Deactivate "Balance in local currency" in GL Account master data

Hi all,
In the system I'm working on, for every P&L GL Account the flag "Balance in local currency" is checked.
My client required to have a report for the P&L in document currency.
With this setting it is not possibile to get this information.
I would like to deactivate the flag "Balance in local currency" for the P&L GL Accounts but the system requires the balance of the GL Account egual to zero.
Is there a way to uncheck the flag? Have you ever executed the activity?
Do you know if SAP defined a program to deactivate the "Balance in local currency"?

Generally only balance in local currency checked for B/S GL accounts
Follow Standard possessor to active / de-active only balance in local currency chek box.
I hope there is no standared report available to activae / deactive only balance in local currency.
Check in FS10N / FAGLB03 for closing local currency balance
Make sure GL balances Dr  & Cr maintain equal (Zero)
De-Select only balance in local currency Check Box

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  • To activate ' only balances in local currency'

    As this issue is very common but I did not got any specific solution So I posted this issue.
    I want to transfer balance in foreign currency to other GL, system asks the GL to post Exchange diff.
    As this GL is of bank reconciliation I dont want to calculate ain or loss on this GL.
    I found relevant Field only balances in local currency in GL master. Is this correct field?
    We are using 3 GL for bank Incoming Out going and main. Do we need to tick this field for all the GLs?
    There is some balance in the GL even if I need to transfer balance to other GL it will ask this config So I cant transfer balance.
    How Can I tick this?

    Dear suja:
    It is possible to select only balances in local currency for the accounts which have balances.
    Select the standard report, Enter the GL Accounts and currency type. i.e you can view the accounts in local currency.
    Ex: for GL Account balances, select the standard report S_ALR_87012277 - G/L Account Balances,Enter Chart of accounts,GL Accounts,Company code,Account currency as USD for USA or INR for India.
    you can view the accounts in local currency.
    Please let me know if you want more information.
    Assign points if useful.

  • GL account char - XSALH "Indicator:Only Manage Balances in Local Currency"

    Hello experts,
    Regarding transaction FS00 or FSS0, i would like someone to give me a clear view of the utility of value field XSALH "Indicator: Only Manage Balances in Local Currency".
    When creating a GL account, from a technical perpestice, in which case i should activate this flag and in which case i should not activate it ?
    What are the different impact for the user, except the fact that balances are updated only in local currency ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Nicolas GORECKI

    If the indicator Only Balances in Local Currency is selected in the master record, transactions figures are only managed for amounts translated into local currency.
    You should select this field for clearing accounts where you want to clear accounts by assigning items with the same local currency amount with one another, without necessitating exdchange rate difference postings.
    The indicator must be set in cash discount and GR/IR clearing accounts. This should not be activated for Reconciliation accounts for customer and vendors.
    This indicator is usually set in balance sheet accounts that are not managed in foreign currencies.
    IF this indicator is not set, to clear the open items, both the local and foreign currency amounts of the items to be clared must match. In such a case, it may be required to post an exchange rate difference postings.

  • Balances in Local Currency GL Account Setting

    If I check this flag for a GL account and do the following what will happen:
    1) Go into FB50 for a USD based company code
    2) Set the document currency to CAD
    3) Post to that same account with the Balances in Local Currency Flag checked off
    Also when and why would this ever need to be checked off for an account?

    If your company code currency is USD and you are posting few documents in CAD in April for. e.g. total amount for the month of April in currency CAD is 25,000 then
    1. If "Only balance in local currency" selected
    You will not be able to see balance in CAD in FS10N for the month of April
    1. If "Only balance in local currency" not selected
    In FS10N you will be able see balance in CAD currency separately for the month of April.
    Try it out.

  • GL account balances in local currency

    We have 10 set of books starts from aus ind uk us france......
    we have 3 consolidated sobs asia ,europe and us consolidate sobs
    under asia we have india,china,korea and under europe france,italy and under USA us sob.
    now our requirement is that we should develop a report with gl account balances at consolidated sob and local sob's.
    I have done with the USD currency but i need some clarification is that how can i get the amounts in local currency which has come to consolidated sob.
    Can any one send/give me link about this type of process.

