Decimal Notation while displaying outputs

Hi All,
There are two typs of decimal notations first is 1,000.00 and other is 1.000,00.These are maintained in user profile settings. Are these specific to countries also?
If I want to display amount in the output with correct decimal notation, decimal notaion at which level should be considered User level or Country level?
please reply.

If we specify the country key  the system do not consider the settings from the user master record and searches table T005X for the country key. If the country key exists, the system sets sy-subrc equal to 0 and formats the output of all  the 'WRITE' statements according to the settings defined in T005X. If the country key you specified does not exist, the system sets sy-subrc equal  to 4 and formats for all 'WRITE' statements with the decimal characters as period '.'.
thinking on this point of view its better to specify the country key......

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  • Decimal notation in report output

    Hi Experts,
    My requirement is want to display values in report with out decimal notations( , .).
    Output should be 2008
    I know one solution , by maintaining user profiles we can achieve this .But this solution is user specific. I need a solution for all users.
    Is there any other way to achieve this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Raju,
    The Problem in your case of the thousand seperator in the Report output, actually this is ths user specific setting.
    you can check it in transaction SU01d, In it defaults -> Decimal Notification
    Where we have the opion to set it to: 1234567,89; this will solve your problem as with this setting the thousand seperator is removed.
    hope this helps...

  • Prompt for next screen while displaying output

    hi all,
    i can't remember what setting I should do in SQL*Plus to have one screen with whatever the # of lines displayed and then be prompted before going to the next set of n lines and so on until the whole output is displayed.
    On a more general line; how do I view the values of the present settings in SQL*Plus? Sorry, haven't used it in awhile,

    I guess you can actually specify the key to press
    SQL> set pause "Press Enter"
    SQL> set pause on
    SQL> select * from tab;
    Press Enter
    how do I view the values of the present settings in SQL*Plus?
    SQL> show allor
    SQL> show <parameter>
    Sorry, haven't used it in awhilethen the documentation could be a good reading....

  • How to do setting of  decimal notation and arithmatic and character note

    Hi colleagues
    I do have one problem
    And the following setting tried in SAP netweaver so do not give any hint for Netweaver
    The problem is stated as follows
    in output type in Germany they use , instead of . the dot signifies point that is .
    and we use , as a seperator in means suppose we have to write 2000 we write like wise means as per our requirement whether we need to mention 2.000 or 20.00 but in germany they use comma ,
    so in output type display point the problems are increasing and they are not getting solved.
    so it is the question of compatibility
    what went wrong i am unable to understand
    is there is any significance of country specific setting of decimal notation
    or any thing need hint towards the same.

    For your output type assign a smartform and in the smartfrom write the program that the decimals should come like , instead of . then your requirement can be fulfilled
    Also check in OY04 wheather you can maintain or not

  • Issue on Decimal notation

    Hi Friends,
    Here i'm facing issue on decimal notation, which we maintained at User profile screen
    like 1.234.567,89 / 1,234,567.89
    In an report output, for a particular field, value is displaying as 1.25 - here i chose decimal notation 1.234.567,89 on my userid
    But the value is displaying as 1,25 or 1.25 based on their user profiles whatever they maintained decimal notations at their user profiles, so now i need to make this as common decimal factor to either 'comma' or 'dot' at report output irrespective of users profile...hope you understand
    Please provide me your valuable inputs.

    convert the amount before passing to the report.Pass teh amount to a char field before printing.
    use bapi to convert it to desired format:

  • Suppress leading spaces while displaying an amount field in a Smart form

    Hi all,
    In a smart form, I am using fields like KONV-kbetr and VBAP-netwr each of them currency type and 2 decimal places. I want to suppress the decimal places and also the leading spaces while displaying these fields in a smartform cause when this field is inserted in a sentence, a lot of gap is there between the field and the words of the sentence. I dont want to change the field length cause it can be that huge in some cases.
    Please help.
    Thanks ,

