Data Source Z*** is not defined in the source system

Hello All,
I am facing a well known problem extracting data from R3 to the BI side. On both sides I've got SAP ALL.
I created data source on R3 DEV side, tested it and it extracts data. I've replicated metadata on BI side and activated the data source. The problem starts once I create the info package as no data is availble in PSA.
I went to extractor checker and tried to start the extraction and I could see the message: data source Z**** not defined in the source system.
I tried to locate the data source through RSA5 and I cannot see that it is availble there.
Can you please help and advise where the problem is?

Hi Neb,
It can be related to many issues, one of them can be RFC connection issue. Please check the link below :-
Datasource xxx is not defined in the source system
It might give you some of ideas. Also if possible can you tell what Datasource are you having problem with.

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  • InfoSource 8ODS_SLS is not defined in the source system

    Hi Guys,
        When I tried to load data from ODS to Infocube, I am getting the following error.
    “InfoSource 8ODS_SLS is not defined in the source system”
          Source System is not R/3. It is just a flat file and data was uploaded into ODS. When transferring the data from ODS to Infocube, I get this problem. And I have defined the update rules for infocube and also given the infosource name as ODS.
          But the data is not getting uploaded in the Infocube.

    First replicate your BWSELF system.
    Then, Run this program in SE38:
    Enter the source system (your BW system)
    Enter the datasource (8ODS_SLS).
    If you get an error message immediately, the datasource doesn't exist. If it runs, check and make sure you get no error messages.

  • Error Infosource is not defined in the source system

    I am extracting data into ODS. It was running perfectly till now. But today i am getting this error.and for all packages i run. whether it is transaction data or master data.
    I replicated the DataSource and activated all the objects and transfer structure.but still getting the same error.
    I even created a new DataSource and infosource but still the error persists. please help me in this matter.

    the data is extracted from BW system itself (Self System).
    there are three tables linked to each other.I have created an infoset query and creted datasource on that infoset query.
    the source system is the same bw system.
    The detailed error report is -
    InfoSource  is not defined in the source system.
    Message no. R3005 
    The InfoSource  specified in the data request, is not defined in the source system.
    System response
    The data transfer is terminated.
    In the Administrator Workbench of the Business Information Warehouse, update the metadata for this source system, and delete the InfoPackages belonging to InfoSources that no longer existing .

  • Infosource 8ZISCMS10 is not defined in the source system

    Hi Gurus,
    I got an issue when loading the data with in SAP BW (Info source is ODS),It threw an error message stating "Infosource 8ZISCMS10 is not defined in the source system",
    Could any one of you help me in this regrad plz,
    N:B: I have activated the transfer structure through RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL  and replicated the data sources before loading...

    When u activate DSO/ODS (say ZISCMS10) it creates datasource (8ZISCMS10) & Infosource (8ZISCMS10)
    U can check these at ...... Modeling --> Datasources -> BI -> BI source system name. If it is missing .. reactivate DSO/ODS.
    If the load is failing in QA, u should rereactivate DSO/ODS in DEV and transport that to QA.. After transport.. make sure datasource (8ZISCMS10) & Infosource (8ZISCMS10) appears in QA (Modeling --> Datasources -> BI -> BI source system name)

  • Error: Infoobject is not defined in the source system

    (I posted this in other forums as well - but wondering, it it should be here in BCT/Extractors - I could use more help).
    this is my issue:
    I am trying to load master data (attr) for an infoobject.
    But, it fails with the following error message (when I click on the "Error message" button on the "monitor" screen.
    "Infoobject is not defined in the source system"
    "Erros in source system".
    (I did rsa3 and find it has some data + i checked on the base table as well, it has data; the datasource is from an SRM system) Why is it complaining like this.
    any help on what could be wrong here? Pl let me know,

    Thanks Ricardo,
    I have tried that b4. and it says the "source system connection is OK".
    any other idea?
    Do I have to install the infoobjects on the source system as well? SRM is my source system.. I am not sure on that, but If I have to, how do I do that?
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  • InfoSource  is not defined in the source system

        We are getting error 'InfoSource  is not defined in the source system' while extracting data from Planning book to Cube in APO.
    Data is coming up to Extrack checker ( RSA3 ) but not comming to PSA.
    Please help me.
    Subba Rao

    Hello Subba,
    Have you replicated the datasource on the BW side? If you use the 3.x data flow then you also need to assign the datasource to and infosource.
    Best Regards,

  • DataSource 0HR_ATT is not defined in the source system

    Hi Gurus,
    When I am trying load data for HR Master data Attribute it is not loading any anything. I checked that datasource in Rsa3 at R/3 side there it is showing
    "DataSource 0HR_xx_attr is not defined in the source system", can anybody give me the solution.
    I will assign full points.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sergio,
    I have replicated the datasource in BW. Still It is showing the same.
    Kindly advice.

