Custom cropping using pixel dimension

The banner image module for my website requires images cropped to 940 x 400 pixels. When I use the Custom cropping function in PSE 12 (on a Mac OSX 10.9.2), it only shows a cm dimension. Can I do a custom crop using a pixel dimension?

You should just be able to type 940 px and 400 px in the width and height fields
Another way is to use the Rectangular Marquee Tool and use Aspect>Fixed Size then enter 940 px X 400 px

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  • Photo scanning -- cropping using pixel count for dimensions?

    Hello,  I have both an older Photosmart 3310 and a new Officejet Pro 8610.  When scanning using the 3310, I can control cropping of the previewed scan using pixel count (width and height).  I can't seem to do that when scanning using the 8610.  Dimensions are in inches and only.  In fact, my editing options on the previewed scan on the 8610 seem quite limited relative to what I can do using the much older 3310.  Am I missing something?  I want to scan on my new 8610, but I also want some control over the scanned image like I had with the 3310.

    Hello there! Welcome to the forums @JGH28 ,
    Yes, you are in fact correct. The software definitely has changed over time and is much more limited with the software for your scanning options for the Officejet 8610 compared to your Photosmart 3310. Unfortunately there is not a way to change the options you have to broaden them again.
    I would only suggest to ensure you have installed the Full Feature software for your Officejet 8610 to ensure you are seeing the full options available for your printer: HP Officejet Pro 8610 e-All-in-One Printer series Full Feature Software and Drivers
    Best wishes, and thank you for posting in the community!
    R a i n b o w 7000I work on behalf of HP
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  • Aperture custom crop dimensions change after exporting

    I am a professional photographer that uses Aperture for photo editing and management.  I have very specific pixel dimensions that I need to use for finished work.  I set up my custom crop to my dimensions, but when I export the dimensions are not exact.  For example, my crop size is 2166X1600.  I end up with 2166X1599, 2166X1598, 2166X1601, and 2166X1602.  Any crops off by more than two pixels, I have to go back and try to recrop.  Any thoughts on why the custom crops aren't exactly what you set them up to be?

    Export at 72 dpi and it will be the original pixel dimensions. The  1025 px dimension dived by 150 dpi is 492 px. As for the PDF version, never seen them export differently than the page size (plus bleed, etc if added). ID assumes 72 px per inch.

  • Custom Cropping in Lightroom

    I want to crop my images to 840 px by 473 px but when I enter those numbers for a custom crop in Lightroom it defaults to 16x9.  How can I change this?
    I've tried ratios close to 840x473 and multiples of that combination but nothing allows me to get that exact ratio.  I need this ratio for formatting on my website.  Any help would be appreciated.

    In Lightroom, you don't crop to pixel dimensions, you crop to aspect ratio and then EXPORT to pixel dimensions as near as possible at that aspect.  If you want to crop to pixel dimensions you will have to use another program, do a lot of draging the crop corners around, or use Rob Cole's XMP CROP plugin.
    840X473 is less than one pixel width of aspect ratio off from 16X9 so I can't see why it would cause a problem.  Lightroom tries to HELP by rounding the aspect to one in its list and this is really only a display bug/glitch.  It actually rounds when the numbers are even further off than this.  I agree that if you input 840X473 that Lightroom should just leave the aspect alone.  This behavior causes problems/bugs to show up in other places with the crop tool.  See posts #30 and above in this link.

  • Pixel dimensions not working

    Hi folks,
    Sorry for including a CEX file attachment, but an example speaks a
    1000 words and the file is only 4Kb.
    I am trying to dynamically create a PictureGraphic on a form and I want
    to place and size it using pixel dimensions. This is because I need to
    match this PictureGraphic against a background PictureGraphic which
    lies in behind it.
    I have tried using the XPixel, YPixel, HeightInPixels and WidthInPixels
    attributes of the PictureGraphic (after setting it's "Parent" attribute
    appropriately) but these do not seem to work (please see example).
    Anyone know why these do not work? I know I could use 'mils' but to
    match them to pixels involves calculating the number of mils per pixel
    for the users screen resolution and there is the threat of rounding issues
    I am using 3.0.J.1.
    Thanks in advance.
    Duncan Kinnear,
    McCarthy and Associates, Email:
    PO Box 764, McLean Towers, Phone: +64 6 834 3360
    Shakespeare Road, Napier, New Zealand. Fax: +64 6 834 3369
    Providing Integrated Software to the Meat Processing Industry for over 10 years

    Hi can you email me your PSD file? My email ID is: [email protected]

  • Pixel Dimensions after Cropping with "Use Photo Ratio"

    Why don't Pixel Dimensions (and Document Size) change for Image Size after cropping with "Use Photo Ratio" like it does after cropping with "No Restriction"? Using Photoshop Elements 10 and Crop Tool defaults.

