Customer Master Create using CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE (IDOC)-documentation

HI All,
please send me some documents related to the following question
Customer Master Create using CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE (IDOC)
Radha Krishna

Hi Krishna,
Check out the documentation available on
SAP CRM - 4.0 > Customer Relationship Management > Master Data > CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE
In the meanwhile I shall check if I have something better and more detailed.

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  • How to upload different views of customer master data using LSMW-IDOC

    I need to upload customer master data  using LSMW Idoc method for my client. Now customer will have different views like main view, Sales data, Company code data, Partner function data etc. And except main data all other data can be multiple for each customer. We are going to upload data from tab delimited .TXT file. Should I propose different LSMW for upload different views for the customer from different .TXT files? or we can upload all the customer related data (like main view data and partner function data )from a single .TXT file. Kindly suggest which one in convenient and how we can prepare the data file in both cases.

    convinient is the method that you can handle.
    but as the guy who loads the data you have to load the data like they are available, like it is convinient for others to prepare the data.
    In general there is no problem to use an IDOC method to load a customer master with multiple comany codes and several sales orgs in one shot.
    the data can be in one source file, but need then to be maintained in a certain way
    Example1: all data in 1 structure
    GD1 - CC1 - SO1
    GD1 - CC2 - SO2
    GD1 - CC2 - SO3
    in this case the GD (general data) is redundand in each line which has different Company code data or different Sales Org data
    Example2: all data in 3 sturcures but one file
    Example3: data delivered in 3 files - you join the files in LSMW, they must have a common identifier like the old customer number in the beginning of each file
    FILE General data:
    file Compamy code data:
    file Sales org data:
    LSMW is flexible and can handle each of this scenarios, are you flexible too?

  • Custom - Material Master Update using an IDOC (Message Type - MATMAS_BAPI)

    Hello everyone,
    I was writing a functional specs. Basically, I want to update the material master MM02 using an IDOC (MATMAS_BAPI01 - Basic Type & MATMAS_BAPI - Message Type). This is currently working.
    To my understanding, this currently uses function module - BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 to update the material master after the IDOC is posted to SAP ECC from XI system.
    Now I want to add one small validation logic before it actually updates the material master (MM02).
    I looked around and found one exit - EXIT_SAPLMV02_002 in enhancement MGV00001. I was almost sure that this EXIT can be used to write the custom validation code before, actual MM02 updation.
    However while trying to establish a link between this EXIT and BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1, I found that EXIT_SAPLMV02_002 is actually a part of another function module - IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 and not BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1. I am stuck here if adding the custom logic in the exit really going to work.
    a bit of googling and I found from WE30 that the purpose of both these function modules are actually different. While BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1  actually create & updates the material master (also plant specific master data which is my need), IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS01 is just for maintenence of few fields in MM02 (may be custom fields).
    Can anyone point out if my thing is in right direction?
    Also please offer any solution where shall I put the Custom Logic in the EXIT or the some variants of
    A less technical explanation would be appreciated as I come from a functional background and invloved in this for writing the func specs. I want to make it sure that what I write is not useless and makes some sense.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Lalit,
    Did some head breaking with the function module - BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 to check whether it is calling the EXIT_SAPLMV02_002 internally. Couldn't get anywhere.
    On question of another EXIT in BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1, I don't see any. I am not very proficient in ABAP code, I must say though.
    I found the list of exits from google, almost same list everywhere.
    here I got the EXIT, I am talking about.
    Any other way to find either the EXIT or link the above?
    -- Arunesh

  • I am unable to upload the customer master data using BAPI.?

    Hi Guru's,
    i am unable to upload the customer master data using BAPI.(BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA1)
    Please guide me how upload the data...
    Thanks in iadvance

    Hello Srinivas
    This BAPI does not allow to create a new customer from scratch but only to copy an existing customer to a new one and change its address data.
    The reference customer has to be provided using IMPORTING parameter PI_COPYREFERENCE. See also the BAPI documentation for more details.
    The BAPI does the same like transaction XD01 with Reference.

