Data gets cleared when i switch from one tab to other in SubTabLayout

I have created a PageLayout with with region style SubTabLayout in it.
I have created two tabs for this SubTabLayout which is using same VO.
I have few MessageTextInputs type items on both the tabs.
After entering data into these items of one tab, go to another tab and come back to first tab, data i entered in items on first tab get cleared.
Can you please help me what setting should i have to do to keep the data in those items even i keep switching the tabs.

Hi Sumit,
can you please make me clear.
my ProcessRequest has the following code.
EmployeeAMImpl am = (EmployeeAMImpl)pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
String canid = pageContext.getParameter("param");
EmpDetailsVOImpl vo= am.getEmpDetailsVO1();

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    Thanks very much Russ and Michael for the quick response. will wait for that feature from oracle soon

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    The first part of this response is regarding the volumn of emails int he Inbox folder. I'm writting about this (although it is not your query) because I would not like to think you could lose all your emails.
    I would strongly recommend that you do not save all of your pop emails in the Inbox folder, as it is designed to be an Inbox for incoming mail and not a general store.
    You may see a folder in the FolderPane, but in reality your emails are stored in mbox files. Emails are downloaded and stored one after the other in the order downloaded. So, at this moment, you have one single mbox text File with all of your Inbox emails written one after the other into a single document.
    Recommend you create some folders and manage your emails.
    After sorting them out, you could compact the Inbox to remove any 'marked as deleted' emails.
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    If any corruption occurs in that file eg; TB cannot detect the end of a 'marked as deleted' email, then it may end up deleting a load of emails.
    So I would not compact (a task that should be done on a regular basis) until you have organised your emails into other folders:
    See info on how to maintain a healthy Thunderbird and compacting - why it is so important.
    '''Re; List of emails - view the recent incoming mail.'''
    I would advise you have the most recent at the top, then you do not need to scroll. This option works in much better way for instantly locating new mail.
    Click on the 'Date' column header to reverse the order.
    or View > Sort by > Date and descending

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    So no-one has suffered this issue? - Not even fellow vodafone uk users?

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    since the decoder varies for each camera, i think it depends on the camera you are using..i have the same issue with my 5D..images get lighter and less saturated..however images shot with my 40D get darker and more saturated..
    for the 5D images though, i do gain more detail in the shadow areas..but for most of my photos that have already been tweaked/adjusted, there's no need for me to go back and reinvent the wheel by tweaking again.

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    Some of the columns of flex value tables are obsoleted in Oracle 11.0.3. like description in fnd_flex_values is obsoleted and description is used from fnd_flex_values_tl.
    My question is, Is it necessary to do the data movement of fnd_flex_values_tl table to get the description or just the data movement for fnd_flex_values table will serve the purpose.
    Thanks in advance.

    When upgrading you need to populate both the fnd_flex_values and the fnd_flex_value_tl table. Please note applications will not function properly when you dont populate this table.
    I am not sure how you are populating this table, if using the oracle upgrade process then Oracle takes care of this else please ensure that you populate all the _tl tables

  • S300M-S2142 -- 32-bit or 64-bit?? Switching from one to the other?

    Hi all:
    I recently purchased the Satellite Pro S300M-S2142 (and I think a lot of other people did, too!).
    When I first booted up I installed the 32-bit OS (Vista Business), but now I'm wondering if I should have gone with 64-bit and whether I will be able to change to 64-bit later.
    Much appreciated!
    Go to Solution.

    I don't have one of those to actually look at, but usually there is a utility that will create the Vista recovery disks from the partition that is on the machine.  Check your User Guide, perhaps page 61.  I don't see a user guide for that specific model but there is an S300/S300M user guide under model S300-2403.

  • I have two iphone 5 when I text from one to the other the text shows up on both phones How do I stop this

    I have two I phone 5's( one is my girlfriends). We shared one apple ID. When I updated one of the phones to 7.1 I started recieving her text and she is receiving mine. Also when I text here it shows up on my phone as a text to myself and also on her phone. I tried to create a seperate apple id for her phone to resolve the issue but that hasnt helped. Any suggestions would be appriciated

    My wife and daughter had the same problem. Make sure the Send/Receive setting under Messages in the General section of Settings has the correct, and ONLY 1, apple id. Good Luck.

