Data Type Conversion - DUMP - Unable to interpret "ABC1234 " as a number.

Hi Experts,
Am getting dump, my code is,
it_asset-anln1 type anla-anln1. (here its CHAR 12).
unpack it_asset-anln1 to it_asset-anln1.
here, when am getting the the values as ABC1234 into it_asset-anln1----
> am getting DUMP, so, let me know that, How to fix it?

Pretty sure that you can not unpack a value when it has non-numeric characters, so you will want to check it before doing the UNPACK.
if it_asset-anln1 CO '1234567890. '.
unpack it_asset-anln1 to it_asset-anln1.
Rich Heilman

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  • Short dump - Unable to interpret "USD " as a number

    I am trying to pass 'price unit' to BAPI -> BAPI_PO_CREATE1
    But while executing below statement, i got a short dump -> Unable to interpret "USD " as a number
    wa_poitem-price_unit    = wa_data-peinh
    here wa_poitem of type BAPIMEPOITEM-PRICE_UNIT, which is DEC. legth 5
    and wa_data-peinh of type CHAR, which is uploaded data from excel

    Something is uncorrect in your file or in your program
    It seems you're transfering the currency (USD) to the field for unit price: here u need to indicate which the unit price is
    The Unite Price should be = Net Price / Quantity
    The currency should be transfered in the header data: BAPIMEPOHEADER-CURRENCY

  • The priority of different data type conversion

    Hi All,
    I want to know the priority of data type conversion rule. if in an expression, I have several kind of data type( I, P, F,N..).
    Then finaly, all the data object will convert to which data type?
    I don't know the priority of data conversion.
    E.g.   data a type i. data b type p. data c type f.
             a = b + c.
    or    data d type p, data e type f.
          if ( d > f ).
    Then who will convert to who's type?
    Thanks and Regards.

    For expressions, the right term in SAP is "calculation type", it's explained here : [abap help - determining the calculation type|]. SAP takes the "biggest" type of all variables in the expression. It can be I, P or F (smallest is I, biggest is F).
    Conditions are handled differently, just using data type conversion (see link given above by Abhishek), SAP converts from smallest to biggest type (in your case, it converts P to F and compares the two F variables).

  • Need Help with data type conversion

    Hello People,
    I am new to java, i need some help with data type conversion:
    I have variable(string) storing IP Address
    I have to call a library function which passes IP Address and does something and returns me a value.
    The problem I have is that external function call in this library excepts IP Address in form of a byte array.
    Here is the syntax for the function I am calling through my program
    int createDevice (byte[] ipAddress).
    now my problem is I don't know how to convert the string  IPAddr variable into a byte[] ipAddress to pass it through method.

    Class InetAddress has a method
    byte[]      getAddress() You can create an instance using the static method getByName() providing the IP address string as argument.

  • Invalid data type conversions

    what are the invalid data type conversions in ABAP ???
    Moderator message: please search for available information/documentation.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Mar 10, 2012 6:01 PM

    No Amanda,
    The values that I see in message monitor are also those that comes to XSLT programs as input.
    I investigated our problem a little further myself:
    1) XI always converts messages into XML format - this everybody knows.
    2) In XI documentation it is declared that XI uses ISO 8601 for DATE type formatting. That's why you see dates in format YYYY-MM-DD in XML data in message monitoring.
    3) The appearance of those decimal values are not that obvious for me. If XI uses ABAP transformation for message content then applies the rules for converting ABAP data types into XML. For this there is a SAP document 'ABAP - XML mapping' from TechEd2004. This document seems to describe how ABAP data types are handled by XML transformation.
    Anyway, we currently need to play with decimal values in XSLT mapping programs inside XI:
    a) add leading 0 integer if source value < 1
    RFC returns 0.123 -> XI converts to XML '.123' -> XSLT mapper should return '0.123' ->SOAP response returns '0.123'
    b) add decimal point and trailing zeros
    RFC returns 0.000 -> XI converts to XML '0' -> XSLT mapper should return '0.000' ->SOAP response return '0.000'
    With dates, the problem is actually on documenting mapping rules when writing interface specifications. If you would write an EAI-solution-independent conversion rule (RFC/date->SOAP/char) for date field it could sound like: YYYYMMDD -> This works semantically between these systems but would not work for XI-developer, because he get YYYY-MM-DD from the RFC.
    Additionally the decimal type conversion requirements in XSLT mapping programs probably only applies XI and are therefore not reusable in other EAI environments.
    I would be glad if somebody would still have further comments for this data type conversion issue.
    br: Kimmo

  • Data type conversion JCO To ABAP( Double to DEC)

      I want to update a field having data type as DEC with length 11 in APO system using JCO.Whatever i give as input is not getting reflected in APO system. Instead i get some different value.
    It seems that there is some data type conversion for that field..

