Data stuck in QRFC in client proxy scenario

In client proxy scenario (proxy to file async). I triggered the report porgram from ECC and I the green flag moni in ECC but the mesage is did nto reach PI as it got stuck in qrfc. It reaches PI upon clearing the message from SMQ2. Please help solve this.

this problem persists when queues are not registered or any abapstack workitem gets into error.
select the workitem in smq2. execute it manually. after completing the execution, goto sxmb_adm tcode, there select manage queues. then register queues.

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  • How to use Http test Client  for Java Client Proxy Scenario

    I build a scenario using Java Client Proxy where JSP as my FrontHand.
    Can I know that whether i can use Http Test Client in place of JSP for sending data and getting response back. If yes than how can i implement this ?

    with Http Test Client you post your messages
    directly to the Integration Engine (not using adapter framework)
    so you can use Http Test Client to simulate any message
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

  • Abap client proxy scenario

    i  am getting an exception in my code(in function i am calling inside my report) while executing my abap report for calling client proxy .
    is there any thing by which i can find out where the actual problem is?or any debugging system available or any logging available ?

    Hello Rohit,
    We faced the similar problem and found a feasible solution to debug.
    1. Write a code for an infinite loop in start of your proxy. For ex:
    debug = true.
    while debug = true.
    2. go to sm51 and find your process in all the list of process.
    3. select it and from menu, choose debug.
    "Reward Point if useful"

  • Doubt in client proxy

    Hi All,
    I am trying to do the client proxy scenario, my scenario is to fetch the material data from R/3 and place it in a file. from material master i am taking 4 fields data matnr,mbrsh,mtart,meins and created a program to fetch the data for those fields. please find the code below
    DATA :  It TYPE ZDEV1MT_MATERIAL. " outbound interface name
    DATA : It_mara like mara occurs 0 with header line.
    CREATE OBJECT proxy.
      SELECT * from MARA into table It_mara where ersda eq sy-datum.
    loop at it_mara.
    move-corresponding : it_mara to it-Mt_Material.
          OUTPUT = It.
        COMMIT WORK.
      CATCH cx_ai_system_fault.
        DATA fault TYPE REF TO cx_ai_system_fault.
        CREATE OBJECT fault.
        WRITE:/ fault->errortext.
    In order to test this scenario i am doing in the following way.
    first i am executing my abap program and then going to tcode sproxy and choose our outbound message interface and execute  then i will get the one screen where i will input sender service , sender name space sender interface and checked the check box generate template data and i am getting the data in the file in destination system byt iam getting data as This is a string 1, this is a string 2 .. etc. but not the actucal data from material master. knidly syggest me the way i am following is correct or wrong and provide me some solution for this
    Thanks in advance.

    If i didn't check the check box Generate Template data  then i am getting empty values as like below :
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    - <ns1:Mt_Material xmlns:ns1="urn://" xmlns:xsi="">
      <Matnr />
      <Mbrsh />
      <Mtart />
      <Meins />
    how can i get the values from data base related to material , is there any procedure to execute other than this.

  • Proxy Scenario (abap client)- XI, ICM_CONNECTION_FAILED

    Hi Forum,
    I have a problem with a Proxy Scenario (ABAP client proxy),
    My scenario is R/3 (abap client proxy)--->XI   ,
    the client proxy while sending message to XI throws an error, which is seen in SXMB_MONI as:
    404 Resource not found
    Partner not reached
    Error: -20
    Version: 6040
    Component: ICM
    Date/Time: Fri Jan 25 09:20:54 2008 
    Module: icxxconn_mt.c
    Line: 2124
    Server: xxxap5_RP1_05
    Detail: Connection request from (143/22024/0) to host:, service: 8000 failed (NIEHOST_UNKNOWN) AP-T143, U22024, 500 xxUSER, , 09:20:54, M0, W0, , 1/0
    I can see a stuck entry (LUW), for this in SMQ2, even on several re-execution of that LUW in SMQ2, it gives an error:
    XI Error Client_Receive_Filaed

