CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE Data load error in Quality system

We are on BI.7 and trying to load Technical content data for first time in Quality system .
We get the following error :
for all the technical content data load.
The other data loads are working fine in the quality system.
We searched a lot on the forum and got various solutions like try out note 615389, 963760 etc.. But none of them are working fine for us.
Please suggest.
Thanks you for your help.

The error log is as follows -
Runtime Errors         UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
Exception              CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE
Date and Time          23.01.2009 10:06:08
Short text
     An exception occurred that was not caught.
What happened?
     The exception 'CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere
     the call hierarchy.
     Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not
     adequately responded to, the running ABAP program 'SAPLRRMS' has to be
What can you do?
     Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.
     To process the problem further, contact you SAP system
     Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look
     at and manage termination messages, and you can also
     keep them for a long time.
Error analysis
    An exception occurred which is explained in detail below.
    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE', was not caught
    therefore caused a runtime error.
    The reason for the exception is:
    No text available for this exception
How to correct the error
    If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to
    find an interim solution in an SAP Note.
    If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following
    "SAPLRRMS" or "LRRMSU13"
    If you cannot solve the problem yourself and want to send an error
    notification to SAP, include the following information:
    1. The description of the current problem (short dump)
       To save the description, choose "System->List->Save->Local File
It gives a error in the last step of executing infopackage wherein the data is to be updated to the infocube.
I checked with Basis team. There is no tablespace problem as well.

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  • Most common BW data load errors in production and how to solve them ..

    Hi All,
    Most common BW data load errors in production and how to solve them ..
    Any doc on it ,if so plz send it across to this id [email protected]
    Thanks in advance.

    1) RFC connection lost.
    2) Invalid characters while loading.
    3) ALEREMOTE user is locked.
    4) Lower case letters not allowed.
    5) While loading the data i am getting messeage that 'Record
    the field mentioned in the errror message is not mapped to any infoboject in the transfer rule.
    6) object locked.
    7) "Non-updated Idocs found in Source System".
    8) While loading master data, one of the datapackage has a red light error message:
    Master data/text of characteristic 'so and so' already deleted .
    9) extraction job aborted in r3
    10) request couldnt be activated because theres another request in the psa with a smaller sid
    11) repeat of last delta not possible
    12) datasource not replicated
    13) datasource/transfer structure not active ´
    14) Idoc Or Trfc Error
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  • What are the frequent data load errors in production support?

    what are the frequent data load errors in production support?

    It is a long list. Here is some of them.
    1. Idoc not arriving from source system.
    2. previous processes failed.
    3. change run unsucessful or did not run properly and data in master data is messed up.
    4. invalid characteristics in the data.
    5. Duplicate records found.
    and on  and on.
    Ravi Thotahdri

  • Sap bw 7.3 master data load error

    sap bw 7.3 master data load error
    erroe: Exception in Substep Rules

    Hi Jayram,
    I am assuming that you are getting this error when you are loading data from PSA to IO. If so, the error might be because of
    1. Duplicate records
    PSA might have duplicate records. But you will be able to load only one record to Master data IO. In DTP Update tab, there is an option for "Handle Duplicate Record Keys" . Just enable this & try to load again.
    2. Erroneous records.
    Some special reocrds are allowed in PSA where as thye might not be allowed in Master Data/Data Targets like Lower case letters/ some speacial characters etc. If error is because of this, then you might need to correct the data at PSA level & reload the data to Master data. Else get it corrected in source system itself & fetch the data to BW. Or write some code to take care of these special characters.
    Hope it helps!

  • Export table data from production to quality system - Oracle 10.2

    I am trying to export a few table's data from our production system to the quality system.
    Reason: To synchronize the table data between Production and Quality system
    System info: SAP ECC 6.0 on Oracle 10.2 ; OS: Solaris
    There are few standard SAP tables which hold the data of the various institutions of our client. Our requirement is to export the master data relevant for a particular institution from the production system to the quality system. We intend to use the Oracle Export and Import utility (Suggestions on the usage of which tool are welcome).
    Lets say, there is a table NXXX in production system. This table contains the data for the institutions AA, BB, CC. I intend to export the data relevant to the institution AA from the table NXXX and import the data to the table NXXX in the Quality system.
    Now I understand that the schema of these tables are different. In the production system, the schema would be SAP<Prod SID>.NXXX and in the quality system, the schema is SAP<Qas SID>.NXXX. I need your suggestions to overcome this constraint.

