Customer consignment stock view not available at Ship-to party level

We have moved our stock to customer consignment stock using order type KB (Consignment fill-up). When we view stock situation using MB58 (Consignment at customer) the stock shows up under customer sold-to. However, we would like to see how much consignment stock do we have under each ship-to location. Is there any view or report in the system which shows consignment stock at each ship-to level?
We have tried the following:
1) We thought of making ship-to party equal to sold-to party thus using the same output (MB58) but we have several ship-to's (sometimes 50) per sold-to which will make sales analysis and pricing maintenance difficult (as our pricing is based on sold-to).
2) We looked at table MSKU (Special Stocks with Customer) and in it stock is stored at the sold-to level and MB58 pulls out stock from this table only. We thought of using user exit to move ship-to number in MSKU table at the time of stock movement but then we will have to change ATP logic (user exit again) also for consignment issue orders and we would like to avoid all that in case there is a simpler solution.
This seems to be a requirement which lot of customers would have, Are we missing something obvious. Please help.

Thanks Buddi,
Partner function SB works the way we wanted it to.

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  • Customer Consignment stock displayed as available in MD04

    Hi Experts,
    Customer Consignment stock displayed as available in MD04
    I have few stock at customer consignemnt which displayed as available qty in MD04.
    Whether any parameter that controls this? some thing to do with availability check?
    Pls suggest


  • Drop Ship the item if stock is not available

    We have a requirement where,
    A item is about to get expire (No more demand) but organization is having some stock of the item. So Purchase team has stopped procuring the item.
    Now, when we receive any order for the specific item, client wants to look at the present stock and ship it if its available. If not, create drop shipment.
    Does anyone aware of this functionality where a single item will behave as a stocked item if the stock is available and drop ship item, if stock is not available.
    Any help will highly appreciated.

    A given item CAN be procured internally or externally.
    But that attribute is set when the sales order line is booked.
    So you need some kind of a personalization that will look at the available qty of the item being ordered and then set the Source type to External if enough qty is not available.
    Hope this helps
    Sandeep Gandhi

  • InterCompany  Customer Consignment stock with Valuated

    Any one help me in  understanding the Customer Consignment Process.
    First a normal consignment Process with Valuated Stock
    Second thing We need to move the Goods from one Company  to another Company directly to  Customer  Consignment Valuated Stock. Please Give the full Process Step with the detailed Transaction . A has the SO .The stocks are Available in B Company .We need to Move the Stock from one company to direct consignment.
    Any help will be highly appreciated .

