Data Conversion rules for EDI processing (same client IDOC processing)

I am trying to post IDOCS in same client.Its a PO->SO process.
ie. there will be 1 outbound and inbound idoc in same client using EDI processing.
I am using Data Conversion using Rulesfor converting sender fields.
The LIFNR and PAORG od segment E1EDKA1 has to be converted.
For ALE processing, the Data conversion is been done correctly.
But no conversion is done for EDI.
Can anybody help me with this problem ?
Thanks in advance.

Issue solved

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  • Errors with the global conversion rule for the field 0SOURSYSTEM.

    Hello Gurus,
        We are implementing CRM Activities. I enhanced the data source and when I add new info objects to 0SAL_DS01 DSO and trying to activate I'm getting there errors. Can some one please help me out in this problem?
    Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject 0SOURSYSTEM
    Message no. RSAR263
    Errors with the global conversion rule for the field 0SOURSYSTEM.
    System Response
    The function module delivers the following error message:
    Field "" is unknown. It is neither in one of t
    Check the definition of the global conversion rule for an InfoObject
    What does this error mean? We are using BI 7.

    I have around 9 source systems, do I have to maintain data for all of them for 0SOURCESYSTEM?
    I set data for CRM system and then tried to activate.. but still I'm getting same error.
    I;m getting this warning too...
    InfoObject 0FISCVARNT needs to be in key for DataStore object C_0SAL_D
    Message no. RSDODSO123
    Characteristic 0FISCVARNT is included in the data part of ODS object C_0SAL_D.
    System Response
    The fiscal year variant cannot be used in the update rules for calculating business hour characteristics.
    Does this matter???
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  • Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject 0PERSLANGU when activating

    Dear Experts
    We are working on HR in BI7.0 with Ehp1.
    I am trying to Activate the Transfer Rules of 0HR_PA_PA_1 DataSource which has the BID (BW Development) as the Source System to itself in order to load 0PAPA_C02 (Headcount) InfoCube.
    When trying to Activate, it gives the following error message:
    Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject 0PERSLANGU
    Message no. RSAR263
    Errors with the global conversion rule for the field 0PERSLANGU.
    System Response
    The function module delivers the following error message:
    Incorrect statament: Expression missing Operand mi
    Check the definition of the global conversion rule for an InfoObject.
    In fact, we are Re-implementing 3.0b BW System in new BI7.0 Ehp1 System. I have checked the Config of InfoObject 0PERSLANGU to the one available in existing BWP (3.0b Production) system and it's all the same.
    Has anyone come across similar error message and how did you resolve. Any help is very much appreciated.
    Many Thanks,

    HI Chandu ,
    It is a bug in the system , can you take a look at the SAP note
    Note 1070702 - RSAR 263: Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject
    Hope it helps ,

  • Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject 0INCOTERMS2

    When I activate BI content 2LIS_12_VCITM with transfer rule, The transfer rule was error with the message " Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject 0INCOTERMS2" and Mgs No. 263.
    The transfer rule cannot be activated.
    I checked the 0INCOTERMS2 infoObject . The global conversion rule is no error.
    The global conversion is in below.
    Type pools used by conversion program
    Conversion rule for InfoObject 0INCOTERMS2
        Data type       = CHAR
        ABAP type       = C
        ABAP length     = 000028
    $$ begin of routine - insert your code only below this line        -
    $$ end of routine - insert your code only before this line         -
    If you have any idea or face the similar problem, please suggest solution.
    Thank you.

    Good afternoon,
    If you have not done so already can you apply the SAP note  1387854 in your system and it should prevent the problem from happening again. If you also reactivate the infoobject  0INCOTERMS2 in RSD1 then it should be possible to manually activate the  transfer rule.
    Best Regards,

  • Data conversion rule manager & repository

    Hi All,
    We are running a fairly large legacy data conversion project from IMS and DB2 to Oracle which will involve quite a variety range of conversion/mapping rules (complex data manipulation to simple mapping). These requirement and rules involve both tech and business collaboration. Are there any data conversion rule managers tool out there that provide these type of capabilities:
    1. Data conversion rule repository and version control
    2. collaboration features (e.g. collaboration editing, commenting, decision capture, approval...etc)
    We have check someed of the tools out there, and they are either generic requirement gathering tools, which is basically a few tabs with drop downs and a big text box, or some end-to-end data conversion automation solutions, which focus the execution of the data conversion instead of managing & tracking conversion rules.
    Can anyone you help? please let me know if there is anything comes close that is practical and useful. Thank you.