    Thank you all. I think I figured out how to crop using "Use Photo Ratio"
    with Crop tool so that I can ensure that my photos are cropped only
    proportionately and PSE 10 doesn't upsample pixels:
    1) Select Crop tool.
    2) Set "Use Photo Ratio" in Aspect Ratio setting in Options bar if not
    already set.
    3) Make crop selection as usual but don't complete (commit) crop.  Will
    only be able to crop proportionately.
    4) When ready to complete crop, change Aspect Ratio setting to "No
    Restriction" which blanks out width, height and resolution setting.
    5) Complete (commit) crop as usual.
    Photo will be cropped proportionately, width and height will change
    automatically to cropped size and pixels will not be upsampled avoiding
    lose of detail, that is, PSE will behave as though No Restriction had been
    specified from the outset. Blanking width and height before making crop
    selection forces either Custom  or No Restriction setting which means that
    PSE will let me make non-proportional crop.
    PS. IMHO I think making "Use Photo Ratio" force upsampling is NOT a good
    "design feature" when you are not warned about it and are not given a
    choice to not make it upsample.

  • Show pixel dimensions when cropping

    The current crop tool allows one to specify the aspect ratio of a crop. It would be useful (to me, at least) to have a display of the actual pixel dimensions of the resulting crop. I can guess by eye, but sometimes I want to be sure that I do not go below some size.

    GrizzlyAK wrote:
    Yeah, there are LOTS of ways the Crop Tool could be improved, but here it is almost 2011 and LR3+ and nothing has changed since users started complaining back in 2007.
    You'll notice that this was from very few users (1, in this thread).  Most people just don't find a need for this.
    Cropping while zoomed in is a much more popular request.

  • CS6 Camera Raw - I can now only crop using aspect ratio in the custom crop setting rather than being able to set the dims in cm and inches? anyone know how to revert? ever since installing new mac operating system things have been strange!

    CS6 Camera Raw - I can now only crop using aspect ratio in the custom crop setting rather than being able to set the dims in cm and inches? anyone know how to revert? ever since installing new mac operating system things have been strange!

    Hi Kglad.
    I have looked at all of my settings both in Bridge and CS6 Photoshop regarding Camera Raw. I am at a loss how to set the crop tool in cm or inches as I once did - now the only option is to crop using ratios of 1:1 etc etc - This is infuriating as lots of my square crops I could set at 10" x 10'' specifically to print one to one to fit frame and mount size -
    Now if cropping using bloody aspect ratio of 1:1 (square) the actual dims of the crop are roughly 4.25 inches x 4.25 inches. this means I then have to open the whole image in photoshop in order to crop at the dims I have set! It was so much quicker in terms of batch cropping in camera raw being able to set dims in centimetres and inches but they have gone and mucked around with it, with the new bloody update! Unless you are an absolute genius and know how I can go back to having an option of CM, Inches and aspect ratio within the custom crop settings? (Please say you do)
    here is the new tutorial for CC -  my guess is they have scrapped the control we had over the custom crop settings
    Cropping Images In Adobe Camera Raw 8

  • Pixel Dimensions of Cropped Photo

    I cropped a photo and placed it into a Photoshop elements file, along with other shapes and text. I would now like to swap out that photo with a different one of exactly the same size and proportion. Where can I see the exact pixel dimensions of that cropped photo?

    In Editor, go to Edit>preferences>units and rulers. Next to rulers in the dropdown, select pixels
    On the program's top tool bar, go to Window and check info in order to access the info palette
    Next, access the rectangular marquee tool, and in the tool's option bar select mode:normal
    Trace the picture inside the frame with the rectangular marquee and read the pixel dimensions.

  • Show pixel dimensions during crop

    Good Morning,
    I need to be able to see the pixel dimensions while I'm cropping.  I clicked on the "Info" pallet and it shows this in inches, however, I didn't see how to change it to pixels.  For some website work I need to set images to specific pixel sizes and yet be able to move around the image to crop where I need at these dimensions.
    I also did a search here and in PS help - nothing found.
    Thanks for your help,
    Captain 1854

    Set the Mouse co-ordinates to pixels in the drop-down menu in the Info palette.

