Custom program for Dynamic Actions

Iam using BDC’s for Actions and Org.Assignment infotypes. The dynamic actions are planned to be carried out by using separate function modules.
My query is, On the plausibility check conditions lots of structures are referred (eg: PSPAR,RP50D etc). How do i perform this condition check in the custom program (for dynamic actions) as these structures do not have any data?
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1. PSAVE-FIELDNAME will use the old values in the FIELD. It will be used in cases when we have to do plausibility checks on the basis of new as well as old value, eg, we want to use dynamic action for employees whose status changes from 'inactive' to 'active'
2. Sequence no represents sequence no. If for a particular Infotype and FCode, we have to specify which step has to be performed first. Sequence no tells the system exactly this thing.

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  • Custom program for dynamic actions in BDC

    Hi all,
    Did anyone work on dynamic actions in BDC. I got a method of doing, but looking out for a simpler one.

    Any updates that happen via dynamic actions in online mode must be explicitly included in the BDC session since dynamic actions are turned off during the execution of batch input sessions.this is a standard behavior.

  • How to create a customer program for "PPMOD"feature(pe03)?

    I want to create customer program for "PPMOD"feature(tcode:pe03),who can tell me the steps? (ECC6.0)
    thanks a lot?
    Olivia Yang

    /1PAPA/FEAT610PPMOD the generated program for the feature.
    You are forbidden to change this generated program. Ideally whatever logic regarding the feature needs to be put through pe03 tcode of feature and not in the program.
    Still if there are any changes that need to be done to the program you can enhance the program.
    To enhance the program you need to go to se 38 and open this program and press Shift + F4
    Then Goto->Enhancement operations->Show implicit enhancement operations
    Then go to yellow line right click on mouse and Enhancement implementation->Create
    And put your own code in the implementation.

  • Latest Error Handling for Dynamic Actions

    Is there any documentation on the Latest Error Handling for Dynamic Actions?

    Interesting that I was looking around for the same thing after seeing a Foreign Key violation in my application.
    I found this article by Patrick Wolf:
    APEX 4.1 – Error Handling Improvements – Part 1
    I believe you need to be on 4.1 or later though.

  • Set Custome pipeline for dynamic send port in orchestration

    I need to assign custom pipeline for dynamic send port in an orchestration .

    The option is available in the Port Configuration wizard
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  • Program for Leaving Action..

    Dear All,
    We have created a leaving action with set of Infotypes and certain actions and we have to carry out this action for about 5,000 employees.
    Now user needs to have a certain program to carry out the action as it's not feasible to carry out manually for 5,000 employees.
    Now my qestions to you all is
    1. Do you have any Std Program which takes care of this
    2. IS their any Std Function Module/BAPI exists which can be used
    3. Do we need to write our own BTC/LSMW/etc
    Kindly suggest.
    FYI : I have already tried one program using the FM - HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION but this FM is not working for Action - DELIMIT (LIS9) for various Info types so now wondering what to do next. Kindly suggest.
    Thanks and have a nice day ahead.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,
    Mangalagi S V

    Dear All,
    Thanks to all those who have responded to this.
    Unfortunately I can't go for BDC also as I was told that they might add/delete certain info types for this particular action.
    In my program, I am reading table T588M for the action and taking all the infotypes and the related action into my own internal table, after that I am generating the dynamic internal table for each infotype and then reading the Infotype using HR_READ_INFOTYPE and proceeding for related operations using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION but this LIS9 was not working so I have to check out as Suresh suggested. Hope every things goes fine with my coding...!!, any way it looks to be big exercise and needs lots of testing.
    Thanks for your valuable inputs.
    Mangalagi S V

  • Using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION in external subroutine for Dynamic Actions

    I am calling an external subroutine in the Dynamic Actions of an Infotype. In this external subroutine, I am using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to modify OTHER records of the same Infotype number.
    However, when I tried to trigger the Dynamic Actions in PA30, the other infotypes get modified as intended. But when I refreshed the PA30 screen, the changes were reversed back as if the HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION were not carried out at all. I have COMMIT WORK after the HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION, refreshed the buffer. But it doesn't seem to work.
    My question is: Can i use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION in an external subroutine which is called during dynamic actions? As I have some complicated logic, I do not want to embed the coding in the Dynamic Actions. Is there a way for HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to work in the external subroutine with the changes being committed to the database?
    Thank you.