    Hi, if you would place it in a sentence, it would be an option to concatenate the text and values into one string and then condense it.
    concatenate <text> <value> into lv_sentence.
    condense lv_sentence.
    but another way is to use codes for displaying values in smartforms:
    This is from a smartforms PDF i have..
    Output Options for Field Contents
    Use the Formatting options to adapt the value of a field before printing it. You can enter the
    relevant parameters directly behind the field name. Make sure to write the short forms of the
    different options in uppercase letters. Some of the options can be combined.
    General Information
    The formatting options are not suited for all data types of fields (for example, for character fields
    you need no exponential representation). You must distinguish between numeric fields and
    character fields.
    Numeric Fields
      If specified, the system first evaluates the length (<length>).
      If no length is specified, the system displays the value in its overall length.
      The trailing blank indicates a positive sign. To suppress it, use formatting option S.
      Any offset <offset> specified is ignored.
    Sequence of evaluation: (<length>), sign to the left(<),Japanese date (L), suppress blanks (C),
    right-justified display (R), insert fillers (F).
    Character Fields
    By default, the system displays the value of a field in its overall length, but truncates trailing
    Sequence of evaluation: suppress blanks (C), <offset> and (<length>), right-justified display (R),
    insert fillers (F).
    Formatting Options for Fields
    Syntax Description
    &field+<offset>& Skips <offset> places of the field value (character fields only). If the
    offset is greater than the length of the value, nothing is displayed.
    &field(<length>)& Sets the output length to <length>.
    &field(*)& If the field is defined by a Data Dictionary type, Smart Forms set the
    output length to the value specified there.
    &field(S)& Suppresses the sign
    &field(<)& Displays the sign to the left of the number
    &field(.<nat.number>)& Limits output of decimal places to <nat.number>
    &field(E<nat.number>)& Displays the field value with the fixed exponent <nat.number>. The
    mantissa is adapted to this exponent by shifting the decimal
    character and inserting zeros.
    SAP Smart Forms (BC-SRV-SCR) SAP AG
    Output Options for Field Contents
    72 April 2001
    &field(T)& Suppresses thousand indicators when displaying fields of types
    DEC, CURR, INT, and QUAN.
    &field(Z)& Suppresses leading zeros of numbers
    &field(I)& Suppresses display of initial values
    &field(K)& Deactivates a conversion routine specified in the Data Dictionary.
    &field(R)& Right-justified display. Use this option only when specifying an
    output length as well.
    &field(F<filler>)& Replaces left-justified blanks in the value by the fill character <filler>.
    &field(L)& Converts and a date field to a local date and displays it. The date is
    then formatted using edit mask JPDAT.
    Since this representation uses Japanese characters, use it in the
    Japanese version of the SAP System only.
    &field(C)& The system takes the field value as a sequence of words separated
    by blanks. Option C shifts these words to the left and leaves only
    one blank inbetween as separator. Any leading blanks are
    suppressed. This effect corresponds to that of the ABAP statement

  • Decimal Notation in SMARTFORMS to use plant default instead of user

    Hi All,
    Currently, the form is printed sometimes using user decimal notation and sometimes using plant.
    For new plant, the default is still 123.456,00.
    However, the user one is 123,456.00.
    At times, when the user tried to print invoices and etc, it will come out as 123,456.00 but at times, it comes out as 123.456,00.
    The form output should be using either plant or user.
    Where is the settings which can be changed?
    Thanks in advance for all your help.

    The decimal notations depend on the country settings specified in the system.
    Hence, you can override the settings by using program lines in smartforms in which you can write as below.
    SET COUNTRY 'US'. ( example taken as US ).
    So, whichever country decimal notation you want in the display you can set it like above.

