Day limited in payment terms

Hello All,
Can anyone please let me know the meaning and usage of "Day Limit" with a business example please.
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Day of the month up until which the corresponding terms are valid.
     For terms of payment which depend on whether or not the baseline date is after or before the 15th of the month, you can define a two-part payment term under the same terms of payment key. The terms of payment key is expanded by the day limit entered here. Thus there are two entries in which different terms can be specified.
     The following terms of payment require you to enter a day limit:
     o  Documents with an invoice date on or before the 15th of the month are
        payable on the last day of the next month
     o  Documents with an invoice date after the 15th of the month are payable
        on the 15th of the month after the next month.

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  • Day Limit in Payment Terms

    Hello Gurus
    What is the "Day Limit" in Payment terms.
    If there is multiple day limit for a single payment term,which will be determined in the Purchase order?
    With Regards

    Purchase order will just so all the day limit but when you post the invoice that time based on the invoice date system will take the discount defined inthe payment term based on the days limit
    your payment term is
    10 day 5 %
    20 day 2 %
    30 days 0 %
    now suppose you are posting the invoice after 10 days than system will pull the discount 2 %
    that's how system is works

  • Re : Payment Terms 40 days due on 10 th month

    Needs Payment Term Configuration  :
    Payment Terms 40 days due on 10 th month

    I presume that your requirement is 40 days due and payable on the 10th of next month.
    Here is my suggestion with an illustration.
    You can create a payment term, say xxxx, with -
    day limit = 2
    payment terms / fixed date = 10
    payment terms/ additional months = 1
    and another payment term, with the same name xxxx, with
    day limit = 31
    payment terms / fixed date = 10
    payment terms/ additional months = 2
    This will work as follows -
    An invoice dated 1st March, will get paid on April 10th, due date having fallen on April 9th
    An invvoice dated 2nd March will get paid on April 10th, due date having fallen on April 10th
    An invvoice dated 3rd March will get paid on May 10th, as it will be only 39 days due on April 10th
    An invoice dated 1st April, will get paid on May 10th, due date having fallen on May 10th
    An invvoice dated 2nd April will get paid on June 10th, as it will be only 39 days due on May10th
    An invvoice dated 1st Feb will get paid on April 10th, as it will be only 38 or 39 days due on March10th
    As majority of the months have 31 days, I came to a logical conclusion that the day limit can ideally be 2. However, you can decide a date that best suits your requirement.

  • Payment terms should calculate Payment due date based on working days

    Hi Experts,
    As we know that standard SAP calculates Payment due date= base line date + number of days maintained in payment terms. In this payment days are considered as calendar days and not the working days.
    Example: If base line date is Thursday, payment terms says 3 days then payment due date is calculated as Sunday ( which is not a working day as per the factory calendar I use). The requirement is that payment date should be calculated as following Tuesday considering Satuarday and Sunday are not working days as per the calendar.
    Can you please suggest how can we achieve this?

    You can not acheive from config pooint of view but you can use BADI and get the solution
    use BAdI MRM_PAYMENT_TERMS to set terms of payment
    You can use this Business Add-In to change the following fields for the 
    terms of payment in the invoice document header:                        
    o  ZFBDT: Base date for due date calculation                            
    o  ZBD1T: Discount days 1                                               
    o  ZBD1P: Discount percentage 1                                         
    o  ZBD2T: Discount days 2                                               
    o  ZBD2P: Discount percentage 2                                         
    o  ZBD3T: Deadline for net condition                                    
    o  ZLSPR: Key for payment block

  • Need to create payment term as 30/60/90/120/150/180 days

    I need to create new payment terms as 30/60/90/120/150/180 days like.
    But SAP allows us only 3 terms only in one payment terms.
    How can we configure this.