    I remember the same problem being faced by some of the forum members.
    Suresh Datti had replied that "Call the subroutine in a nother program using a SUBMIT statement. This will create two sessions and will update the DB". This was working fine for the users.
    Hope you can try this.
    Just call a program using SUBMIT statement and code your form routine inside that.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Custom program for Tcode MIR6

    Hello All,
    I have created a Zprogram for the Tcode MIR6. Activated sucessfully. But when executed getting dump.
    Please suggest me to correct this issue.
    Runtime Errors         SUBMIT_WRONG_TYPE
    Short text                 Incorrect program type with SUBMIT.
    Tried to correct the issue below but unfortunately unsucessful.
    You attempted to start the ABAP/4 program "YSAPMM08N" with SUBMIT, but the
    attributes specify this program as type "M" instead of "1". You can
    only start programs of type 1 with SUBMIT.
    Best Regards,
    Moderator message: very descriptive error message, please do some own research before posting, read SAP documentation for SUBMIT statement and program attributes.
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    1. PSAVE-FIELDNAME will use the old values in the FIELD. It will be used in cases when we have to do plausibility checks on the basis of new as well as old value, eg, we want to use dynamic action for employees whose status changes from 'inactive' to 'active'
    2. Sequence no represents sequence no. If for a particular Infotype and FCode, we have to specify which step has to be performed first. Sequence no tells the system exactly this thing.

  • Customized program for format payments doesn't work in all operating unit

    I would like to ask for your help with the issue I’m having right now with the customized program I’ve created.
    A customized program using XML was created for check payments. This check format is used when printing Payment Batches. I tried to register this program in two operating unit, one is EMR AP SuperUser-EPT-APDUS and the other one is EMR AP SuperUser-EPT-APDMX. The program completes successfully in EMR AP SuperUser-APDUS but not in EMR AP SuperUser-EPT-ADPMX. The set up was the same for both OU. In every time I tried to run the program by:
    1. Create a batch name in Payment Batches.
    2. Enter the Invoice Batch Name
    3. Assigned the Bank Account and Document type
    4. Save and hit the Actions..1 button
    5. Then Select the Format Payments - I've entered the same program for both OU
    The program errors out including the Payment Process Manager in APDMX OU but not in APDUS. Please help me fix this issue as this is a very high priority task.
    I would greatly appreciate any help that you could give.


  • Custom program for transport dependency

    Any body developed transport dependency program that would warn people of dependent transports? I hope this program would help greatly in managing transports and someone might have written an ABAP program.
    Your help is appreciated.
    Rajesh Yadla

    1. PSAVE-FIELDNAME will use the old values in the FIELD. It will be used in cases when we have to do plausibility checks on the basis of new as well as old value, eg, we want to use dynamic action for employees whose status changes from 'inactive' to 'active'
    2. Sequence no represents sequence no. If for a particular Infotype and FCode, we have to specify which step has to be performed first. Sequence no tells the system exactly this thing.

  • Theme 11, live scope for dynamic action not working in IE

    Hello all,
    I use theme 11, and I have a dynamic action on page 0 that fixes a region width, because it is too long to match the page width. I set the Event Scope to "live" because the region is a report and it has many rows and pagination is needed. When I have to go to page 16-30 from 1-15 and if there is a record which is longer than the current 15, page is partially refreshed and the width is changed, but that works for Mozilla and Chrome. In IE the dynamic action from page 0 is not triggered, in spite of the live event scope and I don't know why. Is there a way I can fix that problem?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for the information, this is indeed an interesting case. I'm assuming you have 'Enable Partial Page Refresh' in the report attributes set to 'Yes'. Please let me know if this is not the case.
    I don't think an event of 'Page Load' with a scope of 'live' is correct. The 'live' event is a way of saying, attach some behaviour to something on a page (eg a delete icon in a report row is clicked), and keep that behaviour 'alive' even if that part of the page is updated (eg the report paginates with PPR to the next set or results, and clicking on the delete icon in the report still works). However here, when the event is page load, I don't think specifying 'live' will do what you want.
    What I think you're really interested in is indeed when the page first loads, but then when the report is refreshed via PPR. Therefore, I would try the following:
    1) Change the dynamic action event to 'After Refresh'.
    2) Select the report region from the 'When > Selection' attributes (ensuring your report template contains a id="REGION_STATIC_ID" attribute, otherwise the DA won't work).
    3) In your 'Actions', ensure the 'Fire on Page Load' checkbox is checked.
    So this says do the action when the page loads, then always after the report is refreshed via PPR. This will fire after pagination, sorting or a dynamic action refresh.
    Interestingly (at least in my mind!), you can actually set the event scope back to 'bind' here. This is because as part of the DA framework, we purposefully attach the event handlers for report handling to an element that is not updated during PPR for pagination or sorting, it's higher up in the DOM tree. This gives slightly better performance than having to use 'live', which is more expensive computationally and yet still keeps the registered behaviours.
    Also something else which may help, you can check if the DA is firing when expected by using a JavaScript console (eg in Chrome native Developer tools, Firebug with Firefox), with application debugging enabled (Application Properties) and switched on (via developer toolbar). Load the JS console, and you'll be able to see when the DA fires.
    As far as the actual IE specific logic goes, I haven't looked into that too much yet, because I felt it was more important to get the DA firing correctly first, then see where we're at.
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  • Logic for Dynamic Actions

    Can any one tell me the logic for implementing Dynamic Actions.

