CUA:  Wrong entries in the table USZBVSYS

Hi All,
While searching a particular user access to the child systems via SUIM - > Users by system, the report given output that the user have access to so and so system. Whereas that user already deleted and there is no user account in CUA and the respective child system.
When i search in the table USZBVSYS, that user having a entry to that child system with status S.
May be due to some old IDOC get processed and made an entry in this table but physical the changes were not made either in CUA or in child system.
Now my concern is how to delete such type of entries in the table USZBVSYS?
SAP recommended not to use the report RSUSR_CUA_CLEANUP_USZBVSYS and i think it can be resolve only by manually method to create and delete.
Kindly let me know you opinion pls.

RSUSR_CUA_CLEANUP_USZBVSYS cannot work in this case, as you have 'S'-entries for the user section  in uszbvsys. The report will clean up only entries with D,A or X entry for the user entry.
So there seems to be no automated standard report for your query.
I suggest to collect the user-IDs you need to remove, copy them into SU10, recreate them for the required systems and delete them
afterwards again.
Make sure, that nobody processes cua-idocs manually in any of your systems of the cua. Only use scul.
b.rgds, Bernhard

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    we have 2 plants 7080 and 6501, they belong to different company codes.
    in plant 6501, after MRP run a PR is created for material 420000064,we can see entry in table EBAN as below.
    Client Purchase Req. Requisn Item Document Type Doc. Category Materaial   plant
    500    0014381981    00010        NB            B    000000000420000064  6501
    but several days later, we found a PRqRel item appear in stock/requirement list of material 320003192 in plant 7080, and we also found entry in table EBUB:
      Client Material             Supplying Plant Purchase Req. Requisn Item
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    please kindly help, what could be the possible cause of this error, any suggestion will be appreciated.

    That error is supposed to be fixed in versions 4.0 and later I think you'd have to delete the unnecessary entries from EBUB using the program from the note 130136, you may have to search more SAP notes:
    Report ZKOREBUB
    *& Title: deletes EBUB which is not necessary                          *
                    S_RESWK FOR EBUB-RESWK.
    PARAMETERS: DB_UPD.          " <<< if DB_UPD = X program deletes the unnecessary entries
                       AND   RESWK IN S_RESWK.
                                AND   BNFPO EQ EBUB-BNFPO.
      IF SY-SUBRC NE 0.
        DEL_FLAG = 'X'.
            EBAN-EBAKZ EQ SPACE      AND
            EBAN-LOEKZ EQ SPACE      AND
          DEL_FLAG = 'X'.
          DELETE EBUB.

  • Multiple entries in the table cabn

    Can Anyone tell me how is it possible to have multiple entries of the same "atnam" field in the table CABN.
    It has something to do with changing number.
    Because I used a wrong select-instruction e.g.
    select atnam in charact where .... IN ....
    So, I shoud used
    select DISTINCT atnam in charact where .... IN ....
    So, I'm gone need to try to put multiple entries in the table to check, if it's working well.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards,

    If I understand your Q - you mean there are two ATINN for the same ATNAM in your CABN table?
    I dont think that's possible. If you check CT04 and try to create a new characteristic with same name as an existing one - it will give you a warning and prevent creation.
    Since you say it's a standard characteristic - please mention the characteristic name (ATNAM)?

  • Is there any system table available to check no. of entries in the table?.

    Is there any system table available to check the no of entries in the table.
    Note : the table may be whether SAP table or Z-table.(All tables)

    Hi Raja,
    I don't think so. Instead, try to perform
    SELECT count(*) FROM dbtab. get the number of records of the table dbtab.
    I hope this helps. Kind regards,

  • Delete any entry in the table before adding an entry?

    Hello ABAP Experts,
    I have the data in the work area. I can modify / update / insert to the table.
    How to write the ABAP code for this situation.
    1) to delete any entries in the table
    2) update this entry
    so finally always there would be only one entry.
    Suggestions appreciated.