  • Umlaut characters getting distorted while displaying in Web dynpro java

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario where I am reading some string values from  a properties file placed in java DC.
    The values read from properties file are to be displayed in  Web Dynpro application.
    The string values contain some umlaut characters eg (ü,ä).
    While displaying in web Dynpro application the umlaut characters  are getting  distorted.
    Any pointers for the same?
    Radhika Kuthiala

    Hi Radhika,
    Solution1> you can convert the property file in the encoded format, in the DC having the pr0perty file.
    use this command in the command line:-->native2ascii -encoding utf8 file.txt file2.txt
    Are we renaming hte files after changing the format?
    In one of my previous project we have property file with the french character so we got error, to avoid this we have manually transtaled the file and utilized in the application and used the command in dos promt:-
    native2ascii -encoding utf8 source.txt destination.txt ,
    here if you want to replace the existing file u have to give same name source and destination file. But we have created 2 seprate file. after translation you will something like Fre/uooch king of output.
    Solution3> you can read the file and save in the Strign format and use java package import java.nio.charset.; and encode the string. ---
    Pls refer the below link:-
    Hope this may help you.

  • ENT-06954: Error while Displaying BIBean for Cube/Dimension Dataviewer.

    Hi all,
    I have defined a cube with three dimensions. All elements are deployed and the mappings is executed successfully. If I try to open the dataviewer either for the cube or for the dimensions I receive the following errors:
    ENT-06954: Error while Displaying BIBean for Cube Dataviewer.
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.dataviewer.dimensional.CubeDataViewerMain.getDataviewObject(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.dataviewer.dimensional.CubeDataViewerEditor._init(
         at oracle.wh.ui.editor.Editor.init(
         at oracle.wh.ui.editor.Editor.showEditor(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils._tryLaunchEditorByClass(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils._doLaunchEditor(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils._doLaunchEditor(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils.showDataViewer(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils.showDataViewer(
         at oracle.wh.ui.console.commands.DataViewerCmd.performAction(
         at oracle.wh.ui.console.commands.TreeMenuHandler$
         at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
         at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    ENT-06972: Error while Displaying BIBean for Dimension Dataviewer.
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.dataviewer.dimensional.DimDataViewerMain.getDimensionListObject(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.dataviewer.dimensional.DimDataViewerEditor._init(
         at oracle.wh.ui.editor.Editor.init(
         at oracle.wh.ui.editor.Editor.showEditor(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils._tryLaunchEditorByClass(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils._doLaunchEditor(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils._doLaunchEditor(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils.showDataViewer(
         at oracle.wh.ui.owbcommon.IdeUtils.showDataViewer(
         at oracle.wh.ui.console.commands.DataViewerCmd.performAction(
         at oracle.wh.ui.console.commands.TreeMenuHandler$
         at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
         at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
         at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    In another warehouse this function works properly. I am using OWB 10gR2 (
    Any hints to fix this issue would be appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance, C.

    If you run OWB using the supplied shell script or batch file are there other errors on the console before the exception. OWB uses a component (OLAPI does some validation over and above any other) which dumps the errors on the the standard output which often illustrates some invalid metadata in the OLAP catalog.

  • Problem while displaying top of page in list display

    M facing problem in displaying top of page in list .
    M using following methods:-
    lr_outer_grid TYPE REF TO cl_salv_form_layout_grid,
    lr_inner_grid TYPE REF TO cl_salv_form_layout_grid,
    lr_label TYPE REF TO cl_salv_form_label,
    lr_text TYPE REF TO cl_salv_form_text.
    For displaying the top of page m using event TOP_OF_PAGE.
      CREATE OBJECT lr_outer_grid.
    *Outer grid
      lr_inner_grid = lr_outer_grid->create_grid(
      row = 1
      column = 1 ).
    *... create lable information in inner_grid
    User ID
      lr_label = lr_inner_grid->create_label(
      row = 1
      column = 1
      text = text-h03 ).
    *... create text information in inner_grid
      lr_text = lr_inner_grid->create_text(
      row = 1
      column = 2
      text = sy-uname ).
    *... set label for text
      lr_label->set_label_for( lr_text ).
    But while m going to do same coding for second parameter its not intializing length so adding extra spaces while displaying second row.
    USERID       abcdefghjik
    PLANT         jhk            to hjk
    I want that output should look like
    USERID      abcdefghjik
    PLANT        jhk to hjk
    Please tell me the solution what should i do for avoiding extra space

    Hi Neelema,
    You could try this sample code.