                                                           //System.out.println("getting inside table "+tableName);
                                                           table.setValue("5000","SAFETY_DAYS_SUPPLY");//this is the field having problem
                                                           table.setValue(" ","SAFTY_STOCK_CALC_METHOD");

  • Data type conversion from packed to numeric

    Hi Experts,
    i have a question on data type conversion. My requirement is:
    i have fields of type packed decimal in my internal table itab. I need to convert the values of packed decimal fields in itab to numeric type.
    Data: begin of itab occurs 0,
                ebeln like ekko-ebeln,
                ebelp like ekpo-ebelp,
                menge(15) type p decimals 2,
                netpr(15) type p decimals 2,
              end of itab. 
    if itab-menge has a value of 2.00, i need to convert that value to '         200'.  Right justified.
    if itab-netpr has a value of 1,234.56, i need to convert that to '         123456'.
    The above internal table itab is passed to the Function module GUI_DOWNLOAD and the itab data is downloaded to a text file.
    Please let me know how to acheive this objective.

    Hi ,
    You can use
    SPLIT at '.' into v1 v2
    concatenate v1 v2 into vv1.
    data: lv_var1(15) type p decimals 2 value '123.00'.
    data: lv_var2(15) type p decimals 5 value '123.12121'.
    data: lv_varc1(15) type c.
    data: lv_varc2(15) type c.
    data: lv_varc1d(2) type c.
    data: lv_varc2d(5) type c.
    data: lv_varc11(15) type c.
    data: lv_varc21(15) type c.
    write:/ lv_var1.
    write:/ lv_var2.
    *1)write & REPLACE.
    write lv_var1 to lv_varc1.
    write lv_var2 to lv_varc2.
    REPLACE '.' WITH SPACE INTO lv_varc1.
                 CONDENSE lv_varc1 NO-GAPS.
    REPLACE '.' WITH SPACE INTO lv_varc2.
                 CONDENSE lv_varc2 NO-GAPS.
    write:/ lv_varc1.
    write:/ lv_varc2.
    *2)split & concatinate
    write lv_var1 to lv_varc1.
    write lv_var2 to lv_varc2.
    split lv_varc1 at '.' into lv_varc1 lv_varc1d.
    concatenate lv_varc1 lv_varc1d into lv_varc11.
    split lv_varc2 at '.' into lv_varc2 lv_varc2d.
    concatenate lv_varc2 lv_varc2d into lv_varc21.
    write:/ lv_varc11.
    write:/ lv_varc21.

  • Error Unable to interpret C00 as a number while doing intial download

    Hi Guys
    When I am doing the initial download of DNL_CUST_CNDALL the following error has occurred in the Inbound Queue of CRM “Unable to interpret C00 as a number Message no. SR053”
    Can anybody suggest me how to over come?

    Here is the solution. (SAP Note 1042818 pointed me in the right direction...even though I'm not working with CRM.)
    CONVERT_OTF export parameter BIN_FILESIZE has no type and is pass by value.  You must code this parameter into your importing parameters in the calling program even if you don't use it.  The receiving variable should be of type integer.
          FORMAT                      = 'PDF'
          BIN_FILESIZE                = BIN_FILESIZE
          otf                         = otf
          lines                       = it_pdfdata
          ERR_MAX_LINEWIDTH           = 1
          ERR_FORMAT                  = 2
          ERR_CONV_NOT_POSSIBLE       = 3
          ERR_BAD_OTF                 = 4
          OTHERS                      = 5.
    I guess I figured I didn't need bin_filesize, so I didn't include in my original call...

  • TRFC Queue Error "Unable to interpret BGUA as a number"

    Hi all,
    I am getting the below error message in TRFC queue
    "Unable to interpret BGUA as a number" when i do a datamart dataload from ODS to Cube. ODS is getting data from datasource 0CO_OM_CCA_9. Can anyone help how to resolve this issue?.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Muruganand. K

    What is  BGUA ??
    I think you have mapped this field (BGUA holding infoobject) to number or key figure field.
    Check your  mapping in transformation form ODS to CUBE.
    Hope this helps.

  • Unable to interpret u3030u0081@ as a number - problem

    We've got problem with BPMs which use graphical (java) mapping. In SXI_MONITOR such processes have "Message being sent" status. In process engine workflow log it stops at mapping step with "In process" status. Technical details show that there is a tRFC call which fails with "Unable to interpret &#12336;@ as a number.". This is also visible in ST22. BPM without mapping works without any problems. Test mapping in integration repository works fine.
    Has anyone got any ideas?
    Kind regards,
    Michal Krawczyk

    Have you tested your mapping using the actual source message that caused the error in BPM?
    From the BPE monitor copy-n-paste the actual message into the Interface Mapping test tool.

