Customization step for in  New Plant  in production planning.

Dear Experts,
Thanks for your continues support from SCN.
My company having one of the production process unit.
Already some plants (1000 ) are assign the process order customization. But currently include  one additional plant  ( 1001) for process manufacturing.
Basically create order type, production scheduler, production scheduling profile these are all the main thing, other wise what are all the assignment to be ensure , create and followed.Kindly send me the customization step for each assignment in our new plant.
( order creation to end of the account settlement itself)
I am waiting for your valuable feedback.

Hi Anil,
if all master data configuration is over in the new plant, you can proceed to crteate the required cofiguration for new plant.
if your production process is similar across all plants then you can simply copy all the required things from your old plants, or if the process is different in the new plant you have to configure the required settings.
as you asked what are required settings apart from Basically create order type, production scheduler, production scheduling profile these are all the main thing,
apart from above things. actually the configuration is depends on your Production process which you Follow in your business. as standard process starts from Configuration od SOP And Transfering Demand To MRP and Running MRP then executing the results of mrp in this case we need to configure  SOP And MRP Settings First then remaining Production process configuration.
can you give the details of your PRoduction process then we can discuss the sequence of required configuration.

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  • Settings for the new plant under same company code

    Dear all,
    As I am into the roll out project. I need to know the necessary configuration settings from FICO (FI and Contolling Settings) point of view.
    I need this very urgently. If u have any documentation with regard to the same, u can forward to my mail id  [email protected]
    Input will be of great help and rewarded too.

    Hi Neha,
    please follow the follwing steps relating to new plant in all madual.
    Steps needs to be configured
    1.New Plant to be created (Copy the new plant from the existing Plant)– Configuration
    2.Create Plant as Location - Configuration
    3.Define Shipping Point- Configuration
    4.Transport Planning Point Description to be changed – Configuration.
    5.Create a new Profit Center – Master Data
    6.Create a new Cost Center – Master Data
    7.Cost Center allocation to Shipment Cost – OKB9 – Configuration
    8.Assign Business Area to New Plant – Configuration
    9.Assign New Plant to Sales Organization & Division - Configuration
    10.Update all the GLs related to the new Plant. Default assignment to a Profit Center - 3KEI – Configuration
    11.Update Table J_1IT030K_V for Indian Tax Account Determination. - Configuration
    12.Account Assignment Category – VKOA – Assign GL Accounts to Sales Org/AcctAssgGr/AcctAsgnmt/Plant/Acct Key – Configuration
    13.Maintain Excise Registration for New Plant- Configuration
    14.Maintain Plant settings for New Plant- Configuration
    15.Maintain Excise Group for New Plant- Configuration
    16.Define GL Accounts for taxes – Configuration
    17.Specify GL account for Excise Transaction- Configuration
    18.Create all Inbound and Outbound Routes for new Plant –Configuration
    19. Assign new plant to company code.
    Please note that the above steps are for new plant by copying the existing plant and modification. If you define a new plant without copying the existing plant lot of steps are involved.
    as per FI/CO part point nos 5 to 8, 10 to 17.
    Hope this will help u, please assign the points if its helpful.
    please cheek your mail i have sent the material.
    sai krishna

  • Steps Of Creating New PLANT..

    I required Steps of creating new plant in the system
    If anybody having Document then mail me on
    [email protected]

    Dear Parmar
    Follow the IMG Path to create a new plant
    Enterprise Structure --> Definition --> Logistics-General --> Define, copy, delete, check plant.
    Once you created plant here, you have to assign to company code.  So select next to "Definition", "Assignment" will be there.  Choose this and select Logistics-General.
    Here you have to assign the plant to your company code, Business Area. 
    The next step is that you have to assign the plant to sales area.  Select OVX6 and assign.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Creation of new Plant in productive system

    Dear All,
               I have to create 3 new plants. the system is already productive from the last one year.
    can anybody guide what will be the effects if i create new plants and send the transport to the production system.
    what need to be looked for side effects if any?
    pl give your valuable suggestions.
    Thanks and regards

    If you create new plants - there is no adverse effect but you have to make sure that the plant you create is copying by the existing.
    other things if you have any custom reports based on the plant then the new plant should be included, authorization needs to be consider if any basd on the plant,

  • Regarding PO Creation for a new plant

    Dear MM expets,
    In IDES Version I have created a new company code, plant and done the necessary configuaration settings and assignments.
    When I am trying to raise a PO, It is showing Earror message
    "Account assignment mandatory for material XXXX"
    Earror message no: ME062
    " There is no provision for value based inventory management for this material type in this plant.  Account assignment is thus necessary"
    Please explain me, why im getting this message,
    thanks in advance,

    Hello Mr.Sairm,
    Thanks alot for your answer, My problem got solved,
    I have checked the customization checking for the material types,
    In Quantity/Value updating field,
    "By valuation area" is selected as default selection for both quanity and value,
    Now I have selected "By valueation areas" for both quantity and value
    Now my PO accepting me to raise a po for standard NB document type, without
    asking any account assingment category.
    Can u expalin me what exactly the difference between default setting and my present setting.
    Any way once again thanks alot,
    Can you give me your contact number?

  • I need to get link for the complete customization steps for Trade Promotion

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    I appreciate if anyone of you can provide me the complete customization steps or the link on the sap portal for trade promotions .A link of it`s theory will can also be useful but I specifically need the lin k fore the crm customization steps needed for trade promotions.
    Thanks + Regards,

    Honestly your question is too broad to be answered here.  In addition to those forum threads please check the best practices for CRM to see how to confgure some of the components used by TPM:
    In addition review your solution manager along with the standard SAP help for information.
    If you have specific questions when configuring your system, please feel free to post those as new separate questions.
    I'm going to lock this thread from further replies, as this question is too vague to receive a correct response.
    Thank you,

  • Reg:T-CODE for open and close period for materials(new plant).

    hi sap guru's
    T-code for following process
        can anybody send me , how to create calendar to new plant . and what is the T-code to be use for open and close period of materials for new plant.