    Delete the entries of table by this stmt.
    DELETE FROM (dbtabname).
    Then insert the values from workarea
    INSERT INTO dbtab VALUES <work_area>.
    And u can upadte the entry with values of workarea by this stmr.
    UPDATE (dbtabname) FROM wa.
    Dont use MODIFY. It will add a new record if its a new entry.

  • How to find latest entry in the table according to time

    how to find latest entry in the table according to the time
    is there any function module to do so
    \[removed by moderator\]
    Edited by: Jan Stallkamp on Aug 25, 2008 4:39 PM

    If you want to read the entry from an internal table,
    sort the internal table in the descending order by the time and
    delete adjacent duplicates by comparing the fields other than time and the internal table will have the latest record.
    Suggestion: instead of only time try to have one more field called date with the time combination

  • Error: No entry/entries in the table (WCCI)

    Hello friends
    I am trying to implement WCM to my client
    when trying to change WCD i am getting the following error
    No entry/entries in the table (WCCI)
        Message no. I4702    &
    Error when executing function module (WCFC_PRINT_FORMAT_GET)
         Message no. I4804
         Contact SAP.
    i am not able to resolve the issue.  Please help me in this regard

    I have attached the screen shot.

  • Problem with the XI-Audit log entries in the table "XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT"

    I have an async-szenarios for PO:
    We send Idoc's from SAP ERP to a WebService via SOAP. And we take Ack's. We use Integrationsprocess with deadline block to catche the errors after the retrying (three times) and to send they via e-mail.
    Our problem is, the number of the audit logs in the table "XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT":
    In the RTW only we see one audit log (with three retries) in an error case. But in the table XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT there are about 76 entries for the same audit log in the error case and about 20 entries in the case of the succuessfull processing.
    This number of the entries in the table causes problem with the size of the redo log file and delete job of cours the large size of the table and therefore problem on the data base. The table can not be controlled. The delete job can not run and cancels every time due this redo log problems
    What can cause that?
    How can it be prevented, that so much entries are not be made in the  table "XI_AF_MSG_AUDIT".
    Best regards

    Hi Gueltekin,
    I am only aware of the general property auditLogEnabled of J2EE Engine Service SAP XI AF Core, which controls in general (default = true) that entries in the AF Message Audit log are written at all.
    (see [|])
    I assume that your scenarios in the error case is sending up to three messages and for each message the number of audit log infos are created. You might want to check the detailed entries in the log and see from where they are comming, you might use customer modules etc. as well.
    Best regards,

  • Transporting the entries of the table TSTCT

    Dear All,
    Is there a way to transport the entries of the table TSTCT.
    I've tried the procedure specified in the below link, but it is not working for the T*  tables.
    <link to blocked site removed by moderator>
    Please suggest if there is a way.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Feb 6, 2012

    HI ,
    Check this [Thread|transport system objects i.e. contents of table t100 from one system to ano; , in that they have tried to transport T001 , And replies have few links check that too , will help you to transporting the entries of the table TSTCT.

  • "No entry in the table T589A for P" in PPOME's custom Tab

    <u>requisites:</u><b> Add one custom Tab to transaction PPOME relative to Position (Object type S)</b>
    <u>problem:</u><b>"No entry in the table T589A for P" </b> when entering the transaction PPOME, and choose my new added Tab.</b>
    I get this error message <b>"No entry in the table T589A for P" </b> when entering the transaction PPOME, and choose my new added Tab.
    The thing is, if I comment the line "MODULE BEFORE_OUTPUT" in subscreen 7000 of the infotype (the tab is infotype specific) this error disappear. But then the data entered in the tab, which should be relative to one position (type S), is now displayed for all positions. When leaving the transaction, and entering again, in the same tab, the data has disappeared.
    I think I should not comment this:  "MODULE BEFORE_OUTPUT"
    Why is this error being raised, and what must I do do stop it?
    Thank you.

    The table T589A is a configuration table pertaining to the pf status of the infotype. I changed the pf status of the infotype i.e. added my own buttons on application tool bar. May be cos of that it is giving error. Not sure.......

