Customer fields problem

Hi experts
I inserted a customer field in shopping cart item structure INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC and now I am able to see it in shopping cart creation, the problem is when insert some information in this customer field it is imediately cleared, and I can't find it in table BBP_PDIGP.
Is it a bug, is there some note to correct it or the badis BBP_CUF_BADI and BBP_CUF_BADI_2 must be used, if yes how the badi must be used?

You might want to check OSS notes just-in-case.  Howeveer, when we add fields to EBP, we added then to structure INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF and INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC.
See, if that helps. If not, what version of SRM are you on?
Regards, Dean.

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  • 0SOLD_TO customer field problem

    Hi All ,
    I am working in BI 7 . I hav a field 0SOLD_TO customer in my DSOs, INFOCUBES etc .there is one navigational field in this that gives an error as ' not existing ' due to which many activities like changing cube structure , activation etc and hindered unless we remove 0sold_to .is there any work around to this problem such that we can have 0sold_to also without that erroneous navigational attribute ?

    0SOLD_TO is referecing 0CUSTOMER; if you want to remove the nav from 0SOLD_TO, you'll have to remove it from 0CUSTOMER.
    hope this helps...

  • Problem in custom fields in mm02/mm03

    Hi folks,
    i want to add the custom fields in mm01.iam able to add and update database.but iam facing problem in when iam checking the particular material in mm02/mm03.the custom field data is not correctly.for every material the last custom field data is showing. in database it is updating correctly but in mm02/mm03 it is displaying incorrectly.
    By the following code i can able to display the data in mm02/mm03.but my problem is the last created custom field(model) data is showing for all the materials when iam checking in mm02/mm03.
    here my custom field is "MODEL"
    for eg matnr-10 model -xx.
    matnr-20 model-yy.
    if iam checking in mm02/mm03 for matnr-10 model-yy it is database it is updating correctly.
    can u please tell me how can i write a code to select the custom data(model data) for that particular material.
    Module get_data.
    if sy-tcode = 'MM02'.
    select single model into mara-model from mara
    where matnr = mara-matnr.
    elseif sy-tcode = 'MM03'.
    select single model into mara-model from mara
    where matnr = mara-matnr.
    loop at screen.
    if screen-name = 'MARA-MODEL'.
    screen-input = 0.
    modify screen.
    Thanks in advance,

