Customer Material Inventory Report

Hi All,
I would just like to ask if there is a tcode in sap or a report that shows a Customer Material inventory report.
Thanks all

Hi Rich,
May I ask further how do I go about the selection screen for MBBS.
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  • Raw material inventory report

    1) Is there any standard Raw Material Inventory report that shows value by inventory type (scrap, alloys, principal supplies,  spare parts and minor supplies, WIP, finished goods, graphite, and the reserves for those material types
    2) A report that shows Scrap receipts by plant u2013 by material and also a report that shows the recycled scrap receipts by type.  Would like it to show quantity in lbs and gross tons as well as the value and average cost per gross ton
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    Edited by: anusha vemulapati on Jan 19, 2009 3:25 PM

    You try with this report. And selection option is there, select which option you required
    Tcode: S_P00_07000139.
    It may help full.

  • SCCM 2012 - Custom Hardware Inventory Report

    Hi All
    I am looking for a step-by-step on how to build a custom hardware inventory report in SCCM 2012 that is similar to the default Hardware-09A report but with a few added fields.
    The fields I am looking to add are 
    Current logged on user
    Monitor make
    Monitor Model
    Monitor Serial
    Also, if I right click and select Edit, the report view does not open to view the SQL statements.
    Any assistance is appreciated

    and is there a solution for the other points I made?
    Monitor make
    Monitor Model
    Monitor Serial

  • Inventory report for stock category B

    Hi everyone,
    We are trying to generate a customer stock inventory report with stock category B. The table MARD is not displaying any values annwe also looked at table MKOL. Its not giving us any. How do i get the inventory report for this stock type B. Kindly Advise.

    it is customer owned stock. We receiver materials from customer for repair and we recondition them and we give it back. for this we maintain it in stock type B. it is specifically used in aerospace industries. We want to make an inventory report for this customer owned stock in our inventory . i am unable to get the table. Kindly advise

  • J_1HSTCD -Stock card and material inventory  Document needed

    I need some documentation for report J_1HSTCD -Stock card and material inventory report.
    Does any body know more about this.
    No TC is assigned.
    Its urgent!!!!!!!!!


  • INVENTORY REPORT for customer but not consignment company owned

    HI Everyone,
    I am working on creating an inventory report and sending it out to a customer.
    We have a customer who needs to see their inventory we are going to ship. we are making materials for them on an MTS scenario based on a forecast... So the customer before placing a PO should be able to look at the inventory levels we make for them. on a daily basis.... No what I am trying to is execute a program that sends out an inventory report (the programs I am using are( RSMIPROACT and ROEMPROACT)... I try to fill in the fields and save as a variant and we run it as a background job every morning and we send out an idoc to the customer...
    The above process is a scenario that still needs to be worked on...
    THe customer should be able to look at only his stock and not any other stock....
    Now can we use a display of listing/exclusion function to send out the material stock report.... we need to send the total inv as well as the mat numbers... can we acheive it with the listing/exclusion funtion..
    Or is there a program that pulls all the data from the tables which store the customer material info record where we maintain all the materials for a customer...
    If there i a better way through which this can eb done please suggest me... thank you..
    Once again the above stock is not consignent stock... we are manufacturinng based on the forecasts and we need the customer t be able to look at the stock on a daily basis.... Please help...

    There is no report / funtionality is SAP to acheive this. Custom program is the only solution. Your logic looks ok, where there is a CMIR maintained, you may pick the total stock from table MARD put into a format/layout and transfer via idoc to the customer.
    Thanks & regards

  • Inventory reports with external material group

    Dear Friends,
    In my office in material master record material group & external material groups are maintained. I am looking for a inventory report which shall displays the stock available in paricular plant & other report of stock lying at vendor both should display the  material group & external material group. Please help.
    Thank you
    Prashant B

    There is no Inventory report with external material group field in SAP so consult Abaper to develop the customized report.

  • Deploying custom report for custom hardware inventory data.

    I want do the following:
    1) Extend Hardware Inventory using my own *.mof file. Like,
    #pragma namespace ("\\\\.\\root\\cimv2\\SMS")
    [ SMS_Report (TRUE),
    SMS_Group_Name ("My Inventory"),
    SMS_Class_ID ("CUSTOM|My_Inventory|4.0") ]
    class My_Inventory : SMS_Class_Template
    [SMS_Report(TRUE)] string SerialNumber;
    [SMS_Report(TRUE)] string SomeData;
    2) Extend Reporting system with my own report that will use data from custom hardware inventory. For example, joins inventoried data with SCCM resources.
    3) Deploy 1) and 2) programmatically to any sccm installation. So, report should not be linked to concrete data source or report server url.
    If you know the tools that may help me, it will be very helpful! Many thanks!

    You should ask the .rdl part from the SQL Reporting services forums, you should get better answers from there, because this isn't purely a ConfigMgr issue.

