Data load Error using Process chain

In NW2004s when I schedule delta loads for 2LIS_11_VAITM using process chains, when there is zero delta, the manage screens of the infocubes show green light with zero records correctly whereas the process chain log display shows red. The details of the process monitor show zero records. Is this right? I assume that even if there is zero delta, the log must show green and all the subsequent processes like activation of ODS, deleting of PSA, construction of indexes must be carried out. Please confirm. Is this a bug?

Hi Victor,
Can you please advice how you solved issue as we are having similar issue where it works fine when loaded manually but throws communication error when process chain runs, following is error message..
Communication error: call FM RSSDK_DATA_REMOTE_GET
Thanks in advance for your help!!

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  • Flat file data loading error using process chain

    Hi SAP Experts,
    I am having a problem loading the flat file data to the cube using process chain. The issue is that when i run the process chain it fails giving the message " Date format error, please enter the date in the format  _.yyyy" . I am using " 0calmonth in the datasource" . Strange is that when i manually execute the infopackage, i dont get any errors and am able to load the same file successfully to the dso and the cube. Is there any special setting for the process chain that i am missing?
    The date format in the flat file is mm/yyyy. I have tried all the options i could including recreating the datasource and invain dont see any success so far. please help me solving this problem as we r in the middle of testing cycle.
    Thanking you all for your quick response and support all the time.
    Kind Regards,

    Hi Sanjeev,
    I believe you are opening the .csv file again after saving it. In this case the initial 0 in single digit month (say 02/2010) is getting changed to 2/2010 and the resulting file is not readable to the system. Just do not open the file after you have entered data in the .csv file and saved and closed it. If required, open the file in notepad, but not in excel in case you want to re-check the data.
    Hope this helps.

  • Steps for master data loading by using process chain

    I want to load the Master data by using the process chain . Can anyone tell me the step-by-step method for loading the master data .
    I means what are the processes should i need to include in the process chain . Pls tell me in sequenece .
    i ll assing the points

    The process os loading master data is similar to transaction data in terms of using the infopackages.
    First you have to load Attr followed by texts and hierarchy.For master data you have to include the process type called as Attribute change run.This can be included as a separate process type or using the AND process.
    Hope this helps.
    Assign points if useful.

  • Master data loading by using process chain

    I want to load the master data by using the process chain in BI7.0 . How can i do this one .
    Can anyone tell me the step-by-step method for loading the master data.

    Hi Kumar,
    check this link to load the master data by using the process chain
    Re: Process Chain : Master Data

  • Regarding Master Data Loading by using Process Chain

    can anyone tell me 'step-by-step process and what are processes , process types' are used for loading the Master Data , Transaction into ODS and into Infocube.
    i ll assing maximum points

    HI Mohammand,
    1. Master Data loading:
    2. Transactional data to ODS:
    3. Transactional data to CUBE:
    Hope it Helps

  • Data Load Requirement through Process Chain

    Hello All,
    I have implemented an area through a custom data source and following is my data load requirement through Process Chain. Request you to kindly help me for the same.
    1. The design is an InfoCube and updated using a Transformation through the custom data source.
    2. For the entire year 2008 I want a single request to be loaded. So it gets loaded into the PSA and then into the Infocube through a (Delta) DTP.
    3. Now, I have created an InfoPackage (Full Update) with year as 2009 in the selection. Tht is I want tht hencforth the data load should be for the year 2009.
    4. Hence, the Infopackage will run to bring the 2009 data into PSA and I run the (Delta) DTP to update the same in the Cube.
    5. Now, what i require is everyday the InfoPackage (Full Update) with 2009 should run and bring data into PSA. and the same should be updated in the InfoCube after deleting the 2009 request already present keeping 2008 request loaded previously intact.
    I hope the above is nt confusing.
    Please let me know if i can elaborate the same.
    Thank you.
    Kunal Gandhi

    Please go through the links.
    These may help you in designing the process chain as required.
    Edited by: sunil kumar on Apr 17, 2009 6:20 PM

  • How to load hierarchies using process chains

    Hi ,
    Can any one please explain the steps for loading hierarchies using process chain.whenever i drag the hierarchy infopcakage Save variant is also coming by default,so do we need to have different SAve variant for different hierarchy infopackages or can we have one save variant for all the hierarchy variables.