  • DataSource 2LIS_11_VAHDR is not defined in the source system

    I have a problem when I had activated the Data Source called 2LIS_11_VAHDR in ERP DEV and then put it in a request to be transfered to ERP Prod
    Then I am using RSA3 I receive the following error
    DataSource 2LIS_11_VAHDR is not defined in the source system
    I tried to activate this data source several times in ERP Dev and send it to production without any success

    I am sure you would have done these steps, but just a double-check.
    1. RSA5 - Install the data source
    2. RSA6 - Activate the data source
    Check in LBWE if the data source is available.
    All this will be captured in a transport request(s) - you may may have a Workbench request & a Customizing request.
    Also, before transporting, please check in your target system whether the datasource is available or not (RSA5).
    Further to the above, do a check in Dev for the following.
    After activating it in RSA6, fill the setup tables for 2LIS_11_VAHDR - i.e. thru' transaction OLI7BW.
    And check the data in RSA3.

  • InfoSource 80FIAR_O03 is not defined in the source system

    I am facing one issue while running process chain in Test client.
    Isssue: 0FI_AR_4 process chain loading to ODS successfull. the next step in process chain is further update. data is goint to cube. error getting u201CInfoSource 80FIAR_O03 is not defined in the source system.u201D  i have replicated the DS and activated 3-4 times also ran progam also. but still getting same error message. i deleted data from cube. In productio its running fine.
    currently client is updating ECC 6.0 system
    what could be root cause?
    Thanks in advance

    Can you please check this thread :
    Re: InfoSource 80FIAR_O03 is not defined in the source system

  • Extraction Problem - DataSource is not defined in the source system

    I am loading transaction data into sales cubes, while loading in process chain it shows "No Data"
    so when i go in rsa3 extration for checking availibilty of data.
    The following message shows,
    DataSource 2LIS_12_VCHDR is not defined in the source system.
    In LBWE first it was shown Inactive then i make it active.
    So, what is the procedure to defined this data source to the source system.
    Thanks & Reagards,

    Hi All,
    Thanks for ur reply.
    But i can not found the datasource in RSA5, can anyone explain how to find the datasource in RSA5?
    Datasource name : 2LIS_12_VCHDR , Cube Name : 0SD_C03
    and how to activate in RSA5 ? & after activation how can migrate the same datasource in r3 side by replication?
    Also the procedure to fill up the setup tables and then do the loading from r3side by thorugh infopackage...
    Thanks & Regards,

  • DataSource 0HR_PA_PA_1 is not defined in the source system

    Hi All,
    DataSource 0HR_PA_PA_1 is not defined in the source system Error is coming when I am trying to activate the datasource in source system (In RSA5-Data source is not available in source system)in order to pull data to HeadCount InfoCube in SAP Hr module.
    Can anybody please help me in this regards.
    I searched in sdn but no luck.

    HI Mohan,
    0HR_PA_PA_1 is a datamart datasource , It will be available in the BI system and not in the HR system
    The extractor takes the data from the master data tables in the BW system. (check SAP note 336229 )
    Check the SAP help

  • Datasource is not defined in the source system

    We have ECC 6.0
    why I can't find these datasources in ECC system?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    It is related to BI system. check below one

  • IAM-3056160:Modify User Profile request cannot set or change attribute Job Code, since it is not defined in the corresponding data set.

