Customer Visible in Sales Order Screen.But not visible in the customer Web form in R12

Hi all,
I have created  a customer of organization type using the customer API.I have also created a location and a customer account and account site as well
The created values are loaded into the HZ tables and are visible in the tables such as hz_parties, hz_party_sites, hz_party_sits and so on.
But the issue is that I cannot find the customer in the customer web form in the receivables.but at the same time it is visible in the sales order screen in the order management.
so please, someone help me resolve this issue.
Thanks and Regards,

Hi Kate,
Could you please share your form with me ([email protected]) so that I can investigate and correct this problem? Instructions on sharing can be found here:

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  • Subsinvprocess in the sales order header --- billing tab and in the custom

    Hello All
    there is a field SubsInvProcess in sales order header - billing- tab and in the customer master - billing tab
    what was the functionality of this field. I never worked with it
    kindly help on this one. 

    Dear Vara prasad,
    The value of this field is if you want to print the invoices that are being posted manually you can activate this field.
    It will be directly proposed from customer master to sales document, where you can change.
    Please let me know if you want any further clarifications.
    Please go through this thread also for further reference.
    Clarification for usage of Subsequent Invoice Processing in Customer Master

  • ERP Sales Orders Types are not visible in CRM WebUI ! ! ! !

    Hi All
    I am working on CRM 7.0 IDES, I am trying to create an ERP sales order but when I chose create ERP sales order a popup menu with no document types so I am not able to chose the Sales order document type, the CRM and ERP are integrated and the ERP sales Profile is maintained and assigned is there more settings should be done to make them visible?
    Jacopo Francoise

    Hi Jacopo Francoise,
    Check for the customization in Tr. SPRO path IMG-> CRM->Transactions->Settings for ERP Transactions maintained via CRM.
    You should define the ERP sales order profile with your ECC system RFC details. Also read the documents available there.
    Hope this will help.

  • Price chnage at sales order level but not in billing

    I want to maintain the price manually in sales order but donot want to allow user to change the price in billing. I understand it is controlled at condition type level but not at document level.
    Need your advise as  to how we  an achieve it.
    Neeraj Srivastava

    Hi Neeraj,
    You can achieve this by following below setting:
    Go to into the condition for which you  want to maintain price manually.
    put C in manual entry field.
    Set check mark for Header cond., Item cond  & Delete only. Remove check mark for Amount/percent & value. Save it.
    Go to pricing procedure and mark this condition for manual entry and mandatory.
    Only thing in this is you need to put this condition in sales order manually &  maintain price for this condition before pressing "Enter". Once you press "Enter" it will go in gray  mode.

  • Sales order block for MRP run when the Customer payment terms is in Advance

    My client needs to block some sales order for MRP which customer payment term is advance. But it should be based on the customer payments terms (In case of Advance). After getting his advance amount, we would be release it and it also be consider for MRP.
    Option 1.Status profile  this concept is will controlled by sales document controls VOV8 not by customer's payment term Advance
    Option  2: In CMR sales area Billing Document tab  by using payment guarantee procedure and in VOV8 in billing tab Payment guaramtee procedure by using this setting , i am getting a pop up message" No Finanical document assigned" in sales order when u try to save. Now sales order is blocked for delivery but not MRP run.
    i am to ask the abaper to develop "here in the information box we will maintained required text say example u201C customeru2019s Payment term is in advance please check the reason for rejection number u201Csay ex: 13u201D: advance " after this is happen go to change mode of sales order put reason for rejecation" now MRP run will not generate the requirement for the sales order.
    for Undo these this flow :
    Va02 : remove the reason for rejection keep it in Blank
    VKM3 : release the sales order.
    Options 3: Development 
    Kindly suggest me the second options is only alternative for solving this issue but really i m not used specific feilds to solving this issue.

    Cleint is not using the field  in CMR Payment granatee , i gone for user-exit and closed this issue

  • Sales Order Schedule line not populating in the Production order

    Queation: Is there a way to tell the system to look at the sales order, line item AND schedule line. It is displayed in MD04 but it doesn't carry over to the Production Order. We are a MTO and this information is relevant in a number of ways. 
    Please Help.