    Just read the OSS note mentioned earlier.
    You want to integrate customer-specific fields in material master maintenance.
    Other terms
    To add customer-specific fields to an existing material master table (such as MARA or MARC) , you can proceed as follows as of Release 3.0C:
          1. Use an append structure to add the fields to the required table in the Dictionary (this is not a modification; for details, see the SAP document "ABAP/4 Dictionary"). In Release 3.x, the length of the field names must be the same as  the standard five character fields. This is necessary because of dynamic assignments. As of Release 4.0A, the lengths of the field names can be longer than five characters. If the changes of the fields should be recorded in the change document and taken into account during ALE distribution, set the 'Change document-relevant' indicator for the corresponding data elements. For table MARA in Release 3.x, you must also enhance the database view MARU because the database changes are carried out using this view. This small modification is no longer necessary as of Release 4.0A because the database view MARU is enhanced automatically when you enhance table MARA or the include EMARA (which is the data part of table MARA).
          2. Enhancing online maintenance in customized material master maintenance:
          Define a subscreen with your customer-specific fields in a customer-specific function group created as a copy of the standard function group MGD1.
          In Customizing, assign this subscreen to a maintenance screen using the "Copy customized material master" function. For details, see the Implementation Guide (IMG). As of Release 4.0A, program COPYMGD1 is available. You can use this program to create customer-specific function groups as required. This program is also incorporated in the Customizing function 'Configure customized material master'. Ensure that each field of the subscreen has a field statement in the flow logic, otherwise the data is not transported correctly. You can use subscreen SAPLMGD1 2002 as an example.
          If you want these fields to be subject to standard field selection, you must add new entries for them to the central field table for material master maintenance (T130F):
          Application examples for standard field selection:
          The field is mandatory and is to be flagged with a "?".
          The field belongs exclusively to the purchasing user department. Purchasing data and MRP data are both contained on one screen. However, the MRP controller is not to see the purchasing data.
          The following data is required for each field:
                a) Field name        (T130F-FNAME)
                b) Field selection group (T130F-FGRUP)
                Here, you should use a standard field group if the customer field is subject to the same field selection as the standard fields of the standard field group. If it is not, use a customer-specific field group.
                You must then check and, if necessary, modify the attribute of the field group using the function "Maintain field selection for data screens" in Customizing under "Logistics Basic Data -> Material Master".
                Field groups 111 through 120 that are not used in the standard system are reserved as customer-specific field groups. As of Release 3.0F, additional customer field groups are available. (For details, see the IMG).
                c) Maintenance status (T130F-PSTAT)
                List of the user departments that may maintain the field. You can display possible values by using the input help for the maintenance status field in the Customizing activity "Configure Material Master" when maintaining logical screens.
                d) Reference        (T130F-KZREF)
                This indicator must be set if the field from the reference material should be proposed during creation with reference.
    Note: You cannot yet use Customizing to enhance table T130F; you can use only transaction SE16 (Data Browser) or transaction SM31. Future releases will include a separate Customizing function for maintaining customer-specific fields. See Note 306966. By implementing this note you can add entries to table T130F within Customizing. This type of maintenance is possible as of Release 4.5B.
    You may change the entries for standard fields only with regard to the reference data and field selection group. Changing other data for standard fields constitutes a modification. Therefore, you cannot use the Customizing function "Assign Fields to Field Groups" to change this data.
    In addition, you must not add new standard fields to table T130F.
          3. If you want to maintain customer-specific fields using data transfer by direct input or via ALE distribution, proceed as follows:
          Add the fields to central field table T130F (see above).
          Add the customer-specific fields to the data structures for the data transfer (for example, BMMH1 for the main data).
          Also, add the customer-specific fields to the tables in which the incorrect data is stored during direct input. These tables have the same name as the corresponding master data table and also have the suffix _TMP.
          For example: If you add customer-specific fields to table MARA, you should add the same fields to table MARA_TMP.
          If you use ALE, you must also add fields to the IDoc. To process enhanced IDocs, you can use enhancement MGV00001 with customer exit EXIT_SAPLMV01_002 for creating the IDocs and customer exit EXIT_SAPLMV02_002 for posting the IDocs.
          Prior to Release 3.0E, enhancing structure BMMH1 constitutes a modification. In this case, you must add the new fields tot the end of the structure before the last field (SENDE = record end indicator).
          As of Release 3.0F, structure BMMH1 contains the customer include CI_MMH1, which is part of the enhancement MGA0001. Here, you must proceed as follows:
                a) Add the customer-specific fields to include CI_MMH1.
                The names of the fields in CI_MMH1 must be identical to those of the corresponding fields in material master tables MARA, MARC and so on.
                Important: The fields must be CHAR type fields. Therefore, create CHAR type data elements whose lengths are identical to the output length of your fields in  table MARA and so on. Use these data elements in include CI_MMH1, but use the field names from table MARA and so on.
                b) Activate include CI_MMH1.
                c) If you have not used customer structure ZMMH1 before, create it as a copy of structure BMMH1 and delete the standard fields that you do not require. You are not permitted to delete field STYPE and include CI_MMH1 when doing this. If you have already used structure ZMMH1, add include CI_MMH1 to it.
                d) Activate structure ZMMH1. This also adds the customer-specific fields to ZMMH1.
    Run program RMDATING. This program generates routines which are supplied to your customer-specific fields from the input file. As of Release 4.5A, you also need to activate the routines/function modules generated by program RMDATING (especially, the MAT_MOVE_BMMH1_XXXX modules). Details about this subject (especially the procedure when using customer structure ZMMH1) are described in the IMG for transferring the material data under item 'Maintain Transfer Structure'. Also, check the declaration of structure WA in program RMMMBIMC to see whether it is declared with sufficient length. If necessary, enhance the declaration (for the time being, this still constitutes a minor modification).
    In addition, lengthen domain DI_DATA with CHAR 5000. As of Release 3.1H, this has already been done.
    Important: When using customer-specific fields, you can use only structure ZMMH1 to transfer the data. Otherwise, after the next SAP upgrade which contains new standard fields in structure BMMH1, the input files no longer match. If you want these new standard fields to be transferred, add them after your customer-specific fields (the order of the fields in structure ZMMH1 does not need to be the same as the order of the fields in BMMH1).
    If you want foreign key dependencies or fixed domain values to be checked, or another check for a customer field, this is possible up to and including Release 3.0D only by modifying the corresponding check function modules. As of Release 3.0E, you can use function exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001 (SAP enhancement MGA00001) for these purposes.
    If you want to use engineering change management to schedule future changes for your customer-specific fields or you want to use the 'Display at Key Date' function, execute program GENERATE in addition. This program generates the necessary assignments for interpreting the change documents. With regard to engineering change management, you must read Notes 60281, 60973, and 48962.
    To date, it is not possible to integrate customer-specific tables in material master maintenance without making a modification. However, you can create customer-specific development objects containing the essential additional logic. You can then integrate these development objects in your system as part of only a minor modification.