    I do not think you can just export data in your scenario using the oracle imp/exp tool it's all or nothing...
    as for the scema naming between QA/PROD you just need to use :
    imp <dump file> fromuser=<PROD schema>  touser=<QA schema>  only thing you have to look out for is the mandt as it will not change.
    I had something similar recently where I had to copy 14+ million rows from Prod to a Dev client without impacting on other clients data for this table in Dev.
    So for data consistancy 
    1) I restored a copy of prod on a new LPAR and exported the table.
    2) Created a dummy prod client using client '000' as a base.
    3) imported the table  using the syntax above enabling the change of schema
    We have now a 14 + million rows in the dummy prod client on the new LPAR
    Now on the Dev server
    4) Created new client on dev as per point 2
    5) SCC9 Remote client copy from the new LPAR using SAP_ALL
    6) As I had 9+ million rows in the target client to get rid of I used delete_commit procedure as in metalink note 3777.1
        This enable  me to delete rows fast without caning the roll back segs.
    7) using R3trans and a command file from the command line copied the single table into the target client.
    I do not know if this is useful for you because your scenario is slighley different, but this is what I did for a whole table for a particular mandt.
    Edited by: Mark Norman on Oct 22, 2009 11:16 AM
    Edited by: Mark Norman on Oct 22, 2009 11:17 AM

  • Data Loading Error : ToomanyError records.

    Hi All,
    I got Data Loading error when I am loading from Flat File.
    Following is the error message :
    Too many error records - update terminated
    Error                             18 in the update
    No SID Found for value '00111805' of Characterstic ZUNIQUEID (Message No 70)
    can anybody help in resolving the issue.

    Check the format of your charecteristics and key figures .
    Check you put data separators in you flat files approriately
    In the particular charecteristics ZUNIQUEID  ,ensure data is consistent...check the related tables
    Assign points if useful
    N Ganesh

  • Data Load error Please respond ASAP

    Hi ,
    When i am trying to load data for year 07 using rule files its showing an error and aborting the data load
    Error Msg " Data Value [2007] Encountered before all dimensions Selected,[5] Records Completed"
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Key here is that 5 records were loaded before failing on the 6th, indicating it's not a header issue on the load rule.
    Check the first 5 records and see how the column containing 2007 differs between them and the failing 6th record. Perhaps the 6th record has a null (as indicated eariler) or prehaps 2007 is not the name of the member in the outline.
    I have had both issues give similar error results.

  • Data load error regarding timestamp

    Hi All,
    I am getting data load error related to time.
    I am using  2lis_02_SCN for CNFTM(time stamp) filed 
    with value "08:00:" need to convert to 08:00:00...for some records and rest of the records are coming with normal 6 digit time.
    please send your suggestion as early as possible.

    Hi Rupa,
    Try out following sample code inthe transfer rule for the same info object and it should work
    lv_len  = strlen( str ).
    if lv_len = 4.
    concatenate str '00' into str.

  • Common data load errors in BI 7

    Hi , i would appreciate if any one can provide me a list with most common Data load errors effecting both master and transactional data in SAP BI 7 or BW 3.5..

    Hi AAL,
    There're lots of loading error posts in this forum. This one I guess is good for you:
    production support errors
    production support issues
    Or you can search yourself using key word common load error etc.
    Hope above helps.

  • Data load error--urgent

    hi friends ,
    we are geting data load error as; Process 000087 for deterermined fro infoobject DUVTYPE started in STATUS TAB and in DETAILS TAB  update(251new/160 chnaged): Errors occured.
      what should i  know  from information and what are the reasons for this  load failure and possible rectification methods.
    This  load is through  process chains and aslo a delta load.
    Can i delete the request and start the infopackage manually? also will it make my Process chain Green automatically or  should i repeat from the subsequent process?
    Plz help.
    I award points.

    Hi siddharta,
    look in the details of the monitor to see the error. Be very cautious with deltas! They can not be repeated every time. it depends on the datasource! What you can do is delete the failed request from all(!) the data targets meanwhile!

  • Data Load Error after Client copy on Source System

    We did a client copy to our QAS source system.  After that was complete, I tried to do a couple of full data loads.  But they fail.  The only errors I see are on the source system when I try to manual update the Idocs.  They are:
    EDI: Partner Profile not available
    Entry in inbound table not found
    Is there a step I need to take after the client copy and before the loads?  I have a feeling that I'm forgeting something.

    Hi Chris,
    Check the following.
    1> Go to WE20 check whether you are able to see two logical system in "Partner Type LS" one for Source and one for Myself.
    2> If you say Yes for <1> then check in both the logical system, in the classification tab, partner status should be 'active'.
    3> Check you have used REMOTE USER in main and in Outbound and inbound Parameters "Post Processing Permitted tab " for each Message type.
    4> go to out bound message type and check the "Receiver port" pointing to correct RFC destination for both ( Source and Myself logical system).
    If your answer is no for <1> then perform all the steps.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Error 8 when starting the extracting the program-data load error:status 51