    First create in OBB8 one for 30 days, other for 60 days and so on until 180 days, ie: 6 payment terms. After create a new entry (the 30/60/90/...) with the flag 'installment payment' on (dont populate any fiield on payment items). After, in OBB9 set the 6 previous entries, with the equal percent for all.
    I hope this helps you

  • Multiple payment term with different day limit

    We have three payment terms with multiple day limit. for example: ED11 (day limit 10),  ED11 (25 day limit) and ED11 (32 days).
    User enter just ED11 but i dont understand how system understand which out of the three is the require payment term.
    Users feel that due date calculated is wrong. In most case it calculate the due date exactly based on the days mentioned in the payment term. In all cases, days mentioned are 90 days.
    In one case, due date if it is (just 90 days) 30/04 but user feels it should be 10th May in the following (obviously he is reffering to ED11 daylimit 10). In this case, SAP calculate 90 days. Is it because of too many payment terms which same name.

    Please go and check the following path.If teh user wants no. of days as 10, then it should be maintained as 10 in the no. of days field in Payment terms. I think in your case it may be maintained as 90.
    IMG->Finacial Accounting->General Ledger Accounting->Accounts Receivable and accounts Payable->Business Transactions->Outgoing Invoices/Credit memos->Maintain Terms of Payment->Check No. of days in Payment terms.
    Assign points if u consider this to be useful.

  • Payment terms configuration issue

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement of configuring the following AR payment terms in the system
    1) 50% payment due in advance 50% due 45 days from Invoice Date
    2) Payment in advance
    In OME2 how to configure the above terms for no. 1  , should i use the installlment option in while config...
    Please provide me detail steps for config and also let me know how to take care Advance payment part.. We dont have customer down payment option in the project scope..

    I understand you have to configure two payment terms.
    1. 50% advance and 50% at 45 days from invoice date - this can be handled through instalment option and the percentage can also be fed there.  but 50% advance can be handled only through downpayment option.  A workaround is to set 'pay immediately '0 days' at the payment term instalment level and then knock it off with the downpayment document, later.
    2. Advance payment - can be handled only through Down payment option in SAP.
    Rajalakshmi S

  • Calendar date & net due date (FI) PAYMENT TERMS - OBB8 Vendor Invoice

    I read many posts on SDN forum about the topic.
    Anyway, I didn't find a simple solution for that.
    My aim is is to calculate a net due date based on working days.
    So, If I've got a 30 days document days payment term  ("Deafult for baseline date" = Document date ; Additional Months = '2'), a Vendor Invoice (document date = 12.05.2011), by standard net due date will be 12.06.2011.
    FROM 12.05.2011 to 12.06.2011 =
    32 CALENDAR  DAYS         
    22 WORKDAYS (32 minus  10 holyday - 2 weekends)
    WORKDAYS PAYMENT TERMS  Within 30 workdays Due net
    Vendor Invoice  document date = 12.05.2011
    plus   30 workdays   =  DUE DATE  22.06.2011  (and not 12.06.2011)
    Can I obtain that with a standard functionality?
    Edited by: Roberto Buono on Jul 1, 2011 2:29 PM

    Sadly this is not available as standard.  As per your need the Net due date should be worked out by using a factory calendar; but what this does is it delinks the direct correlation between the number of days in the payment terms with the difference between the due date and baseline date.  I hope you are aware that Net Due date is not stored but is a variable calculated during run time in reports.
    There are four things you can try:
    1.  The simplest to do is: As the number of weekends are fixed; and if the intention is to give a 30 working day term, then add on the number of weekends and make the payment term effectively for say 40 days.  There will be marginal variations over what you want. Best part here is that config remains standard.
    2. All the receivable reports will use a function module (usually the same one) to calculate the net due date; enhance the FM and make it consider a factory calendar for calculating due date.
    3. Enhance the accounting interface, and in runtime; modify the days that are coming from the payment term; based on a factory calendar, and update the accounting document. This delinks the days mentioned in the payment term and the accounting document and may not be palatable.
    4. Enhance the accounting interface, and in runtime; calculate the due date and update the baseline date with it and make the payment term as "Immediate" yielding the desired due date. Not very elegant.  Alternatively add to the baseline date days equivalent to holidays and weekends and keep the days from payment terms constant and update the accounting document. Better...
    All four options have somes pros and cons.  I do not see any other means of acheiving what you want.  Maybe you could restrict users to a custom receivables/due date/ageing report which delivers what you want and lock the standard reports.

