Date Parameters and List of Values (error message date format cannot be nul

I'm new to BI Publisher. I began with a simple report that has 4 parameters. The parameters are center code, sales date, customer number, and job number. I am trying to create a list of values on my customer number based on the center code and sales date entered by the user. My query for my LOV is:
select customer_nbr
from ticket
where center_cd = :center
and trunc(trans_date) = :salesDate
salesDate is defined as a date parameter with a format of MM-dd-yy. It's default value is 04-10-07.
When I attempt to view my report after adding the LOV, I receive the error:
Date format can not be null.
What am I doing wrong? Also, I would like the salesDate to default to the current date. I have tried using sysdate as the default value. This isn't working. The salesDate defualts to null when it is set to sysdate.

"Date - allows the user to enter a date as a parameter. Note that the data type must also be "Date" and the format must be Java date format."
Page 4-9, Adding Parameters and Lists of Values
Oracle® Business Intelligence Publisher
Report Designer's Guide
Part No. E12187-01

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    Saw this on another post.
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     Cheers, Tom

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    Hi everyone,
    Today when iam monitoring my PI i found error like some objects missing in the que, I toublshooted it by using inbount xml payload and found the error and cunsulted the user he asked me to correct and re-send the error messages. as iam really new to PI monitoring i really dont know how to correct and re-send the error messages in PI, can any one please help me with it.
    Thanks in advance

    When you send the messages from RWB-->Component Monitoring ->Integration Engine>test message, runtime parameters like Sender System, Receiver system, Adapter specific message attributes won't carry any values. If you are using any of these paramters in the mapping step,, the mapping will fail.
    I think in your case, RFC look up would have been configured based on Sender Business system/Service. but when you send message from RWB, the value for this field is empty. So that is why it is failing  as the message cannot find the business system and communication channel.
    If you use the sender file name, server name or any other parameters in the message mapping, then message will fail in the message mapping step. That is the major set back in RWB-->Test message.
    1)We post messages directly into pipeline step message mapping.
    2)The previous pipeline steps are ignored when post messages from RWB such as Receiver determination, routing etc
    3)Receiver determination step is responsible to send Sender/Receiver values into the mapping step.
    Hope i have clarified your questions

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