    Tubby, thank you for the info. Yes, we actually use ODI as a DEV tool for data conversion rule implementation and execution between our staging DB and target DB. However, ODI does not really have the capability to allow our tech and business to collaborate together and focus on "getting all these rules defined correctly". Having say that, ODI does have many very useful side features for our DEV to leverage and share information such as knowledge module and data mapping...etc
    We would hope to have a practical data rule management tool & repository that allows tech and business to work together and gather all the rules and build up all the knowledge base in 1 single place. DEV/QA can then take away and focus on the implementation and validation.
    Please let me know. Thank you very much.

  • JDBC data conversion rules

    Is there any document specifying the conversion rules for JDBC?
    Specifically, ODBC says when a character array is passed to a BINARY column, two bytes of character data should be converted into a single binary byte. For eg. "01" becomes 00000001 and "ff" becomes 11111111. Similarly, when data is retrieved from a BINARY column as a character array, each byte is converted into two characters. Do these rules hold for JDBC as well?

    Is there any document specifying the conversion rules
    for JDBC?
    Specifically, ODBC says when a character array is
    passed to a BINARY column, two bytes of character data
    should be converted into a single binary byte. For eg.
    "01" becomes 00000001 and "ff" becomes 11111111.The reference I have is for ODBC 3.5, and looking at SQLPutData I don't see anything like that. That method doesn't even differentiate between types of data.
    I also checked for blobs and conversions and I didn't find anything that says that.
    What happens when one uses a database that supports both binary and char blobs and you really want to store hex information in a char blob?

  • Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject when Activating 2LIS_11_V_IT

    I am facing several issues while activating the Content. For 2LIS_11_V_ITM I get the following message:
    Error in global conversion rule for InfoObject 0INCOTERMS2
    Message no. RSAR263
    Errors with the global conversion rule for the field 0INCOTERMS2.
    System Response
    The function module delivers the following error message:
    Incorrect statament: Expression missing Operand mi
    Check the definition of the global conversion rule for an InfoObject.
    Any suggestion?

    Hi Mohan,
    seems this message is common when activating BI_CONT.
    I believe what i did was:
    - go to the InfoObject
    - verified Object Routine (check) (then was ok).
    - Removed Object form DS
    - Activated DS  (w/o info object was giving problems)
    - Placed InfoObject back to the DS
    - Activated DS but now including Info Object
    Believe that worked for me.
    Let me know how it goes.

  • Error in global conversion rule for 0DOC_CATEG

    Hi Friends,
    My transfer rules are inactive for 2LIS_11_VAITM. When i tried to get activate i am getting the below error message...
    Error in global conversion rule for 0DOC_CATEG
    How i can activate the transfer rules.
    is there any global routine for this infoobject.
    Please suggest a solution.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Reddy,
    Goto Change mode of the info object 0DOC_CATEG. Just edit the description of 0DOC_CATEG by adding a "." and activate it.
    Again change the description by removing the "." and activate the info object.
    After doing this, activate the transfer rules. It'll work fine.
    -- Selva

  • Data Conversion Errors for the last week

    We've been running a simple Stream Analytics job for little over a month now with a very light workload. Input is Event hub and output SQL Server. We noticed today that we haven't received anything into SQL Server since 2014-12-08 (we don't receive events
    every day so we only know that everything still worked on the 8th of December), so we checked the job's logs. It seems that job is failing to process all the messages: The value of "Data Conversion Errors" is high.
    I wonder what could have happened? We haven't touched the client since we started the job so it's still sending the messages in same format. And we haven't touched the job's query either.
    Has there been an update to either to Stream Analytics or to Events Hub which could cause the issue we're seeing?