  • Problem in delta management for custom fields added in standard Table

    Hi developers,
    we have a problem, when a sales order is modified in a field custom, added in tables (VBAP-VBAK), the delta BW doesn't recognize the modifications. The data type of these fields haven't the flag (Change document) setted in
    view Definition.
    If this flag is setted, Can the delta BW recognize the modifications of the custom fields?
    Best regards

    You cannot get delta by just appending fields to extract structure & writing the user exit coding as this user exit code is run by the extractor after the X- and Y- tables are compared to create the before & after images.
    You have to do this procedure by enhancing  LIS comm structures like MCVBAP (for example).
    Please refer to OSS note 576886 for complete details.
    Kumar Gudiseva.

  • Problem Adding Custom Field to Service Process Screen

    Hi Folks,
    I'm a dinosaur ABAP developer whose been asked to create a custom field to appear on the Business Transaction service process (Support Message) initial selection screen.
    I've created the field and generated the necessary objects via the EEWB transaction.  The client has created a Z* transaction type.
    Could someone please instruct me how to get the custom field onto the Z transaction selection screen? 
    Points rewarded for a successful instructions.

    Hi Stephen,
    If you have overcome this problem and have any documentation that you can share, please send me at [email protected]
    I am having a similar requirement and would be very grateful for your help.
    Thanks & regards,

  • Problem with the custom field - enabling

    i am using one customer field in the shopping card header , and using BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI to issue an error message if this field is left empty.
    but the problem comes after the error message is issues , this field becomes disabled , and the user has to go back , and again come to the order screen to enter the value and order the cart.
    i have tried all possible options , to keep the customer field enabled , but not able to do so.
    have you got any inputs for me..
    Edited by: khan voyalpad usman on Aug 21, 2008 12:29 PM

    Have you checked the BBP_CUF_BADI_2 implementation in your system ??
    May be some logic there is disabling the customer field right after the error message is generated..

  • SRM 7.0: problem with save BP customer fields

    Hi Experts,
    I've enhanced the Supplier data with customer fields in SRM 7.0 with help of OSS note 1386310.
    (it was mentioned in thread Enhance business partner in SRM 7.0)
    When I fill customer fields with data on BP overview screen and save, the message "Business Partner changed successfully." appears, but the customer fields data is not saving in database table BUT000.
    I've find out that customer data saves in FM BUPA_CENTRAL_EXTINCL_CHANGE. In this FM is a check if include CI_EEW_BUT000 exist in Structure INCL_EEW_BUT000. The check is unsuccessful and program leaves this FM.
    When I open INCL_EEW_BUT000, the include CI_EEW_BUT000 exist there, but when I double click on it, message "Structure not available" appears.
    Can somebody help with it? Maybe someone is already had this problem?

    Hi Jr. SRM , Amit  and other ,
    I'm also facing same problem . I don't want approval WF for timebing for testing in SRM7.0. I activated BC set  /SAPSRM/C_<BO>_600_000_SP04 and Ev Id as it is 3EV_SC_700_002.since suggeted ID '0EV999' didn;t worked , but still giving error "No active process levels have been found  ".
    In Config guide it is given that by applying BC Sets, you do not need to perform configuration steps below i.e. 1.Define technical configuration ,2.Define settings for Business Rule Framework (BRF) 3.Define business process configuration for process-controlled why we need to perform Automatic Workflow Customizing and generalize the task group '40000003' and '40000007' ?
    Can you/anyone pls suggest on this please ?