    404 Resource not found
    There might be the problem with the server having not to find anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.
    *Possible Tips:- *
    • 404 is an HTTP response code that indicates that the resource in question couldn't be found. Usually this is due to an incorrect URL, so it is better to cross check all URLs. Check pipeline URL in the SLD in the business system of the Integration Server For this go to SLD->Business System-><yourIntegrtaion Server>->Pipeline URL: It should be like this http://<host>:<port>/sap/xi/engine?type=entry Where host is the host name of the Integration Server and port is the HTTP(8xxx) port. To verify this in Integration Server you can do like this. Go to SXMB_ADM->Integration Engine Configuration->Choose Edit from Menu -> Change Global Configuration Data to switch to change mode. Then select System Landscape - Load Configuration. (This is not required always)
    • Check that the port really is the ICM HTTP Port and not the J2EE port i.e SMICM then menu GOTO --> SERVICES and check the port number for HTTP. It should be HTTP port
    • If the error is Page cannot be displayed, cannot find server in https configurations Check and correct the SSL configuration for the ABAP and the J2EE side of the system
    • If the error is because of integration server when using Proxy communications then check these. i.e SXMB_ADM->Integration Engine Configuration->Corresponding Integration Server enrty should be dest://<Http Integration server-Destination> Where < Http Integration server -Destination > is the RFC destination (SM59) of type HTTP connection (type H) to the Integration Server. In this case, host name, port, and path prefix are saved in the RFC destination
    Refer below link

  • ABAP client proxy to File scenario

    I am doing ABAP client proxy to File scenario.
    I have followed Ravikumar allampallam blog i.e [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]
    My abap proxy has successfully created 4 objects:
    2. Structure for the message type in ABAP Data Dictionary (ZMT_PROXY).
    3. Structure for the data type in ABAP Data Dictionary (ZDT_PROXY_SRC).
    4) Table type (ZSTRING_TAB).
    can u tell me how can i fetch data from database table into structure?

    see first create the data type,msg type, msg interface and go to R3 instance of Xi and use SPROXY transaction , locate your SWCV,namespace, intreface ( outbound) and create the proxy , later give the name starts with z, later in ABAP program create the internal table of type of the Structure for the message type in ABAP Data Dictionary (ZBLOGEMP_PROFILE_MSG )
    so follow the code and explained about each ob, structure of Msg ..

  • Abap client proxy to xi - no data found

    Hi experts
    I m working on abap client  proxy to file scenario where in I m sending data from R/3 system to legacy system via xi , but after doing all the configurations and running the abap program for triggering client proxy , i dont find any data on the receiver side ,
    I have activated client proxy as per Vijay Kumaris Blog
    I checked sxmb_moni on the R/3 system but shows no data selected , so no question of data being found on xi server ,
    i m really sutcked up ....dont know hwat to do , pl help

    Have u used commit work at the end of the code.
    Can you please tell me what all configuration u have done.
    U have referred the ABAP Proxy configuration:
    Refer the below log for Client Proxy -

  • Async Client proxy -PI - File scenario- Pipeline steps missing in SXMB_MONI

    I made a scenario where an ABAP client proxy(in a BW system) pulls data from a BW table and push it to PI.
    In PI a Mapping is done to write an XML file and sump it to a desired location.
    It is working fine in the development environment(request send to PI and mapped into an xml file) i migrated it to the quality/test environment where it started failing(It is only visible till SXMB_MONI of Client system and not reaching PI in case of quality/test environment).
    I checked SLDCHECK in the Client environments (say DWC for development and DWA for quality) and it looks fine.
    All I could see is:
    In SXMB_MONI of development system DWC--> Steps that are followed are
    Inbound Message
    Call Integration Server
    In SXMB_MONI of quality/test system DWA-->The only step is
    Inbound Message
    Could this be an Integration Server issue ??
    Please advise !!

    check and compare the the parameter are set in SXMB_ADM of Dev system with Quality system.
    u can refer this blog for steps.

  • SAP Client Proxy to Webservice Synchronous Scenario

    Hi Experts,
    I have an outbound Synchronous Scenario.In which i have to trigger a Client Proxy from SAP side and Connect to a WebService using PI.
    I have with me the WSDl and URL for Webservice.Can anyone guide me with the necessary steps.

    Hi gaurav,
    From client proxy u have to send request and get the response back...
    So, for this create 2 corresponding data types and message types. and mapping will be between request message type which u created and request wsdl message and another mapping for response wsdl message and response message type which u created.
    create service interface outbound synchronous(give the message types which u created) and inbound synchronous(give the wsdl request and response messages).

  • WS Adapter: Scenario SAP(Client)Proxy= PI= WS

    Hello Experts,
    I have a scenario -  SAP to PI to 3rdParty(NON-SAP).
    This is merely data getting pushed out of SAP ECC to 3rd party.  Not request-response type.
    The REQUIREMENT is P2P Communication Scenario thus will not make use of Integration Sever.
    Data will be sent from ABAP(Client)Proxy => PI => WS Adapter/Direct Connection. 
    1.  Is there any application where I can test the webservice?(i.e. INFOPATH)
         If its a request-resopnse type of scenario I can make use of INFOPATH to test the webservice however this is only   
         consuming of service.
    2.  Is there anyway to test the webservice other than connecting to the actual 3rd party?AND I dont want to create a server proxy from another ECC client.  My test should be SAP->PI->NOn SAP.
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    Hi gaurav,
    From client proxy u have to send request and get the response back...
    So, for this create 2 corresponding data types and message types. and mapping will be between request message type which u created and request wsdl message and another mapping for response wsdl message and response message type which u created.
    create service interface outbound synchronous(give the message types which u created) and inbound synchronous(give the wsdl request and response messages).