    Hi Nick,
    1. Go through Consignment Stock Processing
    Consignment goods are goods which are stored at the customer location but which are owned by your company. The customer is not obliged to pay for these goods until they remove them from consignment stock. Otherwise, the customer can usually return consignment goods which are not required.
    Consignment processing offers the participating partners several advantages. Customers store the consignment goods at their own warehouses. The customer can access the goods in the consignment warehouse at any time. They are only billed for the goods when they are removed from the warehouse and only for the actual quantity taken.
    Since consignment stocks still form part of your valuated stock, you must manage this stock in your system.
    However, consignment stock must be
    Managed separately from the rest of your stock so that you know exactly what stock is stored at the customer location
    Managed separately for each customer
    In inventory management, the consignment stock is managed as special stock in your inventory and is assigned to specific customers. This enables you to keep track of returnable packaging stock by customer.
    If the consignment stocks are not managed by the sold-to party but by a central office, you can use the partner function for special stock partner.
    Special Stock Partner
    The special stock partner has been defined for carrying out consignment stock processing by means of a third party rather than the customer. This means you can manage all special stock under one partner. It makes sense to use the special stock partner if your customer is using decentralized order processing but manages consignment stock centrally.
    Inventory Management Using the Special Stock Partner
    If you want to process your consignment goods using a special stock partner, proceed as follows:
    Create a customer master record for the special stock partner (account groups 0001 and DEBI are defined for this purpose in the standard system).
    Enter the special stock partner in the relevant customer master record on the partner screen using the partner function SB.
    When you create an order for this customer, the system automatically proposes the partner function SB in the document header and the document items. Consignment goods which have been entered in a consignment fill-up are always posted to the stock of the special stock partner when goods issue is carried out. You can also enter the partner function SB manually in the document header or in the relevant items if a special stock partner is required and is not proposed from the customer master record. If a special stock partner does not exist in the document header, inventory management is carried out using the sold-to party.
    Process Flow
    There are four main transactions for processing consignment stock in the R/3 System, all of which support separate management of stock:
    Consignment fill-up
    Consignment fill up is used to supplement the customer’s consignment stock.
    Goods issue of the appropriate stock is posted from the unrestricted-use stock to consignment stock (special stock). The goods remain in the possession of the vendor.
    When you ship consignment stock to the customer, you record the transaction by creating a consignment fill-up order (order type KB). As a result, the system carries out the following actions:
    If special stock does not yet exist in your inventory for the customer (or special stock partner), the system creates it when goods issue is posted
    The relevant quantity is removed from regular inventory in your plant and is added to the special stock for the customer. The total valuated stock for the plant remains the same.
    The transaction is not relevant for pricing since the consignment stock remains the property of your company.
    Consignment pick-up
    Consignment issue enables the customer to take consignment goods from the special stock for their use or to sell.
    Consignment issue involves removing the goods from the special stock and making it the property of the customer.
    When the customer removes consignment stock to use or sell, you record the transaction in the system by creating a consignment issue order (order type KE). As a result, the system carries out the following actions:
    When goods issue is posted, the relevant quantity is deducted from both the customer’s special stock and your own total valuated stock.
    The transaction is relevant for pricing since the goods now become the property of the customer.
    Consignment issue
    Any consignment goods stored at the customer’s warehouse that haven’t been used can be reposted to your company’s warehouse with a consignment pick-up.
    If the customer returns consignment stock to you, you record the transaction in the system by creating a consignment pick-up order (order type KA). As a result, the system carries out the following actions:
    When goods issue is posted, the relevant quantity is deducted from the customer’s special stock and is added back into your regular stock at the plant where the goods are returned. Your total valuated stock remains the same since the returned stock was regarded as part of your own inventory even while it was at the customer’s premises.
    This transaction is not relevant for billing.
    Consignment return
    Consignment returns are used for when your customer wants to return goods to the consignment stock.
    If the customer wishes to claim on consignment goods which have already been issued, you can record this transaction by creating a consignment return order (order type KR). As a result, the system carries out the following actions:
    When goods issue is posted, the relevant quantity is added to the customer’s special stock at the plant where the goods are returned
    Since the ownership of the goods is passed from the customer back to your company, the transaction is relevant for billing. In this case, the customer receives a credit memo for the returned goods.
    Depending on the settings in Customizing for Sales, you can create consignment returns with direct reference to a consignment issue. The consignment issue appears in the document flow for the consignment return. This function is not supported in the standard version of the SAP R/3 System.
    When you create consignment returns in the standard version of the SAP R/3 System, the system automatically sets a billing block. To credit a return, you must first approve the request for a credit memo by removing the billing block in the return header. You can control the automatic setting of a billing block in Customizing for Sales.
    The following order types used in the standard system for processing consignments:
    Sales order type
    Consignment fill-up
    Consignment issue
    Consignment pick-up
    Consignment return
    Pricing and Availability Check
    Whether pricing is carried out for the individual transactions depends on the item category. The schedule line category controls the availability check and the transfer of requirements in each of the transactions. The schedule line category itself is determined by the item category and the MRP type of the material. The order types KE and KA check against the consignment stock for the customer involved and order type KB checks against your own plant stock. Requirement records for consignment stock are stored as individual requirements, independently of the setting in the material master record.
    2. You can sell the products to the same customer through other sales areas  with configuration of common divisions and distribution channels.
    3. Go through the IMG settings Sales and distribution --> billing ---> Inter company billing
    I hope It will give you some Idea,

  • Goods Receipt into Customer Consignment Stock

    Hi !
    Does anyone know of a way to have the GR for a PO received directly into customer consignment stock?
    I know SAP provides a standard way to receive inventory into stock provided to vendor (for sub-contracting)... but not sure if same is available for customer consignment.
    Any ideas anyone?

    I am little curious about why the material in this PO can be customer's consignment stock? Does customer pay for it?
    Or this PO is a special order,which is for customer shipping consignment material to you. If it is, I think you can do GR and make the material as consignment stock by GR.
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  • Customer consignment stock in MD04

    Hi greetings
    Is it possible to include "Customer Consignment stock" in to MD04 "Available stock" ?
    Gobinathan G

    Customer consignment stocks are basically not taken into account or
    planned in material requirements planning.
    Sales orders for the special stock 'Consignment at Customer'
    (technically: SOBKZ 'V' or 'W') are not taken into account in the
    material requirements planning either.
    Material requirements planning in this case assumes that these
    quantities are located at the customer site and should then no longer be
    available for (any) requirements at the plant of the distributor.
    For the same reason, the corresponding orders (technically: VBBE
    records) are not taken into account in the material requirements
    You can refer to SAP Note 301681 for more information.