  • Problems with custom fields

    HI all,
    I've worked in several projects with SRM 7.0 and when I add custom fields to SC, PO... I do always the same steps and works fine. But in my new project is not working, the fields are not displayed in portal and I don't know why.
    The step I've followed are:
    SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Extensions and Field Control (Personalization) :
    - Configure Customer Fields -> Define Customer Fields on Item Level:
    I've added the fields in the structures: INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF and INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC.
    - Configure Field Control -> Configure Control for Fields on Item Level -> Metadata for Fields on Item Level:
    I've added my fields there, with the correct Obj. type and I've checked Enabled and Visible. (I haven't dynamic classes)
    With this the fields must appear in portal, but aren't displayed...
    It's strange because I've even added one of these fields manually in the component /SAPSRM/WDC_DODC_SC_I_BD, adding a label and an input field, and I can see it in the layout but not in portal...
    I've tried also to add some entries in SPRO in "Configure Generic Field Display on User Interface" but still not working...
    I've checked also the component configuration and it seems it's all ok.
    Any idea what's happens ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ricardo.
    I got the same issue as you described. I try to add a custom field to SOCO in SRM 7.0.
    I followed your instructions as below and those are done:
    "Configure Customer Fields -> Define Customer Fields on Item Level:
    I've added the fields in the structures: INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF and INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC.
    - Configure Field Control -> Configure Control for Fields on Item Level -> Metadata for Fields on Item Level:
    I've added my fields there, with the correct Obj. type and I've checked Enabled and Visible. (I haven't dynamic classes)
    With this the fields must appear in portal, but aren't displayed..."
    The issue starts from here:
    "With this the fields must appear in portal, but aren't displayed..."
    How did you solve the problem , what was the customizing issue of you?

  • Problem in posting Custom fields in Purchase Order using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

    Hi friends,
    Did any body tried populating custom fields using BAPI_PO_CREATE1?
    I am trying to populate custom fields in Header.
    I am populating EXTENSIONIN-STRUCTURE with 'BAPI_TE_MEPOHEADER' and EXTENSIONIN-VALUEPART1 with respective values of fields using the code below.
    But still it is not populating the custom fields.
    Can some body help me on this?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ramesh Kodavati

    You require to implement the Badi ME_BAPI_PO_CUST
                                               Method MAP2I_EXTENSIONIN or INBOUND
    for changing the parameter CH_EXTENSIONIN in method INBOUND
                                       or  CH_STRUC in method MAP2I_EXTENSIONIN.
    in addition to passing the extensionin parameters in bapi.
    implement the above said bapi and put a break point in both of the methods (exactly i don't remember)
    and check values are populating in the CH_STRUC structure.

  • CSAP_BOM_ITEM_MAINTAIN - Problems while clearing custom fields

    Hi, I try to modify some bom items, it works fine so far, but I get into trouble when trying to update previosly filled fields with empty ones.
    First, I check my structure and insert a 'delete field character' into initial fields:
    LOOP AT fieldcat INTO wa_fieldcat.
            IF wa_fieldcat-fieldname EQ 'FLDELETE'.
            ASSIGN COMPONENT wa_fieldcat-fieldname OF STRUCTURE bomline TO <field>.
            IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
              IF <field> IS INITIAL OR <field> EQ space.
                <field> = '!'.
              MESSAGE 'Error while looping thru bomline structure to update fields' TYPE 'E'.
    Then, I use CSAP_BOM_ITEM_MAINTAIN to update bom
          i_stpo                   = bomline
    *         FL_DEP_ALE_CONFORM       = ' '
          o_stpo                   = bomline_out
          fl_warning               = warning
    *       TABLES
    *         T_DEP_DATA               =
    *         T_DEP_DESCR              =
    *         T_DEP_ORDER              =
    *         T_DEP_SOURCE             =
    *         T_DEP_DOC                =
          error                    = 1
          OTHERS                   = 2
    So, this works out fine, but not for my custom fields in the stpo_api02's .INCLUDE structure. While the standard fields are deleted when I fill them with '!', the custom ones just contain '!' afterwards.
    When I dont put '!' into my custom fields and make them initial prior invoking CSAP_BOM_ITEM_MAINTAIN, their contents stay untouched.
    However, real updates, where field contents are changed to some value but initial work flawlessly, on both, the stock and my custom fields.
    Any Idea on this?