  • Removing entries in the table

    I need to delete entries in the table ,those may be anywhere between 1 to several thousand. If  I want to delete for every hundred records how could it be coded.

    Here is a sample program which shows how to delete from a database table 100 records at a time. 
    report zrich_0001.
    data: itest type table of ztest with header line.
    data: itest2 type table of ztest with header line.
    data: index type i.
    * Get all the records that you want to delete
    clear itest. refresh itest.
    select * from ztest
          into corresponding fields of table itest
                        where mtart = 'ZNBW'.
    * Loop untill the first itab is empty, move 100 records * at a time into the second itab, then delete from that
    * second itab.
    while not itest[] is initial.
      clear index.
      loop at itest.
        index  = index + 1.
        check index <= 100.
        move-corresponding itest to itest2.
        append itest2.
        delete itest.
    delete ztest from table itest2.
    Rich Heilman

  • PT60 report err 'No entry in the table T555Z'

    Dear All,
    I tried to run PT61, but I'm getting the error 'No entry in the table T555Z'.
    But it's negative time management and in IT0007 I have marked the time status 09.

    This error is caused because you do not have the entries in T555z under the PSG for Time recording (What ever has been for for this employee)
    If you do not need this, you can comment out TIMTP function in the schema and then you should not get the error...

  • Error message 'No entry in the table T589A for P 2'

    Hi all,
    I am updating the field of an infotype using the function module 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'. But the function module is not updating the field. Instead the return key of the function module has the message
    'No entry in the table T589A for P2'. The function module is called as follows:
        infty                  = '9900'
        number                 = wf_pernr
        SUBTYPE                = P9900-SUBTY
      OBJECTID               =
      LOCKINDICATOR          =
        VALIDITYEND            = P9900-ENDDA
        VALIDITYBEGIN          = P9900-BEGDA
      RECORDNUMBER           =
        record                 = p9900
        operation              = 'MOD'
      TCLAS                  = 'A'
       DIALOG_MODE            = '0'
       NOCOMMIT               =
      VIEW_IDENTIFIER        =
      SECONDARY_RECORD       =
       RETURN                 = wf_return
       KEY                    = wf_key
    Please suggest.

    The table T589A is a configuration table pertaining to the pf status of the infotype. I changed the pf status of the infotype i.e. added my own buttons on application tool bar. May be cos of that it is giving error. Not sure.......

  • Wrong entry in KNKK table

    Hi all,
    FD-32 transaction is used for the credit management and once we save the data the data gets updated in KNKK table.
    I want to know whether we can crreate an entry in KNKK table without having credit control area as if we try to do it through
    FD32 transaction then it is not possible.
    As i have a issue whic has blank credit control area in KNKK table.

    You can create an entry in the Table KNKK .
    FOr any specified data.
    But be sure of the Various redundencies... As and when you upload nay data in the System with the Help of an Abaper then the same table gets updated with the data
    But you never know homy other table and feilds should also to be changed as all the same are interrelated in the Net structure of the Database tables.
    So it may happen you face some error in the Same.
    But can you be clear why do you want to update a feilds with the table entry and not as a transaction entry.
    Amlan Sarkar

  • How to get the count of the entries in the table view

    Hello experts,
             I have got a requirement where i need to display the total number of entries present in the table view, since the result comprises of several pages. This requirement is even applicable for the filter options in the table view i.e., if i use a filter it should count the total number of entries that satisfy the filter criteria.
    Thanks in advance,

    its simple,just place an input field in the layout and display the cpunt in that field.
    for that do as below,
    first in the layout of the page where you are giving tableview tab,in the next line give
    <b><htmlb:inputField id="Count"
                      disabled = 'X'/></b>
    to display the count in that input field which is disabled.
    and if i am mot wrong in the Initialization event, you are writing select query right to populate internal table.
    after that write,
    <b>describe table it_mara lines ln.</b>
    and define this ln in page attributes as type i.
    do award points f it helps u,
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            sowjanya s

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