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Please give me the T-code for checking the deleted sales order with respect to deleted material no.
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Dear Pinto,
As suggested by Gaurav, you may check Sales Order Nos. but to check Materials, within deleted S. Os.; i don't think will be possible.
Best Regards,

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  • Open Sales Orders Backlog Report

    Hi All: I have been asked to create Backlog reports for Open Sales Orders and the revenue amounts for the next 15days, one month, 2 months, 3 months 6 months etc etc. Does anyone know of a standard report that covers that and the business content and cues that go with it?
    Thanks in advance

    I haven't seen any standard content for it, with my client, we actually developed the open order report from Item extractor and status extractor. And compare the created on date to the system data to see how long it has been opened for and put it in different buckets.
    Hopes that help.

  • Open sale order aging report

    Need a report on open order aging.  The open order means not delivered or partially delivered. Further with days range since its open or not fully delievered i.e. > 15 days or 15-30 days and so on.
    The standard transactions Va05 and VL10c can provide the list but dont provide any aging info.
    Kindly help in this.

    Dear Anu
    1. First in VA05 you can use Variants and get the report as desired by you,create one variant and use Filter along with greater then, less then (all are in selection option icon)
    This way you can create three variants.
    But limitation is dates has to be manually changed in variants each time.
    2. Try this Tcodes
    S_ALR_87014387 Display Document Flow
    S_ALR_87014392 Display Document Flow
    This reports will give you document flow run report with ticking checkbox for sales order,delivery and goods isse then after getting the list expand all (Shift+F12)
    you will get the quantities for sales order, and what is delivered and what is issued.
    3. As such if you want exactly the report you can take help of ABAP to create the ALV
    4. Report or create Queries in SQVI , or else create MCSI report

  • How to restrict manual changing of free goods in sales order

    Hi ,
    Goodmorning ,
    We have some requirement : In sales order free goods quantity determination by system  should not be allowed to change manually , where can we do this ?
    Looking for your inputs
    Thanks and regards

    As per SAP Standard, when the main Item quantity is changed, the Free Goods are redetermined. In this case any manual changes to Free Goods Quantities are lost.
    But your requirement is for restricting the Chages of the Quantity of Free Goods Correct?
    I believe there is no SAP standard solution for this. You will have to apply a User Exit, which will check the Item category of each LIne item & if it is free goods (TANN) then changes are not permitted.
    Hope this helps.
    Jignesh Mehta

  • Query help needed for Sales order panel user field query.

    I have a user defined form field on sales order row level called = U_DEPFEEAMT
    1, I would like this field to get the value from a field on this sales order row level multiplied by what is in point 2 below. The details of field in point 1 is :
    Form=139, item=38, pane=1, column=10002117, and row=1
    2. The contents in field 1 should be multiplied  by a value coming from another user field linked to OITM master item.
    The details of user field attached to OITM is :
    Appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

    Try this one:
    SELECT T0.U_DepositFeeON*$[$38.10002117.number\]
    FROM dbo.OITM T0
    WHERE T0.ItemCode = $[$38.1.0\]

  • XML file to B1 Sales Quotaion

    I am trying to insert a sales quotation in XML file format into SAP B1.
    In the message log i get an error : Value too long in property 'CardCode' of 'Document'
    every time i use an Item code or a card code containing Hebrew characters , i get garbage in the message:
    i defind the B1 sender system language to Hebrew and i don't see the reason for the problem.
    thanks, udi

    Hi Eddy,
    I only get the error message in hebrew.
    i tried a sales quotation where the customer code and item code were in english and it loaded succesfully.
    thanks, udi

  • Issue when uploading Sales data from DSO to Cube.

    Dear All,
    I have an issue when I am uploading Sales data from DSO to Cube.  I am using BI 7.0 and I have uploaded all sales document level data to my DSO.  Then I use a transformation rule to calculate the Sales Value when I am doing DTP to cube.  Cube has customer wise aggregation data.
    In DSO I have NetPrice(KF) and Delivered_QTY(KF).  I do a simple multiplication routine in the transformation from DSO to Cube.
    At the moment I use Active Table(With out Archive) on the DSO to get the data since this is my first load.
    Issue is that the figure (Sales Value) in the cube is incorrect. I am getting a very large values which is impossible.
    Can someone please help me.

    are you sure that cube has customer wise aggregated data..since it will always aggregate the values of the key figures for the same set of characters...
    did you checked the values for the key figures as well and if even they are inflated or is the problem with this key figure only.
    During the data load the records may aggregates first for the same values of characters and then multiplication will be happening....if that is the case then you may have to multiply the values before storing it in the data package and then let it aggregate....can be achived through start routine...
    but first verify if other key figures are also having the same issue.