    I've followed word for word the TollApp Instructions (except the thing with NamespaceType "Messaging" that has been added to New-AzureSBNamespace).
    I have 0 line in output, and this is the service log:
    Correlation ID:
    After deserialization, 0 rows have been found. Possible reasons could be a missing header or malformed CSV input.
    Message Time:
    2015-01-21 10:35:15Z
    Then I stopped the job, and connected to the event hub with a console app and received that:
    Message received. Partition: '11', Data: 'TollId,EntryTime,LicensePlate,State,Make,Model,VehicleType,VehicleWeight,Toll,Tag
    85,21/01/2015 10:24:56,QBQ 1188,OR,Toyota,4x4,1,0,4,361203677
    Message received. Partition: '11', Data: 'TollId,EntryTime,LicensePlate,State,Make,Model,VehicleType,VehicleWeight,Toll,Tag
    33,21/01/2015 10:25:42,BSE 3166,PA,Toyota,Rav4,1,0,6,603558073
    Message received. Partition: '11', Data: 'TollId,EntryTime,LiMessage received. Partition: '10', Data: 'TollId,EntryTime,LicensePlate,State,Make,Model,VehicleType,VehicleWeight,Toll,Tag
    59,21/01/2015 10:23:59,AXD 1469,CA,Toyota,Camry,1,0,6,150568526
    Message received. Partition: '10', Data: 'TollId,EntryTime,LicensePlate,State,Make,Model,VehicleType,VehicleWeight,Toll,Tag
    25,21/01/2015 10:24:17,OLW 6671,NJ,Honda,Civic,1,0,5,729503344
    Message received. Partition: '10', Data: 'TollId,EntryTime,LicensePlate,State,Make,Model,VehicleType,VehicleWeight,Toll,Tag
    51,21/01/2015 10:24:23,LTV 6699,CA,Honda,CRV,1,0,5,169341662
    Note the bug on the 3rd message. In my opinion it's unrelated, it could be the writeline that can't keep up with the stream in the console application. And at worst it's in the stream, but then I should see at least some lines in output for the correctly
    formatted messages.

  • Data conversion strategy for new SOB

    Dear Viewers
    on 11.5.10
    We are creating a new SOB with a change in currency from Feb-11 as this is the requirement
    For the same, we need to do data conversion.
    I have a confusion for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders
    Purchase Orders:
    Open purchase orders will be converted, means the unfulfilled PO`s i.e the ones not received and are fully open.
    The PO`s which have been recieved but not delivered, Requested the users to clear the intransit receipts.
    The PO's which are partially received, what to be done for them?
    If a PO is fully received and Delivered will not me converted to the new SOB as its not an open PO
    but If invoice comes after Feb-11, than how the matching will be done?
    What if a return has to be made moving forward in FEB-11 under new SOB
    Sales Orders:
    Open sales orders will be converted, that is the ones that have been entered and not yet booked.
    Users have been requested to clear off the Sales order lines which are already pick confirmed but not yet shipped, hence they will be shipped and interfaced to AR
    For the Sales orders that have been booked, those lines that are not yet processed further will also be converted.
    Now what if a receipt comes after feb 11, how to handle this as the sales order wiould not have been converted?
    Please give your advise on the data migration strategy for PO`s and SO's.
    Please do add any point that may have been missed by me
    Appreciate your help

    Hi David,
    for master data conversion you can use LSMW and the RE-FX BAPIs. (please refer to SAP note  [782947|] ).
    Regards, Franz

  • Extract data of a company within the same client.

    Hi gurus. If I have more than one company configured in the same client in the ERP, Is there any way to extract data of only one of those companys in order to transfer or copy this information in other ERP?.
    I've listened about TDMS but I'm looking for any procedure or tool that ensure that only the data of one company of multiples is extracted.
    Thanks a lot!. Greetings from Colombia.

    Could you please clarify what all data you want to extract. Is it master data ?
    Incase you want to extract master data to any external system you can you SAP standard IDOCs using ALE.
    Also you can put a filter in the distribution model to filter the extract data only to relvant company codes.