  • Customer master changes using DEBMAS/ DEBMAS-03

    hi All,
    Following is the scenario/ requirement:
    My client wants to use the standard Msg type DEBMAS and basic type DEBMAS03.
    We want to activate change pointers for the msg type. However, in the existing business, there would be lot of changes per day i.e. ~ 10 changes per day--which would trigger 10 IDocs. I want to put the partner profile in collect mode. However, I want your help in checking if its possible to collate / combine all the 10 IDocs and put it into 1 IDoc and send it at the end of day?
    If so, would also request a possible draft solution road map.
    Am sure, there are experts out here who can share their valuable inputs.
    Fast responses will be highly appreciated.

           It would be again a lot of work in terms of coding and designing the IDoc Structure again.
           It should not be a problem while sending Customer Master changes using Change Pointers. As you said, you can set the Partner Profile Configuration to Collect IDocs and send it at the end of the Day.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Venkat Phani Prasad Konduri

  • Find status of a sales order created using EDI IDOC

    Hello everyone,
       I have IDOC created for incoming sales order using FM 'IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS'.
    When a sales order is created manually iva VA01, it prevents the order from being saved when a specific error is hit unless user resolved it first.   However, when the order is created via EDI IDOC, the error is hit and it cannot be created.  In the sapmv45a program, i will to say that if it is an EDI IDoc transacion for the order, let it bypass the error and create the order.  
         Can anyone pls tell me how to check the status of a sales order being created using EDI IDOC ?
    Sy-batch does not work.
    Thank you in advance.

    If you pay attention the code in FM it is exporting value of da_edi_sign to memory id "SD_EDI_ACTIVE" stored in constant "da_memory_id". ('CONSTANTS: da_memory_id(13) VALUE 'SD_EDI_ACTIVE'.)
    In your program you have two you have two options.
    1. Declare a constant as in the FM and use that as mentioned below:  
    CONSTANTS: da_memory_id(13) VALUE 'SD_EDI_ACTIVE'.
    IMPORT v_memid FROM MEMORY ID da_memory_id.
    2. Hardcode memory id as below:
    Hope this resolves your problem.

  • Customer -master upload using bapi

    hai ..
      can any body send me some example for customer master  creation using bapi ..
      in this account -group is mandatary..
    but i did.nt find  acc-group in bapi structures ..
    plz do helpful ..
    Tanx in advance ..

    Check the below links.
    Reward if found helpful.
    Boobalan Suburaj

  • Updating custom schema created using RCU

    I followed the following chapter from RCU user guide to create a custom schema using RCU:
    [Extending Repository Creation Utility to Configure Custom Application Repositories|]
    RCU allows only two operations - 1. create a new schema OR 2. drop a schema.
    Can RCU be used to update or modify a custom schema, which has been created using RCU itself?
    The use case is: update certain rows in a few tables of the custom schema, whenever there is a fix.
    Basically we need to deliver patches (insert scripts containing the fixed or corrected data) to the custom schema created using RCU.
    Does RCU support this use case?
    Edited by: Mahendra Varman on Jun 8, 2011 5:10 PM

    Thanks for the suggestions. Having a bad day with this today.
    Unfortunately, it did not work. I had to re-install the whole thing with the repository in an 11g database and that didn't work either! (see OBIEE 11g: Cannot log into BI Publisher after fresh Install

  • Customer master creation using IDOC

    Hi friends,
               I am trying to create customer master into SAP using Idoc. Here pblm is some partner functions already defaulted i want to create some new entries in partner functions when i try to do it online its working fine when i try with idoc the defaulted partner functions are appears double times can any one has any idea whts happening.
        E1KNVPM (Master customer master partner roles)
            MSGFN : Function
            PARVW : Partner function
            KUNN2 : Customer number of business partner
            DEFPA : Default partner
            KNREF : Customer description of partner 
            PARZA : Partner counter
    the pblm is with these segment.

    Hi naren,
    The segment E1KNVPM is standard one.Nothing can be done over it . U shold create new segments in we31 and add as
    extension to the basic type and try..

  • Send SMS while creating Customer Master Record using XD01?

    Hi Experts,
    We have a requirement that " Send SMS from XD01 (customer Master)".  Send SMS to customer's mobile after successfully creating customer master  record by pressing SAVE button in XD01 tcode.
    Successfully, sending SMS through the ABAP program.
    How to send SMS from XD01 tcode? I tried using USER-EXIT "SAPMF02D", but it is not sending and giving error message. If I send through the program, it is sending and working fine.
    Whether I have to use Work Flows or any other solutions?
    Please help me out.
    thanks in advance.