  • Vendor Invoice verification  payment terms

    Hi Experts,
    PO is having one item with Gross price,freight .
    Freight vendor is different from main vendor.
    Main vendor-PAYMENT TERMS-1% discount- 5 days
    Freight vendor--PAYMENT TERMS- pay immidiatly
    After making GRN and when i tried to post invoice in MIRO
    for freight  vendor,system is not calculating as per payment terms of  freight vendor and showing 1%discount as in main vendor payment terms
    Let me know how system can calculate freight value with out discount .
    I tried simuating invoice with PO reference,Vendor reference also in MIRO.
    Thanks ,

    Payment terms are defined in the PO at header level and hence the system takes the payment terms of the regular vendor for the freight vendor also.
    Check whether payment terms can be given at item level.
    If not possible then change the payment terms for the freight vendor manually while doing MIRO .
    while doing MIRO select PO reference and also planned delivery costs selection.
    Revert with ur comments..

  • Payment Terms Setup

    We are using Payment terms currently only for text purpose on Purchase Order. we define Payment terms with NO DEFAULT and un define no of days.
    Now I need to use no of days field for Abap report so that i can pick no of days of payment of Terms. My question is if I define no of days in payment of terms without changing any other setting then it would affect any where else in the system or not.
    Edited by: waqas.khan on Dec 28, 2011 5:02 PM

    I have rarely seen customizing that does not have any effect.
    if you currently have zero days in the payment terms, then the amount is immediatly due for payment.
    if you enter a value bigger than zero, then the payment becomes due at later point of time.
    if it is a payment term used in vendor masters, then the invoice would not be among the payment proposals if the number of days has not past.
    if it is at a customer master, then you would send a reminder at a later date.

  • Credit managment against payment terms  and credit limit

    Dear All,
    I have two query against credit management
    1   Can We maintain credit managment as per payment days. My client want system should give bolck as per payments days,say if payment terms is 30 days and within 30 days customer has not made payment against invoice so sales order should block.        ( sales order will create but shown as block)
    2 Credit block with ref to credit limit given to customer,  they want credit block with reference to open delivery and open invoice. Means system will check all open order,all open deliveries and all open invoice while considering credit limit.and give the block accordingly.
    I am sure about credit limit but how to give block according to payment days (payment terms) and how to give path to check all open order,all open deliveries and all open invoice.
    waiting for you valuable input.
    Thank you
    SD Consultant

    In OVA8, for the combination of credit group & risk category you maintain the following
    (1) CHECK against DYNAMIC with reaction C  & TICK in BLOCK
    NOTE:path to check all open order,all open deliveries and all open invoice is maintained in OB45 (update 000012)
    (2) CHECK against OLDEST OPEN ITEM with reaction C & TICK in BLOCK
    (do not maintain any value in DAYS OLDEST  ITEM, but maintain the payment terms in the Customer master)
    for example, block as per payments days,say if payment terms is 30 days and within 30 days customer has not made payment against invoice so sales order will be blocked.
    In both the cases ( credit limit and credit period,the sale orders blocked , can be released by VKM3.

  • Payment terms and discount voor the purchasing invoice

    Hi all,
    In the definitions of the payment terms, you can choose how the Due date should be based on: Document date, Posting date, System date or Closing date..we choose for the Document date. (due date = doc. date + 30 days)
    In the payment terms you can also define a cash discount if we pay the suppliers invoice within certain days, than we can deduct a discount of the total amount to be paid.
    So we define f.e. within 14 days, 2%.
    However the title of this colums says: Days after Posting date and the system also react like this.
    The posting date of the suppliers invoice can ofcourse be different as the document date of this suppl.invoice.
    F.e.: Suppliers Invoice: doc. date 30/9/2008, Posting date: 18/10/2008, Due Date 1/11/2008 ( + 30 days)
    Payment at 25/10/2008 by the payment wizard.
    The wizard still deduct 2 % as the due date of this invoice has not been reached, while the 2% should only be deducted if we pay before 14/10/2008.
    So as we defined the due date based on the Document date, but the cash discount uses the posting date. (column title)
    Is this wrong in the definitions or standard behaviour.
    How can I use the cash discount in the payment terms?
    Please advise.
    Best regards,
    Carl Verhagen