    If your company code currency is USD and you are posting few documents in CAD in April for. e.g. total amount for the month of April in currency CAD is 25,000 then
    1. If "Only balance in local currency" selected
    You will not be able to see balance in CAD in FS10N for the month of April
    1. If "Only balance in local currency" not selected
    In FS10N you will be able see balance in CAD currency separately for the month of April.
    Try it out.

  • F5061  Balance in local currency EUR is too large for automatic adjustment

    My Company code currency is EUR. The customer has made a downpayment in USD (say 100) and i am now to clear the same against invoice of same amount in USD (100 $) but its is resulting into minor differences in Local currency. I am getting the following error
    Balance in local currency EUR is too large for automatic adjustment
    Message no. F5061
    For postings in foreign currency, it is possible that the balance in foreign currency is zero, but not in local currency. Providing the balance in local currency does not amount to more currency units than the document has line items, the system adjusts the amounts automatically. If an automatic adjustment is not possible, the amounts must be adjusted manually in local currency.
    System Response
    The document is not posted in local currency without adjusting the amounts.
    Adjust the amounts in local currency.
    How can i have the system automatically fetch the Gl accounts to post the exchange rate differeces.
    I have maintained the settings in FBKP- Exchange rate differenes
    Thanks & Regards

    I have the same problem; my company code is defined in HUF and I am trying to post a vendor invoice in Euros.
    I have a 10% maintained there and still receiving the error, either for differences of just one HUF. The strangest thing is that differences are automatically adjusted (also for discrepancies over the 10%) when posting through FB60 but not when using FB01.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Best regards.

  • Only Balances in local currency

    By mistake we activated only Balances in local currency setting for a GL account at the time of Go-live. Also we had done  postings to this account with foreign currency and local currency. Now we want to do foreign currency valuation for this account, but the problem is up to now all the transaction are recorded in local currency only because of the reported setting to GL master, so system is not finding any valuation differences for foreign currency transactions.
    What can be done to update the transaction currency balances for the posted line items without reversing?
    Is there any program to update the balances in transaction currency as well?
    We have many line items in that GL account which have to be revaluated.
    Experts, please give me the suggestion.
    Murali. N

    Please check the below OSS notes:-

  • Customer Balances in Local currency

    Hi Gurus,
    Can some one explain me about
    TCode-  S_ALR_87012172= Customer balance in Local currency
    It importance ,its benefits,

    Check the program documentation(shift +F1), blue i icon in application menu after executing the T.code.
    Short text
    Customer Balances in Local Currency
    The balances from the following transactions can be issued with the customer balance list:
    Standard G/L transactions
    Special G/L transactions (per special G/L indicator)
    The following figures (for a particular month only) are displayed in local currency:
    Balance at period start ( balance carried forward and balance of the periods before the reporting periods)
    Debit total for the reporting period
    Credit total for the reporting period
    Debit or credit balances for the whole period
    The following data is issued at the end of the list for each local currency:
    Totals per company code
    Final total across all company codes
    Output and Sort Sequence
    You can choose from two sort sequences for the accounts. Sort sequence "1" uses the reconciliation account as the sort criteria whereas sort sequence "2" uses the account number.
    With both of these sort sequences you can choose between a standard version and a corporate group version. In the standard version, the accounts are listed per company code. In the corporate group version the company codes are listed per account.
    You can use the "Summarization level" parameter to specify whether the data is to be issued in detailed or summarized form.
    The following overview shows the relation between
    The account sort sequences
    The standard or corporate group versions
    The summarization levels
    Account sort sequence 1 - standard version
    Data sorted by:
    Company code
    Reconciliation account
    Account number
    Summarization levels:
    0 = No summarization (total per open item account)
    1 = Summarization of the open item accounts (total per reconciliation                                                account)
    2 = Summarization of the reconciliation accounts (total per company code)
    3 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Account sort sequence 1 - corporate group version
    Data sorted by:
    Reconciliation account
    Account number
    Company code currency key
    Company code
    Summarization levels:
    0 = No summarization (total per company code)
    1 = Summarization of company codes (total per currency key)
    2 = Summarization of open item accounts (total per reconciliation                                           account)
    3 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Account sort sequence 2 - standard version
    Data sorted by:
    Company code
    Account number
    Summarization levels
    0 = No summarization (total per open item account)
    1 = Summarization of open item accounts (total per company code)
    2 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Account sort sequence 2 - corporate group version
    Data sorted by:
    Account number
    Currency key
    Company code
    Summarization levels
    0 = No summarization (total per company code)
    1 = Summarization of the company codes (total per currency key)
    2 = End totals sheet only (totals across all company codes)
    Recording data on microfiche
    You can request information for recording on microfiche. The fixed part of the microfiche information is documented under the parameter for it. The variable part, i.e. the report-specific part, has the following structure:
    In the standard version:
    Company code                 4 characters
    Reconciliation account      10 characters (only with sort sequence 1)
    Account number              10 characters
    In the corporate group version:
    Reconciliation account      10 characters (only with sort sequence 1)
    Account number              10 characters
    Currency key                 5 characters
    Company code                 4 characters