  • Good Receipt to Customer Consignment Stock

    Dear all,
    I would like to know if it is possible to do good receipt to customer consignment stock in SAP?
    For normal case:
    1) create PO
    2) Good receipt to own plant
    3) Create Consignment Fill up Order
    4) Create Delivery
    5) PGI to customer consignment stock.
    However, now I have a case that, the vendor directly ship the goods to the consignment customer without going to my own plant. i.e.:
    1) create PO
    2) Good receipt at customer consignment stock.
    How can I implement this in SAP?
    Please kindly advise. Thank you.
    Best regards,

    Your case is a Third Party Scenario. Where the customer raises a PO to your organisation and you arrnge for the material from your VENDOR.
    Process flow as under:
    The Purchase requisition hits from the sales order (item category TAS),
    The Purchase order forwarded to vendor.
    MIGO against the PO (after receipt of material at customer site) is done where the stock do not affect your inventory. MIRO is done for valuation.
    The Invoice for the customer is done with reference to the sales order.
    The payment to vendor is released based on the MIGO / MIRO.
    Should there be any clariication needed, please do communicate.
    Pramod Kumar

  • Request for help on Vendor Consignment stock and Customer Consignment Stock

    HI Experts,
    We have a requirement to segregate the Customer Consignment stock and Vendor consignment stock from the total Consignment stock available in the BW report.
    Currently in the report the calculation of total consignment stock is based up on Issued consignment stock and Received consignment stock .
    The calculations of the Issued and Received consignments stocks are specified below.
    Issued consignment Stock
    The below following parameters are checked when the quantity is considered as Issued consignment Stock 
    Transaction or Process keys :  100, 101, 104, 105, 106, 110
    Application    :   MM    
    Stock relevance : 1
    Adding to the above conditions,
    u2022     When the stock category is u2018Ku2019, the Quantity in Base Unit of Measure is assigned to Issued Consignment Stock.  or
    u2022     When the stock category is blank and the stock type is u2018Eu2019 or u2018Ku2019 or u2018Lu2019 then also the Quantity in Base Unit of Measure is assigned to Issued Consignment Stock.
    Received Consignment Stock :
    The below following parameters are checked when the quantity is considered as Issued consignment Stock 
    Transaction or Process keys :  000, 001, 004, 005, 006, 010
    Application    :   MM    
    Stock relevance : 1
    Adding to the above conditions,
    u2022     When the stock category is u2018Ku2019, the Quantity in Base Unit of Measure is assigned to Received Consignment Stock.  or
    u2022     When the stock category is blank and the stock type is u2018Eu2019 or u2018Ku2019 or u2018Lu2019 then also the Quantity in Base Unit of Measure is assigned to Received Consignment Stock
    Only stock category and stock type are available in the BW report for determining the type of consignment stock . So, with respect to stock category and stock type, could you please kindly advise if it is possible to determine the Customer consignment stock and Vendor consignment stock in the report
    Thanks a lot
    Warm Regards,
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    We can settle consignment goods to vendor through MRKO transaction.Even user transafers consignment stock to own stock through MB1B transaction.We can use same document to settle vendor through MRKO transaction.
    What is implications of such Action (like Goods issue, 1 step transfer) on SAP.
    Nothing will happpen after after stock converted to own stock.

  • Return of customer consignment stock

    Dear all,
    If, in the standard SAP system, a return delivery from customer consignment stock is done (sales doc: KA, Mvt: 632) the goods are moved to the unrestricted stock.
    This isn't a very good solution, as the users often forget to move the goods to blocked stock (after good receipte from consignment stock) and then, theses goods are included into the MRP Run.
    How do you handle returns from consignment stock? Do you have a 'One - Step' solution (consignment customer stock --> blocked stock) in place? If yes, could you please explain me the process you are using?
    Do you know why SAP did not implemented the direct movement to blocked stock?
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards,

    It is not possible to post to blocked stock as 632 movement is actually reversal of 631 movement.
    631 movement transfer stock from 'unrestricted' to 'customer consignment' .
    Business standards will always be to send to 'customer consignment' from unrestricted stock only.
    Nobody will ask for sending from 'blocked' to 'customer consignment' and hence SAP did not provide for the same. So reverse also could not be found to put the same to blocked.
    Why don't you type below movement type for requirement.
    655---goes to QI inspection straight away (you can move them back to unrestricted t code MB1B with movement type 321)
    657----blocked stocks (you can move them back to unrestricted t code MB1B with movement type 343)

  • THird Party PO Scenario - GR into Customer Consignment Stock

    In a Third party scenario, is there any possible way to post the GR into Customer consignment stock ?!
    In std SAP,
    PR is generated from Sales order and the PO is created the PR.
    PR & PO will have the acct assignment ( sales order) and item category (third party).
    during GR,  we can't see the stock in the system. because the GR is statistical one since the stock is directly deliverd at customer place.
    But in the current world in our case,
    the stock is delivered in an external warehouse, from where the goods will be delivered to customer at a later point.
    we want to track the stock in external warehouse. so, we want to have this as the "customer consignment stock". ( we may have this as a SLOC and from there we can transfer to customer consignment stock. but there will not be any link for the sales order and this customer consignment stock and moreover during GR we are not updating the stock...)
    SO here is the question,
    how can we update the stock during GR for Third party order( as far as I know, we can't define new item category).
    If we are updating the stock during GR for 3rd party, then we may find a way to post it to the customer consignment....
    Pls share your ideas..thanks.