    Hello Veka,
    How r u ?
    Yes ! SAVE Variant & Attribute Change Run will add up while loading the Hierarchy InfoPackage.
    Provide the InfoObject Name for which u r loading the Hierarchy in the SAVE variant and SAVE it. The same will be transferred to the Attribute Change Run also.
    If u r creating the Chain with more InfoPackages then have the Save Variant & Attribute Change Run at the last.
    Best Regards....
    Sankar Kumar
    +91 98403 47141

  • BPC:: Master data load from BI Process chain

    we are trying to automatize the master data load from BI.
    Now we are using a package with:
    PROMPT(INFILES,,"Import file:",)
    PROMPT(TRANSFORMATION,%TRANSFORMATION%,"Transformation file:",,,Import.xls)
    PROMPT(DIMENSIONNAME,%DIMNAME%,"Dimension name:",,,%DIMS%)
    PROMPT(RADIOBUTTON,%WRITEMODE%,"Write Mode",2,{"Overwirte","Update"},{"1","2"})
    But we need to include these tasks into a BI process chain.
    How can we add the INFO statement into a process chain?
    And how can we declare the variables?

    i have followed your recomendation, but when i try to use the process /CPMB/MASTER_CONVERT, with the parameter TRANSFORMATIONFILEPATH and the root of the transformation file as value, i have a new problem. The value only have 60 char, and my root is longer:
    How can we put this root???


    Can we load R/3 data into BI using process chains?... I loaded data from R/3 into Infocube using generic extraction using view... took 2 tables EBKN and EBAN and ceated view.
    In PSA I can find all the 2388 records but when I load into datatarget in transferred tab there are 2388 records but in added colum i could find only 2096.....
    I deleted the request and want to load through process chains....... but  how to do ?????? without flat file ...can we laod using process chains?
    I appreciate any inputs.......

    did you even bother looking at the links in my previous posts???
    read the docs...try yourself...if you encounter specific issues, you can post them on the forum...
    if you're really expecting somebody to post a step by step for process chain, i think you can wait a long, long time...

  • Data load error--urgent

    hi friends ,
    we are geting data load error as; Process 000087 for deterermined fro infoobject DUVTYPE started in STATUS TAB and in DETAILS TAB  update(251new/160 chnaged): Errors occured.
      what should i  know  from information and what are the reasons for this  load failure and possible rectification methods.
    This  load is through  process chains and aslo a delta load.
    Can i delete the request and start the infopackage manually? also will it make my Process chain Green automatically or  should i repeat from the subsequent process?
    Plz help.
    I award points.

    Hi siddharta,
    look in the details of the monitor to see the error. Be very cautious with deltas! They can not be repeated every time. it depends on the datasource! What you can do is delete the failed request from all(!) the data targets meanwhile!

  • Need help in triggering the Data stream load  using process chain

    Hi Guru's
    is it possible to trigger a data stream load using process chain?
    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Hi Indiran and welcome aboard!
    Don't think this is possible. SAP BW & SAP SEM-BCS are rather independent systems. Though, BCS lives on top of BI-BW stack, it even may have master data different from those in BW.
    Process chains, AFAIK, is completely the BW's feature. Certainly, you may use PCc on BW side, loading ODS/DSO and cubes involved in BCS data model.
    The main con here is the lost transparency -- you don't control everything from the consolidation monitor.
    The pro side is also rather obvious for me. Since, very often there is a huge difference between data quality at the data source and in the BCS totals cube, I need to make a lot of data transformation. Not only some data calculations or cleaning, but also transformation of data model: key figure model -> account model. It's much more easier to do in BW, for me.
    I even call the ODS/cubes/routines involved in such transformation as intermediate layer, the layer between data source and SEM-BCS.
    And this layer lives rather independently from BCS.
    Hope this helps.

