Customer  exit to get the result in between two fiscal periods

Hi Guys,
I have a requirement  to write customer exit, in which i have to get the result for a range of fiscal periods,
that is in Between   fiscal period1 and fiscal period3,
and i am getting this Fiscal period from other variable called version in which it consists of combination of fiscalperiod and text
and now i have filtered the fiscal period and stored in Final_val ( this is an interger), but  how can i use dynamically this Final_val to get the results in between Final_val1 and Final_val3 ( that means if the Final_val is 2008010 then i have to get the results in between 2008011 and 2009001).
Please provide me the solution, with the possible piece of code

Hi Diogo,
Here is the code
          FIN_DATE(3) TYPE C,
          FIN_VAL(7) TYPE C.
    IF I_STEP = 2.
      IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
        CLEAR L_S_RANGE.
        L_S_RANGE-LOW =  FIN_VAL.
        L_S_RANGE-HIGH =  ''.
        L_S_RANGE-SIGN = 'I'.
        L_S_RANGE-OPT = 'BT'.
which i am using for Filter the fiscal period, after this when i tried to restrict on this "ZC_PVR" vairable and  set the offset like
zc_pvr 1 to zc-pvr3 under value of ranges, but i am facing an error saying the " variable may be deleted or used incorreclty",
could u plz suggest

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  • Customer Exit to get the Key Figure

    Hi Gurus!
    I have a problem here actually two
    1. I need a customer exit to bring back a Key figure(Net Revenue ) and then divide it by 2.
    2. Where could I find the table name which has this Key figure(Net Rev) values?
    Please answer only on this regard because I am already confused

    Are you trying to display the keyfigure/2 in your report or store it in your Infoprovider?
    If it is for the report, and the particular KF exists in your cube, then all you have to do is create a Formula or Calculated key figure to use it in your query.
    If it is something you need to store in your Cube/ODS then you could create a new KF in the cube and write the formula in the Update rules to calculate from the original KF.
    You donot need to have a customer exit for these scenarios.

  • How to get the last day according to fiscal period input in selection scree

    Hello expert
    how to get the last day of fiscal period input.
    the fiscal period inculdes 1-16
    when fiscal period is greater than 12, only calculate the last day of 12nd month
    your solution will be apprecaited, FM existing?
    thank you

    when you give a particular date in any month
    the following fm will give you the last date of that month
    here you can give
    R_FDATE-HIGH  as 01 and month as the period you wnat and year for current year
    concatenates '01'  month year  into r_fdate-high separated by '.'.
    then it will give g_ltdt for that month and year which wil be the last date of that month
            DAY_IN            = R_FDATE-HIGH
            LAST_DAY_OF_MONTH = G_LTDT
            DAY_IN_NO_DATE    = 1
            OTHERS            = 2.
        IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
                  WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    thanks & regards,

  • How do i get the difference information between two B1 version

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       i want to know what are the difference between 2004a and 2005a , for example, any fields existin B1 2005A but not exist in B1 2004A form, any form exist in B1 2005A, but not in B1 2004
       For fields ,  Can icompare the XML? but there are may forms in B1, is there any simple way to make this work?
    i appreciate any help and suggestions!
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    Hi Liu,
    in the XML-output of the objects, you have every field.
    You have to set SAPbobsCOM.BoXmlExportTypes.xet_AllNodes
    for the fields to be displayed as in SQL-Server.
    xet_ExportImportMode shows different names for the fields

  • Customer Exit to get last day of month from Year/month

    Hi Experts,
    I need to create a customer exit to get the last day of month from Cal Year month input variable.
    User input period: 12.2008
    I need from the customer exit: 31.12.2008
    User input period: 02.2009
    I need from the customer exit: 28.02.2009
    Can someone help me with the ABAP code to achieve this with a customer exit?
    Help will be appreciated.

    Please use the following code,
    Second one is the suitable solution for you, I can understand that, if it leafe year then you have the problem so use the secon one.
    First one is using Period i.e. 010.2008 (December 2008).
    Secodn one is based on Date/Month.
    Note: Insted of SY-DATUm, you give your variable name
    *******To get the Last day of the Fy Period entered by User in ZFYP***
        WHEN 'ZLDAY_FI'.
          LOOP AT i_t_var_range INTO loc_var_range WHERE vnam = 'ZFYP'.
            zbdatj = loc_var_range-low+0(4).
            zbuper = loc_var_range-low+4(3).
                i_gjahr = zbdatj
                i_periv = 'V3'
                i_poper = zbuper
                e_date  = zzdate.
            CLEAR: l_s_range.
            l_s_range-low = zzdate.
            l_s_range-sign = 'I'.
            l_s_range-opt = 'EQ'.
            APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.
    Note: in the below code I given SY-DATUM, so you change to your Month Variable like using  
    LOOP AT i_t_var_range INTO loc_var_range WHERE vnam = 'XXXX'.
    ** Last Day of Current Calendar month
          zzdate = sy-datum.
              iv_date = zzdate
              ev_days = znum.
          CLEAR: l_s_range.
          l_s_range-low+6(2) = znum.
          l_s_range-low+0(4) = sy-datum+0(4).
          l_s_range-low+4(2) = sy-datum+4(2).
          l_s_range-sign = 'I'.
          l_s_range-opt = 'EQ'.
          APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.
    Edited by: Surendra Reddy on Jan 27, 2009 2:47 PM
    Edited by: Surendra Reddy on Jan 28, 2009 6:12 AM

  • Custom Search Portlet not getting the results as expected.