    What are dynamic actions and how to configure it?
    Ans) Dynamic actions are performed automatically by the system, depending on certain conditions. If maintaining one infotype has an effect on another infotype, the system automatically displays the second infotype for processing.
    Dynamic actions can run in the background i.e. the user does not see the run on the screen.
    A change in one field of an infotype might require, that certain other infotype be updated at the same time. The details can be specified as a dynamic event. It is automatically triggered by the system.
    *Examples: *
    The Personal Data infotype is newly created, and the Number of children field is filled. Once the record is saved, the system automatically displays the Family/Related Person (0021) infotype and the Child subtype (2) for processing. An employee is hired, and the probationary period is entered in infotype Contract Elements. Once this information is saved, the system automatically displays a record from the Monitoring of Dates (0019) infotype and the subtype Expiry of probation (1) for processing.

  • LSMW Custom program for updating picked quantity in outbound delivery

    I have been tasked with creating an LSMW that will update the picked quantity in an outbound delivery.  I originally thought of using a recording on transaction vl02n, but I need the LSMW to work with variable amount of item lines. 
    Through some research I figured out that FM WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 can update the picked quantity.  I have successfully created a custom program that calls this FM. 
    I have created what I believe to be the correct entries in the SXDA0, SXDA1, SXDA2, and SXDA3 tables to make my custom program work with LSMW.  I am able to find my program in the "Maintain Object Attributes."  I am also able to "Maintain Structure Relations Step" (screen shot attached)  I am currently using VBKOK and VBPOK for the header and line item structures respectively. 
    My difficulty is converting the data.  I have tried everything from having no conversion rules to mapping many fields and I always receive the following error (screen shot also provided).
    Error analysis
    The statement
         "Move src TO dst"
    requires that the operands "dst" and "src" are convertible.
    Since this statement is in a Unicode program, the special conversion
    rules for Unicode programs apply.
    In this case, these rules were violated.
    Row 1,080
    Module type (FORM)
    Since I have run the conversion with no conversion rules I am very confused as to why I am still receiving this error.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    For anyone I have uncovered some interesting things about my issue.  I started going through the conversion code piece by piece trying to figure out what data element the system was choking on. 
    After digging though the program and using the debugger I found out that the issue was in FORM transfer_record. 
    ASSIGN (g_record) TO <l_record>.
         CASE g_objecttype.
           WHEN '01' OR '02'.
             gt_buffer-record = g_record.
             gt_buffer-data = <l_record>.
             APPEND gt_buffer.
    If this LSMW was working
    g_record = 'VBKOK'
    <l_record> = 'VBKOK'
    But what is actually happening
    g_record = 'VBKOK'
    <l_record> = "Structure of some sort
    I do not know why this is happening since the field symbol is being assigned right before this piece of code.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Create a custom program for FPS3 transaction code

    I would like to create a custome program which does the below steps in one shot.
    1) RUN(SUBMIT) Transaction FPS3 with
    Company code = NONE and
    Created on FROM = SY-DATUM & TO = SY-DATUM
    2) In the next screen, it should select SELECT ALL
    3) and then it should select EXECUTE button.
    And alos i should be able to give Information Messages when nothing is selected or displayed.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sudheer Pusala.

    write a z program with company code as parameter. next use Submit function to submit FPS3 with the variables. In the PF-STATUS maintain the required butons which will popup when the data is shown. Now, u can select all records from one of the button of PF-STATUS (u need to write code for it). Next use execute button to execute the data. At any stage u can improper ur custom messages which will get displayed as and when something happens.

  • Custom program for availability check and update for existing sale order at Item level(VA02)

    I came to know Bapi_Saleorder_Simulate can be used for availability check and update an existing sale order.but there is no sample program explaining the process.I have tried this by passing parameters ORDER_HEADER_IN , ORDER_ITEMS_IN  ,ORDER_PARTNERS and ORDER_SCHEDULE_EX(for getting details),also i have assigned the sale document number ,custom document type(ZSO) in ORDER_HEADER_IN . while executing the BAPI I am getting the error external number range is not assigned for the document type ZSO . I am confused on seeing this error. It is possible to do availability check for existing sale order using this BAPI. Please explain how to achieve this.It will be really helpful if it is expalained with an example.   

    Hello, I think you may have been misinformed about this BAPI updating a sales order at item level. As far as I understand it this BAPI can be used to simulate the creation of a sales order which obviously would include and ATP check. This is why it is giving the error because it is simulating creation but you are entering a value in a field that should be automatically generated (i.e. the sales order number). For change the sales order at item level have you looked at BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE? I pretty sure this BAPI both updates sales order (header or item level) and can do an ATP first.
    Points are always welcome if you feel an answer has been helpful.

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    I think I read this somewhere that iphoto8 now puts all the photos into one file rather than into finder folders. Is this correct? as it makes backup a bear. I hope not.