  • Initial full load of Master data using process chain

    Hi All,
    Could you please help me regarding, initial master data load to characteristics with attributes and text. I need to load master data to 23 info objects, by using process chain can I do full load of master data to all info objects at a time. And one more doubt is, as per my knowledge we can't maintain more than one variant in an info package, is that right ? or we can ?
    Means Start Variant -> Info Package (0Customer_Text, 0Customer_Attr,0BILL_TYPE_TEXT, BILL_CAT_TEXT) -> DTP ( ", ", ", ") -> ACR.
    Your Help will be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards

    "I need to load master data to 23 info objects, by using process chain can I do full load of master data to all info objects at a time."
    if there is no dependency between attributes then you add you can create process chains and trigger them at a time. No issues.
    we can't maintain more than one variant in an info package, is that right ? or we can ?
    With one info pack you can't load data to all 23 psa. because each data source have own psa. you need to sue 23 info packs.
    in general start variant--> info pack --> dtp (assuming as your bw 7.x)---> attribute change run.
    like that you need to create 23 chains 
    Or create one two big chains.
    one is for attribute and another for text.
    In attribute
    start varaint--> info pack(info bject 1)--DTP(infoobject 1))--> info pack(infoo bject 2)-->dtp(infoobject 2).
    Like that way you can create in series and parallel chains to load attributes data into info objects. at end you add change run for 6 info objects each. SAme you can do for text loads also.

  • Loading Data Using Process Chains

    Hi All,
    we are having 3 layers for loading data using DB connect i.e 1st and 2nd layers we are having DSO's and the 3rd layer is cube.we are following the following updates for the 3 layers
    1st layer- full
    2nd layer - delta
    3rd -delta
    is there any possibilites of getting duplicates in the cube and if so how to solve this one using process chains

    Your dataflow looks ok.
    Hopefully you are using "Std DSO", there is no chances of getting duplicate records.
    But in case...
    If you are using "WO DSO" with check box "Do not check Uniqueness of records"
    In this situation you will get the duplicate... as "WO DSO" with this property will simply keep on adding adding the records.

  • Loading from flat file to dso using process chains

    i am using BI7.0
    i am new to  process chains
    can anyone  explain how to load data from flat file to dso using process chains(i have created all the objects created) preffered if explained with an example

    You can find a lot info if you can searh SDN.
    Steps for Metachain :
    1. Start ( In this variant set ur schedule times for this metachain )
    2.Local Process Chain 1 ( Say its a master data process chain - Get into the start variant of this chain ( Sub chain - like any other chain ) and check the second radio button " Start using metachain or API " )
    3.Local Process Chain 2 ( Say its a transaction data process chain do the same as in step 2 )
    Steps for Process Chains in BI 7.0 for a Cube.
    1. Start
    2. Execute Infopackage
    3. Delete Indexes for Cube
    4.Execute DTP
    5. Create Indexes for Cube
    For DSO
    1. Start
    2. Execute Infopackage
    3. Execute DTP
    5. Activate DSO
    For an IO
    1. Start
    2.Execute infopackage
    3.Execute DTP
    4.Attribute Change Run
    Data to Cube thru a DSO
    1. Start
    2. Execute Infopackage ( loads till psa )
    3.Execute DTP ( to load DSO frm PSA )
    4.Activate DSO
    5.Delete Indexes for Cube
    6.Execute DTP ( to load Cube frm DSO )
    7.Create Indexes for Cube
    Master loading ( Attr, Text, Hierarchies )
    Steps :
    2. Execute Infopackage ( say if you are loading 2 IO's just have them all parallel )
    3.You might want to load in seq - Attributes - Texts - Hierarchies
    4.And ( Connecting all Infopackages )
    5.Attribute Change Run ( add all relevant IO's ).
    ______ And Processer_ ( Connect Infopackge1C & Infopackge2B )
    Attribute Change Run ( Add Infobject 1 & Infoobject 2 to this variant )
    1. Start
    2. Delete Indexes for Cube
    3. Execute Infopackage
    4.Create Indexes for Cube
    For DSO
    1. Start
    2. Execute Infopackage
    3. Activate DSO
    For an IO
    2.Execute infopackage
    3.Attribute Change Run
    Data to Cube thru a DSO
    1. Start
    2. Execute Infopackage
    3.Activate DSO
    4.Delete Indexes for Cube
    5.Execute Infopackage
    6.Create Indexes for Cube
    Some Links

  • How to delete Master data using Process Chain

    I need to delete data in respective data targets such as Infocubes, DSO’s & Master data Infoobjects. It was fine with Infocubes & DSOs  using respective process type. But the issue is with Master data Infoobjects.
    Is there any process type by using which I can delete data in Master data Infoobjects using process chain?

    Master data object process type is not there because in BW, master data is conformed or is shared by other infoproviders. Due to this dependency, master data loading is a bit more complex. You need to drop all the data from all the infproviders which are using the master data you want to delete.

Maybe you are looking for