    If you are using MTO scenario then when you run the MRP for the material, it will create a planned order for that sales order based on the dates calculated from the sales order schedule line (Shipping tab)...
    So now when you convert the planned order to production order, all the sales order details will get copied.
    try and revert back.

  • Sales Order Number is not picked in the shipping trasaction.

    After creating a sales order,then navigating to shipping trasaction and giving sales order number and then
    when i am clicking find button,the following error is coming in OM R12.1.1
    APP-WSH-231210:An unexpected Error Occured for line 388298.The Error is:ORA-04062:signature of package "APPS.WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_INV" has been changed.
    why i am getting this error?
    Thanks in advance.

    The package WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_INV is invalid in your instance as you are getting "Signature of package apps.WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_INV has
    changed" error message...
    Recompile the Invalid objects and hope this will solve your Shipping transaction issue...
    S.P DASH
    Edited by: spdash12 on Sep 15, 2009 5:33 AM

  • Screen variant for sales order screen

    I have a problem in using screen variant in sales order screen.
    I want to make gray the columns of material , material quantity in sales order screen but when I use screen variant and check the output only for these columns , it does not work ( I provided these in delivery document and it work)
    I want to know that is it possible to make gray for material and material quantity column with screen variant or I can use another way?

    Hi Lida
    If I am getting it correctly,
    When an end user enters any particular  sales order ,u dont want user be able to add additional line item into the already created document,Right?
    Now there are 2 possibilities here ,
    1.If order or line item has status completed then u want to block?
    2.Order is in incomplete state inspite that  u want to block.
    System does not stop addition of line item in already created even completely processed sales order.
    You can do this by enhancing code in PBO module.You need to take help of ABAP developer for this.
    We have used order and lne item status in vbuk table for this .
    Create a custom error message for validation.
    U can use exit MV45AFZZ for the same.
    Hope this helps

  • How to Copy Sales Text Data from Customer Master to Sales Order.

    Hi SAP Guru's
    I have Completed Configuration for Central Text for Customer Master for two texts 1)Additional Attachments 2) Wooden Packing
    I got these two fields in Customer Master.
    I need these data to be copied from  Customer Master to sales order. But i am unable get these two in to sales order.
    Steps which  I have done for Text Determination.
    1) Text Id in for Text Object KNA1
    2)Placed Text Id  in Text Procedure  and assigned   this procedure to Customer Account Group.
    Could you please advice me
    Thanks in Advance.

    Text Control
    In this IMG activity, you define the rules for text determination. You must carry out the following steps:
    Select a text object and define the rules for text determination for this object. Text objects are, for example, the sales texts in the customer master record or the sales document header.
    Define the permitted text types for every text object. If the text types contained in the standard SAP R/3 System are not sufficient, create new ones.
    Define the access sequences. This way, you define how the SAP System should determine the texts for a text type.
    Group the text types together in text determination procedures. The SAP System then proposes the text types from the procedure when you maintain a customer master record or a sales & distribution document. The search for the respective text is carried out using the access sequence which you have stored for each text type in the procedure.
    Allocate the text determination procedures so that a procedure applies to the following criteria in each case:
    account group customer
    sales & distribution document type
    item category

  • One-time customer with ERP Sales Order

    Hello experts,
    I am working with ERP Sales Order on SAP CRM 7.0 Ehp3.
    We have a requirement to start using 'one-time customer' process. I know there is a standard account groupd (CPD) on ECC side for this purporse.
    We would like to enter a sales order for occasional customers, without saving the customer in the master data table.
    I would like to have an occasional customer (example nº 1000 which should work like a CPD). I need to enter a sales order for this customer nº 1000, and once I enter nº 1000 on the BP number field, it should bring a Pop-up in order to enter the customer's information (address).
    This is working when I create the order via VA01 on ECC side, but the pop-up is not shown when I try to create the order on CRM via erp sales order.
    Any suggestions on how to make one-time customer work on ERP sales order? And how to make the pop-up work?
    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks a lot, Rene! I have just read this SAP note and confirmed your information.
    Do you know of any workaround or development that could be done for this scenario using ERP sales order?
    If not, I will suggest using transaction launcher and create this type of order for the one-time customer directly in VA01.
    Once again, thanks for replying!

  • Writing customer code in SALES ORDER MODULE using UI API.