    I am trying to modify the value of the field "Job Code" through API I am getting the following error.(OIM11gr2). I do not get this error when updating the other fields. There is a field by the name USR_JOB_CODE in the database. When I poked around I found that there is no Job Code field in the User Form. Any ideas?
    IAM-3056160:Modify User Profile request cannot set or change attribute Job Code, since it is not defined in the corresponding data set.:Modify User Profile:Job Code
    oracle.iam.identity.exception.ValidationFailedException: IAM-3056160:Modify User Profile request cannot set or change attribute Job Code, since it is not defined in the corresponding data set.:Modify User Profile:Job Code
           at weblogic.rjvm.ResponseImpl.unmarshalReturn(
           at weblogic.rmi.cluster.ClusterableRemoteRef.invoke(
           at weblogic.rmi.cluster.ClusterableRemoteRef.invoke(
           at oracle.iam.identity.usermgmt.api.UserManager_nimav7_UserManagerRemoteImpl_1036_WLStub.modifyx(Unknown Source)
           at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
           at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
           at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
           at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
           at weblogic.ejb.container.internal.RemoteBusinessIntfProxy.invoke(
           at $Proxy2.modifyx(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.iam.identity.usermgmt.api.UserManagerDelegate.modify(Unknown Source)
           at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
           at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
           at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke

    THanks for your reply. Here is the snippet from User.xml that contains info about job code.
    <entity-attribute>Job Code</entity-attribute>
    <field name="usr_job_code">
    <attribute name="Job Code">
    I am able to retrieve the value of the Job Code attribute without any problem with the following code.
    System.out.println("JOB Code: "+user.getAttribute("Job Code"));

  • Info Source 80FIGL_O06 is not defined in source system

    Hi BW Experts,
    When I am trying load data from ODS to Cube, I am getting a error messgae stating:
    Info Source 80FIGL_O06 is not defined in source system
    Error in Source system
    This is an urgent issue. Please let me know if you have any suggestions...

    You can do this 2 ways. Right click on the ODS and say generate export datasource. The datasource will start with 8... and you can find that under Datamarts in RSA1-> Infosource. You can then create an infopackage and load from ODS through the update rules. You have the option of full load or delta load.
    The other way you can go about this is again right click on the ODS and say update to data targets and just follow from there.
    Did you follow the above steps? Where exactly is your problem?

  • SFLIGHT is NOT defined for the current logical database.

    I have just started learning ABAP and bought an ABAP Objects book by Horst Keller. I have installed 4.6d mini sap and SAP GUI 6.4 on win XP Prof. I executed S_FLIGHT_MODEL_DATA_GENERATOR to load DB tables.
    (1). When I tried to check a sample program, I get an error message SFLIGHT is not defined for the current logical database.
    Here is the partial code:
    REPORT zbcb01f1 .
    TABLES: sflight, sbook.
          carrid LIKE sbook-carrid,
          connid LIKE sbook-connid,
          fldate LIKE sbook-fldate,
          bookid LIKE sbook-bookid,
          order_date LIKE sbook-order_date,
          loccuram LIKE sbook-loccuram,
          END OF sr.
    GET sflight.   <---- Error is pointed here
    (2). I am also not getting Graphical Screen Painter when selecting Layout for a screen. Instead, I am getting alphanumeric editor.
    Someone please help me.  