  • Plz help me, no display output during boot up of 715 workstation

    now i have a HP 715 model workstation,today, conneted hp monitor..but can't display output during system boot up so i tried  solve this problem,1)changed battery2)removed HDD after reboot system and press ESC key    => now can't use Keyboard..not working key board3)Press Tap key.. Just i think, this problem is system configulation problem. not monitor i found internet website..but now i can not change configulation who know this problem.plz help me  

    one question in html submit the reslut stored jdbc that value shows barchartAll your base are belong to us!
    You know, while I understand that English isn't your first language (neither is it mine) and there's no need to be perfect: if you can't write an understandable post yourself, consider asking someone to do it for you.

  • Turn off external display output?

    I've bought a nice big LCD TV mainly for consoles. Because I have it next to my iMac i've also connected that to the TV using a mini-dvi adapter and a dvi-hdmi cable.
    It works great but I only want to use it for playing downloaded video and the like on the big tv.
    When I'm not using it I want my iMac to free up the resources it must be using to achieve screen spanning but I cannot figure out a way to tell the iMac to disable external display output.
    I've tried display mirroring figuring that it won't be eating up video RAM, but it causes page tearing on my mac when dragging windows around for example.
    Even when the TV is unplugged from the mains the mac seems to be outputting to the dvi out, the only way to stop it is the yank the mini-dvi connecter from the back.
    Are there any hacks or utilities that can manually turn dvi support on and off?

    Hello Mark
    I'm using a 27" flat screen TV, mini DVI and 12' S-Video cable.
    Mostly I watch DVD movies on that Display while working at the iMac's 17" it's also great for iPhoto Slideshows and PowerPoint.
    Not to worry the TV supports it's own display and all you are doing is sending a signal to it's video card. Just turn it off or change the channel.
    I tend to stay away from mirroring for the same reasons, but also because the TV's across the room.
    Again not to worry the TV supports it's own display and all you are doing is sending a signal to it's video card. Just leave it connected up to prevent damage to DVI port, Adapter and cable. "yank not"
    Just be sure to gather up all your windows back to the iMac Display befor shutting off or changing the channel.
    17" iMac Intel Core Duo 1.5GB Ram   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   Maxtor 300GB FireWire Creative Inspire 2.1 2G Nano

  • Decimal Notation in Forms as per his SAP Decimal Notation

    We need to display all numeric fields in the Adobe Form as per the Decimal notation of the User in his SAP user defaults.
    Also, we need to take care that the currencies have current decimal places.
    Please let us know if this is achievable in Adobe Forms. Is there a way we can set the number format of a field dynamically in Adobe.
    Any pointers in this regard is highly appreciated.....Thanks in Advance.,

    Hi Raghavendra,
    to be bale to decide in your abap-printprogram, which format to use for printing, you can read the decimals and number format from customizing (or user) and then pass into form through an additional interface parameter format_string of i.e. CHAR060.
    Place your format string in a hidden textfield on your form
    This format string can then be used in the adobe form to format the text-field using script:
    this.format.picture = your_hidden_textfield.rawValue;
    we do so for date-formats and currency-formatting we read out of the country customizing.

  • JPY Currency - Decimal Notation in SMARTFORMS

    When outputing an amount field how do you ensure the correct number of decimal places is displayed in smartforms?

    Hi Terry,
    abap-coding is:
    data: amount type bseg-wrbtr,
    write amount to hval currency bkpf-waers.
    regards Andreas

  • Use custom Decimal Notation

    In user master there are three default decimal notation. We want to define a new decimal notation format.
    Is it possible to define a custom decimal notation format.
    We changed the domain "XUDCPFM" & add one new format. New format is visible in SU01 decimal notation dropdown list. But when we assigned it to the user, output is not appeared as per mentioned format
    Edited by: HP BASIS on Mar 23, 2009 12:42 PM

    I had the same problem
    You have to log off and log on SAP to take changes.
    It works for me.
    Edited by: Eduardo Luiz Nunes Ribeiro on Apr 22, 2009 3:39 PM

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