  • How to create a report for open sales orde documents which are not invoiced

    Hi Experts this is urgent,
    +pls give the Logic for document flow+
    My requirement is create a report for sales orders which are not invoiced  using the following table.
    VBAK : sales order header
    VBAP : sales order item
    VBFA : sales document flow
    VBUK for processing status
    KOMV for duties value and sales order value
    LIKP : delivery not header
    LIPS :delivery note item
    For information : In the header level the processing Status is indicated in the table VBUK field LFSTK for one sales order number. A,B , C are the possible entries.
    Case A : When a sales order is invoiced we can display information on the header status :
    Overall status : Completed  and display a invoice number in the document flow. When the items of the sales orders are invoiced the process status is the following :  Overall status       Completed            
    Delivery status      Fully delivered      
    Case B : An open sales order not delivered and not invoiced will have overall status : Open on the header and item level and will not have subsequent documents.
    Case C :
    When the items for the sales order are delivered but not invoiced the status will be u201Cfully deliveredu201D
    And the subsequent documents will be delivery notes and good issue if the delivery note is issued.
    With regards
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    Hello Ravi,
    U neednot develop any report..
    there is std report with txn V.02
    or copy this and make necessary changes.
    Reward, if helpful.

  • Logic for Open Sales order qty

    What should be the logic given to determine "open sales order qty" during designing a report.
    Note the criterias are as under:
    1) Open sales order qty is the confirmed qty less the delivery qty.
    2) The delivery qty should be delivery order qty (The delivery should not necessarily be pick, packed & PGI)

    sorry it doesn't work for services, since they do not create requirements.
    in this case you can use VBFA table, subracting all the delivered quantities VBFA-RFMNG with VBFA-VBTYP_N = J and VBFA-VBELV/VBFA-POSNV = to your order/item from the ordered quantities
    hope  this help you.

  • Report for open sales order

    Dear all,
    I need to create a open sales order report. Could you please tell me from which table i can get open sales order. Its standard report is VA05 and also I checked in table VBBE. but all record which i get from VA05 are not visible in VBBE table. It means VBBE doesnt carry all pending open records.
    Please guide me from which table i can get it or what is the sriteria to get it?
    Thankyou very much in advance
    Punnet Sharma

    my logic goes like this:
    Note: Open cursor is used since we are dealing with huge amnt of data:
    * Select orders based on their Delivery status
      SELECT  vbeln
      FROM vbuk INTO TABLE git_vbuk
          WHERE lfstk = 'A' OR lfstk = 'B' .
    * Filter selected orders
    * Selection using open cursor
      DATA: lwa_op_sal_ord1 TYPE gt_comtab.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        OPEN CURSOR c1 FOR
          SELECT vbap~matnr
          FROM vbap INNER JOIN vbak
          ON vbap~vbeln EQ vbak~vbeln
          FOR ALL entries IN git_vbuk
          WHERE vbap~vbeln = git_vbuk-vbeln AND
                vbak~vbtyp = 'C'.
          CLEAR lwa_op_sal_ord1.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            APPEND lwa_op_sal_ord1 TO li_op_sal_ord1.
            CLOSE CURSOR c1.
    here filter orders based on 'A' and 'B' from VBUK...
    then frm header table VBAK get order for vbtyp ='C'.
    now li_op_sal_ord1 will have open sales orders..
    Moreover as per ur query y do u need the item data frm VBAP as u are only concerned abt VBELN.
    If u need item u hv 2 run another select.