    Hi Experts,
    I have a problem in writing a data in Sales Order fields...
    here's the scenario
    after i select the business partner code in my UI i want it to write the customer code in customer textbox of the Sales Order module.
    but after i write the error appears.
    error: {"Item - Can't set value on item because the item can't get focus.  [66000-153]"}
    Please help me in this problem.
    Edited by: Joey Bryan Dante on Aug 26, 2011 7:38 AM

    Dim oItem As SAPbouiCOM.Item
                                Dim oItems As SAPbouiCOM.Items = oForm.Items
                                oItem = oItems.Item("3")
                                Dim oEdit As SAPbouiCOM.EditText
                                oEdit = oItem.Specific
                                oEdit.Value = oCardCode
    this is my code.

  • Error in Sales order - Consumption account not found

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing an error in Sales order - 'Consumption account not found'. The scenario is third party. In sales order, it says 'Consumption account not found'. the item category is TAS and scedule line category has general modification key 'VKA'. And as it is third party, thr is no movement type for the schedule line category. The valuation  class of the material is 3334 (software services). I was thinking In OBYC, under GBB key, this combination of my val. grping code+ 3334 + VKA and relevant GLs shud exist.
    But in my development client, i dont get any error for the same material. And in thr also, thr is no mention of entry like above combination in OBYC. So its making me think that its not config error. But its an issue of master data or GL data.
    Please help me . This is critical.

    Your observation is perfectly write, the possible errors are
    1.  Check the combination of Account modifier of Purchase order account assignmnet or PR.  Based on the modifier and check the relevent combination in OBYC
    Valuation ClassAccount ModifierIf Groups is there + Transaction Event Key + Gl Accounts
    2.  If GL Account is available then check the GL Master through FS00 for validation of mandatory consumption is required and i feel there is no issue with material master.
    Rewards if it helps

  • Customer block for sales orders

    Dear SD Gurus,
    The client wants for some orders to create for the customer with sales order block
    For example customer 100 has sales order block but for sales order type XY00, sales order will be able to be created but for sales order type XY01, it should be able to be created.
    How is it possible?
    Best regards
    John Black

    For this you can create one sales order block under SPRO-IMG-Sales& Distribution-Sales-sales Documents-Define & assign reasons for blocking.
    Assign this new block to those document types for which you want to block. Remaining document types can be processeed.
    For this in XD05, you have to assign this order block created to the customer master.
    100% it will work . Be happy buddy!!!
    Rajesh G

  • Sales order quantities are not copied to Delivery

    Hi Friends,
    The sales order quantities are not copied to the delivery document. The order type is OR & delivery type is LF.
    We are using the BoM, for which a dwelivery group is created in the sales order. The schedulelines are confirmed as there is ample stock in storage location. The scenario is MTS.
    The copy control in VTLA is :
    At Header level
    order req : 001
    combination req : 051
    header req : 001
    header data ext sys : 0
    At Item Level for TAP
    order req : 102
    item data : 101
    item data ext sys : 0
    business data : 2
    update doc flow ( X ) 
    positive/negative : +
    At Item Level for TAN
    order req : 101
    item data : 101
    item data ext sys : 0
    business data : 2
    update doc flow ( X )
    positive/negative : +
    Please tell the solution

    When you do the setting for item category, you need to maintain that the item is relevant for delivery. Kindly check.

  • Missing item category & material description in sales order screen

    Hi all,
    We have upgraded SAP from 4.6C to ECC 6.0 version. In the sales order screen (create, change & display mode) the item category & the material description cannot be seen at the item level in the ECC 6.0 version. The same appears in the 4.6C version. I have done the following checks:-
    1. There are no screen variants/ transaction variants/layout settings in both the versions
    2. The config settings for item category are intact in both the versions.
    3. In the item detail view i am able to see the item category.
    4. There is no change in the functionalty as i am able to save the order  & complete the Sales cycle upto billing in the ECC 6.0 version
    Any ideas as to what could be the problem & how to fix it.  Pl suggest as it needs to be fixed urgently.
    Ramesh Iyer

    Have you checked the table control setting,which is avialable in the sales order screen at extream right.In this check in administrator button if Those fields must are marked as invisible.
    Reward points if useful
    Amrish Purohit

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