  • Inventory report with the last transaction details of each material

    is there any standard inventory report in SAP which gives us  the last transaction details of each
    Material,along with last procurement qty, value, date and last issue
    details of Qty, Value & date.
    Thansk in advance.

    try following t-code
    MB5B u2013 Stock on Posting Date
    2   s_p00_07000139 u2013 Stock Card and Inventory Material Report
    Kailas Ugale

  • Inventory Material Movement Report in R12.1.1

    Dear All,
    I am currently working in a implementation project. My client needs a Inventory Material Movement Report on Periodical Basis
    Report Should show : Item Name, Item Desc, Sub Inventory, UOM, Opening Stock of that period, Receipts for that Period, Adjustments and Closing Balance.
    Please suggest me how to go about this on the same. Please someone share the code if someone have any. What logic do i need to follow and where to pick the data.
    It is show stopper for us now as we do not have any standard report.

    Hi Aditya,
    You can find all the information you need in mtl_material_transactions table. If you need code combination id too, you can make use of a standard view CST_INV_DISTRIBUTION_V. Other than these, you can join these tables for other info..
    In MMT, use qty <, > 0 for receipts and issues. use group by to get opening and closing balances.
    Siva Kumar.

  • Need monthly "material-wise" report on inventory status.

    Hi, gurus!Good Morning.
    I am pankaj recently i joined in SAP-MM.I have 4 yr.of domain SCM.
    Now,i allocate to one implementation project in Textile industory.Here there two plants,out of two GoLive of one plant has been done & in April-12 there is Golive of next plant.
    Now, i am working on some standered client wants monthly material wise inventory status report & Daily material movement report materialwise.
    i generate the report in" S_P00_07000139 "but it didn't show materialwise,it shows all material separate.
    Request to help on the same.

    No standard report will full fill your requirement
    you have develop Z with help of ABAp consultant
    for Material document table MKPF and MSEG
    and check following link also it will helpful to you
    [Opening Stock and Closing Stock fields and Calculation;
    Kailas Ugale

  • Custom inventory report

    If I give a user full rights to "Inventoried Device Rights" and "Reporting Rights" they are still unable to create Custom Reports, am I missing something?
    Or is this working as designed or maybe a bug that only ZCC Administrators create Custom Inventory reports?

    Originally Posted by thsundel
    If I give a user full rights to "Inventoried Device Rights" and "Reporting Rights" they are still unable to create Custom Reports, am I missing something?
    Or is this working as designed or maybe a bug that only ZCC Administrators create Custom Inventory reports?
    I would of thought reporting rights would cover this too.
    Doco extract:
    2.3.16 Reporting Rights
    The Reporting Rights dialog box lets you allow or deny the administrator the rights to create, delete, execute, or publish reports.

  • Add column to custom inventory report

    Please add a column that show the date a device was first collected into the inventory report.

    I am using the Excel output to populate a database.  We will be using that data in development of a Change Log site, we will need to have a complete inventory of all chassis in our network.  I am asking for the "Date added" column so that I can easily keep track of any new or changed chassis in the Network to easily add those devices to the database.
    I know the Delta report identifies any changes, but the format of that report is not the same as the inventory report.  I would have to run the Delta report, then a new inventory report, use vlookup to identify the new items in the inventory report.  It can be done, just looking for an easier way to keep my database current.  If the "date added" column was in the Inventory report, keeping a current list of our network would be much easier.  I could sort by data added, add those rows to my database.

  • Regarding Inventory report in ALV

    hi experts
    can you pls describe the below task and give me tables and fields for below
    ·     On Hand Inventory report in ALV format for listing plant, material details, and Identifying and inventory quantity and inventory amount sorted on plant with grand total.
    thanks and regard

    Hi Priyanka,
    You can display the following fields in the List output:
              matnr       TYPE  matnr,       "material number
              werks    TYPE  werks_d,     "inventory plant
              lbtxt       TYPE  lbtxt,       "customer name
              maktx       TYPE  maktx,       "mat. description
              kdmat       TYPE  matnr_ku,    "customer material no
              inv_qty     TYPE  labst,       "on hand inv qty
              wip_poq     TYPE  ru_lmnga,    "WIP Inv qty PO
              wip_rpq     TYPE  ru_lmnga,    "WIP Inv qty RP
              tot_qty     TYPE  gamng,       "total qty
              stprs       TYPE  stprs,       "std cost/unit
              tot_amt     TYPE  p DECIMALS 3,"total inv amount

  • Inventory Report For Special Stock (Project Stock)

    Dear Sir,
    We are in Make -To - Order scenario and procure the material against  the WBS element . For getting the Inventory List , we use MBBS tcode but it has following limitation :
      a) It give the Stock Status as on date basis . While we need Stock Inventory on a cut off date , say on
          31/Jan/2007 .
      b) We are not able to get the Inventory Report , Material Group wise
    I request to kindly guide me , as how to take the Inventory Report for Project Stock .
    B Mittal

    Hi Shailesh,
    Is there any way we can include some extra fields into this MC.9 report - i tried but could not find anything.  Can you please help.

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