    Third Party Consignment?  Anyone have an answer?  I have the same requirement

  • Customer consignment stock- REPORTING stock level & goods depatched

    Hi all
    I'm looking for a report (or reports) which shows the following (bare in mind that this will all be customer consignment stock):
    - the delivery numbers
    - the previous month's stock level
    - the quantity of goods despatched the following month with a rolling calculation
    - monthly invoice values
    - remaining stock levels (after current months goods have been issued and invoiced)
    I'm aware that MMBE/ MB58 shows the current stock levels, however I'm hoping there is a report in SE16 which shows it as a report structure.
    I understand that this is a lot of info requested by myself however any information would be appreciated.
    / Vicky

    Dear tortyv,
    As per my understanding of the requirement,
    You please check the "VL06" report if it satisfies your requirement you enter the execution parameters and execute.
    System will give the list of out bound deliveries. Select one of those and click the details icon (ctrlshiftf3) according to the item view or headder view.
    If it does't suit you have to go for z report.
    I f you want that please provide the input fields in order to fetch the required data for the report.

  • Negative values on customer consignment stock

    Is it possible to have negative values on customer consignment stock?
    i.e. the same material is sent to a customer, as consignment stock
    (special stock W), from different plants. If the material is not used
    by the customer (then it has not been billed, as it is on consignment),
    the customer can return all that stock to only one plant. This means
    that the overall stock for that material on customer consignment will
    be cero, but the standard SAP does not allow to return to one plant
    more quantity than what it was originally sent from that plant.
    Is there a possible workaround to this situation?
    Thank you.

    maybe that you sold more pieces than you had, and the material master allows negative stock on the plant/storage location.
    pls. reward points if helpful

  • Consignment - stock at ship-to party level

    Hello all,
    in a consignement scenario my requirement is to analize special stock at ship to party level (I have one Sold-to party and 10 Ship-to party). I know we can use MB52 or MMBE to analize stock at Sold-to party level but I can't find the information at ship to party level. Can I reach this information throught a standard report?
    Thank you in advance for your collaboration,

    Use T.code MB58 - Display consignment and returnable packaging stocks at customer.
    In this screen you can give customer as Ship to party as you maintained.then Execute or press F8, then display all stocks as you maintained.
    I think this is help full you.
    Sanjeev Chanda

  • Movement type to consume customer consignment stock in the delivery plant ?

    Need MM Functional expertise help to resolve the issue
    They are two plants associated
    1. Deliverying Plant (Customer Consignment Stock) ---> FPP
    2. Recieving Plant (Vendor Consignment Stock) ---> FNT
    Recieving Plant (FNT) will send a consignment Purchase Order (P0) to the delivery plant (FPP), which
    inturn delivery plant FPP will do post goods Issue (PGI) with movement type 635 {635 --> moves
    the stock from sloc 1000 to customer consignment stock}
    Once movement type 635 is completed, it will go customer consignment stock in the delivery plant FPP
    So Far OK..
    Recieving plant (FNT) will recieve the stock against movement type 101K into Consignment location, followed
    by movement type 411k (to move the stock from consignment location to OWN location).  Once its under OWN location,
    the inventory can be utilized for service orders (261)
    Not able to find a movement type to consume customer consignment stock in the delivery plant FPP
    Note: 1. 411k is used to consume vendor consignment stock
    2. Both plants are in different company codes
    Following OSS notes has been checked, but none is addressing the issue
    1. 520024
    2. 610896
    3. 362032
    4. 13006

    Customer consignment stock is consumed physically by a customer, the customer reports to you how much he has consumed, the delivering plant creates then a consignment order for consignment issue in the delivering plant, followed by converting it to a delivery and posting goods issue.

  • Why some times delivery  will created through vl10c even sale order stock is not available?

    why some times delivery  will created through vl10c in batchmode even sale order stock is not available?

    the correct english name is : Replenishment leadtime
    Check with Replenishment lead time - Supply Chain Management (SCM) - SCN Wiki

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