  • F.05 and "only balance in local currency"

    Hi Dear,my client like to do F.05 (foreign curreny valuation) for all balance sheet account,but if you select "only balance in local currency" in GL master,then those GL accounts can not be picked up for F.05.
    SAP's suggestion is :
    *For normal balance sheet accounts that record neither items in foreign currency nor open items, SAP recommends that you record the account transaction figures in local currency only.  You should select the "Only balances in local curr." checkbox to do this*
    But if i want do f.05 for all balance sheet account,i should not select  "only balance in local currency" in GL master,am i right?

    Hi,if you want do so then do. But do realy going to book all accounts in foreign currency???

  • Dynamic field in S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency?

    My problem is that we want to add the document Numnber field in the report S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency so that we can get the desired output. I have tried to add the Document number field under 'Documents' in the Dynamic Selection using table BSID. When we are adding it it is working fine for all other reports for customer balances but not showing anything here.
    Please tell me the reason why it is happening if possible and tell me how to get that field added.
    Please reply asap as it is quite urgent.
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks again Ravi,
    I have tried that option and made the Form and Report but when I am trying to Excute the report S_ALR_87012172 - Customer Balances in Local Currency it is not coming with the desired output. Is it the link problem. Can you plz tell me we have made a form and then a report with the desired parameters but how to link that report with the desired T. Code.
    Secondly, if I make the changes in the Standard reports which are mentioned below then system is taking the changes but when I am making the new form and report myself then system is giviing me the desired output. Can we make our own report and link it to the T. code we want or we only can make the changes in the standard reports .
    0SAPFD10-01     Transaction Figures: Account Balance
    0SAPFD10-02     Transaction Figures: Special Sales
    0SAPFD10-03     Transaction Figures: Sales
    Please help me as I don;t know much about the report painter.
    Thanks in advance..

  • GL Master - Only Balances in Local Currency

    I am curious when to check the 'Only Balances in Local Currency' (OBILC) box on a Open Item GL.  I've read information from multiple sources and interpret that it should be set on all OI accounts with a few exceptions like recon accounts for vendors and customers.  In my past experience OBILC was checked for most open item accounts but the company I'm currently with has the opposite logic.  With the box not checked, the clearing is process is quite complex and time-consuming.  We are on the classic ledger in 6.0 and have companies in multiple local currencies with group currency of USD.  Just looking for input because I'm doubting my interpretation of when to check this box.
    As an example, the GL would be an AP accrual account with postings in multiple doc currencies.  The company code local currency is MXN, and Group Currency is USD.  Should the OBILC be checked?
    Any input is appreciated.

    'Only Balances in Local Currency' (OBILC) is used when you do not want any foreign excange difference to be posted at the time of clearing. When this indicator is active, then the balances in database tables are updated in local currency only and thus the clearing can happen in local currency only.
    In your below example scenario, you can chosse not to activate this check OBILC, if your company is not interested in doing foreign currency valuation difference posting.