  • Abap dump (Unable to interpret "65000.00u00A0 " as a number.)

    hi everyone,
                           im getting the following dump error.
    Unable to interpret "65000.00  " as a number.
    previously it worked fine. after some patches moved from production server to quality server
    and from quality to production this report alone getting dump.
    DATA: pono LIKE ekko-ebeln,
          poit LIKE ekpo-ebelp,
           dis LIKE konv-kbetr,
          frg LIKE konv-kbetr,
    FORM tax TABLES intab
    STRUCTURE itcsy outtab
    STRUCTURE itcsy.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 1.
      pono = intab-value.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 2.
      poit = intab-value.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 3.
      SNO = intab-value.
      READ TABLE intab INDEX 4.
      L_CHAR1 = intab-value.
    REPLACE all occurrences of ',' in l_char1 with ' '.
      VAL = L_CHAR1.      <----
    this is the line im getting dump.  l_char1 = 65,000.00
    thanks in advance

    KARTHE wrote:
    > Unable to interpret "65000.00  " as a number.
    >   VAL = L_CHAR1.      <----
    this is the line im getting dump.  l_char1 = 65,000.00
    you mention "65000.00  " and "65,000.00" and i guess L_CHAR1 contains "65,000.00".
    If that's the case, remove the thousand separator from L_CHAR1, so 65,000.00 becomes 65000.00
    edit: basically what Pawan mentioned.
    Edited by: Maen Anachronos on Oct 5, 2010 1:48 PM

  • How to avoid oracle implicit data type conversion

    i have a query like below..
    1. My SOURCE_EMP_NUM data type is varchar2.
    2. My table EMP_NUM data type is number.
    3. In one case my SOURCE_EMP_NUM value '00000123'
    4. I have an entry in table for EMP_NUM as 123.
    5. In this case my query is success and giving me row for 123, which i don't want it should compare with leading zeros. But due to oracle implicit conversion the comparision getting passed.
    6. I have an index for this column, so i can't use "like" operator...
    Can somebody help me.....
    Thanks in adv....

    Just see this :---
    SQL> select * from emp where deptno=00020;---------deptno is number, 00020 is number and its true
    7369 SMITH CLERK 7902 17-DEC-80 800 20
    7566 JONES MANAGER 7839 02-APR-81 2975 20
    7788 SCOTT ANALYST 7566 19-APR-87 3000 20
    7876 ADAMS CLERK 7788 23-MAY-87 1100 20
    7902 FORD ANALYST 7566 03-DEC-81 3000 20
    SQL> select * from emp where to_char(deptno)=00020;=-------------deptno is character type and 00020 is number so still it is leaving 0000 from 20 as it number and has no impact,
    7369 SMITH CLERK 7902 17-DEC-80 800 20
    7566 JONES MANAGER 7839 02-APR-81 2975 20
    7788 SCOTT ANALYST 7566 19-APR-87 3000 20
    7876 ADAMS CLERK 7788 23-MAY-87 1100 20
    7902 FORD ANALYST 7566 03-DEC-81 3000 20
    SQL> select * from emp where to_char(deptno)='00020';---now both are character and no row is selected.
    no rows selected
    So you can avoid the implicit conversion according to the requirements and in this case we are usin to_char function to avoid this.

  • Data type conversion issues between Oracle and SQL Server

    Hi there, I am using Heterogeneous Services to insert into a SQL Server database. I am running into an issue between data types regarding Oracle's VARCHAR2 and trying to insert that into a SQL Server MONEY data type. I tried using the TO_NUMBER() function to convert my VARCHAR2 to a number, but that didn't seem to help.
    Does anyone have any advice on how to work around this??
    Thanks for any help,

    ORA-02047: cannot join the distributed transaction in progress
    ORA-06512: at "MY_PACKAGE_NAME", line 263
    ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message:
    [Generic Connectivity Using ODBC]DRV_Execute: DB_ODBC_ENGINE (1645): ;
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Disallowed implicit conversion
    from data type varchar to data type money, table 'tableA',
    column 'total_amount'. Use the CONVERT function to run this query. (SQL
    State: 37000; SQL Code: 260)
    ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from SQLSERVER_LINK
    ORA-06512: at line 1
    That is what I get when I take out the TO_NUMBER()
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  • New user for java (Data type conversion)

    Hi all, I'm the newer from JAVA, just start to learn it few weeks before, there have some problem about me.
    I want to konw how to change the data type ??For example, if I have a string call year and store the char "1", how can I change that field to int type ?
    Thanks very much

    You should have a link to, or download, the API docs. You can see them on line at:
    Look up the class Integer. It has a static method, parseInt() which takes a String argument and returns an int.. Since it is static, you can do the following:
    int value = Integer.parseInt(your_string);
    Then, to make it robust, you can put try/catch around it and catch NumberFormatException if you need to do error checking.

  • SMQ2 failure during Initial load - Unable to interpret 9.990. as number

    hi All,
    I perform the initial download of customizing objects from R/3(4.6C) to CRM 7.0.
    For object DNL_CUST_BASIS2 I received the "Unable to interpret 9.990.  as a number" error message.
    Could you give some hints how to solve this problem?
    I checked several posts with similar error messages, but none of them seemed to be related to my case.
    We just implemented note 777944 to update SMOFPARSFA in CRM to neglect the unicode check.
    I was able to download other customizing objects like DNL_CUST_BASIS, DNL_CUST_ACGRPB, DNL_CUST_ACGRPP, DNL_CUST_ADDR.
    My next step is to debug the queue, if you have further suggestions let me know.

    Please check my reply in the link
    Loading DNL_CUST_BASIS2: Unable to interpret "9.990. " as a number.
    Hope this will help.

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