    Dear all,
    <b>I am facing a data exracton problem while extracting data from SAP source system (Development Client 220). </b>The scenario and related setting are as the flowings:
    A. Setting:
    We have created 2 source system one for the development and another for the quality in BW development client
    1. BW server: SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI 7
    PI_BASIS: 2005_1_700 Level: 12
    SAP_BW: 700 Level:13
    Source system (Development Client 220)
    2. SAP ERP: SAP ERP Central Component 6.0
    PI_BASIS: 2005_1_700 Level: 12
    OS: SunOS
    Source system (Quality Client 300)
    2. SAP ERP: SAP ERP Central Component 6.0
    PI_BASIS: 2005_1_700 Level: 12
    OS: HP-UX
    B. The scenario:
    I was abele to load the Info provider from the Source system (Development Client 220), late we create another Source system (Quality Client 300) and abele to load the Info provider from that,
    After creating the another Source system (Quality Client 300), initially I abele to load the info provider from both the Source system – , but now I am unable to load the Info provider from the (Development Client 220),
    Source system Creation:
    For both 220 and 300, back ground user in source system is same with system type with same authorization (sap_all, sap_new, S_BI-WX_RFC) And user for source system to bw connection is dialog type (S_BI-WX_RFC, S_BI-WHM_RFC, SAP_ALL, SAP_NEW)
    1: Now while at the Info Package : Start data load immediately and then get the
    e-mail sent by user RFCUSER, and the content:
    Error message from the source system
    An error occurred in the source system.
    System Response
    Caller 09 contains an error message.
    Further analysis:
    The error occurred in Service API .
    2:Error in the detail tab of the call monitor as under,
    <b>bi data upload error:status 51 - error: Error 8 when starting the extracting the program </b>
    Extraction (messages): Errors occurred
      Error occurred in the data selection
    Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Errors occurred
    Request IDoc : Application document not posted (red)
      bw side: status 03: "IDoc: 0000000000007088 Status: Data passed to port OK,
                                    IDoc sent to SAP system or external program"
      r<b>/3 side: status 51:  IDoc: 0000000000012140 Status: Application document not posted
                                   Error 8 when starting the extraction program</b>
    Info IDoc 1 : Application document posted (green)
       r/3 side: "IDoc: 0000000000012141 Status: Data passed to port OK
                     IDoc sent to SAP system or external program"
       bw side: "IDoc: 0000000000007089 Status: Application document posted,
                     IDoc was successfully transferred to the monitor updating"
    Have attached screen shots showing error at BW side.
    •     check connection is ok, tried to restore the setting for bw-r3 connection – though same problem
    •     Have checked partner profile.
    <b>what's wrong with the process? </b>
    Best regards,

       Refer note 140147.

  • Material Master Data Loading Error

    Hi All,
    I am loading master data for material. i got the following error.
    1. 0material_attr :
        Record 1 :0MATERIAL : Data record 1 ('000000000000010220 '): Version '000000000000010220 ' is not   valid
        Process :   If this message appears during a data load, maintain the attribute in
                         the PSA maintenance screens. If this message appears in the master data
                         maintenance screens, leave the transaction and call it again. This
    2.0material_text : Data record 1 ('000000000000010220E '): Version '000000000000010220 ' is not valid
       Process :  Same as above.
    I have applied RSKC tcode in BI with ALL_CAPITAL, ALL_CAPITAL_PLUS_HEX, and one special character string. but still getting the same error.
    Komik Shah

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the reply. i have solved most of errors. but there are some errors like this
        Data record 261 & with the key '000000000000132559 &' is invalid in
        value '10x8x5 &' of the attribute/characteristic 0SIZE_DIM &.
    System Response
        The system has recognized that the value mentioned above is invalid, and
        has processed this general error message. A subsequent message may give
        you more information on the error. This message refers to the same
        value, even though it does not state this explicitly.
        If this message appears during a data load, maintain the attribute in
        the PSA maintenance screens. If this message appears in the master data
        maintenance screens, leave the transaction and call it again. This allows to maintain your masterdata
    which string i should have to add in RSKC to remove this error ? i have already added  the ALL_CAPITAL, ALL_CAPITAL_PLUS_HEX.
    I have assigned points.
    Komik Shah

  • Data load errors in Essbase

    I am attempting to load our data pulled from our HFM application into Essbase. I keep getting "data value encountered before all dimensions selected" error. I have checked the load file line by line and the rule everything lines up correctly from the file to the rule. We have recently migrated our Planning application to 3.3.1 of Planning and Essbase 6.5.4. We have loaded data before in this new system but for some reason I can't get this to load. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. thanks,Eleasha

    Is every dimension in the OUTLINE represented in the data file? If not, do the unrepresented dimensions have a member specified in the headers?If every dimension is represented, do the data fields come AFTER the member fields?

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    I am trying to loading the data Info Source To ODS in my ODS Key Figure Z_IVQUA (Invoice Quantity)
    is getting the Error Message Data shows 0 from 0 Records.
    I was Remove the Key Field from ODS Then try to load the data but i am getting same Error..
    Errors in source system
    Please Suggest....

    Hello All...
    Really appreciate if you can give me some advise. Thanks.
    Edited by: Prakash M on Jan 14, 2009 2:14 PM

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