  • Client Proxy to File Scenario

    I am having a Client proxy to File Scenario. Here I am getting data from Z table and sending it to 3rd part system in FILE format.
    The proxy code is scheduled to run 5 times a day in BACKGROUND mode, I see that some of the jobs gets failed necause of Error in proxy call, it raises exception  CX_AI_SYSTEM_FAULT.
    This exception comes only at sometimes, when I then go manually and run the program, it results in success.
    Please advice.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Navneeth K.

    Hi Navneeth,
    Can you please provide the complete error message / exception.
    Check the below links:

  • Retrieving the Message Header In Asyn Scenario With Sender As Client Proxy

    Hi All,
    I have a asynchronous scenario (XI to SOAP),where on the sender side Client Proxy is being triggered by an ABAP Report.
    My problem is,that as the Proxy is in Sender Side I am not able to get the Message Header (i.e. the Standard Header Structure for Proxy Scenarios which I need to send as an input for creating Alerts).
    This message header is automatically populated when I fill it up via message mapping in case of Server Proxy...But for Client Proxy(Async Case)...I am not able to make out......
    The Structure Is:
    How can this message header be automatically retrived in the ABAP Code ????
    Please help!!!!!!

    plz find all header variables, explanations and examples at [SAP help: Querying the XI Message Header|]
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  • Client proxy to file(xml) scenario configuration

    I have done client proxy to file (xml) ,while executing abap code there is no error, but xml msg is not received in particular target directory. so i want to know about 1. What are the configuration required for client proxy to pi(with T.Code).
                                                  to monitor client proxy in ecc and pi.
    please reply me

    1. What are the configuration required for client proxy to pi(with T.Code).
    1.       Create a HTTP connection in the business system using transaction SM59
    Technical Setting & Logon Security details:
    u2022         Connection Type: H
    u2022         Target Host: System name
    u2022         Service Number: HTTP Port name
    u2022         Path Prefix:
    2.       Configuration Business system as local Integration Engine.
    1.       Go to Transaction SXMB_ADM
    2.       Choose Edit --> Change Global Configuration Data.
    3.       Select Role of Business System: Application system
    check maintain SLD Access data / not by using T.C  SLDAPICUST
    SLDAPICUST->check  XI Server is it activate/not
    4.test LCR Connection by using SLDCHECK. to monitor client proxy in ecc .
    trigger the report by using T.c se38 and check the status in SXMB_MONI in ECC.
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  • Scenario:client proxy

    Dear experts,
    -here my scenario is client proxy(file to file)
    -Error is internal error
    -when we check it in sxmb_moni sysyem cannot identify the receiver business system and receiver message ineterface
    -how to solve this problem.
    plz help me

    1.Go to SM59 -
    > Connection Test.
    You should not get any error! If you get an error the consult with your basis team.
    2.The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
    Check whether you have given the right credentialsand also check the conditions which you have given whether any condition is false... If you are very sure that you have given right credentials then your problem will be solved by restarting J2EE engine
    steps to restart J2EE engine
    1) run transaction SMICM
    2) then in the tab administration => J2EE instance(local) =>send soft shutdown with restart
    by this java engine will restart and will be up in 5-10 minutes and your problem will be solved
    for more details on error code follow the link
    3) Check Pipeline URL-
    should be
    and not type=execute.
    Need to check this value in your SLD> Business system> <yourIntegrationServer> --> Pipeline URL
    4) Go to SM59 and check the Http destination -test connection-
    Also check this blog-
    For timeout check this-
    Please reward points if it helps

  • Client Proxy - RFC scenario - weird

    Scenario : Client Proxy (ECC 6.0) - RFC (Wrapper RFC for the posting BAPI and commit BAPI).
    QOS : Best Effort.
    Here, when the RFC is tested in se37, the bapi return structure is populated. But with in the scenario,
    bapi return structure is not populated in the response message.
    When tried to execute the scenario with the std BAPI it self, the bapi return structure is populated in the response message.
    What could be the issue?
    Can anyone please advise on this?

    Try to reactivate the RFC adapter after making some dummy changes. Maybe the RFC metadata has changed after the rfc adapter was created. The reactivation of the rfc adapter will reimport the rfc metadata.
    make sure that the rfc request is as per needed.

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    Dear All, When I am trying to open my BEx query designer. for creation of new queries. I getting a pop up message says. The standard SAP transport system is active. SAP GUI connection is not activated for current connection to BI system. DO you want

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