    Hi Raizak,
    the easiest way is to go to and enter the note number. For this time I've copied the 2 notes below.
    Best regards,
    The Graphical Layout Editor of the Screen Painter either does not start or terminates.Error message 37527 is displayed in the session in which the call was made (Graphical Layout Editor not available.
    Additional key words
    Cause and prerequisites
    This note comprises all the common causes for error message 37527 and provides you with information on how to systematically trouble shoot the problem.
    1. Windows32 or UNIX/motif?
    As of Release 4.6B there is only the program version for 32bit Windows (NT, 95, 98, 2000 ff.).Up to Release 4.6A there was also a version for UNIX/Motif.All of the more current notes (with the exception of Note 45490) refer only to the Windows version.
    2. Termination at the start or during use?
    The following diagnostic steps refer to the causes of the errors which prevent the Graphical Layout Editor from starting. However, there are also known error causes, which result in the program terminating when the application is being used and which also produce the 37527 error message. This affects -
    Rel.4.6C/D: Termination when attempting to read texts in the logon language -> Note 375494
    Crash after transferring program and dictionary fields. Termination after transferring program and dictionary fields -> Note 189245
    Release 3.1I: Termination after inputting field text -> Note 113318
    3. Is the SAPGUI installation correct?
    The Graphical Layout Editor is automatically installed during the standard installation of the SAPGUI.If you chose a non-standard installation, then you should have explicitely selected its installation (component "Development Tools - Graphical Screen Painter").
    The program executable is called gneux.exe.During the SAPGUI installation it is placed in the same directory as the SAPGUI programms (for example, front.exe) (usually C:\Program Files\SAPpc\sapgui). The following belong to the program:
    - An additonal executable gnetx.exe (RFC starter program)
    - the DLL eumfcdll.dll
    - various eusp* data files (that is, the names all begin with eusp.)
    You can check the completeness of the program installation by starting the program gneux.exe locally in the SAPGUI directory (for example, by double-clicking on the program name in the Explorer window).The Layout Editor is displayed with German texts and an empty drawing area for the pseudo screen EUSPDYND 0000.
    If the installation is not complete, an error dialog box provides information regarding the cause of the error, for example, sometimes the DLL eumfcdll.dll is missing after reinstalling the SAPGUI. For example, the eumfcdll.dll DLL was sometimes missing after the SAPGUI was reinstalled.
    4. System link defined and okay?
    The Graphical Layout Editor is a separate program which is started by the Screen Painter Transaction (SE51) on the Frontend machine.
    Up to Release 3.0F, the programs communicated with each other via the graphics log of the SAPGUIs (gmux).The definition of the environment variable SAPGRAPH may be the cause for the program not being being found where it is.
    As of Release 3.1 G, the programs use a separate RFC link which is set up in addition to the SAPGUI's RFC link.Missing or incorrect definitions of the RFC destination EU_SCRP_WN32 or problems with the creation of the RFC link are the most frequent causes for error message 37527 being displayed.Below you can find the correct settings for the RFC destination EU_SCRP_WN32 (under "Solution").Note 101971 lists all the possible causes for problems with the RFC link set-up. Attention:The Graphical Layout Editor may not be operated through a firewall (for example between the SAP and the customer system) because this does not allow an additional RFC connection in addition to the SAPGUI.
    ad 1 UNIX/Motif
    Note 45490 describes possible errors resulting from an incorrect program installation under UNIX/Motif (up to Release 4.6A).
    ad 2 Termination when using
    The above-mentioned notes may contain options for solving individual problems.However, you usually have to replace the program with an corrected version.You can do this either by downloading a patch from sapservX or by installing a more current SAPGUI.The patch is mentioned in the respective note.
    ad 3 Installation
    You either need to reinstall the SAPGUI or manually copy the missing file into the SAPGUI directory.In both cases you should make sure beforehand that a Graphical Layout Editor is no longer running.To do this you can either remove all processes gneux.exe from the process list by using a tool such as Task Manager (on WindowsNT) or exit the Graphical Layout Editor from the Screen Painter Transaction menu via Edit -> Cancel Graphical Screen Painter). Attention:For each session or system an individial Layout Editor process may exist so that, if need be, several processes should be cancelled.
    ad 4 System link
    Up to Release 3.0F:you can either delete the environment variable SAPGRAPH or copy all the files of the Graphical Layout Editor into the directory which is specified by SAPGRAPH.
    As of Release 3.1G:you can use Transaction SM59 to check the RFC destination EU_SCRP_WN32 (expand the TCP/IP connections, select destination EU_SCRP_WN32).If the destination is missing, then you should create it with the following settings:
    - Connection type "T" (start of an external program via ...)
    - Activation type "Start"
    - Start on "Front-end workstation"
    - Front-end workstation program "gnetx.exe" (caution! NOT gneux.exe)
    - Description (optional) "Graph. Screen Painter (Windows32)
      Start Program gneux.exe using the gnetx.exe starter program."
    If you want to start the program from a different directory than the SAPGUI standard directory, then replace the default value under Frontend work station by the complete path name for program gnetx.exe.Transaction SM59 also allows you to check the RFC connection via the pushbutton "Test connection").In this case the system attempts to localize and start the program gnetx.exe.If there are errors, a message is displayed regarding the possible causes (for example, gateway problem, timeout problem or the like).Note 101971 provides a detailed explanation of the problems involved with an RFC connection set-up.As the Graphical Screen Painter requires a functional RFC connection as of Release 3.1G, contact the System Administrator or create an message on the topic Middleware (BC-MID-RFC) if you encounter RFC problems.