      Can you try to read the BOM items before changes and use the same structure in change BAPI by modifying the structure with only the changes. I guess this will support the clearing of the custom fields.
    With Regards,
    Rajesh V.

  • Problem is with the custom field validate in the custome tab

    Hello Experts,
    We have created additional tab in cProject Project definition level
    with some Custom fields.
    1. These all custom field we have maintained search help with Check
    table. But cProject screen these fields it is allowing other values
    also aprt from check table values. It is not through any error while
    entering wrong value apart from check table values. Properly maintained
    the check tables in back end.
    2. One custom fields my client need only to allow Numeric values only.
    For this we change the data element as 'NUMC' in field. But it is
    allowing entering the char value also.
    Kindly suggest if anything is needed to be done in webdynpro component
    level to maintain validations for custom fields.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hello Raj
    I am having the same issue. Have you been able to resolve yours, and how did you ressolve it?

  • Problem when Copy PO item with customer fields

    Hi all,
    I've added few customer fields to PO item customer screen via enhancement MM06E005.
    All works well besides item copy functionality - the system creates new PO item and copies everything besides my 2 customer fields.
    Any idea why + how 2 solve ? Is it working via BADI ME_GUI_PO_CUST ?
    Thanks in advance,

    1)Check whether you have set the changes flag in function exit EXIT_SAPMM06E_018 with Z include ZXM06U40 as
          E_CI_EKPO-ZZBNO = WA_EKPO_CI-ZZBNO."Say your Z field
          E_CI_EKPO = 'X'.
    2)Check the following note [SAP Note 407975|]
    Thanks & Regards,
    Edited by: Md Faheem on Oct 27, 2010 11:28 AM

  • EEWB Custom fields creation problem

    Hi All,
    I have scenario in which I have to add 3 custom fields in Service Desk (Solution Manager) , I could able to do this if my project is saved in local($TMP)  but if I am doing it using a project which is saved in package it is giving me error message no TK885 (No Request as sent through the interface ).
    Extension Type  : CUSTOMER_H
    Please help.

    For EEWB the system setup is important in order to create EEWB transports.
    First of all via SM30 check the view V_OXT_SYSTAB, assign the proper logical system name and system role should be Development system.
    Furthermore read/implement the following SAP Note (especially the included PDF file).
    Note 1086848 - EEW enhancements cannot be transported

  • ABAP query using logical database KDF is not populating custom fields

    Hi Experts ,
    I created two following queries
    1.       VENDORCATKDF – uses KDF logical database
    2.       VENDORCATLFA1 – uses table = LFA1
    I’m pulling the same information in both queries:
    ·         Vendor Number
    ·         Country
    ·         Vendor Name
    ·         Vendor Category  (custom fields added to LFA1)
    The results for the query that uses the logical database KDF is incorrect.  It doesn’t pull in the flag on the custom field LFA1-ZMRO.   Even though the logical database KDF is made up of the table LFA1 and has these fields. 
    Is there something that can be done – so that all of these “custom” category fields under LFA1 (such as LFA1-ZZMRO) – get pulled into queries – when we use the logical database KDF ?

    I have got the error removed by ensuring that fields from one table are a part of one line ( taking help of ruler) only. But the underlying problem remains, the output is not ALV but List output.
    I do not think having additional fields in the query is reason for this.
    Is it bcoz iI am adjusting the output length of columns to ensure no hierarchical error ?
    Can we not have a query using LDB which is shown as SAP List?

  • Delta load not picking the changes to Custom Fields in 0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I

    We have enhanced the structure of CRM datasource 0CRM_QUOTA_ORDER_I for some additional fields that are held on the quotation. These are being successfully extracted when the quotation is being created. We have been running with this exctract for some time but we have been made aware that the additional fields on the append structure are not being updated when the quotation is being changed. Therefore delta changes are not being picked up making the reports incorrect.
    The user exit we are using to extract the information is EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001
    Does anyone know how we can enable this change so that delta changes are picked up by the extractor.
    Many thanks
    Edited by: Gareth Aspinall on Jan 14, 2010 2:04 PM

    Hi Gareth,
    Can you please check that the custom fields were added as described in question 4 in the SAP note
    692195? If yes and there is still a problem please check that the SAP note  1319891 has been applied
    in your system, it is a pilot note so you will need to raise a message with SAP to get added to the pilot
    Best Regards,
    Des Gallagher.

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