    Hi All,
    I am using CustomSearchPortlet and I am having following problems. I created an itemtype IT with attributes A1,A2.Then I configured my custom search portlet to search based on A1,A2 attributes only. I have created 3 instances of items Item1,Item2,Item3 based on itemtype IT as follows
    and when I search for value11, I get Item1,Item3 as results. Till here it was nice and behaving as expected. Suddenly after some time, it stopped working and i am not getting the results I used to get before. The only thing i remember to have changed in the meanwhile was to change the A2 attribute values of some of these items. my searchtext remained the same as value11. I was confused as to why the custom search portlet is not getting these results that it was getting before...Thanks for any help in solving this.

    If Oracle Text is enabled in your portal, the updated items need to be synchronised before they can be returned in the Search. Since you updated those items, though not changing values for this particular attribute, it will be in the queue for indexing and hence will not be returned until it is indexed.

  • How to use customer exit variable in the report

    Dear All,
    i want to use a standard customer exit variable in the report properties.
    In the Bex Query Designer right hand bottom you will find two buttons "Properties" and "Task". Click on task you will get different option. Choose properties from there and then select "variable sequence tab".
    I need to add a standard variable there. How can i achieve it?
    Appreciate your early help.

    You need to add variable to corresponding charctertic then you can get that varaible for sorting the sequence....
    If 0CUST is the varaible then you need to assign it 0CUSTOMER then 0CUST will be available for the sequence.
    Edited by: shanthi bhaskar on Apr 2, 2009 5:41 PM

  • How to get the results in one line

    if i use the script below i get the name of path and then : and in next line i get the there a way to get the results from every path after the : and not in the next line?
    another question - is there a way that the script will not show the server name on every path?
    (Get-Counter -ListSet LogicalDisk).PathsWithInstances | Get-Counter

    If you take you script and pipe it to get member, it will give you a list of various script properties.
    (Get-Counter -ListSet LogicalDisk).PathsWithInstances | Get-Counter | get-member
    You will see that the object type returned by "Get-Counter" is Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetCounter.PerformanceCounterSampleSet.
    Name MemberType Definition
    Equals Method bool Equals(System.Object obj)
    GetHashCode Method int GetHashCode()
    GetType Method type GetType()
    ToString Method string ToString()
    CounterSamples Property Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetCounter.Perfo...
    Timestamp Property datetime Timestamp {get;set;}
    Readings ScriptProperty System.Object Readings {get=$strPaths = ""...
    You can try grabbing different properties, and they will print out differently, displaying the data on the same line in some cases. For example, pipe your output to a "foreach-object" block, and then for each object print out the CounterSamples property.
    (Get-Counter -ListSet LogicalDisk).PathsWithInstances | Get-Counter | foreach-object { ($_).CounterSamples }
    This should all print on one line now. However, you also asked if there was a way to not have the server print out on every line. The way to control the format of these outputs is to use the "format-table" cmdlet. So you would pipe your output to format-table
    and then give it various options. This is how you would pipe it (without any options).
    (Get-Counter -ListSet LogicalDisk).PathsWithInstances |
    Get-Counter | object { ($_).CounterSamples | format-table }#OR USE YOUR ORIGINAL CODE(Get-Counter -ListSet LogicalDisk).PathsWithInstances |
    Get-Counter | format-table }
    Now, it's up to you to give format-table the options you want. With no options, output will look unchanged. To see what options are available to you, use get-help.
    get-help format-table
    I hope this helps!
    Thank for all the info...

  • How do I get iTunes 11 to work as the old iTunes did in this respect: after playing a song in one playlist, I click on another playlist, highlight a song, press play, and get the result of that song playing & that playlist continuing?

       How do I get iTunes 11 to work as the old iTunes did in this respect: after playing a song in one playlist, I click on another playlist, highlight a song, press play, and get the result of that song playing & that playlist continuing?  As it goes now, one clicks on the song in the new playlist where the arrow is and then chooses 'Play Song Next.'  So, it plays next, but then the song after that is back in the old playlist.  I want to use iTunes smoothly without the extra clicks I've had to do in order to get the playlist to continue.  This is music for background while I play the violin at restaurants, and extra clicks and hassle is quite unappreciated, especailly since it worked fine in the previous iTunes.