  • Open item mgt and only balances in local currency

    Hi ,
    What is open item management and only banlances in local currency ?
    for which gl accounts v select open item management and only balances in local currency
    Pls explain urgent

    1. Only Balances in Local Currency:
    Indicates that balances are updated only in local currency when users post items to this account.
    Use: You would set this indicator for accounts in which you do not want the system to update transaction figures separately by currency.
    It is required to set theis indicator in:
    1.  cash discount clearing accounts
    2. GR/IR clearing accounts.
    It cannot be set in reconciliation accounts for customers or vendors. Setting it in all other instances is optional.
    Open item management:
    Determines that open items are managed for this account.
    Explanation: Items posted to accounts managed on an open item basis are marked as open or cleared. The balance of these accounts is always equal to the balance of the open items.
    Procedure: Set up accounts with open item management if offsetting entries are to be assigned to the postings made to these accounts. Postings to these accounts represent incomplete transactions.
    A goods receipt/invoice receipt (GR/IR) clearing account should be managed on an open item basis so that you can check at any time whether invoices have been received for the goods received for an order.
    Set up accounts without open item management if no offsetting entry is to be made against a posting to this account.
    Accounts that are managed on an open item basis include:
    Clearing accounts:
    Bank clearing account
    Payroll clearing account
    Cash discount clearing account
    GR/IR clearing account
    Accounts that are not managed on an open item basis:
    Bank accounts
    Tax accounts
    Raw material accounts
    Reconciliation accounts
    Hope this is helpful. Pleas assign points if it is.

  • Relation between 'only balance in local currency'  check box and OBA1-KDF

    in the master data of the GL account, the check box 'only balance in local currency' should be unchecked it to set that account as Valuation account, i.e in the OI exchange rate defferences?
    or , if the account takes only in local balance also set as valuation account in OBA1-KDF

    Hi Yogesh,
    Thanks for your quick replay, i use this transaction code "OB_GLACC12" when i was save it showing Error Message like
    "You want to save your changes. They will take immediate effect for all objects chosen. This action cannot be undone."
    0000115405 // 3130 : The data contains error, you cannot save  Message No.FH511
    0000115405 // 3130 : Changing the balances in local currency not possible; acct has a balance Message No.FH085
    0000115405 // 3130 : Keep balance sheet accounts in local currency only  Message No.FH132
    Can you help me how to change the Only balances in Local Currency Check box.

  • Only balance in local currency

    our base currency is UDS. One of the GL ( bank account in Germany ) is set up as document currency ( euro ) and " only in local currency " check box  is unchecked ( FS00 , control tab ). Now  when I try to load the plan data into system, all the values goes well except this GL. I used manual entry to load the value (Gp12 ) into this GL (plan ).It did not work.
    Now I tried to change the check box ( FS00 ) but it does not allow as there is balance into that. First I am not clear why this one account was set up like that.Can anybody suggest me how to fix this "only local currency" issue.

    Hi Satya,
    Since you have created the g/l account with account currency EUR and which is different from your company code currency (USD) it will only accept the postings in EUR. If an account is set up in company code currency then it will accept postings in all currencies. Usually bank accounts are maintained in currencies other than company code currency and in this case I am not sure why you have created a P&L account in currency other than Company code currency.
    The indicator "Only balances in local currency" controls the display of balances via FS10N transaction and if you have unchecked that indicator then system should supposedly display the balances by transaction currency but in your case since, your account currency is EUR and the g/l account can only accept postings in EUR it doesnt really matter because it will only display balances in EUR since all the postings going to the above account will be only EUR.
    As far as ur problem is concerned; looks like u r loading numbers in currency other than EUR and that is why it is bombing out. You have to zero out the balance in the account first and then have to change the account currency to USD if you want to plan in diff currencies on that account.
    Plz assign points if useful

  • Balance in local currency while doing MIGO

    Hi Gurus,
    Below is the message which I am receiving when doing MIGO. Can some body let me know how to solve this
    Balance in local currency
    Message no. F5703
    A balance exists in local currency "INR" with the following details:
    Exchange rate type "10", amount "            82.39-" and currency key "INR".
    The data in local currency is transferred from the calling application.
    System Response
    Your data cannot be processed in FI.
    There is probably an error in the calling application.
    The GL account is "Only in local currency" check box is checked. OB08 settings are also maintained

    The error is in GL code
    GO to FS00 GL Master, for your GL
    Go to Control Tab and remove the check box which reads "Only Balance Local currecy"
    Consult you FI teams once
    Niti Narayan

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