    Hi Sakthi,
    I am assuming that you are asking about the factory calendars which are assigned while difing the plant.
    Factory calendars are created through transaction "SCAL".
    Opening and closing of MM periods can be done through transaction MMPV.This is based on the company code.Before using MMPV ,you can look the last opened period in the transaction MMRV.
    Reward points if it helps.

  • Step for Adding new condition in Pricing procedure

      We have different pricing procedure  with different condition ,  in this procerdure i want to add one new  condition at 2 position and the requirement is that  if system found the value with this condition it should skip the 3 step and directly go to 4 step  can u give the step for this  how to add new condition to this procedure.

    I think you need to use condition exclusion so if the condition at step 2 is found then step 3 becomes inactive if it  is also found.
    Depnding on your pricing keys, you might be able to add a step in the access sequence on step 3 and only use a single condition (V/07) and marking that step exclusive if a record is found.

  • Difference in using EC02 and OX10 for Creating new plants

    Hello experts,
    I would like to know the impact of using both the transactions

    Dear mimraan70,
    EC01 is used for organization structure,here one compay code how many plants you assigned and how many purchase organizations assigned like you do here
    were OX10 is changing address and creating new plants etc,but in EC01 we cant create plant
    Hope this may helps you

  • Customization step for classic to extended classic

    Currently I have implemented classic scenario in SRM 7.0 with ECC in back-end. Now I am planing to implement extended classic scenario.  In the same time we are planning to continue the classic scenario for some product category. In breif: Purchase order will be either in SRM or ECC base on product category. Please guide me let me the necessary customization setting for implementing the abover scenario.

    Please activate extended classic  in SRM
    SPRO: Cross-Application Basic Settings->Activate Extended Classic Scenario
    SPRO: Business Add-Ins->Control Extended Classic Scenario (here you can control if you need PO in SRM or ERP)
    Number range, tranaction types to be configured according for SRM and ERP

  • Pricing Procedure For  A New Plant

    Dear Experts,
    I Have a Requirement For Pricing Procedure.
    My client has all-ready Defined Pricing Procedure.
    One new plant will be go- live next week.
    How can i assign existing Pricing Procedure To New Plant.
    Please Give Input ASAP.
    Answer will be rewarded.

    Please note pricing procedure will be based on client or vendor or Purchasing organization.
    If the pricing procedure is based on purchase organization then as per your query it seems you have just created a new plant then no problem the pricing procedure which is assigned to your purchasing organization will be triggered automatically no need to assign  any where.
    If it is based on vendor then you have to maintain the vendor schema  and assign in the vendor master purchase view in the field schema group vendor.
    Please let me know if have any further query.

  • Steps for creating new source system

    Hi guys
    We are on BI 7 and ECC 6 now...We are planning to get the data from other source systems (R/3 4.6)which are existed in different place.
    Now my question is what are the steps to get the data from this new Source system and whats BI developer role for this...
    Example: Inorder to establish the connection between BI and R/3 we need an RFC connection (Is this done by BASIS / BI )? If its BI , then what do I need to ask for ?
    afterthat what are all the questions or points that I need to raise to the folks in the meeting...
    Please advice

    refer to this link below
    Exactly this will be taken up by BASIS team so that at any time if we have any issues with RFCs like RFC connection failure we will not get any data to our targets.
    Then we have to raise ticket to basis stating this failure

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    I had the same problem. Spoke to Apple support who directed me to Itunes support.  Frustrating to say the least.  Some have said remove virus barrier.  I did and still nothing.  Some posts have said to delete App store.  DON'T DO IT.. App store is tuff to get back.  This did work for me. Go to Finder, then go, pick go to folder, type in, /var/folder, and delete (send to trash).  There were 2 folders I had to delete, KX & XX, and as soon as I sent them to the trash they returned but I was able to download & intall Mountain Lion and working well.  Good luck..

  • Field names for the following information in Production planning (PP)

    Hi Experts
      I am BI consultant, and  I need the field name for 'actual production quantity' in the PP module, and also what is the difference between - Actual production Quantity, Actual Component Quantity (0WITHDRWQTY),  and Actual Quantity (0CONFIRM_QTY) in the PP module.
    with regards

    Please find the production order details in the below tables:
    AUFK - Order Master Data
    AFKO - Order header data PP orders
    AFRU - Order Confirmations
    AFVC - Operation within an order.
    Hope it helps you.
    Alok Tiwari

  • PO Delevary address not coming at item level for a New config Plant WO S Lo

    Hi Gurus,
    I have configured a new plant and address is maintained for this new plant. for a newly configured company code  Plant and company codes are properly assigned. Now I am using present P. Org and assigned this to plant too. I am using this plant for basically non stock type of materials and no storage locations are maintained for this plant. Now I have created a New vendor for this P org and tryng to create a PO. But at the time of creation of PO I am getting as Error "Maintain Address". When I checked, I found that at item level, under delivery tab, Address number which was suppose to be for this plant( since no storage location is maintained for this) should come automatically, which is why I am getting an error. Can some one please explain if I missed something?
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hai Nilesh,
    Please check T CODE: MEAN
    Purchase order address required as per location
    Delivery Address Number in Purchase order

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