    Can you please paste your code here?
    Also check BADI CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA in se18.

  • Customer master data using LSMW std batch input

    Hello all,
    i m using LSMW method to create customer master records in the SAP system.
    we need to cover all the fields for addresses.
    Following are my doubts :
    1. some address fields are gettng truncated while loading customer master using std batch input program (for ex name1,name2,name3,name4,street..)
    2. some fields are not part of std batch input program . how to load that fields
    3. if we load address data first and then other customer data ,how to handle internal number range?
    4. how to upload internation address data in the system? is there any bapi for that?
    5 . how to upload additional communication data in address (ex mail,URL)
    Please help asap. its required urgently.
    note : helpful ans will be rewarded.

    Message type DEBMAS
    Idoc type DEBMAS**  where ** is highest number available in your system (check via WE30). e.g. DEBMAS06

  • Problem in customer master creation using BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA1

    Hi Guru's...
    i am unable to go forward...
    can you please help me out in this customer master creation....
    what are the fileds i am using while creating in XD01 (account group,name,country)then i am able create and the customer number is autogenerated.
    using same field values i am trying to test the BAPI initially but i am unable to execute the BAPI BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFORMDATA1.
    in this one draw back is when compare to the XD01 peocess is account group.
    account group is mandataory in XD01 process and in BAPI test there i sno field for giving this account group field value.....may be this is one reason....(if it is mandatory where i have to provide in BAPI test..)
    and i tried in BAPI test using customer reference ID also....
    please guide me....
    please let me know if my question is not clear...
    Thanks in advance

    thanks rajani ur valuble reply..
    but i am looking for creating at a time 'n' number of customer's using BAPI (the coustomers data will be in flat file in presentation server....)
    please advise me ..
    let me know if my question is not clear...
    thanks in advance

  • How the Partner Bank type field in Customer master is used ??

    When 2 bank accounts are maintained in the customer master. In the Bank type field ( Partner Bank type), I give X and Y for these 2 bank accounts.
    When an invoice is raised for this customer thru Sales order, I am not able to give this partner bank type i.e X or Y in the Invoice, since the invoice is automatically created.
    If I raise thru FB70, I am able to give this X or Y.
    How can I use this Partner Bank type field when I raise sales invoice thru Sales order.
    Can anyone help me on this as early as possible.
    G.Ameet karthikeyan.

    Hi Experts,
    We have executed an automatic payment run in F110. Status of payment proposal and payment run are successful. Postings orders: 1 generated and 1 completed.
    However, the payment method used in the payment run is incorrect.  Instead of 'D', the user mistakenly inputted C. Kindly advise what is the purpose of Payment method in F110 and what will happen if the payment method used is incorrect and different from the one maintained in the vendor master.

  • Order Combination indicator field setting on Customer Master create

    When creating a new customer master record it is auto populating the Order Combination flag on the Sales Data --> Shipping tab.  Where can this setting be "turned off" so it does not auto populate as checked?

    Dear Vicky,
    Menu Path:1
    Menu Path:2
    Goto Transaction OBD2
    There you select your account group then, PRESS F2 , it will take you to Change view
    "customer account group” Details screen, there you double click on the sales area data
    which is available under field status tab, system will take you to Maintain Field status: Overview
    screen, there you double click on the Shipping then it will take you to Maintain Field status:
    shipping screen , there you will find field "Order combination" you put that field in the
    Suppress status, you requirement will get solved.
    Reward points please if it is useful

  • Customer Master creating error

    While creating the customer master am getting fallowing error
    Sales area MSR1 MM HY is not defined for customers
    Message no. F2644
    The sales area specified has either not been defined (i.e. there is no entry in table TVTA) or it refers to another sales area for customers (customer division/customer distribution channel in the TVTA detail screen). This means that the customer master data of the sales area entered correspond to the data in the reference sales area and customer master data only needs to be maintained for this reference sales area.
    You can display the relevant and therefore valid sales areas for customers by selecting "Extras" -> "Sales areas" -> "All areas".
    But i did all the customization.
    What i need to do in table TVTA
    Thanking you

    Follow below three steps..
    1. Use transaction VOR1 to set distribution channels.
    2. Use transaction VOR2 to set divisions you created.
    3. Use transaction OVXG to maintain sales are based on division and distribution channels above with sales organization.
    Chintan Joshi

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