  • Cannot crop to an exact pixel dimensions

    I am having a hard time cropping to an exact pixel dimensions upon export.  For my work, I need to crop to exactly 2166X1600, with a tolerance of no more than one pixel off of those dimensions, i.e. 2166X1599. 
    I set crop tool to 2166X1600 and crop all of my images.  On the export I constrain to largest dimension of 2166 in both horizontal and vertical directions. Results vary widely from right on 2166X1600 to several pixels off on the short side.  Sometimes more than 1600, and sometimes less.  Any thoughts as to why these constraints do not work exactly?  Some sets of images I have to redo as many as 25% of a gallery of 200-300 images.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

    See, I don't need to crop the original image to 2166X1600.  I need a finished image at 2166X1600.  Meaning, in theory I should be able to crop an image to 1:1.35375 ratio, which is 2166X1600, and export to constrain to 2166 on the longest side.  When it's constrained to 2166, the short side should always be 1600.   
    Here's where the problem is...  When you set the crop window to 2166X1600, you expect that when you size your crop on your image that the only options for the boundary are multiples of 2166X1600.  In reality, the crop visual boundaries are approximate.  Here's an example...
    I have an image that I have cropped to a finished size of 3185X2350.  Which is based upon a 2166X1600 crop.  When I export it, I need the 3185 to become 2166.  So the long side is constrained to 2166, and it is reduced by a factor of 1.47.  3185/2166=1.47  If I reduce the short side, 2350, by that same factor of 1.47 you end up with a short side of 1598.  Which is why I have a problem.
    My invalid assumption was that when you set specific pixel dimensions in the crop tool, that only those values would be shown in the crop tool's bounding box.  Photoshop can do it...

  • Feature Request - custom crop default & making canvas larger

    Please make lightroom quicker for people who use 8x10 instead of the original proportions from your camera.  I am aware of the trick to copy and paste or sync with crop,  however if lightroom could have a way to setup at a default custom crop so it loads up that way when first used, and keeps the crop as the default from one photo to the next that would be great! 
    It would also be nice if when cropping and you need to make the canvas larger and go outside of the original dimensions of the photo that lightroom does this automatically.  Right now I only know to use the scaling feature, it would be much quicker to just add this logic to lightroom so it scales outside of the photo when you are cropping if thats what you would like it to do.
    Thank you!

    Brett  I dont think you understand my question.  theres two parts to it. 
    When you crop and select the aspect ratio theres no way to make this a default, so each time when i get to a new image i need to select 8x10 again.  if 8x10 was made to be my default lightroom would not crop out some of the pixels unless I choose the crop tool and use the crop tool.  I am just looking for lightroom to be faster its annoying how it defaults to the original image dimensions for the crop tool each time you select the crop tool you have to change the crop ratio.
    The second request is one that rawshooter used to do automatically when you use the crop tool you can easily crop outside of the dimensions of the photo, thus making the canvas larger.  this gives you an image that you can place into photoshop and fill the empty spots, this helps change the composition of the image if shot with the model in the center you can easily move the model with a crop and by filling the background in the new empty space especially easy with a simple background.  I hope this helps, its easier to do more with lightroom.  i do it right now with the scale feature in lightroom, but it would be faster if lightroom did it automatically if you pull the crop tool outside of the image area.  Thank you!

  • Custom cropping

    I have an image in my iPhoto library that is 1000 pixels wide x 429 high. I would like to split it into four images, each representing 1/4 of the image, from left to right, i.e., each one would now be 250 wide x 429 high. I could do this "by eye" by making four duplicate images and estimating the location(s) of the vertical slice(s) I want to make. But is there a way to use the custom crop constraint so that the proportions remain in the proper ratio? (I guess I would still have to choose the places to slice by eye). There's an article in (ID TA27698, from June 2007, so maybe not up-to-date) about custom constraining -- it says that the custom constrain value is a ratio, not a specific pixel value; but the custom constraint control offers one setting at "1000", which does suggest accuracy to three significant figures.

    Thank you for your prompt reply. The aspect of this problem that remains ambiguous to me is the actual usefulness of the dimensions I put in the boxes that appear when I click on custom. By this I mean that I can indeed type in the 250x429, but then nothing useful seems to happen -- if I hit "apply," I get a cropping that has nothing to do with the vertical shape of 250x429 that I just typed in.
    If I merely uncheck the constrain box I can customize the crop area and keep any section of the image I want, without having gone to the trouble of setting the customized proportions (or actual dimensions). If I then hit "apply," I do get the crop I want (although I would like it to be precisely reproducible for the next three slices of the image). So this leaves me wondering about the actual use of iPhoto's invitation to customize my proportions. This is not intended as a criticism, because I could be wrong in my interpretation of what the custom constraint mode is designed to do, or how to get it to work. And I am aware that other software may be better suited to my needs. But I'd like to understand exactly what iPhoto is offering here.
    Thanking you in advance...

  • Custom cropping ratio

    i have PSE 4.0 for macs.
    i'm trying to custom crop a photo by maintaining certain dimensions so that when i add borders, it will come out the right size. i do not want to stretch or compress any of the photo as i don't want to lose any of the quality . there is no custom choice for aspect ratio and the dimensions are in inches, not pixels. i'd like to maintain a ratio of 1 X 1.586 but not 1" X 1.586" as it offers. i can't add the borders beforehand as they need to be equal on all sides in the end. i need to end up with a 1850 X 1250 pixel product. 8 pixels of white trim and 105 pixels of black border, so times 2 top and bottom and side to side. the actual photo needs to be cropped, not resized, to 1624 X 1024.
    how do i do this?