  • Jakarta Beanutils - Conversion rules for null

    Hi all,
    I am using the BeanUtils.copyProperties(target, source) method to copy my Struts ActionForm String-only fields into my Business JavaBean's typed fields (String, Boolean and Integer fields).
    The thing I am having trouble understanding is if there is no request variable sent for a particular value, this value is null in the Struts action form - but the copyProperties method uses this null String to populate an Integer field on my business bean as new Integer(0) - and not simply populating this value with null.
    This doesn't seem intuitive to me - if the HTML form had no value for a certain field, I expect both ActionForm and Business bean to also have a null value - the the form have the value "0", then I would expect this to get mapped through to new Integer(0) in the back end.
    Is there any documentation that explain the default BeanUtils conversion rules, or ways or adjusting these rules programatically ?
    I have browsed the jakarta site for a while, but not seem anything of immediate use, and google isn't helping at all !
    Many thanks for you help,

    It certainly seems that all null Strings get mapped to the "default primitive value" for the wrapper class - 0 for Integer, false for Boolean etc...
    I think the problem here is I was looking for the copyProperties method to be a bijection (1 to 1 mapping) between String and Integer, e.g."1" maps to new Integer(1), and Integer(1) maps to "1"
    "0" maps to new Integer(0), and Integer(0) maps to "0"
    null String maps to null Integer, and null Integer maps to null StringBut it seems null String maps to new Integer(0), and new Integer(0) maps back to "0" - which is not my original value.
    Anyone know how to force this behvaiour or explain why the library doesn't follow what is, AFAICT, a more logical conversion scheme ?

  • Error in Global Conversion rule for InfoObject

    Hi Gurus,
                  I am working on SAP NetWeaver 2004s BW 7.0, I have extracted the SD cube 0SD_C03(sales overview) content from the business content and noticed the infoobject's transfer rules are not active and when i tried to active them i am getting the following error "Error in global conversion rule fro infoObkect 0DOC_CATEG"
    "NO PSA exits for the infoObject 0DOC_CATEG"
    Please help me to resolve the problem.
    Thanking you

    This solution of dummy change in routine worked for me.
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  • ALE : conversion rule for field value to become null

    Dear experts,
    I need to pass a material from one system to another with ALE. The problem is that the field marc-prctr (profit center) of this material is populated in the first system, but it does not exist in the second, so I assume transaction bd79 should be used to convert somehow the value of prctr to initial.
    How can I do that??? I have already tried defining a conversion rule and assigning it to message type MATMAS, segment E1MARCM, but it did not work.
    Please help.

    Did you check this?<a href=""></a>

  • Table in nested Iterators-Tree Level Rules for ViewInstances using same VL

    Hi All ,
    Jdev , ADF BC , WLS 10.3.5.
    I have a use case wherein I need to show a table nested at 3rd level within 2 af:iterators like -
    <af:iterator id="i1" value="#{bindings.Location.collectionModel}"
                   var="locRow" varStatus="varStatus">
    <af:iterator id="i2" var="deptRow" value="#{locRow.children}"
    <af:table value="#{deptRow.Employees}" //using child View Link accessor Attribute directly can use deptrow.children too
    <af:inputText value="#{row.EmployeeName}">
    </af:iterator>I need to display a table of Employees for each manager ... like ManagerId=100 in one table and others in a separate one (I know weird requirement but thats how it is :( )
    So basically in my AM Data Model I have shuttled two view instances of Employee and filtered them using ViewCriterias accordingly like ->
    ---Employees //(WithManager100)
    Now since there is just one ViewLink between Department & Employees .. I am able to add "*EmployeesWithManageNot100*" as a child ViewLink accessor attribute , only Employees is available.
    Is there any way we can show separate child ViewInstances in a treeModel with only one ViewLink ?

    Thanks for your reply Frank.
    important: , ADF BC , WLS 10.3.5. is not correct - it should be WLS 10.3.6AFAIK , is compatible with both WLS 10.3.5 and 10.3.6 WLS and comes out of the box with WLS 10.3..5 which I am using for the Integrated Server.
    So while there is a way to have two child node collections, its not from view object instances you define and configure using view criteriaThe link you posted above is simialr to another link I bumped into yesterday -
    "How to filter tree node child data" , Pg 12 @ written by you.
    But my requirement is showing instances of the same EmployeeVO as two tables inside the Department Iterator. But I am not able to do that since there is only one ViewLink accessor for the EmployeeView.
    Is that even possible without using 2 explicit physical View Links ?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, We have done an upgrade from 11i to R12. I am not able to map few columns from the table : IC_ITEM_MST_B to a table in R12. The columns are : 1) GL_CLASS 2) INV_CLASS etc All Item classes are converged to item categories, but I am not able to map