    If the program gnetx.exe can be found and started, the banner dialog box with logo, release data and version number is displayed briefly.As the Layout Editor itself is not started, the error cause must be in the installation of the Layout Editor program gneux.exe if the connection test was successful.
    Release 4.5A to 4.6B: Use with Releases <3.1G>.
    The Graphical Layout Editor is downward-compatible as regards the system connection, that is, an RFC-based Layout Editor for example from Release 4.6C can also be used on a non-RFC-based Screen Painter, for example of Release 3.0F.However, the releases mentioned above have a program error which causes a crash due to memory violation in the start phase of the program.Note 197328 describes the solution by installation of the corrected program version.
    Important: Trace file dev_euspNNN!
    If none of the diagnosis steps leads to the cause of the error and to the solution of the problem via the corresponding note, then you should add the contents of the trace files dev_euspNNN (NNN = process number) to the message for SAP, if possible.You can find this file in the current directory of the SAP System, for example under Windows NT in C:\Winnt\Profiles\<user>\SAPworkdir.If several such trace files can be found there, make sure that you use the file which matches the termination time with respect to date and time of creation.In most cases the ERROR message in the last lines of this trace file provides an important note on the cause of the error.
    Source code corrections
    The graphic layout editor of the Screen Painter cannot be started (RFC version).
    Other terms
    Reason and Prerequisites
    This is generally caused by the fact that the RFC connection between the frontend graphics layout editor and the calling screen painter program at the backend cannot be set up.
    Possibility 1: Route permission denied
    In the trace file dev_eusp<Process Id> of the graphics layout editor you find the entry "ERROR in RFCMgr_accept: not accepted", and in the RFC trace file dev_rfc.trc you have an entry of the form "ERROR route permission denied (<Front-Id> to <BackId>,<Service>)".
    If there is a firewall between frontend computer and application
    server, you need to decide whether the port for the RFC of the graphical layout editor can be released here (see Solution 1 below).
    In case no firewall exists between the frontend computer and the application server, in its route permission table, the SAProuter contains either no entry for the frontend computer, on which the graphics layout editor is started, or the entry says that the link is saved by a password.Since the connection is denied, the graphics editor processes exits again, and the screen painter switches to the alphanumeric layout editor.
    Possibility 2: Service 'sapgw<ServiceId>' unknown
    In the trace file dev_eusp<ProzessId> of the graphics layout editor you have the entry "ERROR in RFCMgr_accept: not accepted", and in the RFC trace file dev_rfc.trc you have an entry of the form "ERROR service 'sapgw<ServiceId>' unknown".
    The service sapgw<ServiceId> (for example, sapgw00) is not known on one of the computers participating in the RFC communication because the corresponding entry is missing in its service file. The affected computer can be the frontend computer or the gateway computer.
    Possibility 3: The system parameter gw/cpic_timeout value is too low
    This system parameter determines how many seconds the gateway is waiting for the RFC connection to be set up.In case of a high network load, the default value of 20 seconds is too small with the result that the connection cannot be created on time.Here the graphics layout editor process also exits with the trace file entry "ERROR in RFCMgr_accept: not accepted".
    Possibility 4: System parameter abap/no_sapgui_rfc set
    The profile parameter abap/no_sapgui_rfc of the system is set (that is, it has a value not equal to space or 0).This prevents the program of the graphics layout editor from being started with RFC at the frontend.
    Possibility 5: Unnecessary authorization check
    The error message "No RFC authorization for user xxxxxx" is generated although the check of the RFC authorization was deactivated by profile parameter auth/rfc_authority_check (value = space or 0). The problem is caused by a program error, that ignores the value of the profile parameter let during the call of the RFC authorization check (see Note 93254). This error can occur as of Release 4.5.
    ad 1) If a Firewall is installed between frontend computer and the application server, you need to decide whether the port for the RFC link of the graphical layout editor shall be released in the firewall. This is port 33nn, where nn is the 2-digit system number of the SAP application server. As of Release 3.1G, the graphical layout editor needs an RFC link for communication with the application server in addition to the already existing linkof the SAP GUIs. Such a second link is not allowed by the firewall in general because it would contradict the security concept (password protection, logging of the connection).
    If no firewall exists, you should check whether the frontend computer can be added to the route permission table or whether the password option can be removed from out of the available entry.
    For details refer to chapter 4.4 of the attached Note 30289.
    ad 2) Include service sapgw<ServiceId> in the service file.
    Refer to Note 52959 for details.
    ad 3) Increase value for system parameter gw/cpic_timeout. 60 seconds should be sufficent as a timeout limit.
    ad 4) Set the system parameter abap/no_sapgui_rfc to space or 0
    Start the application server so that the new parameter value comes into effect.
    ad 5) Import the Support Package specified in the attachment for the release in question or implement the advance correction in the source code as described in the attached correction instructions.
    As a workaround, assign RFC authorizations as described in Note 93254.

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