  • Sales Analysis Report - Items -- blank result

    I'm testing a setup and running the sales analysis report. It works for the Customer version but I get no results when running on Items.
    I'm on SBO 2007A SP01 PL07. There are open and closed invoices for inventory items; no credit memos have been posted. All Item type invoices.
    When I run by Customer, I get the correct data - open and closed invoices for that customer.
    When I run by Items, I get no results. The date range is the same for both reports.
    When I run the purchase analysis on Items, I get data for the same items I am trying to see in the sales analysis.
    Any ideas what could be causing this?
    Thank you,

    HI Gordon,
    I left the default settings: 
    - Annual Report, Invoices, Individual Display, No Totals
    - Posting Date:  whole fiscal year
    - Main selection:  left blank/default (group = all, no properties)
    I have double/triple/quadruple-check even the Secondary SElection to make sure there's nothing there.
    I have also run it on Due Date instead of Posting Date, still no results (if run on Items).
    As I mentioned, the selection criteria is what I want but for some reason that one version, Items, does not work. The other 2 tabs work with the same selection.

  • Open Balance on Sales Order Cost Report

    Hi SAP Group -
    I have a couple questions about the settlement of manufacturing variance to COPA.
    When our settlement process is complete (production order and sales order both settled to COPA), there is a balance remaining on the sales order cost report which is equal to the manufacturing variance on the production order.
    It seems that the manufacturing variance is posting from the production order to the sales order, but is not being assigned to the PSEG and flowing to COPA.
    I am looking for advice in two areas:
    First, how do we "clear" these balances on old orders that are already settled?
    Second, how do we prevent this from happening on future orders?
    Thanks !!!

    Refer to OSS 183250 and note 186485.
    If you don’t specify in the settlement profile for the production order that the variances are not transferred from the production order into CO-PA, you will settle the variances to <b>CO-PA twice</b>: once from the production order (broken down into variance categories), and once from the sales order item. The settlement rule still references the material and not the sales order item.
    Special Features of Product Cost by Sales Order with Valuated Sales Order Stock
    <a href="http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_02/helpdata/en/90/ba66cc446711d189420000e829fbbd/content.htm">Read the topic on 'Special Features of Product Cost by Sales Order with Valuated Sales Order Stock'</a>
    You may want to check the period of the variance settlement from mfg order to sales order and ensure the settlement of sales order is also done the same period, if the type is PER.

  • Report for daily production and daily sales

    Can you any body Please let me know which fields we should pick to create custom report containing production  qty and sales qty day wise for each material

    Hi Veesh,
    Whats the scenario you using there? i mean to ask
    Thanks & Regards,
    Abu Arbab

  • Report for daily production and daily sales quantities

    Can you Please any body let me know what fields and tables should I pick to generate a report for sales qty and production qty for a material on daily basis. we are using PP PI

    You can use table MSEG for that purpose. Try BUDAT-MKPF as one of the selection parameters and use
    Sort the results in ERFMG-MSEG and ERFME-MSEG using
    BWART-MSEG = 101 minus 102 (for production)
    BWART-MSEG = 601 minus 602 (for sales).
    Above stuff might be useful to you for your development requirement provided you are having Sales Order specific production.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Abu Arbab A

  • Close Open sale order items

    We have a business scenario of one sales order --> one delivery document. Any items which have not been confirmed for delivery need to be closed out so that they do not show up as open requirements.
    One way is to reject the open line items. However, rejection reduces the original customer sales order value.
    Is there any other way that the open sales order line items can be changed in status so that the pricing is intact, but the item is closed out ?
    Would appreciate inputs from the forum

    In standard itself this can be achieved
    In t code OVAG itself for your reason of rejection if you maintain BLANK in the statistical column
    Then those rejected values will not be reflected in sales order
    Suppose  a sales order contains three materials say
    Material A  qty 3 units
    Material B  qty 3 units
    Material C  qty 2 units
    Each and everything is priced as 10 US dollars
    then the nett value of this order will be 80 US dollars
    Suppose if you reject Material C  qty 2 units with a reason of rejection by maintaining the settings that i mentioned above the sales order value still Will  be  80 US dollars and will not become  60 US dollars
    This is what you are looking for (i hope so)
    Please try this

  • Reg : open sale order

    hai to all
    i my senario i should download the open sale order existing in the present production server into a flat fle
    can anyone tell me where this ship- to party is getting stored while creating the sale order. please let me know the table name.

    Hi Vijay,
    To find out Open Sales Order. You shoud get them from VBUK-GBSTK <> 'C'. Store them in internal table.
    To get Ship-to-party, you can get it from VBPA (partner table).
    VBPA-VBELN = sales order number
    VBPA-POSNR = '000000'
    VBPA-PARVW = 'WE' or 'SH'
    You will get details for Ship to Party.

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