd, ai, png, jpeg, and AE compositions through dynamic link.
    4. The project has about five sequences. They range from 1 minute to 4 minutes.

  • Photoshop CS5 problem- won't open

    None of my adobe products will open with the exception of Lightroom- please help

    Sorry- Mac OS X 10.6.8
    I haven't changed anything that I can think might possibly affect anything adobe. The uninstall programs don't work and the install program off of the CD won't open.

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