    At the top of the playlist where it shows the playlist title and the number of songs, there are two icons. Click the "play" triangle to add the entire playlist to "Up Next", or the "shuffle" symbol to do the same thing but in random order. But the currently playing track will stop playing, and all the songs in "Up Next" will be removed (replaced by the ones from this playlist).
    If you hold down the "option" key while clicking those icons, the currently playing song will continue playing, and the new playlist will be added to "Up Next" (above the songs that were already there).

  • How to get the result set in batches

    I have a query which results into large data. This data i want to display in a group of 20. After every 20 records i want to add header and footer to it.
    Is it possible to get the result set data into batch of 20 ? means can i specify start and end index of query ?

    What I am saying is that a big query with lots of
    joins will probably be slow, and as such would be a
    ripe candidate for batching the responses, if it were
    not possible to speed/optimize it. Batching is nice
    to look at for the user, but is not a solution for
    performance problems. In essence it is irrelevant
    that it adds a little performance deficit, as it
    appears to be running a lot quicker, and gives more
    feedback to the user.Then let me say it again....
    - "Join" is a term that applies to a method of doing queries in the database....
    - Query 1 which uses a join and returns 15 rows
    - Query 2 which does not use a join and returns 1500 rows.
    Given the above then Query 1 will provide better overall performance for the system than Query 2 in a properly configured database.
    If it doesn't then the database is not set up correctly.
    And again this will be irrespective of whether the query is scrollable or not.

  • How to get the result of a method on a page

    I use JDeveloper 11g
    I want the result of a method (String) in the ApplicationModule on a page (jspx)
    What I have done is:
    1. make a method (getValue) in the ApplicationModule Algemeen (also in Client interface)
    2. make a pagedef-file with executables and bindings, see
    <invokeAction id="doGetValue" Binds="getValue"
    <variableIterator id="variables" Refresh="renderModel">
    <variable Type="java.lang.String" Name="getValueReturn"
    IsQueriable="false" IsUpdateable="0"
    <methodAction id="getValue" RequiresUpdateModel="true"
    Action="invokeMethod" MethodName="getValue"
    IsViewObjectMethod="false" DataControl="AlgemeenDataControl"
    <attributeValues IterBinding="variables" id="ValueReturn">
    <Item Value="getValueReturn"/>
    3. on the page (jspx) I have an outputText-component:
    <h:outputText value="#{bindings.ValueReturn.inputValue}"/>
    But, it does not work, I don't get the result of the method on the screen.
    Who can help me with this?

    Simple example below:
    Suppose you have this method in AppmoduleImpl:
    public void testHello( ) {
    return "Hello";
    1.After you expose this to clientInterface,drop this method on the jspx page as ADF Parameter
    2.Drop the return String as outputText
    3.Run the page,click on the commandButton & the outputText returns 'Hello'

  • Call function in background task... How to get the result?

    I want to use Call function in background task parameter.
    But I cannot find the result of this function. (No export parameter, no table result, no exception)
    How to get the result of this function module? Correct or not?

    Hi Heinz,
    You can check the result in SM58 transaction.
    For more information pls. refer this thread :
    Best regards,

  • How to get the resulting XML as string

    I think my question is very simple but i'm new in this area.
    What i'm try to do is to parse a XML document with the DOM parser. Then i manipulate the DOM tree. After finishing the process i want to get the resulting XML document as an InputStream to give to another application for storing back into the database.
    Until know i print the resulting XML to System.out or I write it to a file.
    Do you know where i can find more information about this? Sample code??

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jinyu Wang ([email protected]):
    You can try following code. It is not the simplest way, but it works for me:
    // Print to temp buffer
    ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    DataOutputStream output = new DataOutputStream(baos);
    String outtemp=baos.toString();
    include following line for the lib:
    Many thanks for the reply. It works!

  • How to get the Multiplied value between measure and a dimension base on user selection using dynamically

    Hi Experts,
    We had developed a cube with the Measures and Dimensions.
    I had a requirment as the measures should be muliplied by the currency value of different countries and get me the results.
    For Example.
    In SSRS report, the user will select "EUR" then the measures should multiply with the EUR based value for the particular month and get the result in the SSRS report. If the user select any other currency value, that should multiply with the measure
    value and get the result in SSRS report.
    How to do that in SSAS Cube.

    Hi ,
    If I understand your requirement  correctly , then you need currency Conversion.
    you can refer this links.
    May I know , You Require all this using MDX and SSRS Parameter ?

  • How can I get the result of web forms by mail ????

    can someone help me, I spent two days looking on internet to know what I need to install on the web server to get the result of web forms and send it by mail.
    I can't find anything and I don't know what I should look for too ?

    thanks for your answer but I was in fact trying to install Formication, I already opened a thread here :
    Can you help me with this one ?
    I installed the last release of FormMail and it start to work now but I'm more insterested in "Formication".
    I'm since two days trying to find documentation for this one and I finally decided to write directly to the author as I really can't find anything to install and use it.
    If you know how to install or have any direction to give me it would be really fine.

Maybe you are looking for