    Hi Peter,
    I'm talking about the A\R invoice.
    The supplier sent his invoice with document date 1/10/2008 and his payment terms is payment within 30 days.
    We receive the invoice at 3/10/2008 and after control etc. we will post the invoice at 7/10/2008.
    If we use the posting date as a base for the due date, the invoice have to be paid at 6/11/2008, but the suppliers due date is 31/10/2008 and that's a difference of 1 nearly week.
    If there are problems (f.e. caused by ourself) and the invoice will be booked at 20/10, we still have time to pay it before the due date 31/10 instead of 19/11/2008)
    I think that the supplier will not be amused if we use the posting date as the base for calculating the due date.
    We can discuss what's right to use, but SAP B1 gives the opportunity to choose between, posting date and system date as a base for calculating the Due date but for cash discount it's automatically the posting date??
    Best regards,
    Carl Verhagen

  • Installment based payment terms

    SAP Gurus,
    Can you please tell me how to create installment based payment terms in sap.
    With any situable scenario......

    SAP provided standard installment payment terms:0009.
    Eg: 30% for 15 days, 40% f0r 30 dyas, 30% for 45 days installments
    Create one payment term: Z001 (here select installment in config)
    create  payment term for 15 days: Z015
    Create payment term for 30 days: Z030
    Create payment term for 45 days: Z045
    Now in this node: Define Terms of Payment for Installment Payments (obb9)
    Z009    instalment 1     30%   Z015
    Like that you assign all three payment terms to Z001

  • How to get PO and vendor payment term number of days??

    Hi Experts,
    I want to have a) Purchase order payment term number of days as well as
    b) vendor Payment term number of days.
    For  a) For  Purchase order payment term number of days I am using table EKKO and taking ZBD1T field which is giving payment
               term number of days.
              Is it correct??
          b) vendor Payment term number of days I am using table LFB1 field Zterm to take payment term key not number of days.
               Based on this key i will go to table T052 and find corresponding number of days as told MM consultants .
               But this is not BW work. We need one single table from which we can take the field or enhance the current extractor
              with that field.
    So is there any other option for (b)
    and Whether steps for (a) is correct???
    Please confirm this.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Uday Shankar.

    For a) For Purchase order payment term number of days I am using table EKKO and taking ZBD1T field which is giving payment
    term number of days.
    Is it correct??
    Payment terms for purchasing doesn't come delivered as part of the R3/ECC tables and is usually is added as a custom field to EKKO and populated via a User Exit. That looks to be the instance in your case because the field that you show as being the payment terms begins with a Z (custom fields begin with Y or Z). That appears, without being able to actually validate in your R3/ECC environment, to be the correct field to use. You would have to validate, however, with the end customer or your MM function consultant to be 100% certain. If this is the correct one to use, you're going to have to enhance the 2LIS_02_HDR extractor by enhancing the extraction structure and creating the User Exit to read it from EKKO and populate into the DataSource.
    b) vendor Payment term number of days I am using table LFB1 field Zterm to take payment term key not number of days.
    Based on this key i will go to table T052 and find corresponding number of days as told MM consultants .
    But this is not BW work. We need one single table from which we can take the field or enhance the current extractor
    with that field.
    You can enhance the 2LIS_02_HDR extractor with the Vendor Payment Terms by joining the following in your User Exit:
    This could either be done in a SELECT statement in the User Exit to do this equi join, or you could create a view on your R3/ECC environment and SELECT from that view.

  • How to see (net due date + payment term's days) in fbl5n as a date

    hi experts.
    i need some informations about fbl5n fields
    i can see net due date and i can see terms of payment fields in the fbl5n but  if the invoice has a payment term (30 day additional etc) i want to see (net due date + payment term's extra days) . for example if the net due date is 01.06.2011 and payment term is extra 20 days  , how can i see 21.06.2011 in fbl5n or any other sceens?
    Edited by: Burak Akdasli on Jun 22, 2011 3:43 PM

    I understand from ur question whats the billing date?
    If this is ur question, you can fetch it from sales order>item>billing tab.
    The logic u had mentioned is confusing be more specifc as to what scenario u are trying.
    Reward if it helped

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