    I am unable to comprehend the problem completely, but I think that I get the drift.
    Image>resize>image size allows one to size an image using any one of multiple measuring parameters, and define px/in.
    Now, if you want to add a border without encroaching on the image per se, you can extend the canvas. Image>resize>canvas size. This allows expansion in width, height; I am fond of using %, but there are multiple options. The checkerboard pattern around the image denoted transparency which can be filled with the border.
    Another option is to select the image in toto, Select>all, then go to Edit>stroke. Here you can select the width of the stroke, position
    (outside), and color.

  • Crop to specific dimensions?

    Is there a way to crop to a specific dimension?  I have a 3888x2592 image and would like to crop it to 2400x1600.  Problem I am having is I can get it to 2388x1589 or 2420x1619 or finally after many tries (over a minute of attempting) got it to 2399x1599.  Is there any way to FORCE it to a specific dimension?
    Also, on export I know you can resize an image, but are you able to apply a resize within lightroom itself?  Can't think of a situation where I would want to do that, but just out of curiousity...

    I agree with Andrzej007.  Sometimes I need a 1:1 crop
    First, to those who ask, "Why not do it during export?"  Or worse, "Why would you want to do that?"....   Does it REALLY matter to you WHY I want to do a crop of a specific number of pixels?  The fact is some people really need this.
    I do a lot of timelapse stuff and build videos at 1920x1080.  I shoot full frame (in my case that is 4608x3456).  I correct my shots in LR.  So, what's the best way to get my images to 1920x1080?
    Here's an example image:
    Well, I could crop with a fixed aspect ratio (which is 16:9) and then export with a resize to 1920x1080, which would give me this:
    Of course I can crop a smaller portion of the image, and then on export resize down to 1920x1080.
    But what about cropping to exactly 1920x1080 at a true 1:1 pixel crop (without resizing down)?
    So to crop this image...
    ... and end up with this....
    ... I would need to "guess" at the size, release the mouse and check (with informaion overlay turned on).  Then do it again.  And again.  And again.....until I got it exactly at 1920x1080.  That's a royal pain in the rear.
    In Photoshop I can use the Marquee tool and define exactly 1920px x 1080px and then go to Image > Crop:
    But in LR there is NO way to define actual pixels.  Seems like it would be fairly easy to do, since you can already enter in a custom aspect ratio.  Just add something like a little checkbox in the custom aspect ratio box.  Something like this:
    Or make it a set of radio buttons with the ability to choose between aspect ratio and actual pixels.  (And rename the setting to "Custom Dimmensions" instead of "Custom Aspect Ratio".
    JimHess raised an interesting issue (emphasis added):
    In Lightroom, photo dimensions is part of the export function, not the editing.  You cannot specify a size in the develop module.  You are going to have to modify your workflow.  Crop to the 2:3 aspect ratio, and then export with the long side set to 2400 pixels.  That's the way it works.  Otherwise, you would have to have a separate image for every purpose.  The whole idea (for me, at least) is to have one master image that I can use for any purpose.  Then I use the export function to customize the copy for whatever purpose I need.
    Is this true?  Doesn't seem to make any sense to me. Here is some sample crop metadata that LR saves:
    So LR is saving information about 3 corners (don't really need the 4th).  That's it.  So it should absolutely be doable to define a specific number of pixels to crop to instead of an aspect ratio.  The software will still write the same resulting metadata - the location of each of the three corners.
    So then, why not just do what other people suggest?  Why crop to whatever portion of the image I want and then resize to 1920x1080 on export?
    Well, as Jim said, the whole idea behind LR is to have a single master image that I can use in a whole bunch of ways.  So I can make virtual copies to do other kinds of crops.  But exporting?  That actually means I'm creating "a separate image" for the purpose of doing a timelapse.
    See, as it stands right now, I can make all my changes in LR, and then import the RAW files into After Effects, and AE will read the metadata from the file and apply it.  So if I get my crop right in LR (set exactly to 1920x1080) then I can simply import the RAW files and AE will see the footage at the right size.  No need to render before importing, and no scaling needed, which improves the render time.  I don't need to create a whole new set of exported images that eat up storage space.  And I can easily go back in and make an adjustment to my crop in LR, then switch over to AE and reload the sequence.  It'll instantly update, with no need to re-export from LR.
    See, THAT's the power of LR.  Exporting is great when you're at the END of your workflow, and for me, LR is just the first step in a long post production workflow.
    Edit:  Of course sometimes I don't need 1:1 pixel crops; sometimes I'll want to resize.  In these cases I'll set my crop using a set aspect ratio and then deal with the resizing in After Effects, avoiding the need to render twice (because I still don't need to export from LR to use the RAW files in AE).

Maybe you are looking for

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