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    Does anyone know how I can get the win8 pc to do as the old XP machine?

    Hello over here,
    The steps below detail how to place an input chooser that will allow for the adjustment of your keyboard layout while on the login screen.
    From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
    Click Users & Groups to display the pane (or choose User & Groups from the View menu).
    If the lock icon in the lower-left corner of the window is closed, click it, then enter the name and password of an administrator to unlock it.
    Click Login Options.
    Select the "Show Input menu in login window" checkbox.
    From the Apple menu, choose Log Out.
    At the login window, click the Input menu (shows the name of the currently selected input source next to a keyboard icon) in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select the desired input source or keyboard layout. If you don't see the input source you are looking for, move the pointer over Other Input Sources, then select the input source from the complete list that appears.
    OS X: How to change the keyboard layout at the login window

  • Switching from one View to another in the Portal

    Hi Experts,
    We have created many global views from one query.  We have created these in thr portal.
    Our problem is when we switch from one view to another, it will carry all the filter values from the previous view.  Ideally we only want to pass the values from the variable entry, not the filter values local to the view.
    Does anyone of you knows how to solve this problem?  I am trying to look at the Customer exit... and do something with the mapping.  But this one will affect all the drill-downs.  Any thoughts?
    Best Regards,

    I have somehow solved it using the exit.  In this case the source and target query is really the same because we are just switching from one view to another using the the same query.  What I did in the exit was:
    -  If the source and target query are the same.
    -  remove all the mappings except the ones with object types "Variables".
    This ensures that:
    1) I only apply this logic if the source and destination query is the same.
    2) The restrictions that will be applied to the destination view when I switch
    from one view to another will always be only be the paramater values
    (default or entered by the user) when they first run the query.
    Best Regards,

  • Pass Value from one tab to another

    I have a requirement to pass a value from one tab to another.
    For ex: I have a CC&B page with two tabs (Main, Steps).
    In the Main tab, I choose a Field Activity. Once it is chosen, I want to pass the value of the Field Activity ID to the 'Steps' tab. Once I get the value of the field Activity, I can then query up a table and populate some fields in the Steps tab. How can i achieve passing the value if FA Id from one tab to another?
    I tried to create an extension of the page using ext_page.jsp. But this extension just provides us methods like extPreOnWindowLoad(), extPostOnWindowLoad() etc which really is not helpful.
    Any suggestions?

    We cannot pass multiple values using Drill Filters beause it is based on hierarchy that can take only one value at a time.
    If you want you can use Report Level Filter instead.
    Neither can we pass dril filters from one tab to other.

  • I am havig an error while shifting from one tab to the other mozilla firefox stops for some seconds.

    error while shifting from one tab to other''''''

    I've followed what I can of that error, and from what I'm reading, your hard disk is doomed. Some people report that they've been able to reinstall OSX on the same disk and use it for as long as a few months, but eventually the error returns.
    Here's what I suggest:
    Step 1: Backup everything you want to keep immediately!
    Step 2: Buy new disk.
    Step 3: Install new disk.
    Step 4: Reinstall everything & restore.
    I highly suggest backing up as soon as possible. -- On the first day of this error my MBP would no longer boot. Thankfully, I was able to save most of my stuff using the terminal window available in the installer.
    Searching for that error code here & on google returns a fair number of hits so you can read what others have done as well. Some seem to be able to get a new drive from apple if it's still under warranty.
    Good luck!

  • HELP! How do I get rid of the volume noise that plays when I switch from internal speakers to external speakers?

    How do I get rid of the volume noise that plays when I switch from internal speakers to external speakers? I'm trying to watch something on my TV through an HDMi cable (& apple adapter) and when I go to switch the sound control in preferences from internal speakers to SONY TV, the annoying "popping" noise occurs on my TV's speakers.

    Go to Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings and check the box for error correction, and then try one of the problem CDs again.

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